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Found 3,874 results

  1. I start AS than EF and than P3D. There is no indication withing P3D that EF is working Please help Dekel EDIT: My DLL.xml in ProgramData/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3d V4/ was corrupted. Cleaning the file solves the issue
  2. hello , its again brightness from inside cockpit , this issue was solved after the last update of EF , why is it back again ? and when i try to reset to manufacturer setting through the mini UI the simulator crashed , this was after 9 hours flight at approach ( i will never forgive you about that )
  3. REX has lost contact with servers and it tells me to contact support if this continues. It is continuing, so I'm contacting support ;-) I don't know how to submit a ticket because I've never had to before. Thanks. Gavin
  4. I've read through the manual several times, and I still seem to be missing this. My understanding is that the mini-UI just appears at sim startup time as long as I've previously started EF (that's what seems to happen, anyway). The manual also states "It’s important to note that the Mini UI can be scrolled, re-sized and hidden for convenience inside the simulator", but this is what's puzzling me. I can hide it, via the little symbol (which I can barely see on my 4k monitor) in the top right hand corner of the UI, but I can't see any way of getting it back again after that. No amount of right clicking, searching the system tray or any of the P3D menu options seem to give me this capability. Am I doing something stoopid here? (Oh, and I found the option to change the font size on the mini-UI but if you could possibly consider a couple more larger sizes being available in any future upgrade that'd be great. Even the largest of the three current ones is a bit of a stretch at 4k) cheers, Andy
  5. Good day all. What parameters do I need to tweak in UI to change cloud colors. I cannot get rid of brown color. I use PTA. I have tried different presets, still same issue. Thanks
  6. Hi, Using P3DV4.5 hotfix 1 , when I select an A/C in the select menu or using sim options panel whatever , after press OK , sim suddenly stops or sometimes A/C selection view seems white fully. when I delete the shaders after closing sim , everthing is seems to be fine , please help Best Regards Erkal
  7. Hi; I am using TomatoShade (RD preset v1.18) with EF and SF (RD Theme v1.1). However, I find the sky looks so dull or gloomy for a sunny day in the Caribbean. How do I brighten up the scenery, do I change settings in TS or do I change settings in the mini UI; with either one which of the parameters do I change to get the sky looking brighter? Thanks,
  8. I've noticed that when EF is installed, it replaces the default P3D water animation effect used in the "Low", "Medium", and "High" water settings with a different water animation. I would prefer to keep the default P3D animation, so it would be great if the replacement of the water animation was an option. Thanks!
  9. Hello all, I have had everything working for a few weeks without any issues and all the latest EF patches are up to date and installed, but a few days ago, the Mini UI failed to appear in P3D so I am at a loss as to why it has suddenly stopped appearing. And I am unsure even if EF itself is even connecting to P3D as any manual tweaks fail to do anything. I fire up Environment Force first then Active Sky then P3D v 4.5 + hot fix. This method worked for weeks until one day it would seem EF is failing to connect or start up the UI some how. Any help would be appreciated. P3D v4.5 with Hot Fix REX ENVIRONMENT FORCE - TECHNICAL UPDATE 1.1 installed
  10. I installed REX 4 enhanced with soft clouds in P3d v3 a few weeks ago and set up an initial set of clouds etc which worked fine. Then a couple of days ago I downloaded another set from the Community and installed it but when the scenario opened in P3dv3 the sky was devoid of any clouds except some high cirrus when previously there were lots! Same thing with other scenarios. Re-started PC and just the same.I then used REX 4 to reinstall saved default textures-again no clouds. I had backed them up. I can think of only 2 possibilities: 1 The new Microsoft May update or indeed the leftovers from the previous one. 2 That I have REX 4 on p3d v4 on another partition on my PC and maybe this is not allowed I have Active Sky but no other programs for tweeking P3d v3 on this Partition I have tried deleting cloud.fx from the shader folder and repairing P3dv3 client but this did not fix it. This worked for other people missing low/mid level clouds according to Avsim forum Build no 4.17.2017.0818 Install log attached.Hope you can solve this! installlog.txt
  11. Hi, I noticed that if I exit a P3D session, then exit EF, unless I restart the computer, EF will not start at all. Should EF be closed before or after closing the sim?
  12. Hi. With EF installed most of my scenery textures and all cloud and sky textures are black and/or a shade of grey. No screenshot as it looks the same as in other posts in this forum. If uninstall EF and delete shaders in appdata/local folder problem is fixed when they regenerate. With EF installed this has no effect though. Mini GUI is also not loading and there's no entry in the ADDONS menu for any REX products. Have uninstalled and re-installed many times now, tried in safe mode etc and nothing seems to work. Is there anything I can try that may help work out a fix. Otherwise I'm going to have to uninstall EF.... for the time being at least.
