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Found 3,874 results

  1. I'm trying to update Environment Force to v5.0.2019.0625 Process fails with the warning (from Bitdefender Total Security) The file C:\Users\Dave\AppData\Local\Temp\3yrKSY2U.exe.part is infected with Gen:Variant.Mikey.98735 and was moved to quarantine. It is recommended that you run a System Scan to make sure your system is clean. Whilst I suspect it's a false alert, could someone from REX confirm that before I go ahead and allow the update to install? Thanks in advance. Dave
  2. I thought I would post this because i am baffled. Not only by some of the performance issues raised here but with almost every addon I have. It is making me think that my system has some sort of black magic making it work. Now, I am not a frame rate hog. I don't care to get 50+ fps. For years now I have understood that when I go to an IMAX movie and come out hooting and hollering and high fiving everyone because it was the best cinematic experience I have ever beheld, I am watching 24 fps. That's it. 24. Not 30 or 60 but 24. So, I used Nvidia to clock my 49 inch Sanyo to 1080i at a 30 MHz refresh rate, vsynched P3D and locked frames at 30. My thought is that every ounce of GPU/CPU that I was trying to use to chase >30 frames was going to go to more wow factor in the game. In my case, with my black magic system I was right. Here are my specs I7 2600K 3.4 GHz CPU clocked to 4.3 I think. GPU....hold your breath...GTX670 I can't even remember who made it, but it was supposedly overclocked out of the box and I have not touched it (I like to fly not tweak) 16 GB Ram MB z68 Gen3 My settings for EF are simple. Everytime I have installed it I set the texture resolution to 1024 (clouds are supposed to be fuzzy) and run automode with Enable WxSmoothing and Real Time Data Read both OFF, everything else on. No other shader program. Here are my P3D settings and a snap of GPU and CPUz With this, no matter what plane I use and what addon airport I fly into and out of I get 23-30 frames, smooth. I have almost all of ORBX stuff, and Pilots Mesh. PMDG, Leonardo, Aerosoft Airbus, Captain Sim 757, Dash 8, QW787, AS CRJ etc. They all give me great results in the 23-30 fps range, more importantly SMOOTH. I know I need a new system, but I am in no hurry. Maybe I will pick up a new Jetline Systems show computer next year in Vegas. Also, as you can probably tell, I am no expert, nor try or want to be one, when I it comes to gaming systems. I do not tweak much if any at all. I concentrate on my in sim experience that is it.
  3. I just updated REX EF but my waves are still not moving, I looked though the settings but didn't see anything obvious, is there something I need to do to make this work? OR is this not the update that is supposed to fix that? Version: 5.0.2019.0625 I have my water set to ultra in P3D thanks y'all
  4. I have set a request to the team on this issue. Can someone please help assist in resolving this issue for me please? REX 5 - Environment Force for P3D v4.4+
  5. When starting EF ver 5.0.2019.0517 I get message for upgrade. Going to download upgrade but can't get it downloaded as Bitdefender is finding a virus in it. http://www.rexdownload.com/download/sync/REXENVFORCE/SERVICEPACKS/20190625/rexinstaller.exe Threat name: Gen:Variant.Mikey.98735. Downloaded update from forum page but only get rexenvforce_20190625.msi. When clicking on that I get message saying This package can only be run from a bootstrapper. I take it this means an installer? Not sure how to get this working.
  6. Updated to the latest version 2.0 this morning and still need to turn HDR off in mini UI because is STILL TOO BRIGHT. TURNING IT OFF looks as it has to be Whats next? Thank you, Georgios
  7. I am using both Worldwide Airports HD and Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. I want TD/SC to provide my ground (runway / taxiway) textures but see that WWAHD can also provide this option but with limitations. After installing a WWAHD theme (there appears to be no option to exclude ground textures) should I then install the TD/SC theme to "overwrite" the WWAHD textures which I assume are installed by WWAHD? Thank you.
  8. Hi guys, I tried to install latest version 20190625 after receiving email from Simmarket and I receive " reached maximum number of installs". Your help is appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hello So I have Demo version expired message and I cannot start EF anymore. The orange message on top of the forum says “Uninstall all versions of the product and re-install the official build”. What is the official build? I do not see any announcement of the official build. I reinstalled EF and I have build 5.0.2019.0517. But in the Connect Edition it says Build: 20190618.2.0.1. I am a bit puzzled what is the current version, what is beta version and what else is going on. At this very moment I have the version installed from my account and everything looks washed out again.
