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Found 3,874 results

  1. If I have REX 5, do I actually "need" REX 4 installed? I already have REX 5 and HD Airports and SkyForce, is there anything in REX 4 HD that I need? thanks, sorry if this has been asked, I looked and didn't see what I needed.
  2. Hello, I use P3D v4.5 latest build with actual REX SF and EF, both latest versions. No other shaders nor software lik PTA. When Im using the Auto mode, the clouds are too bright. Additionial to this I have the issue, when I look into my cockpit, at MCDU or something else, the outside and my instruments are becoming very bright, the PFD is nearly unreadable. I need to zoom towards the sky and back, this helps for a few seconds, before it becomes bright again. I tried several sliders to adjuswt it, but nothing helped.
  3. I had the same issue and did what you said and it worked for me. thanks
  4. "The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 12007" Has this been resolved?
  5. So its been two days since I got REX skyforce 3d and environment Force. REX sky force works great but I can not for the life of me get EF to work. I have reinstalled windows, I turned off UAC and firewalls and every thing that is suggested. When right clicking and starting it nothing happens for like 5 minutes. But it is showing in the task manager as running but only has 30mb ram usage and nothing else. Then it will all of a sudden show a splash screen and then load and disappear. I don't even get to input my serial number nothing. adding this as when typing this it popped up asking me for my serial number ect ect. But when I hit next it just loads and windows show it as not responding.
  6. Hello, so today I switched from TOGA Projects' ENV-xxx to REX Sky- and Environment Force. I restored from ENVDIR, then uninstalled it, then I installed SF3D and EF last. I should have opened P3D after uninstalling but I didn't. So after the whole process I configured REX and restarted P3D. The problem I have is a complete lack of ground or water texture inP3D. I have left P3D on as long as 15 minutes to see if it generates. But nothing. So far I have tried, - Clearing the Shaders in P3D - Restarting P3D - Repairing P3D - Uninstalling and re-installing content - Uninstalling and re-installing scenery Nothing has worked so far, it just stays a reflective light blue with no terrain. When I completely zoom out from top down view, I see a light blue ball as earth. Anyone have something else I could try? Xander
  7. Hello, I have the same issue here, can you tell me where i can download sql server local DB 2016? I opened the microsoft web bit i cant understand where i should download. Thanks
  8. I am having the exact same issue. Unable to install however I have not gotten the message that I have reached my limit yet. And I am unable to find a separate download for SQL DB 2016 that doesn't require giving my details and having it only for an evaluation period. Help ... Xander
  9. I am having the same issue... Edit: Read this post. Same issue, with an fix.
  10. Hello, After manually downloading and installing the SQL server because the installer did not do this job properly(yes, the UAC, Firewall, Antivirus, Admin requirements were met...), EF5 worked fine. It was great to be able to tweak on the fly and see the changes to clouds and sky textures with a click. EF5 seems like a good product. I then did the following: I shut down my computer and came back the next day and rebooted it. Now EF5 freezes when I try to sync 3D clouds and does nothing when I sync cirrus and sky textures or adjust sliders, making it effectively useless. Like I said above, I shutdown and rebooted my computer, nothing else. I use P3Dv4.5, AS P3Dv4 for weather Skyforce 5 and PTA for shaders, adding EF5 to be able to change things on the fly. I what order do I start the programs? Do I still start Skyforce, AS and then the sim, or does Skyforce no longer need to be running? Where to I see what is in sim? What do the settingis in Skyforce need to be for EF5 to work? Is that even important? Thank you
  11. I increased the memory from 8 to 16 GB, installed a new SSD, moved Windows 10, and reinstall Prepar3D. After installation, EF does not save the settings and registration. I tried to completely reinstall, as it is written here https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/53335-error-code-12007-warning-4154/
  12. I received this message after registration. But I already participated in the last conneting team At SF3D I was able to register with the connecting team. Thanks Frank Thank you for your interest in testing the Alpha Cycle of Environment Force Build 5.0.2019.0801.2.1.0. Unfortunately, we were not able to validate your profile and serial key. Please contact me at: insiderprogram@rexgamestudios.com for more assistance. Sincerely, Reed Stough Quality Assurance Manager REX GAME STUDIOS, LLC.
