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Found 3,875 results

  1. What's up friends. I'm wondering if someone has this error when starting the program. I of course had a simmarket version of REX enviroment force, and wrote to support but I do not know how long it might take to give me an answer. From the moment I installed it I had not had any problems until today.
  2. After a complete reinstall of my sim computer I re-downloaded EF from REX store. Running the rexinstaller.exe I get the dialog below "...must be installed..." and in the READMEFIRST.pdf there is the text "...do not install your REX Software...". Edit: "rexenvforce_20190517" Which is it?
  3. Hello , Again an HDR Problem. In Version 1.1 the HDR on Setting for me is again too bright . Therefore i want to turn it off again. In Version 1.0 with HDR off i have an very good Environment together with Tomato and RD Preset 1.8. But when i update EF to Version 1.1 and turn off HDR its not the same. Much more darker overall . And yes i do an Recompile HDR . Normaly it should be the same ? Correct. Both Tests was made in Automatic Mode . Here are some Screenshots . Each the first Screenshots with HDR off in Version 1.0 of EF ( on the first Picture , look at the Mountain in behind , and the Grass in Front ) Each the second Screenshots with HDR off in Version 1.1 ( On Picture 5 , look again on the Mountain and on the Grass in Front - much darker . ) There you see the difference very much . Look at the Plane , is also darker on the each second Picture. What can i do for changing this ? Thanks Michael
  4. I would like to know if this is correct to install PTA in EF. 1. Restore Shader in P3D 4.5 Hotfix 1 ( I always do a copy of the shader HSL folder in P3D after a client install ) 2. ? 3. ? 4. ? 5. Do we need another shader tool in EF. I always use PTA or ENVSHADE. Thanks for Help Frank
  5. Is there supposed to be a flash on the screen when weather injection has completed message appears? So i am seeing clouds FINALLY start to appear slowly which is great. But i do get this screen flash (only one) when generation completes. Then the clouds slowly form. Using EF SF3D and SF3D weather engine. EF is on Auto. Regards Mike
  6. Hallo REX Team, I downloaded NF yesterday. After installing I had the version 5.0.2019.0517 I think this installer contains the technical update or do I have to install it too. Frank
  7. 1. When should the different modes be used? 2. What Mode should be used in 'auto' mode and using AS? Thanks
  8. Hi guys, first of all, I really appriciate your work on that! Let me give you some feedback. Water Wave issue: It is, better but still looks not realisitc and ugly. If I add Waves, they are here but only movin in one direction and it looks not really nice. with REX SF+REX EF+AS without REX EF+AS The waves are moving more naturally without EF started Dusk with REX SF+REX EF+AS The water is moving just to the left. It looks like that there is an "overlay" texture on the water which is moving and no real waves? Dusk without REX EF+AS I dont know if this is possible but an option "do not modify water" would be nice Performance was never a Problem for me, so everything is fine here HDR: Is it right, that you need o recompile HDR after cliking HDR "off/on"? In the previous version, it was enough to click on that, now you need to recompile that it is working BTW: HDR looks much more nicer now One more thing: Does this take some time till its is "running"? Thanks Bernd
  9. I am running EF (latest version) wit P3D4.5HF. I don't completely understand what influence HDR settings have. I experience way too much darkness @ night (sounds a bit odd). In other words, when HDR (P3D) is ON and HDR (EF) is active (automated mode, no tweaks) I barely see any lights on ground or sky (stars, moon) and the lights in the VC are also very weak. Only when I change HDR (P3D) OFF it looks right, but then HDR (EF) does not have any effect anymore. I've never experienced such darkness (sounds odd again) before. I did not make many night flights with the EF (version before the current one) but I had to go down with Exposure Key (0.275-0.250.) and it was still a bit too bright (HDR ON in both P3D and EF). Now with the newest EF version it seems to be the opposite.
  10. Is it correct that I not need to start sky force when using EF- EF does All ?and find the path to SF?
  11. I have 5.0.2019.0517 version installed from the REX Transfer Manager. Is that the LATEST recommended version or should I apply the technical update patch to this version?
  12. Since updating Environment Force, I am getting an error message in P3DV4.5 stating that my credentials could not be verified and to contact support. Please advise Greg
  13. Just completed a flight into EGSS where the METAR according to active sky was overcast around 5000 feet with light rain. I landed in clear conditions with a few clouds on the horizon. On my Environment force settings have the first option disabled as it says to if using active sky.
