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Found 3,875 results

  1. Just read your Manual and then installed REX for FS9 and the Image Tool indicates that, during the Texture Load process, I'm missing the d3dx_34.dll What am I doing wrong?
  2. Alright that explains why I've been having trouble with WASys for almost two hours and it just now tells me this. So my question is, without the maps can/will WASys still inject weather into my FS9?
  3. To those of you who are installing REX, may I say you wont regret it and you will never go back to ASE or AS9 ever again. From personal experience, when i first installed REX on my Windows 7 64bit system, I had Active Sky 6.5, Zinertec Ultimate Weather, Airport and Water FX installed. The result was sluggish response from REX. So before installing, delete from your program files and/or your root FS9 Directory:- AS 6.5 Zinertec Ultimate Weather FX Zinertec Ultimate Airport FX Zinertec Ultimate Water Once these are deleted, remove ALL related folders. Once this is done install REX and REX OD, give your computer a restart and your good to go. Please note Zinertec Night Environment works poses no conflict and can work alongside REX.
  4. Firstly let me say that REX is one of, if not THE best flight simulator enhancers on the market and it has certainly gave my FS2004 a big boost. Now I have ordered this on SIMMARKET yesterday and so far I am quite impressed. To me the software is a bit sluggish to act when building your own themes and so on and i hope this is normal. Now my major issue is-Is my REX software up to date since I am seeing many different service packs my version is 1.5.2010.1210. Let me know if i am totally up to date so that i can fly with out a worry. Secondly, I gave up my active sky software for this one which is far better than Active Sky 9 and ASE. I am accustomed to flying without the necessary input that REX needs such as flight plans ETC. Will REX continuously update the weather without a flight input into the software or do i need to do this to ensure smooth process? My sincere congratulations to all those who works hard to bring this software to those who use FS2004 who doesnt not have the system to run FSX. Keep up the good work and looking forward to your response Regards GMJones Simmarket #807805
  5. Hello REX people ! I've just purchased REX for fs9 and am discovering it. Here are my two questions: 1- do I need to download and install the 4 service packs available, or is the file I downloaded after purchase up to date? 2- does REX overdrive adds new and additionnal textures stes, or does it replace the previous sets? Regards
  6. Hi, Can I run the WX engine standalone without running the main REX program. The water textures are waaaaay toooo shiny! How can I overcome this problem. Sometimes the weather loads and the clouds just pop out of nowhere. Can these not just fade in instead. Thanks
  7. Good Morning. I have REX and overdrive installed very nicely on my pc for fsx, I have absolutly no problems with it whatsoever. A happy customer. Tomorrow Im going to install FS9 on the same desktop and want to install REX and overdrive for fs2004 Sorry If its been covered before, but can you advise how to have overdrive for fsx as well as fs9 on same pc. I dont want to loose my lovely FSX clouds and sky!!!! As instructed in the PDF my fsx version is installed on C:\REX-fsx I only use REX for clouds, I use ASE for weather engine. Many thanks and kind regards Steven The FlightSim Store -------------------- Order Number: 99716
  8. I just downloaded and installed REX for FS2004 two days ago without any problems. I'm trying to install Overdrive now and am getting the error message: ""There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." I have read several of the threads in this forum and have tried multiple solutions that have worked for others, but still I cannot get this to install completely. I'm running Windows Vista 32 bit and originally had REX installed in the C:\Program Files directory. I've tried running the Overdrive installer as administrator...no luck. I've turned UAC off...no luck. I've manually browsed to the REX installation folder...no luck. I've tried running the Overdrive installation files from REX root directory...no luck. I completely uninstalled REX and reinstalled it into a folder not located in Program Files and then tried installing Overdrive again...it still will not install. I've cleaned my registry, restarted my computer several times and now have spent over 3 hours trying to get this done. Two things I've noticed that may be of some help: 1. The Overdrive installer will make it up to installing Cloud Pack 2 before getting the error message. 2. I started up REX after several of these unsuccessful attempts, and noticed the banner at the top of the program window indicated REX with Overdrive. Could that mean Overdrive was partly installed? I really hope someone can help. I'm really getting frustrated and would love to just get up in the air and enjoy this!
  9. Dear Sirs, a few days ago I´ve bought the downloadversion (REX_FS9_1027.zip) from simMarket. (Orders-ID: 792624, PID: 4976). After unzipping and installing REXFS2004+Overdrive everything´s working fine. But how do I know having an up-to-date version? There´s no option in the GUI to check for update. I searched the forum and found a lot of information about servicepacks; do I need these packs? Thanks in advance Kind regards Michael
  10. Hi, i have a strange problem that it's making go crazy, the fact is that i had to format my pc and now i've installed REX for fs2004 again (clean registry files, etc), but when i try to update the program with the servipacks executable files, in this case sp1, it starts searching for the REX folder location and it says: software not found, REX 2004 could not be located on your system, Re-install REX fs2004 and then run this path again!!??, before re-installing windows and formatting, i did't have any problem updating and launching all the servipacks, i can assure you that REX is installed on my computer, works properly and that the folder is where it's meant to be in program files (86x), what could be happening??, Thanks so much in advance!. Sito. Specs: Windows 7 64 bits amd athlon II x2 245 a 2.9 3 gb drr3 on-board ati 3000 graphics car series Order number: FSS0124938
  11. Quite a while ago I posted this thread: http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/index.php?topic=12428 And in that referred to a later thread about the same issue: http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/index.php?topic=13345 Both threads are locked and tagged as "resolved", but I can not find a download with fixed textures, so I'm putting this issue back on the agenda, and with some urgency. I wouldn't want to have to wait a full year for a fix.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm having a problem installing the Overdrive for FS2004 and I have seen that many others did too. I have looked through the forums if anyone had the same problem as myself; however, I couldn't find anything that was close to mine. I have all the SP's installed correctly and everything runs nice and smooth. The problem shoes up when I'm right at the end of the install..The error that comes up and I quote, "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." I have tried many different approaches to this problem but I'm drawing a blank. :-\ If anyone can help me with this that would be great..Oh and one more thing, the install stops on the status: REX FS2004 Overdrive- Installing Cloud Packs.. Best regards, Jason!
