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Found 269 results

  1. ok i just bought it from SIMMarket, but i can't install it, if i click on -> rextexturedirect_sc_20151006.msi i got this message: "This package can only be run from a bootstrapper." please help i cant install it!!! i run win10 x64 RESOLVED: i did a new download, and now the missing setup.exe was there, install worked fine now! R Nedo
  2. I have installed and updated to v4.72015.0818 but have not configured anything yet. Question: There is no option to point at P3D V3 - have I installed correctly - should I have that option? Mike
  3. Hello When I try to update using the check for updates icon, it tells me that I don't have permission to download that build. Any suggestions? I presently have the 4.7.2015.0818 version Robert
  4. When I Start REX 4 Texture Direct (build 4.5.2015.0818) Pop Up Window coming up: "you need to update to version 4.5.2015.1006 click ok to update your version of REX Texture Direct" and ask for "Beta release code" I do not have this code, When I click OK,I got a message saying " We'r Sorry, you do not have permission to download that build." I bought the product at Simmarket , Order No: 1315012 date: 06/21/2015. Q: Where can I find the Beta release code ? kind regards, Jac
  5. Hello Team, I have both fsx and P3D V3, in the future (after your release) could it be possible to use REX for the two platform ? Regards
  6. Greetings everyone , SO I am quite newbie in regards to fsx program , I enjoyed my fsx experience a lot but I did not find the default sceneries to be that appealing , then I came across REX application which is supposed to enhance the sceneries. okay so I see lots of products like REX texture direct , REX essential , REX essential overdrive and so on . So which one should I buy and which is best ? Any help from your side is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance....
  7. Have Soft Clouds & Weather ART. Need TEX DIR?
  8. I posted an inquiry in the WX Direct support section ( http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/35533-rex4-weather-directweather-force-update-2/#entry258177 ) back on 1 September. There has been no response. My assumption is that there are no developers working on WX Direct, or they do not monitor that section of the forum. Any news? RodeoGeorge
  9. Hi. I'm just wondering if there is a way to tone down the reflection of the sun on the water. Don't get me wrong. It looks great on a sunny day but it would be nice to make it more subdued for cloudy days. Regards Dave.
  10. I switch flying between FSX:SE and XPLANE 10 from time to time. But the one thing Xplane 10 is missing are clouds textures and weather. I have purchased SkyMAXX pro but for it, but there are no where close to the clarify and depth of the clouds in Rex4. The clouds just look like great big cotton balls! I saw topics threads that if resources were available, then developer might be able to make this happen. But just thought I'd ask. The opportunity for REX and Xplane 10 would be a match made in heaven. The potential would be massive and many users would jump at the chance of purchasing REX for Xplane! Anyway, later Adder
  11. Two quick questions...... 1) Is REX Environment Architect going to do for water what FSWC does already ? ... or is this going to be 'better', or a totally different addon not even related to FSWC in function ? I do not have FSWC, but don't care for the default FSX water shader and want to add something to improve the look of water, especially at night. Been thinking of getting FSWC, but willing to hold off if REX will offer a similar product as I am partial to REX software. 2) Will REX Weather Direct (the new weather engine) include Environment Architect as part of it's makeup, once it's released ? Cheers, MZ
  12. Hello This may and may not be the right place, but I will post anyway. I just bought REX4, and when I click on Update, it states I am not authorized to update? Any ideas? I have submitted my order number in the verification section for REX4. Adder
  13. reinstalled REX Essential PLUS w/OverDrive and bought the prepar3d licence. now i've reinstalled i've not had a "input license details" msg (and cant find it in the option) and only p3d option is buy again BRAIN FART. FIXED WITH RESTORE
  14. Hey I just paid the 5 dollars to upgrade how do I download the game?? Hope someone can answer me soon ha-ha but I understand u all busy