  10. pmdg 737 not working... won't load hi can i have fix thanks
  11. I have had WX radar for some time but not used it regularly. After updating to P3D4.5 +HF and updating WX advantage to match, I now have the weird situation where as soon as I open the Radar my FPS drop by about 50%. (Locked at 30 fps, goes down from 28-29 to 12-14.) If I close the application, it stays at 12-14 and does not return until P3D is closed and the PC rebooted. I do not remember this happening before, but cannot say definitively that it didn't. Any ideas why this is happening or how it can be fixed? (I have tried removing and re-installing). Ian Harrison
  12. Hey all, I just got REX Environmental Force installed on my new PC and I'm trying to get it set up for use with Sky Force 3D and Active Sky. I have been reading numerous things about HDR. I'm planning on running Environmental Force in Automation Mode so my question is 1.) Should Enable HDR lighting be enabled inside P3D and 2.) Should these settings in Sky Force 3D be on or off, I included a picture to show the settings I'm talking about. Thanks, Dan
  13. Hello, So a while back i was having the bloom issues, til you guys directed me to go download the newest build you were working on which fixed the problem. think it was 2.0, however i opened the application and it said demo version expired ( i have purchased the product) and when i click ok it closes the application
  14. I am running Environment Force and during a live weather flight with heavy rain, I noticed the runways were dry. My settings in REX 4 Texture Direct has surface refraction is enabled. Don't know if this has an effect or not but how do I get realistically wet runways again? Thanks for your help Dennis
  15. When it’s loading weather stations on my weather avoidance system it goes to 3% 6% and then back to 0% very quickly? It stays at 0% then. Any help?
  16. Quick question. Is there a way to disable UI on P3D start up? I was unable to find such option. If I am not going to tweak anything why do I need then to see UI every time I start the sim? Thanks
  17. I am new to FSX steam and just installed REX4 Texture Direct with soft clouds. In the Config. Setting under Direct X I have two choices for FSX either DX9 or 10, however my computer says I have DX12, which should I enter? Thanks
  18. I'm new to this P3D and have just bought V4.5 not long ago . I bought REX Env and Sky Force and my friend came in with Team View and installed it and left it in Auto mode till i get the hang of things. I run Active sky so REX weather mode i have off . I've watched countless set up videos and find that every one had different settings . All is pretty good till i get in Overcast or those nice big puffy clouds and its like this rig is allergic to the color grey and then the ol girl will drop down to 9 or 10 frames when i climb out of those conditions the frames go back up to around 30 . I have Shadow Quality and Shadow Draw to high and all the videos i watched Active sky they all leave pretty well default and all mention Cloud draw distance Max and Min so i have both of then set at around 70 . Is there any thing in REX sky force i should change is basically what I'm asking ? Thanks Louis
  19. I cannot re-install the program- after re-installing/updating to P3Dv4.5. When I try to use the REX Download Manager my License Number is not recognized. Appreciate any help.
  20. hello, yesterday I reinstalled P3D4.2 but unfortunately REX ENVIROMENT FORCE is only compatible with 4.4 or 4.5. Will there be an update to make it compatible with P3D4.2? thanks and good job
  21. Hi guys, it’s been a while since I have asked a question here on the forum but I just came across something that looks strange to me. I am currently running REX Essentials plus Overdrive and while everything seems to be running fine, I noticed in task manager under processes that REX.exe•32 is listed twice. Both appear to be consuming quite a bit of memory. While I am not experiencing any out of memory issues I am curious if this is normal. Hope you can shed some light on this. Thanks, Ed
  22. Hello, I'm not sure If this is a problem of REX EF, but while flying in automation mode option "Enable scene lighting" is in "WAITING" status all the time. "RUNNING" status is only when I load a flight and after a while (1 to 2 minutes) it just changes to "WAITING". Is it normal?, because not sure if this option should be in "RUNNING" status during all flight what would be indicating it is actually working. Right now I'm not certain if it is being used by P3D at all. I have ASP4 with ASCA for weather + ENVTEX textures. P3D ver 4.5.  Thanx for any help.
  23. Good evening, I recently had to uninstall FS9 to install it again and for some reason now REX FS2004 Overdrive won't update my flight sim. I've installed it all again and selected the FS9 file location, done the backup etc but still nothing. When i go to load a flight the green bar doesn't come up like it usually does to tell me the weather is loading. Any suggestions please? Thank you
  24. Hi all, I took the plunge and got myself a copy of EF. So far, only using automation mode with a PTA preset. Looks very nice, another addition to better and more realistic flying in the sim. However, I noticed that after firing up P3Dv4.5, the screen flickers a lot. When looking around in the VC, not in the outside view. It seems to me as if EF needs to "get started", flickering mess. It seems like the whole screen turns black for a microsecond, it is not really something inside the engine that flickers (clouds, textures, reflections), rather the full screen. Then, after some minutes, it seems to get settled and the flickering gets less and less, until it is only occasional for the rest of the flight. However, it does not entirely disappear and that makes it pretty annoying. Is this something the devs are aware? Might it be related to some nVIDIA driver setting? What can I do about this? Without EF, the flickering is not there. Also it does not make a difference if I use the PTA shaders as a basis or the P3D default shaders. As soon as EF is active, the flickering occurs with extreme flickering at the beginning of the flight. I use a 1080Ti with the most current driver, running the sim on 1440p with 4xSSAA and rather high settings. In addition, I use ActiveSky as weather engine and REX SF for the cloud textures etc. No setting in the nVIDIA control panel except "prefer maximum performance", no nVIDIA Profile Inspector setting. All I use is the opaque and translucent shadow fix in the prepar3d.cfg as well as an AM setting. As a monitor, I use a DELL S2716DG with G-sync, which I disabled for P3D. Refresh rate is set on 120Hz. Thanks for any hint... Regards Chris
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