  13. Hello, I'm wanting to either edit or delete an aircraft I entered in the flight planner menu. I'm flying the Dynamic WT-9 FG and RG models. I entered the wrong cruise speeds and want to edit them to have the correct information and also update their titles to FG/RG respectively. Where/how do I edit them, or can I delete them somewhere and start over? Thank you.
  14. REX Overdrive I am having with installing the below error message I had written. '''I could not complete the setup of REX Overdrive with this message: "There is a problem with the Windows installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.''' I have read in the forums and many people live in the same issue. If there is a cure for this, help please let administrators. Windows7 64Bit Kurulum Klasörü : C:\Program Files(x86)\Real Environment Xtreme FS2004 REX download version Version Number: 1.0.2010.0322 Selcuk Zeren Order Number: FSS0123219
  15. Hello, I'm in the process of getting REX 2004, http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/index.php?topic=15815.0 Once I get the correct download/installer I'd like to upgrade it Overdrive. Do I need to install 1,2,3, & 4 updates? Will I just need to wait and see which version they give me?
  16. Install of the REX OD for FS2004 does not work. It extracts the files OK, starts setup screen OK, selects install folder, waits for INSTALL button press, ... installs cloudpacks and stops with error message: "There is a problem with the Windows Installer Package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Call your program vendor." REX for 2004 bought 2 days ago and installed OK. System: WIN XP Pro 32 bits Best, Bjorn
  17. I've "just" bought REX for FS9.1; done fresh install of 9.1 (after system restore), installed REX, Sp1, Sp2 BUT have problem installing Sp3 since i get the message: "REX for 2004 could not be located on your system". Win Seven Home x64. Andrea
  18. Hi, i´ve changed from Win7-32 to Win7-64 Bit. So i have to do an complete Newinstall for Rex2004 with Overdrive. Whats the current File to start setup? I have in the last Year since Rex2004 is out a many of Installers. so i have: "RexFs9.zip", "RexFS9_SP1... to SP4".Zip, then also "RexOverdrive2004_10.zip" and "Rex_env"zip. all these Files downloaded here in Support. Which is the right one to make an comlete install for the last version? Thanks, Alti
  19. Ok everyone, with the short temper I have and the constant wind changes I have the weather on REX, I decided to gp and purchase a registered copy of FSUIPC. Now the question is, what are the best settings I can put in fsuipc so that weather changes and wind changes feel realistic?
  20. I have Windows 7 and right now I have my REX installed in the C:/Program Files(x86) folder (FS9 is outside the x86 folder). I read somewhere (I forget where) that REX works better outside the x86 folder. Is that true? Should I uninstall REX then re install REX outside the x86 folder? PS: I have my UAC turned off since I am the only one who uses this computer
  21. Hello, I just downloaded the overdrive file 3 times from the link that is provided for FS2004. During unzipping the file .......FILES.7z creates an error. Retry repeats the error. Skip creates an extraction error in the exe file. 3 separate downloads and same issue. I do like the texture rendering of REX over other products. However, REX does not work near as well as other weather programs out there. I am upgraded to SP4 by the 1027 at the end of the numbers on the About screen. Hopefully REX will fix its issues. If not, ASE is out there and works! You have to understand I am getting frustrated with my experiences with REX. I stopped using it a few months back and want to be able to use it as it is the best rendering software bar none out there.
  22. I tried REX service packs and overdrive some time back but the water reflections were way too unrealistic so to remove them I eventually had to remove FS9 and reinstall. Well, I got a higher-end system since then and thinking that the new graphics card and more processor cores the water reflections would be better, not. I went to REX options and reinstalled backup. No change. Even a restore point prior to installing service packs and ovedrive, no good. Uninstalled REX and still no change. So now I have to go and do a total uninstall of FS9 again? Nightmare cause then I have to go through all the add-on installs again too. Any suggestions on how I can get around this? This time I hope I have learned my lesson. The water reflections are just waayyy too reflective and even the water color has stayed as I had set it with the REX program, not revert back to FS9 color.
  23. REX questions about overdrive fs2004 My order No. is 97760 Inside the ZIP folder there are 3 exe files. which should I install? rexfs9_overdrive_20101201.exe or: dotnetfx_exe or: autorun.exe? Thanks in advance
  24. Hi, today i download REX Overdrive from this Site.Then i start the exe and Avira Antivir says there is a Trojaner( something with XGen.Pack3-i dont know it exactly)is in the file.Is it a problem or can i install it. Thanks for your help. Ok i find the the Name of the file: TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen3
  25. Hi !! Ive just downloaded REX overdrive to FS2004. Ive run the "rexfs9_overdrive_20101201.exe. I wonder do i need to run some of the other files i this packages.Sorry i am a little confused about this. Best regards Mr Joe Gustavsson
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