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Found 3,874 results

  1. Hello, I just purchased and installed REX Environment force and am receiving a message saying "The program can't start because SQLOS.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this Problem." This is the first program I have had with any download troubles in a long time. Per the message I uninstalled the program and then restarted PC and reinstalled but no change. After this I repeated the process after extracting to another folder uninstalled Microsoft sql 2016 local db and then reinstalled with the program but still is giving me the message and the program won't open. Any ideas?
  2. @fs1 This is what i was talking about. Regards.
  3. I have just installed the latest update to the weather radar and it works well in P3D4.5 although i am experiencing one issue. Whenever i click on the mode selector to change modes ( from wx to wx/t for instance) the range scale goes back to 5 miles and i have to change it back to whatever i had it on previously. Has anyone else found this or is it purely my setup?
  4. Hello All I have found that running Active Sky (ASP4 version) and Environment Force on P3Dv4.5(HF1) results in a CDT in the Majestic Dash 8 when the WX Radar mode is turned from Test to On. If the WX Radar is left turned off or standby or even test, there is no issue. Within a half second of turning it on, a CTD occurs. The issue is present in all locations, weather conditions and times I have tried it so far. The issue is repeatable and persistent. It stops happening when EF is disabled with ASP4 active OR if EF is active with ASP4 disabled. It is the combination of the two being active which seems to cause the issue. Regards Adam
  5. Hello, For me an very nice Feature will be an HDR on / off Switch on the Automatic Mode Main Window where the other switches was . The advantage for me will be that I can use Tomato HDR as usual. With this switch its then possible to let 3rd Party tools his HDR job and the sim can start without EF HDR . Michael
  6. Have to say that the latest Hotfix has done wonders. EF is a beautiful enhancement to the sim and I am looking forward to what future updates might add. After using EF solely with the stock shaders, I now added Envshade again to the mix for one main reason. With only Environment Force, the clouds tend to be a bit to gray. This probably depends a lot on the current weather but even on a bright sunny day with only a few scattered clouds, they are a bit to gray. Maybe the cloud colors could be tweaked a bit in the future. The following screenshot was done with EF and Envshade and illustrates what I am aiming for. It would be great to get more whiteish clouds with just EF. Keep up the great work guys and thanks for all your support efforts.
  7. Greeting to all, I'm using EF latest version in auto mode with no other shader tool, noticed that when it's cloudy the airplane looks darker (under shadow) than the rest of airport ground equipment. is it normal?
  8. hello , why the haze is the same at any time , any location and under any weather status ? , is this normal ?
  9. Hi! On automatic the water and scene control ain't working. Status is always waiting, the water color looks pretty bad, the software is not tweaking this 2 things. Have a good day
  10. I been use EV since day 1 and now when I open it it say demo version expired, Whats up with that? Order Reference NAYCTCBHX - placed on 05/03/2019
  11. Good morning, I got REX 3, (maybe 4) Soft clouds, Weather Architect, and Airports. How much of an upgrade and worth to get REX 5 ( and environment) and if so, do I better get the previous uninstalled and just sick to REX5 and Environment? I been away for a while so I'm relearning it. Appreciate any input you may have. Best regards
  12. Hey guys I’m getting this error as well. I noticed there was a thread open about it but I didn’t see a fix thanks
  13. Hi guys, It says on your website that a 3D version is freely available for developers. Well I am just a hunble customer who has paid for the 2D version, who would like to add a 3D version to one of my aircraft. Can I download a 3D version please?
  14. Before installing update 1.1 I didn't have the Mini UI. Is there a way to fully disable it rather than just minimize it since it kind of distracts me. Thanks in advance.
  15. hi, just got back into flight sim with the new rift s vr headset. for some reason when I launch REX 4 textures, I get a couple of alerts and the the program closes. I have uploaded the alerts, I would be most grateful if somebody might have A look at my issue please? Many thanks in advance.
