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Found 3,875 results

  1. Greeting to all, I'm using EF latest version in auto mode with no other shader tool, noticed that when it's cloudy the airplane looks darker (under shadow) than the rest of airport ground equipment. is it normal?
  2. Good day to you all, I am a former Flightsim Store customer and i have been in touch with Reed via support email but it seems that our communication has come to a stalemate. He did indeed link me a downloadable copy of REX Enhanced Edition with S.C but it still requires a serial key as i sort of suspected and was assured by Reed that i wouldn't need one. As i no longer have access to my Serial key from the F.S.S im caught in hard spot. I have emailed Reed a couple more times and have respected that you guys are busy and i have shown patience as i know you are dealing with new product releases. I have so much appreciation that you guys have stepped up to help us people out who were unfortunate to been left high and dry by the F.S.S closure. Cheers Val.G
  3. Good afternoon, two days ago send a ticekt for the reactivation of my product, send a message on facebook mesenger and I still do not have an answer my email is dfr_34@hotmail.com my order number is: Invoice Number :#IN024082 Order Reference : TLXOUWJNI REX 4 - Texture Direct Enhanced Edition
  4. Hello All I have found that running Active Sky (ASP4 version) and Environment Force on P3Dv4.5(HF1) results in a CDT in the Majestic Dash 8 when the WX Radar mode is turned from Test to On. If the WX Radar is left turned off or standby or even test, there is no issue. Within a half second of turning it on, a CTD occurs. The issue is present in all locations, weather conditions and times I have tried it so far. The issue is repeatable and persistent. It stops happening when EF is disabled with ASP4 active OR if EF is active with ASP4 disabled. It is the combination of the two being active which seems to cause the issue. Regards Adam
  5. hello , using both EF and SF , and clouds suddenly start to act very weird like in the video , how to fix it and which one causing the problem , EF or SF ? ( iam using SF weather engine ) 2019-05-15.mp4 2019-05-.mp4
  6. Dears since your 17th may update all of my screens are black. I mean all. All planes all views except chase plane custom view.
  7. Hi, I still have problems to understand totally how SF works along with EF and when EF is working alone. I can see EF shows the option >enable real-time weather data read< so, if you do not open SF What happen now? What weather do I have? Additionally you can see information in the In Sim weather conditions and the weather station. Am I experimenting real weather? Finally, turning on EF alone, What happen with P3D weather menu/themes? How is EF working a what is EF doing? Thanks Julio
  8. hi, just got back into flight sim with the new rift s vr headset. for some reason when I launch REX 4 textures, I get a couple of alerts and the the program closes. I have uploaded the alerts, I would be most grateful if somebody might have A look at my issue please? Many thanks in advance.
  9. Hey guys I’m getting this error as well. I noticed there was a thread open about it but I didn’t see a fix thanks
  10. All updates in place Everything works again I still cannot get P3D4.5 Hotfix to install but that is of little account-staying in P3D 4.5 for the foreseeable Thanks guys -you have done it again! xxd09
  11. As requested, here is the topic. When i press "recompile HDR" i get a CTD. Others mentioned it too. P3D 4.4, EF version .517, i didnt install the Skyforce update that came out a few days ago. TS is used Way to force the ctd Press "turn OFF HDR" -> Press "recompile HDR" -> CTD
  12. Hello , A question about some ( maybe ) double Options in SF and EF . In bot Programs you can find the Option "Sync Cloud Models" Which should i use ? Which Programs do i need to start before P3D ? Only AS for Engine and EF or SF too ? Why you build in the both Programs nearly the same Options e.g. Cloud Typs , Cloud resolutions , Cloud Sync . Is it not possible to bring the Programs a little bit easier ?!? Michael
  13. Hi, I just installed 5.0.2019.0517 Technical Update 1.1 against P3D v4.5 plus latest hotfix. I never had an issue before when running automatic mode in EF on P3D v4.4, and the mini UI was not visible as expected. However, since the update the mini UI is always present and varies between full manual listing or a verification error, and nothing I can do gets rid of it. EF itself appears to be running fine. Attached shot is top left or running P3D. Thanks Nige
  14. hi i am getting this error , my REX 5 is not even turned on and this is what i am getting. how to fix ? the error is YOUR VALIDATION PROCESS FAILED/ PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT
  15. Good day guys, Just bought EF and I must say I’m very happy with it. All was working fine until I got this error from SQL see attached pic. I’m running everything as admin, V4.5, windows 10 all latest updates. Any help is greatly appreciated
  16. Dear REX Team ( @fs1 ), there are certain rumors (or discussions) where a certain starting order is necesary to use your products. I'm particulary interested in EF with ASP4 and P3D: do we have to start these three apps in e certain order? Thank you. BR, Gerald
  17. Greetings, After updating to the latest version, I am unable to turn off HDR. When I select HDR off, nothing happens with the latest update.
