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Found 3,875 results

  1. Hi guys, it’s been a while since I have asked a question here on the forum but I just came across something that looks strange to me. I am currently running REX Essentials plus Overdrive and while everything seems to be running fine, I noticed in task manager under processes that REX.exe•32 is listed twice. Both appear to be consuming quite a bit of memory. While I am not experiencing any out of memory issues I am curious if this is normal. Hope you can shed some light on this. Thanks, Ed
  2. I am new to FSX steam and just installed REX4 Texture Direct with soft clouds. In the Config. Setting under Direct X I have two choices for FSX either DX9 or 10, however my computer says I have DX12, which should I enter? Thanks
  3. Brought REX soft clouds from flight sim store where I can no longer download it from, am I able to download it from REX store as it’s not under my account?
  4. I upgraded my system And trying to reinstal . I am completing Order Number, Order Date Registration Key but the installation does not goes on. Internet connection is ok. Help?
  5. Hello, When i load the Flysimware Falcon 50 since i have updated WX Advantage Radar for P3D4.5, in P3D Add-ons menu why is there is 2 entry: 1) Weather radar module version info REX Wx version 1.44.1 2) Weather radar version info REX Wx version 1.40.45 In my P3DV4 module folder i have only one MV_WXM.dll version 1.44.1 so why i have two entry? I think the second one is the old version, how to remove this entry in my P3D Add-ons menu? Thanks for your help. Best Regards
  6. I cannot re-install the program- after re-installing/updating to P3Dv4.5. When I try to use the REX Download Manager my License Number is not recognized. Appreciate any help.
  7. The only place the Scene Lighting slider works is at 1.0 (hard right). if I move it 1px left I lose all shadows and the scene becomes a flat mess and the framerate drops from 25fps to 6fps (RTX 2080TI) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em-CF6pGMKE Other Feedback Enable Manual Lighting is disabled on startup regardless of previous setting, can it not restore previous settings? I've to restart REX if I restart P3D. GRRR 😡 Unable to save over previous PRESET. I have to delete the old one then SAVE PRESET. I mean really, would SAVE AS be that difficult? I know its the REX way to have this confusing 'no currently loaded preset' concept but please please please provide SAVE AS to avoid the current madness of DELETE, SAVE PRESET, DELETE SAVE PRESET. Did no one suggest this? 😂 Cloud shadow intensity slider pretty please, they never look right when the other sliders are moved. All in all the first step into a new world of realtime tweaking, great work and I look forward to the Update! Thanks
  8. Hi all, I took the plunge and got myself a copy of EF. So far, only using automation mode with a PTA preset. Looks very nice, another addition to better and more realistic flying in the sim. However, I noticed that after firing up P3Dv4.5, the screen flickers a lot. When looking around in the VC, not in the outside view. It seems to me as if EF needs to "get started", flickering mess. It seems like the whole screen turns black for a microsecond, it is not really something inside the engine that flickers (clouds, textures, reflections), rather the full screen. Then, after some minutes, it seems to get settled and the flickering gets less and less, until it is only occasional for the rest of the flight. However, it does not entirely disappear and that makes it pretty annoying. Is this something the devs are aware? Might it be related to some nVIDIA driver setting? What can I do about this? Without EF, the flickering is not there. Also it does not make a difference if I use the PTA shaders as a basis or the P3D default shaders. As soon as EF is active, the flickering occurs with extreme flickering at the beginning of the flight. I use a 1080Ti with the most current driver, running the sim on 1440p with 4xSSAA and rather high settings. In addition, I use ActiveSky as weather engine and REX SF for the cloud textures etc. No setting in the nVIDIA control panel except "prefer maximum performance", no nVIDIA Profile Inspector setting. All I use is the opaque and translucent shadow fix in the prepar3d.cfg as well as an AM setting. As a monitor, I use a DELL S2716DG with G-sync, which I disabled for P3D. Refresh rate is set on 120Hz. Thanks for any hint... Regards Chris
  9. Hi guys, It says on your website that a 3D version is freely available for developers. Well I am just a hunble customer who has paid for the 2D version, who would like to add a 3D version to one of my aircraft. Can I download a 3D version please?
  10. Hello, I'm not sure If this is a problem of REX EF, but while flying in automation mode option "Enable scene lighting" is in "WAITING" status all the time. "RUNNING" status is only when I load a flight and after a while (1 to 2 minutes) it just changes to "WAITING". Is it normal?, because not sure if this option should be in "RUNNING" status during all flight what would be indicating it is actually working. Right now I'm not certain if it is being used by P3D at all. I have ASP4 with ASCA for weather + ENVTEX textures. P3D ver 4.5.  Thanx for any help.