  16. Hi, I still have problems to understand totally how SF works along with EF and when EF is working alone. I can see EF shows the option >enable real-time weather data read< so, if you do not open SF What happen now? What weather do I have? Additionally you can see information in the In Sim weather conditions and the weather station. Am I experimenting real weather? Finally, turning on EF alone, What happen with P3D weather menu/themes? How is EF working a what is EF doing? Thanks Julio
  17. Dear REX, Federico ( @fs1 ), there are multiple posts regarding the status "Waiting" for "Scene lighting". Your (and others) answers were: Lighting changes with weather. If there is no change in weather, that status will show Waiting! While I do find the answer logic, I still have problems with it! You see, ALL options in the GUI do change based on real-time weather (it is written in the brief description under each option). So why on earth would you show the status "waiting / running" in real time only for the scene lighting option??? 😲 Does EF constantly change "Water control" for example, or the "texture sync", or..... Does my Q make any sense guys? Since things related to lights (bright nights, bright cockpit, etc...) were amongst those features beeing constantly discussed / reported as not working / troublesome, you guys choose to monitor only the status for the Scene lighting? I ask this because that is the only thing that constantly switches between Waiting and Running My sugestion to you guys is to change this ASAP in the GUI. If a feature is active and running then please either leave it to Running or please monitor all other options in real time so that those also switch from Waiting to Running. BR, Gerald
  18. Hi after installing the last REX Environment Force update, shadows disappeared from the clouds
  19. After a complete reinstall of my sim computer I re-downloaded EF from REX store. Running the rexinstaller.exe I get the dialog below "...must be installed..." and in the READMEFIRST.pdf there is the text "...do not install your REX Software...". Edit: "rexenvforce_20190517" Which is it?
  20. Hi, I just installed 5.0.2019.0517 Technical Update 1.1 against P3D v4.5 plus latest hotfix. I never had an issue before when running automatic mode in EF on P3D v4.4, and the mini UI was not visible as expected. However, since the update the mini UI is always present and varies between full manual listing or a verification error, and nothing I can do gets rid of it. EF itself appears to be running fine. Attached shot is top left or running P3D. Thanks Nige
  21. Hello , A question about some ( maybe ) double Options in SF and EF . In bot Programs you can find the Option "Sync Cloud Models" Which should i use ? Which Programs do i need to start before P3D ? Only AS for Engine and EF or SF too ? Why you build in the both Programs nearly the same Options e.g. Cloud Typs , Cloud resolutions , Cloud Sync . Is it not possible to bring the Programs a little bit easier ?!? Michael
  22. Hallo REX Team, I downloaded NF yesterday. After installing I had the version 5.0.2019.0517 I think this installer contains the technical update or do I have to install it too. Frank
  23. Hello , Again an HDR Problem. In Version 1.1 the HDR on Setting for me is again too bright . Therefore i want to turn it off again. In Version 1.0 with HDR off i have an very good Environment together with Tomato and RD Preset 1.8. But when i update EF to Version 1.1 and turn off HDR its not the same. Much more darker overall . And yes i do an Recompile HDR . Normaly it should be the same ? Correct. Both Tests was made in Automatic Mode . Here are some Screenshots . Each the first Screenshots with HDR off in Version 1.0 of EF ( on the first Picture , look at the Mountain in behind , and the Grass in Front ) Each the second Screenshots with HDR off in Version 1.1 ( On Picture 5 , look again on the Mountain and on the Grass in Front - much darker . ) There you see the difference very much . Look at the Plane , is also darker on the each second Picture. What can i do for changing this ? Thanks Michael
  24. Is there supposed to be a flash on the screen when weather injection has completed message appears? So i am seeing clouds FINALLY start to appear slowly which is great. But i do get this screen flash (only one) when generation completes. Then the clouds slowly form. Using EF SF3D and SF3D weather engine. EF is on Auto. Regards Mike
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