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Found 3,875 results

  1. When clicking and dragging I get black screens: I have four monitors: No. 1 monitor shows main scenery window. No.2 monitor shows instrument panel. No.3 monitor shows FS Commander9 and overhead instruments panel. No.4 monitors to show FMC and Squakboxs´ text messages. After selecting and “undocking” the instrument panel window, when I try to click and drag (with full screen OFF) the window to no. 2 monitor I get a black screen. With the exception of monitor No.4 (the smallest) the same thing happens when I try to drag the windows to the other two monitors. My fellow simmer, please try to give me and idea of where I can go wrong and help me to solve this mystery that is driving me nuts after all the time and money expended. Thank you for your valuable and much needed help. Marbasan. Current Configuration: Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor MSI X58M LGA 1366 Intel X58 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard OCZ DDR3 6 GB memorias MSI N680GTX Twin Frozr III 2GD5/OC Ge Force Software: Window 7 (64b), FSX, DirectX11, Boeing iFly 737N. Note: Included picture of hardware set up.
  2. onjour je voulais savoir dans que repertoire installe REX et comment faire pour que fsx le reconnaiss emerci
  3. Sorry if this topic has been mentioned and answered. I´m wondering if I always should "uninstall" the texture settings I´ve installed before I install a new one. For instance if I install "Default" first and later on do a "custom" made. REX creates new files for every texture setting I install, what happens with these files: where do they go and can I as said uninstall them before installing new textures to save disk space and keep FSX running smooth? One problem I´ve got is the long time it takes for FSX to start. This may not have to do with REX at all, but I wonder if anyone else has the same problem? I have a lot of addons but use O&O defrag which works perfect. Also, It´s very irritating when I change airplane in free flight and it takes about 2-4 minutes for the planes to load. The game also freezes during this time. I have only one small plane addon but GEX, UTX, and FS Global 2010. /Tommy
  4. Hello, sorry for my bad english. I try to explain my problem. Yesterday i bought REX Essential for FSX and installed it. Today I tried to use the REX weather engine. So I startet my FSX through REX. When i selected my Airplane, Airport etc. everything loads fine and weather injection process occurs. But when I switch from full screen mode to window screen mode very hard graphic failures occur. These failures could be of different nature. In one situation the virtual cockpit and the airplane itself is missing. In other situations the sky is black and only the landscape exists or the landscape is black an the sky is shown. These failures don't pass away when i switch back from window to full screen mode. I have to restart my FSX to make these problems disappearing. Any ideas? Graphic card drives is up to date! Kind Regards Dani
  5. My fellow friends, I really really need your expertise to help me on this. I am vey new on this and dont have any idea of the following: This is what happen once i try to open REXe on my computer... Please help me. Description: Stopped working Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: REX.exe Problem Signature 02: 3.0.2012.27577 Problem Signature 03: 4fbabf63 Problem Signature 04: System.Drawing Problem Signature 05: Problem Signature 06: 4a275e83 Problem Signature 07: 7af Problem Signature 08: 6c Problem Signature 09: System.ArgumentException OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 17417
  6. Hi Friends, when my wheather loads, then sky becomes grey or foggy, no effect I follow these steps; 1)Open REX 2)Entering Texture Tab and selecting rainy,stormy, winter wheather condition 3)REX Loads Texture 4)REX asks to run the FSX 5)FSX opens, and i choose plane,airport,time, and i set the wheather as user-defined 6)When radar screen still green i press fly-now button in fsx 7)FSX game starts after 2 min. , on the top left corner says "REX loading wheather data" 8)then booom....sky becomes grey,or foggy smthing like that, and there is no effects What am i doing wrong? Please help me. By the way , i also tried waiting radar screen comes with map and plane then i start fsx"fly-now" still same thing
  7. simulator folder location ? is it the appdata local microsoft fsx one ?
  8. When I start FSX on its own, REX does not start nor does weather injection happen in the 3d world. Is this normal? Now I must start REX first and start FSX through REX. In previous versions I had, REX started automatically with FSX. I have the appropriate settings enabled in REXE to do so AFAIK.
  9. I looked in the forums if i could find something similair, but since i did not find that i start this new topic hoping that it is resolved already and that someone could point me the solution I had to reinstall the entire pc due to an attack and since i did not want to hassle with first re2 and update that to essential i bought essential and installed that to my surprise something was changed when i start FSx from desktop REX is not loaded and i have to use the fly now button fromwithin REX previous REX2 was "bootstrapped" with fsx so that if you nstarted fsx it automatically started REX inminmized mode so that youcould enjoy real weather instantly i am looking for this functionallity since all the rest in EX is not used by me so starting with fly now is really annoying best regards leon
  10. specs; i7-870 small over clock 3.9 stable for two years nvidia 480 windows/7 64b all ssd c/REX ;;;;;e/ fsx A/V avast turned fire wall off uninstalled it with control panel.. restarted right click admi install all looked nice.. but it didnt ask for my registration key.. clicked it open got a nice thunder sound but no matter what i click on it stays on the set up page and where it asks for registration (prepard)and it say and it asks for the prepard3d reg. but i downloaded it clean from FFS wherey old REX v2 was so dont know why it would be perpard3d thing
  11. Hello, I am having problems with loading flight plans created in REX for FSX. * In REX I create a flight plan via "create a flight plan" and then save it. * Next I allow REX to launch FSX to fly the flight plan. * I then try to load the flight plan in FSX but the flight plan in REX (REX/FlightPlans) there are no files to load.... Note: When I go back into REX and select browse in the "create a flight plan" I can select the previous flight plans I have saved. Am I doing something dumb and just cant see the forest through the trees? Thank you for your assistance. -TazMan
  12. G'day everyone, Just trying to figure out something and look to you all for a little help. I have REX 2.0 and am having trouble with real world wx. When I download it through REX it displays the various Metar/taf and winds aloft info. When I load FSX and select real world weather, it is nothing like what REX has supplied. Am I missing something obvious, I loaded REX, requested the weather, clicked fly now, opened FSX and then comfirmed REX to initiate the wx engine. Thankyou John
  13. I have a question regarding airport arrival weather. My experience is that it seems if I'm going into an airport with low minimums, the weather is pretty good until the last 400-700 feet AGL and then the "actual" weather loads. Is there a way to smooth the tranition of this weather so that it occurs sooner?