  13. Hello, I just purchased Environment Force last night, when I try to install I get these two messages (see attached images) Not sure how to proceed, looking for some help! Thanks, Roger Wyrick (Wakashi) Order #YXDPUMVLA
  14. Hello , Just a Couple of questions concerning REX Environment force : 1) When I want to Start a flight , I first Start REX Skyforce , then REX Environment and then my P3DV4.5 , everything Runs fine , No issues ! When I finish a flight I close my Sim then REX Sky Force and finally REX Environment ! But When I decide to fly again ( Maybe in an hour or so …, or instantly ) I start again REX Sky Force , Then I Try To run REX Environment , but I Noticed that it Won't start , and I have to go through Task Manager to Kill the Application and then I Can Start the Progam ! Is this Normal , and why REX Environment does not close as Sky Force ? 2) Could you please tell me Why After Installing REX Environment I get Many Times Black Ground Textures ? ( I Try to delete my P3D Shaders and everything is OK for a few flights , And Then the Same thing happens again ! I Read through the forums that the ( The proper way is To start EF, and await it to be fully opened BEFORE opening P3D. Once EF is fully open, start P3D. Once you are finished in P3D, you close P3D, and await it to be FULLY closed, then you close EF) … To be honest I Never waited for my sim to completely shut down , and I close REX Sky Force plus REX Environment at the same time !! Any help will be appreciated , Thank you , Mike
  15. Hi, I'm trying to install Environment Force from simMarket where I purchased the product. The current installer they provide is rexenvforce_20190625 However when running the installer it errors when attempting to install the pre-requisite Microsoft SQL Servier Local DB 2016 with the error message "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package."
  16. I bought this today. everything is simple and understood. I do understand the list of major airport that cant be modified with WWHD because it was built into the sim of P3d v4. Im bringing this up because I have over 300 afcads that have airline parking all up to date as of 2019. I uploaded your KSLC package. How come when I go to KSLC and my afcad for KSLC is in place , in my S:/Addon Scenery folder, the REX KSLC doesn't show up. I remove the afcad and KSLC shows up. how come I cant use my afcad parking when it says that afcads can be used???
  17. Good day, in the set up for REX Texture direct, when using Active Sky Weather should Cloud/ Effects be checked or unchecked?
  18. Hi there, First off all my verification is still pending and I hope I’m posting this on the right forum. But the last few weeks have been trying to resolve the issues I got with the PMDG 747. The problem is that p3d crashes when the Sim is completely loaded. The UI loads up, but the screen stays black and then after 10 seconds he Sim crashes without any error, I also coudn’t find any trace of the crash anywhere. On the PMDG forum they suggested it could be EF or SF that is causing the crashes. Only the 747-400 and -8 crashes, no other PMDG aircraft crash. P.S: I’ve updated to the latest version and applied the hotfixes from the forum, still no luck. Sim: P4D 4.5 Thanks in advance! ~iMoveQuick
  19. Hi guys - I just noticed that I am unable to change the runway lights with WWA. I have the same (assuming default set every time) I even tried my old TD and could not get that to load new lights either. I wasn't sure if this was a know issue or not. I have the latest version of WWA and using P3D 4.5 with h/f. Thanks! Eric
  20. Hi Just purchased REX Weather Advantage Radar and have the following problems 1. Have installed Radar in Flight 1 Mustang. When I select through Instruments all I get is a Black square. 2. Aircraft Realair Turbo, Realair B60 and Vertex DA62 are default installed in My Documents Prepar3D v4 Add-ons and are not shown in available aircraft and nothing is achieved when i browse to folder where the aircraft installed. 3. PMDG 777 and 747 aircraft are installed with numerous versions of each aircraft. Does selecting 1 version also apply the Radar gauge to all the versions of 777 and 747? Any assistance/advice would be appreciated. noel7 Noel Southam tipstave7@gmail.com
  21. Last couple of days I am trying to have a nice clouds. No way I can do it. Several times I un- install/reinstall EF and SF. Also REX Direct with Soft clouds Enhance Addition. I am still, having same clouds settings regardless if I have any REX products or not. What shall I do?
  22. Can I ask why you don't have a menu item for REX EF? It is incredibly frustrating if you accidentally close the mini UI to have to restart? Also a menu item would help me understand when the thing isn't loaded (a lot!) or give me the chance to 'restart' like GSX does. The mini UI also needs a zoom option (another one) on a 4k 58" TV sitting 10 feet away you cannot read any of the text, could you potentially respect Windows Desktop Scaling settings?
  23. Hi, So if I have automatic turned on, and I make adjustments in the mini UI, does that disable auto mode? So all I want to do is change the shadow intensity, so if I modify that and click save settings - how does auto mode deal with this? Does this mean auto mode will not be able to adjust all other options too? Thanks
  24. Planning to purchase Environment Force during the sale and wanted to know if it will be a current copy ( including the latest update 2.0)? Thanks.
  25. Hi, currently in CYYZ: CYYZ 111454Z 19017KT 12SM -SHRA SCT055CB BKN070 BKN260 25/22 A2977 RMK CB3AC2CS2 VIS S 6 SLP082 DENSITY ALT 2000FT Decoded textual weather for CYYZ Wind: 190 at 17 knots Visibility: 10+ SM (9999+ m) Clouds: Scattered at 5500 feet, Broken at 7000 feet, Temperature: 25,0C Dewpoint: 22,0C Precipitation: Light rain Altimeter: 1008 mb (29,77 inches) This station includes complete surface weather information, interpolation disabled. Original metar of the stations: CYYZ 111454Z 19017KT 12SM -SHRA SCT055CB BKN070 BKN260 25/22 A2977 RMK CB3AC2CS2 VIS S 6 SLP082 DENSITY ALT 2000FT The sky is full of Clouds, but there are only a few shadows on ground?
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