  13. Hi REX, I have just purchased REX 5 - Environment Force (EF) and on the point of giving it a workout. Before I do, I would like to have one point clarified please: the use of EF with other 3rd Party shader utilities. Following the thread at AVSIM only succeeds in causing much confusion as messages and advice provided are very mixed and often contradictory. This, of course, was compounded by the fact that EF was, in reality, still in the Bets testing stage of development and early adopters were encountering a variety of issues. I received an email a few days ago announcing the official release of EF so am assuming we now have a stable and reasonably bug free version. To date I have always favoured the use of Shader Presets rather than being faced with time consuming tinkering. My current favourite is Tomato Shade R&D Preset v1.8. My preference for EF would be to use it in Automatic Mode. Now to my question: Am I correct in assuming that any changes made by EF in Automatic Mode are done from the position of using the default base shader settings currently in play, whether this be the Prepar3D v4.5 shader defaults (which are nice) or those previously installed by a 3rd Party Preset, as I have done? This would be convenient as it obviates the need to restore the sim’s default shaders before using EF for the first time. Also, can I assume that the previously installed shader cache (compiled from either a Shader Preset or P3D default) would remain in place, and reflected by the appearance of the sim, if EF is terminated? Any Shader Preset, such as the one provided by R&D, depends on the recommended use of specific Sky textures. R&D base their Preset development and intended results on a Sky texture set provided by REX Sky Force 3D. When I exit EF, would this Sky Texture set be restored along with the associated Preset Shader values and Shader Cache compiled by referencing my previously installed R&D Tomato Shade Preset? On-the-fly EF shader changes (such as occurs in Automatic Mode) implies that these are indeed not permanent and such a scenario, is indeed possible. Edit: In the meantime, pending further advances, I will continue to use AS for Prepar3Dv4 as my weather engine. That being the case, EF might be leaving non base Shader values on exit unless, and again this is pure speculation on my part, the methods employed to adjust environmental Shader values on-the-fly in Automatic Mode is executed in a way that avoids changing the default P3Dv4.5/3rd Party Preset values contained in files held in the ShadersHLSL folder. Perhaps these ‘base’ values are copied and worked on outside the running sim. That would preserve the entire set of ‘base’ Shader values as well as allowing those values controlling such things as Virtual Cockpit lighting, and not dependent on changing Sky textures, to be protected. Or, could it be that these assumptions are incorrect? Thanks. Kind regards, Mike
  14. Hello, Look at my video (from 51:05 min. to 52:20 min). Can You tell me what is going on with lighting? I have Active Sky, Sky Force and Environment Force (automatic mode).
  15. Hi REX Im trying to install my REX 4 Teture Direct again but it says that my serialnumber is invalid. Can you help me? Purchased at Simmarket 22-08-2016 Ordernumber 1513714 Best regards Bo Weichel boweichel@mail.dk
  16. I wonder if reshade might be causing some issues with REX EF, as both are doing same thing regarding the graphics? I didnt find anything official on this.
  17. Hi this is by far the strangest issue I am having , and I don't know if EF is to be the cause of this problem , but from my point of view and the fallowing test I've done it looks to me that it is. So I have install the latest P3D V4.5 with the hot fix , everything was running smooth first test . Now with Tropical Sim MDST 2017 or any other tropical sim Scenery I get this problem . The only way I can solve this problem is by deleting the Shaders folder and letting p3d create a new one , but if run EF + SF with AS I get this problem again. I have eliminated AS or Tomato to be the cause , but I can't eliminate EF , because with a fresh new shader folder from p3d v4 , and without running EF everything is back to normal. The strange thing I am only having this issue with Tropical Sim scenery with EF . I have contact tropical sim , but I assume base on my testing they will relate the issue as being EF causing this problem. I have no idea what's causing this . I have try reinstalling Client and Content for P3D V4.5 , as I said before with a fresh shader folder without EF all is fine ,but running EF I get this problem that you see below .
  18. Pd3 v4 was working fine until I installed REX 5 Environment. Sky Force 3D was working for the year with no problems. There seems to be issues with REX 5 Environment. PD3v4 hangs and load times are ridiculous. Will further investigate.
  19. Good day to you all, I am a former Flightsim Store customer and i have been in touch with Reed via support email but it seems that our communication has come to a stalemate. He did indeed link me a downloadable copy of REX Enhanced Edition with S.C but it still requires a serial key as i sort of suspected and was assured by Reed that i wouldn't need one. As i no longer have access to my Serial key from the F.S.S im caught in hard spot. I have emailed Reed a couple more times and have respected that you guys are busy and i have shown patience as i know you are dealing with new product releases. I have so much appreciation that you guys have stepped up to help us people out who were unfortunate to been left high and dry by the F.S.S closure. Cheers Val.G
  20. It looks really good together with the Easyjet-Livery and the FSL A319, but not really relistic. Using Tomato RD-Preset 1.8 and P3d v4.5HF. Any suggestions?
  21. Hi, all smart PC. Plt! I use AS real time weather mode + EF auto mode + SF auto sync. How do I set the fog-mode in EF ui? Auto, manual or off? For now I use fog auto mode.
  22. The path to Rex5 Skyforce ist OK.
  23. Good afternoon, two days ago send a ticekt for the reactivation of my product, send a message on facebook mesenger and I still do not have an answer my email is dfr_34@hotmail.com my order number is: Invoice Number :#IN024082 Order Reference : TLXOUWJNI REX 4 - Texture Direct Enhanced Edition
  24. Could you please clarify the points below? Thanks.. 1) Cloud smoothing only happens in AUTO mode. In MAN mode the weather will change instantly as reported weather changes. 2) If I want to use a Community tweak preset it can only be used in MAN mode. if this is the case I don’t quite see the point of the presets for many users as the cloud smoothing is surely one of the main points of EF? I know a few things can be changed “on the fly” with the mini-UI in AUTO but then a lot of the other Community variables aren’t applied? It seems to me that a lot of the shader and texture potential of the manual mode is lost in AUTO.. Or am I missing something on the mini-UI? Britjet
  25. I use EF+SF3D+ASP4 SF3D must not be startet when using NF. What About the Settings in SF3D. Are the Settings what i have make in SF3D working when it is closed. I do not use the weather engine from SF3D What is About ASCA. Better to dissable ? Thanks from EDDM Frank
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