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Found 3,875 results

  1. Hi. I have REX Essential + Overdrive HD, version 3.8.2014.1126 I have a link under Program to the manual, but it points to the ./Help subdirectory of my REX install which is empty. I've found a copy of the 3.7 manual but there are significant differences between that and 3.8. Thanks.
  2. So how is it? It's been 3 weeks since the EF was published. There's lot of us who can't enjoy the EF because we don't have the UI. This should be the top priority on your fix list and release rather as a separate update than bundled with other fixes.
  3. Just bought TD last night and started to install it just now and i get invalid serial number How can i fix this please? Regards Mike
  4. I can usually solve all p3d problems with google searching, but can't find anything on this. I have a weird issue with the latest REX Environment Force update. I get a REX settings window in the upper left corner that I can't close, or undock and move out of the way (see attached screenshot). I've confirmed this is related to the Environment Force program as it doesn't happen if I uninstall the program. Is there a setting I can tweak to hide this? Thanks for your time. Mark EDIT: What I found is that none of the Windows controls to close, minimize, or scroll the window were available, even after the suggestion to hover over the corner to resolve it. After a lot of messing around, I discovered that the controls are available only if you are viewing the upper left portion of your screen on your main monitor in Windows. I have four monitors, and the upper left monitor where this is displayed is not my main monitor in Windows. Once I made it my main window, the controls were available. I still don't understand how to toggle it on, though. It would be nice if there was a keyboard shortcut to turn it on/off and that it didn't matter which display the UI is visible on.
  5. So, after an update, we have to dig out our activation details???? Really? This is so frustratingly amateurish
  6. Looking assiduously at the forum, I read about many people complaining about problems of a very different nature. The thing that I regret most, even not being part of it (REX) is to blame either Environment Force, or Sky Force. Notwithstanding that each of us does not have the legendary 486 or a Commodore 64 to run P3D, I would like to give you some tips to run P3D in a decent way. Who wants to try these tweaks MUST backup the files that they are going to change ... Let's get started - it is good, if not EXCELLENT, to delete from time to time (so before starting P3D) the folders and files contained in the folder C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 This folder contains the P3D cache, if we delete it, we'll do nothing but free it and set it to 0. Especially when we install the programs that go to rewrite the SHADERS in the main P3D folder - Tweaks PREPAR3D.CFG: it's been a while since you make more or less good changes to this file (do BACKUP first!). The essentials are: [JobScheduler] AffinityMask = 85 [DISPLAY] TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT = 1024 [MAIN] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION = 0.01 [TERRAIN] SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT = 30 Some of these strings are not there and need to be added, others just need to be changed - Cloud quality: it is preferable to set them to 512 DTX5 both (Cirri and Cumuli). Many of you have 4096! it is a lot, but I assure you that the quality at 512 is excellent, even if they are less defined. With time, you won't even notice it. If anyone has other Tweaks to propose, they can easily correct me or write in this post. As for me, if I can think of anything else, I'll be ready to give you a little hand With 60/60 FPS
  7. Hi guys, I have annoying issue with REX EF. The brightness is changing on the same view after viewing other panel and getting back. On the first picture - the brightness/exposure is ok. After looking on overhead or cdu and getting back to the same view as before , it is too bright(second picture). After watching from outside view and getting back again to cockpit, the brightness returning to initial level. I noticed this happens with 2 aircrafts I checked : PMDG 737 and FSlabs a320. 2019-5-18_19-13-48-649.bmp 2019-5-18_19-12-54-782.bmp
  8. Friday + the long awaited EF update = great.
  9. Thank you guys. Now i can fly without my eyes being affected by the brightness. The atmosphere looks more realistic. Regards.
  10. Just installed the technical update about 15min ago. Before that, ENV and SF were working together before the update minus the CTD I had. I installed the technical update and when I load up ENV and SF, im getting this mini ui blue window top left corner and its says REX not validated and then it crashes to Desktop. Whats goin on ???? need help, so far cant use ENV force. Here is a pic of inside the Virtual cockpit right b4 it CTD. like I said it was working fine when I installed it 3 hours ago besides the inflight CTD before the Tech update. Once I installed the Tech update, this is what im getting .
  11. REX Environment Force - Technical Update 1.1 is BRILLIANT... Thanks Guys
  12. Just updated to latest technical update just now and the blue menu pops up with that message. Sky Force is on another computer..anything to do with that? I managed to go thru the re-registration phase and still failed? Thank you, BobM.
