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Found 269 results

  1. Has been 10 days since I bought REX from flightsim store but my order still locked. I sent emails to the support center but no response. I called my bank to ask about the bill and they said the bill has been paid. but why is my order still locked? what should i do?
  2. In the REX manual, there is only a quick start section to explain how to start FSX with REX weather. The three options are :- 1. WANT TO FLY - Allows REX to randomly select and install textures into FSX/P3D, then opens both the flight simulator and the REX Weather Engine. 2. LIKE TO CREATE - Allows you to create texture themes, select and install textures/sounds or share/ browse textures with the rest of the REX community. 3. FOLLOW A FLIGHT PLAN - Allows creation of flight plans(with real-time, random or archived weather), interface with FlightAware real-world live flight plans, or save/browse community-shared flight plans. All I want to to is run FSX with REX supplying real world weather. I dont want random weather, or choose a theme, or create a flight plan. Its not in the manual. How do I do this? Also, according to the manual, "WHAT IS WXPLUS MODE? The WXPLUS mode of the REX weather engine can be compared to using a weather theme within FSX/P3D. The weather is handled more globally.". Does this mean that I must use Standard Mode to get real weather (and use WXPLUS only for themes)?
  3. Hi, I just bought REX Essentials + OD. I have not installed it yet. It's quite a sizable package so I'd like to install it on a different drive (a 1TB HDD) than my FSX is installed on (an SSD with limited space). Will the REX installer allow me to do this? Will it figure out where FSX is or do I have to configure that somehow? Sorry if this is obvious, but I didn't want to start the install and immediately get off on the wrong foot. Cheers!
  4. Hey guys I have a quick question. I bought REX essential. should i still install the free DL grass and runways that REX studious offers as freeware or does essential have it ?
  5. I know the DVD makes us doesn't need to download a 9GB file, and it also comes with a DVD case and manual booklet, but is there any other benefits? If no, then I will buy the download version and ask the store to mail it to me via DVD. If yes, I will buy the DVD version. Thanks.
  6. Hello,how do I download REX Essential Overdrive upgrade ? Thank you
  7. Hi, Is there a way to find some topics more than 1 year old please? Because the results put this sentence -> (Search limited from 22-September 12) I'm searching an Antarctica weather topic related and can't find it. I'm pretty sure it's older than 1 year. Otherwise there is a bug in the index Could anyone help me please? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi everyone, I am having trouble viewing the FSX support forum, it says I don't have permission. I can see FS9 and X-plane, but not FSX. What I am trying to do is get help on connecting REX through a Network, but every topic I've found on the issue someone posts a link telling the original poster where to go look, I click on that link and it says it can't be found or I don't have permission. I bought REX back in January of this year and my order number is in my signature. What am I doing wrong. Really unhelpful when you can't use the support forum to even just view after purchasing a product. Just sayin' Anyway, any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Dear All, As I changed my system, the hdd where I had stored REX's download files died. As a Result, I am not able to reinstall it... I still have my invoice and my licence number, but I checked and the install files are no more available for download from the merchant (xplane.org) where I bought REX... I still have the hdd from my old system where REX is installed, but I guess there's no way I could "transfer" it to my new system ? Anyone knows what my options are ? Thank you guys, Shortlander REX bought from Xplane.org on Oct 7 2011, invoice 64997
  10. My order # is : FSS0016715 Order Date: 2008-12-07 Herbert30
  11. Did this get shut off? I don't see the messenger tool in the upper right anymore. I don't know if it's just my account (i.e. I did something bad) or if it's been turned off for everyone.
  12. Hi everyone, I don't know if my question or request has been asked in the past before, so please be kind ;-) Isn't it possible to replace the default stratus texture? Why did REX not include stratus textures? As everyone knows, REX delivers the most beautiful cumulus and cirrus textures, but no stratus clouds. I think I use REX now for two years, my whole FSX career ;-) and the question for e stratus clouds textures is just coming up for me now. Another request would be a new sunset texture. What I miss is a sunset that looks as similar as the "REX natural" but without getting that brown before the night begins. Are there any plans for such new textures? Cheers and happy flying :-) Daniel
  13. bonjour voila je voulais savoir comment regler la meteo avec fsx et REX essential overdrive souvent en vol meteo clair et ensuite j ai comme un voil quand REX injecte la meteo comment regler fsx merci
  14. The FSX forum doesnt exist, I have a support problem and I have nowhere to raise it. Can someone please help?
  15. In REX for FSX you have DX10 optimiztion for Wave animations and as i remember other options,as we all know P3D V2 i going to fully support DX11. Is there gonna be any updates to make REX also fully support DX11 and it's effects that well make it actaully look DX11? hope you understood my point
  16. Hello, Is there a performance advantage to running REX on a network on a separate PC? I am about to upgrade my system with two SSD drives on my main FSX pc. Would it be better to run it on one of those or on my networked PC? Any comments please? Thank you Paul
  17. Hi guy's, I would just like to confirm if it is ok to move my REXESS/OD backup folder to any drive of my choice to free up space on C:\ drive? no conflicts I hope in doing so. Cheers Rod.
  18. Hello I am wondering if it is possible to remove uploaded themes from the REX UI database. I have modified mine somewhat and wish to reload with the updates. Thanks.
  19. Hi there! Just wondered if REX Essential Plus is free if you already have REX Essential like i have? Many thanks James
  20. I have REX Essential Plus and would like to upgrade to Overdrive. Can't find the download link for the Overdrive texture pack, Is this still available for free ? Mark REX - Order #FSS0033276
  21. Hello please can you help me I have REX overdrive and have this loaded on my pc .i have also just purchest REX essential plus overdrive my first REX program works fine but I'm having trouble loading up my new REX overdrive essential plus is this an addon or when I load this program will it just attach with my first REX program any help please thanks #484432 REX essential plus with overdrive Fss 0142230 REX essential plus
  22. Hi guys, anyone running REX on Win8? I'm looking at building a new system in a couple months and possibly using the Win8 Pro upgrade version that I picked up on the $39 sale MS was having vs. using Win7 Pro but I'm concerned about compatibility with REX.
  23. O.K...using the standard mode in REX you are able to seclect the size of the area in which the weather loads. Entire world is pretty much self explanatory, but what about the rest. Approximately how large or small is the area size?
  24. Roy Higgins User name RoyH roy.higgins44@btinternet.com order no 1015259 via SIMMARKET purchased 20 June 2013
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