  11. Good evening, I recently had to uninstall FS9 to install it again and for some reason now REX FS2004 Overdrive won't update my flight sim. I've installed it all again and selected the FS9 file location, done the backup etc but still nothing. When i go to load a flight the green bar doesn't come up like it usually does to tell me the weather is loading. Any suggestions please? Thank you
  12. Hello , There is an Problem when REX EF is installed but not startet before P3D when u then start an PMDG Aircraft . You become only the Windows Loading Circle , but nothing more happens. Can you check this please . Is it normal . Think it has something to do with the Shaders . Michael
  13. Is there a way to increase the shadow in the cockpit like the cloud shadow on the terrain (did I miss this somewhere)? TOTALLY enjoying EF5!
  14. Hello, gentlemen! Can anyone tell me what is wrong, I am using version 4.5 of P3D, and I already have REX fully updated, why is this message appearing above?
  15. i startup REX environment and then start p3d simluation but i cant find mini ueser interface also icant use manual ways to change parameters。p3d version is 4.5
  16. Hi, can you please help me? since I installed Flyinside latest version, on p3dv4.5, I receive the error in the small blue REX Window inside p3d Your validation process failed -1 Please Contact support -1 what can I do please? thx Daniel
  17. REX WWA HD will not complete the operation after I request installation of a saved texture. It remains "open" after it has installed the selected texture and is hung up so that I must restart my computer to close it down. After checking my P3Dv4.4 installation all the asked for textures are applied. How do I get the program to close successfully after it installs a texture set from REX WWA HD? Thank you in advance for your help.
  18. I am validated to post as of last night, but unable to activate the software. trying to figure a way to install real environment extreme on my new PC? Order Number: FSS0092959 from the Flight Sim Store.
  19. Where can I get the Auto updater or the service packs for REX Essentials + Over Drive I have looked on your Site but cannot find it, am having problems says weather themes not loaded and cannot be found files missing, my version is 3.5.2012.1029 DVD have tried all the solutions you recommend and none work, when FSX Steam Version starts shows real world weather loaded but then comes up with error message with weather themes and screen turns light blue and I have to exit out of FSX, FSX works fine by itself any suggestions?? alodiar@cox.net
  20. Have to say that the latest Hotfix has done wonders. EF is a beautiful enhancement to the sim and I am looking forward to what future updates might add. After using EF solely with the stock shaders, I now added Envshade again to the mix for one main reason. With only Environment Force, the clouds tend to be a bit to gray. This probably depends a lot on the current weather but even on a bright sunny day with only a few scattered clouds, they are a bit to gray. Maybe the cloud colors could be tweaked a bit in the future. The following screenshot was done with EF and Envshade and illustrates what I am aiming for. It would be great to get more whiteish clouds with just EF. Keep up the great work guys and thanks for all your support efforts.
  21. Hi guys, I am interested in the REX Environmental Force Product. But I can't find a description if it is possible to run on another machine than P3D itself. The manual says: Environment Force must be installed into the main root of Prepar3D v4. (Example: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4) But can I also install it on another machine, which has the P3D folder mapped to a network drive eg. Y:\ ? As I am running all my addons on a second machine I would be interested for this as well. Thanks a lot, Mark
  22. Title says it all. I followed the directions and disabled the AVAST shields but got a warning about the file being dangerous and being sent to a lab for examination. Now the installer will not even run on my PC. What the heck? LouP
  23. Thought I would make the jump from 4.5 to 4.5 Hot fix -P3D Client only All updates in place in including MV_WX_Radar_v1.190514 All was good in 4.5 including Radar P3D 4.5 Hotfix would not load Uninstalled and back to 4.5 All now OK again except loading Radar enabled planes crashes the sim Flying without Radar enabled is OK What do I do? xxd09 PS is there a thing with WX Radar and P3D?
  24. My new fix crashed my P3D 4.5 at startup, but this fix solved my problem. ______________________ I found the problem of P3D not starting after the hotfix. The WX Advantage Radar is the reason. Removed the MV_WXM.dll from the Modules folder and problem solved. I guess it needs to be updated. -------------------------------------- Jack the Swede in Spain
  25. Well it's been over a month since 4.5 came out and still no update...what's the problem folks? Most other developers had fixes before 4.5 was released, or within days of release!
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