  14. Hello, I bought the environment force last week and I have had some problems, the last one was this message: Your validation process failed, please contact support. I´ve changed P3D V4.4 to V4.5, Any way I´ve unistalled the environment and istalled again. (now I returned to p3DV4,4) I bought last week REX sky force to. I have installed also Activve sky, active sky cloud and Envdir. To try out your pogram, I´m opening REX sky before P3D, and I don´t open the others programs (Activve sky, active sky cloud Art and Envdir) thats ok? I use W10 Thanks for your help FRANCISCO
  15. how can I disable EF if I do not want to use it? I do not want to uninstall it. Is it possible to create a function to switch EF on or off. Frank
  16. Hello, It is recommanded to uncheck the "enable weather smoothing & real-time weather data read" options in automatic mode if using Active Sky weather engine. Then, how does EF can adjust rendering if not reading weather data Thanks Eric
  17. First I want to commend REX for EF and the hard work they are doing to make sanity out of the board here. When running AUTO MODE on EF, what determines the resolution of the textures that are used? I know that if you are in manual mode you can select this resolution, but how does it work in AUTO mode? Is there any way to change the texture resolution that is used by EF when operating in Auto Mode?
  18. Just to confirm all is working (automation), how can we see if the Over the Atlantic sky textures are installed over the Atlantic and into Barcelona Skies are installed when in Barcelona? (the same for all other texture confirmations too - like in SF where we can see the injected/current in-sim textures?
  19. I have just discovered that when I manually change (reduce) the surface visibility in Active Sky Prepared, as I sometimes do, in order to practice Low-Vis approaches EnvForce will not allow the change to happen. I can see the visibility reduce to my setting (800m), but only briefly and then return to unlimited. The only way I can now get the low visibility I want for my approaches is to induce low cloud bases (not realistic), since going below the cloud base my visibility suddenly becomes unlimited once again. This never happened before, and only since I installed EnvForce.
  20. Hi Federico, @fs1 I am trying to PM you reference the HDR Bloom Issue. I have PTA with RD v1.8 preset and the high intensity bloom issue. Can you please contact me ? Thanks! Gio
  21. I have just installed the latest update to the weather radar and it works well in P3D4.5 although i am experiencing one issue. Whenever i click on the mode selector to change modes ( from wx to wx/t for instance) the range scale goes back to 5 miles and i have to change it back to whatever i had it on previously. Has anyone else found this or is it purely my setup?
  22. Hi REX Im trying to install my REX 4 Teture Direct again but it says that my serialnumber is invalid. Can you help me? Purchased at Simmarket 22-08-2016 Ordernumber 1513714 Best regards Bo Weichel boweichel@mail.dk
  23. I upgraded yesterday to EF v1.1.0 but don't see any change in the FOG depiction with Fog Mode in OFF and EF in automatic. When I set ASP4 to "Custom Mode" (poor weather), which includes low surface visibility (800m) and overcast cloud, unless I select Fog Mode "OFF" and then recompile the shaders using mini UI nothing happens automatically, and I don't get low surface visibility. Also, the frame rate is still lower with EF than without EF and just SF. I also find the lighting of the terminal buildings too bright, if I uninstall EF the lighting looks much better and the frames increase by 10% (Locked at 35 FPS). I'm not really pleased with EF's performance or it's definition of automatic. I can live with the lower FPS, but I don't like having to tinker with the mini UI everytime I manually change ASP4's weather, especially since I don't know what most of the settings in the mini UI do or what they mean, except for one or two. I am not one to be messing around all the time with settings and looking for the best tweaks; I just like starting up my sim (working at it's best), use either real weather or manually setting one of my weather presets in ASP4 and go flying (like in the real world). That's what I did before with ASP4 and SF; I was happy then, it was what I did in real life before I retired as a pilot, I thought that having the weather (via EF) change on its own added more realism to my flights, but it's not like that at all. Except for the FOG (low surface vis) in automatic mode EF works great with ASP4 in real weather mode, and that's where I normally have it set. However the low surface visibility is not automatic, and for example when their is FOG at Boston (KBOS) I don't get FOG, since EF will not generate it in MANUAL. I have to set it to OFF and recompile the shaders; that's NOT REAL (or automatic). I'm not happy, and seriously contemplating uninstalling EF from my system, and going back to just using SF with ASP4. Sorry guys, I'm not happy.
  24. Pd3 v4 was working fine until I installed REX 5 Environment. Sky Force 3D was working for the year with no problems. There seems to be issues with REX 5 Environment. PD3v4 hangs and load times are ridiculous. Will further investigate.
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