  14. Hi Everyone, Is there anyway I could download REX Essential using my dial up internet connection? I tried a couple of times but it wouldn't work because of the low speed. Is there any software out there that could boost the download speed? Thanks
  15. Hello. Looking to purchase REX for the first time and I'm a bit confused as too which version I should buy. I want to be up to date as possible. I see REX ESSENTIAL mentioned at on spot as a free upgrade for customers of REX but another post indicated that to purchase if a first time customer of the product. Thanks for any clarification
  16. Hi! I have your REX with overdrive, a fantastic product. Unfortunately, due to recent additions that have to be in my FSX folder, the space on the partition that contains both FSX and REX is running out. Is there a method to move the entire REX folder to another partition, and what files would have to be adapted (paths) to make it work? Regards MajikthiseD
  17. I get only blank screen even though have turn off UAC and Firewalls and is it here were I can ask questions? thanks freddy
  18. Hi, Is have just bought the DVD version that came with the Ess upgrade. My current pc does not have internet, it's only used for FSX acceleration, with orbx and ozx addons. Could I please get some advice about my current REX install. 1. After completing my settings from the original DVD do I then install REX essentials over this and then delete the original REX shortcut. 2. When selecting the random weather engine do i then manually select wind layers and speed because every time I use this function I see the green bar telling me the weathers being injected but the wind speed and direction is set to fsx default setting of 348 and 0 Knots. 3. Even with my pc not having internet the weather engine allows me to press the load button but the screen remains black, is this normal for non internet connected pc's. TheWAsys also prepares to load and will go to 4% and then I get an error message as there is no Internet to connect to. 4. Could you guys provide a link to how to work the weather engine without Internet. I can use the texture features which are outstanding. 5. Lastly can I use the flight plan function to include the weather engine without internet. I have the read the manual but it's geared to the obvious strengths of having an internet connection. Thanks I think this product is brilliant, just trying to get the most out of it. angus
  19. Hello, I currently have REX Essential build 3.0.2012 0522 I am totally confused with all the versions supposedly upcoming for example....... What is the "Important News Update?" is this a existing new product or a product in production for the future? YOU SAY...We're pleased to announce the finalization of REX Essential Plus. This new enhanced version of REX Essential includes all of the fixes for Service Pack 1 and several new enhancements and features. "This new enhanced version of REX Essential plus" when, now,soon, next month, next year?/? What are all these coming updates REX Overdrive etc? Yes I am angry, The current version that I have (see above) takes 3 to 5 minutes or more to load weather, clicking on buttons do not respond promptly and do not show that the button press is even working, I have to wait to see if I get a response. (do I have a corrupted install)? I have (I think) purchased all the REX products that have been made available. But I do not know where I stand as far as being up to date with your products. Base on the version that I have what should I be looking forward to for future upgrades. Please list what is available now and what is upcoming in the order that they should be released. even if they are not yet available. Larry
  20. Hi, I found the directions here (http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4803-standalone-wasys-how-to/) for running REX 2 on a networked PC. Are there updated instructions anywhere for REX Essentials? Thanks Matt
  21. Hello support forum, I bought REX Essential from FSS in March, but I am installing the product today. Here are my two questions: After downloading the ziip file, I have some .cab zip files, and two .exe files, all in a folder on my Desktop. What is the right procedure to install REX? I understand Essential+ should be ready anytime soon. Once I install REX Essential, will it contain Service Pack 1? In order to install REX Essential+, once ready, what will I have to do? I am completely new to REX, never used it before, and I would like to make sure I follow the right steps for its proper installation within FSX. Thanks for any support you will provide, Enrico
  22. Hi, I've been using REX for years now and only recently downloaded REX essential. So I still have the old REX icon on my desktop...does that mean I have a bunch of unnecessary files I need to delete/uninstall? Should I eliminate the old REX icon? Thanks
  23. Dear Sirs, I don't find the Service packs for FS9. Could you please help me? Thanks a lot,Umberto.
  24. recently installed REX build 3020120522 seemed to be working ok, but today i started REX the progress bar normally appears not to change to green. once REX has started when i check a metar egll nothing appears, also when i chck for vfr rainy ifr no airfilds show my computer i7 950 p6x58 premium 6gb mem nvidia gtx480
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