  18. Suggestion Starting a place that uses can share the 'numbers' that work for them. Yes, it will be subjective, but at least others could then try them and see what works for them. Things to bear in mind 1. Other shades used 2. Monitor calibration...anyone got theirs correctly calibrated?(an example https://spyderx.datacolor.com/) As I have said all 'subjective', but will allow sharing of some base data for others to try and 'tweak' Yep, there are the community presets, but I like to see the numbers , perhaps that's just me!! Thoughts?
  19. Are clouds supposed to be transparent like this? They look like jellyfishes. 🤣😀
  20. Sitting here trying to read up and figure out the issues and now This, Environment Force gives me ( your validation process failed please contact support ) WTH
  21. I realise that some people are still having issues and there is still some way to go therefore, but I just wanted to say for myself that I originally suffered with all manner of buggy problems including a big dent in my FPS. These are now all got since the latest update so thanks for that guys, good work. Neil
  22. I am experiencing a significant FPS drop while using Environment Force. It was from day one and hotfix for EF and TU for SkyForce as also P3D v4.5 Hotfix did not change anything. Technically P3D 4.5 Hotfix made small FPS improvements, like about 3-5 FPS, but FPS is dropping from 60 to 10, so it is insignificant. I am using EF + SF3D the latest updates on P3D v4.5 with Hotfix. I tried to reinstall P3D Client and EF, it does not make any changes. It is for both Manual and Auto mode! I tried default simple and complex airports, I have ORBX, but airports are defaults from P3D. On the simple scenery: P3D only: 60+ FPS P3D + SF3D: 50+ FPS P3D + SF3D + EF Manual: ~10 FPS P3D + SF3D + EF Auto: ~10 FPS On the complex scenery: P3D only: 30+ FPS P3D + SF3D: 30+ FPS P3D + SF3D + EF Manual: ~18 FPS P3D + SF3D + EF Auto: ~18 FPS I am using VR, so 30 FPS is a minimum or it is unusable. So at current state EF is unusable. Attaching screenshots for all cases in the same order: Simple scenery: P3D Only: P3D + SF3D: P3D + SF3D + EF Manual: P3D + SF3D + EF Auto: Complex scenery: P3D only: P3D + SF3D: P3D + SF3D + EF Manual: P3D + SF3D + EF Auto:
  23. Hi. EF build 0517. I am trying to apply PTA preset but it seems like I see no effect. I have tried different presets and no of those made any difference regardless if HDR is off or on in EF mini UI
  24. Hello, I have a problem installing REX Environment Force. I run the installer, download the required files and then i launch setup. After some seconds, the setup starts to install SQL Server, but just after that, Windows says that it must be updated a Local Host... etcetera, with buttons Retry or Ignore. If i push on Retry, I always have the same message, if I push Ignore the installation process goos on with the installation, but when I try to run REX Environment Force, it doesn't work. Of course i?m the administrator (Windows 10), but he same, I "Run as adiminstrator" all the setups. Can you help me? Thank you Luca
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