  15. Hello, Not too sure on where to place this so i put it here. I have been away from FSX for some years and have recently got back into the game now that it's on STEAM and after realising i can play this game on the Oculus Rift DK2. I have to admit it is probably the best experience i have had to date with the DK2. the VR effect is amazing, just flying about in the Microlight is such a dream.....anyway back to my issue. I have re-installed REX essentials + Overdrive HD, then went on the forums to see if there is an update and i noticed a SP3 for this product. so went to download it and i got an error saying im not verified so am unable to download the update. I can't remember my Purchase Order Number and don't know where to find it if its in the software some place. I purchased the product on 20 Aug 13 from www.fspilotshop.com. without this order number i am unable to verify my purchase and get the download. REX still works on its own, but doesn't work too well with FSX, maybe because i have an older version that's not too good with the STEAM version of the game. please help. Oz
  16. I keep getting this Log Alert, It was working fine before I upgraded to Prepar3d V2.5 I've done fresh install and it still does this, is there a fix?: Thanks for your help. Scratch that. Fixed it. My eyes are really bad :c Forgot to tick the right box, it was still looking for FSX. Please close
  17. Is there any prognosis on when Weather Direct will be launched? I'm a real weather flyer, and while REX Essentials with OD works, I'm always looking for improved real time WX. RodeoGeorge
  18. Hi A question re the built in default ATIS. If I set up in Weather Architect a storm at a particular airport with ATIS, will the FSX ATIS give the weather conditions (wind speed/direction/visibility etc) as installed by the REX Architect? Thanks Yorkshire
  19. Hello, As a proud owner of REX Essentials Plus (was with overdrive but for some reason the overdrive is no longer supported but that is another story). I purchased Soft Clouds yesterday, installed and ran my FSX (Disk Version). During a look at the Wx settings I did see REX Essentials option to select as well as the other fair Wx and the other built in FSX themes. * Does Soft Clouds enhance my REX Essentials Plus clouds or just FSX clouds? * I own REX Essential Plus and purchased the PrePar 3D but Soft Clouds does not allow me to select the PrePar 3D option. * Prepar 3D. As identified prior I purchased PrePar 3D with REX Essentials but where does it actually exist on my PC? Cant locate any PrePar3D files on my rig. Sincerest thanks in advance for your assistance, TazMan
  20. SimPlanet Order Number 003107 on 7/9/15
  21. Hi, I purchased REX Essential PLUS with OverDrive, but it's not downloading after the first attempt. Anti-virus was turned off for 30 minutes and maybe not enough time. Would I be able to reset the download to try again?? Thank you, KQ Order Reference Number: GWZZAWRXF at REX Game Studios Online Store
  22. Please bear with me - I haven't done any flying for some time and although I've had REX for years, I haven't used it as much as I would like (mainly because I forget to run it before starting my flight sim or Air Hauler). I do read the descriptions of the products and look at some videos on YT, but I am having real trouble distinguishing the differences between the bewildering array of products available. I had REX Essentials, which then got upgraded to Plus. I recently purchased the soft clouds product, though I may not have needed to, with having REXE+ , and now I see there is an SP1 for it, which I didn't know about. I get the sale emails every now and then, and yes, I am tempted to buy - but what, exactly? I struggle to see a difference between products, and when I go to places like AVSIM and see similar topics being discussed, I'm none the wiser. I am getting on abit, mind, and I am taking some very powerfull medication - so that's my excuse! It's a case of knowing what the difference is between REXE, Overdrive, Soft Clouds and Texture Direct. Because I don't. I'm not new to flight sims (been a virtual pilot since 1985), so it's not that - people keep saying things like "keep an eye on our product page/forum/support page/whatever" but I have a massive amount of add-ons and if I read everything on all of the product pages, I'd not have any time for flying! So - I have, as said, REXE+ and Soft Clouds - is there any point in me having any of the other products, or are they different packages of what I already have? Thank you for your time
  23. Hello everyone, my issue is when i open REX4, a minute or two passes and i get "Oops! REX4 has temporarily lost contact with our servers, please contact support if the issue continues" and i also get it when i hit submit on weather. thank you all in advance for the help.
  24. Hello , i want to buy a new computer and sell this who i use now and i want to know if i can install the REX 4-Texture direct and soft clouds in my new computer without buy it again ( with the same serial number) ? thank your for your help leo
  25. Hello everybody, I bought REX in 2012 but now i must register and i can't do it in the topic verification because it's lock. Thank's to help me. Sorry if my english isn't perfect
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