  13. is it ok to install 1.1 patch over the 509 build
  14. Hello, I just updated Skyforce Environment and I am unable to get past the product registration page, due to not being able to select a store from the drop-down menu. It says "an internet connection is required" but I am connected to the internet! Paul
  15. Hi, after latest updates I have no cloud shadows (enabled in P3D). Clouds are sane repeating issues with the cirrus. Using SF textures. Also clouds dissipate still too fast. Using Auto Mode.
  16. So I have been using EF since day one. On day one and with the 1.0 fix, I had to turn off HDR in EF and everything worked fine. Since 1.1 I don't have to turn anything off, just run in automode and let AS and EF do it's thing (EF of course doing it's thing plus the SkyForce thing). I have looked at every thread and one common problem I see is that many are tying to use a shader program to tweak their P3D then using another shader program (EF) to tweak the tweaks in their shaders. I see very little with regards to issues for folks that use P3D, AS, SF, and EF with no other shader system. It reminded me of guitar players because I am one of those crazy people too. We are always chasing tone whith guitars. We buy new pickups beause Jimmy Hendrix or somone else used them, then we put in new pots and use certain cables and cable lenghths, round wound strings and flat round ones, nickel and stainless. We put effects pedals in and constantly add/takeaway from them, then get up during a gig and go nuts because a battery ran out on the fuzz pedal and it's not true bypass so the wah is out of whack. We adjust treble, base and mids on our amps, then on twenty different pedals and after all that we run the whole shebang through an equalizer to jigger with tone some more. We spend more time fiddling with knobs than plucking strings. Aren't we doing the same thing with our sim? Simpler is almost always, in the end better. I love EF, running it on auto. I contemplated for about two months if I was going to get Tomatoe Shade or Envshade. Now I know that I will not. For me my sky view out of the cockpit is all that really matters. I don't care if my livery is PBR or not because the only time I know I am using it is when I install it. I don't care how he glint looks on my wing. I started simming with BAO when everything was black with green lines. If there are any other guitar players out there who are trying to get that perfect ZZ Top tone for Jesus Left Chicago, remember, they recorded their guitars with a mic'ed 15 Watt Champ...lol you can't get any simpler than that. Thanks REX for EF and making my simming simpler!
  17. Hello, just installed the update as advised and so far so perfect. In Auto mode without adjusting any slider. The issue of HDR on my side is been perfectly resolved. A flight from Mallorca to Malta Riga performs excellent. Thank you REX Team. George
  18. I purchased and installed yesterday ( first question - do I need to install the hotfix ?) and the program appeared to work ok, I was able to change the cloud size on the fly. However this has now stopped working and there appears to be no interface with P3dv4.5 either through the on screen mini ui or through EF itself ( changing through Cloud sync - I have REX Skyforce 3D). Tried a reinstall but no change and EF has crashed a couple of times. I uninstalled through Windows - are there any additional files/folders to delete ? Thanks
  19. Hello, this automation settings are much too bright, i cant read the speedtape of my Fslabs A320 and everything is just ugly bright, the sky is always light blue and so on. The seceond problem is, the programm downst really quit, when i want to do. I click the cross, the window is gone. When I click on the shortcut to start the program later, nothing happens. There is nothing on my taskbar or else, I just can see it in task manager. kind regards
  20. Hi is there any solution or work around to the bright nights ?I have tried possibly everything . I recommend and option to increase darkness , something similar to what ENB used to do back in FSX , I remember when even REX themselves started using ENB preset back in FSX . We had such an amazing experience using ENB , the only problem was the CTD when using FSX menu . If we could get EF to have that similar effect to make things darker or bright in other areas , it would be amazing.
  21. Hey, does nobody recognize that there is 0 wave effect? Look at the picture: I am using latest P3D 4.5 HF1 version and EF with automatic mode.
  22. I bought the product did the download, the file seemed very small took no time. Went to the Download manager, inserted the licence key went thru the install procedure and got "Finish" All took a matter of a few seconds, I would have expected Environment force to be a huge file. Nothing appeared on my desktop. The file does not exist, have I missed something? This is the file I activated Advice required Thanks
  23. As with many others, I am also missing the in sim mini ui. I have tried solutions described in the few other topics about the same issue with no luck. (Yes running the sim as administrator etc.) Restoring files from EF -> uninstall -> removed dll.xml -> clear registry values -> reinstall, no effect still no ui Also have done the above with repairing p3d install -> no ui. dll.xml gets EF entry when I run the program, not before, it also gets deleted when I close EF. No other logs are created to the REX folder inside sim folder except the backuplog. Running on P3d 4.5 backuplogp3d4.txt dll.xml
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