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Found 3,874 results

  1. I have followed the instructions on all other posts. I have installed and re-installed. But EF continues to demand all my login information each time I start it. What else can I do? I am using P3D V4.5 in Windows 10
  2. Guys, I see the hotfix has been released. Does this address the bloom issue? Thanks.
  3. Hello guys, in EF GUI it is written that Weather smoothing should be turned off when using HiFi AS. The manual reads that the weather smoothing is compatible with all 3rd party weather engines... What now On or Off? Regards, gk
  4. Gday team your products are awesome and I just purchased your environment force addon for my Microsoft flight simulator I'm not too sure now if this product is just for p3dv4 only??,im running the standard sim ?im getting these install issues as in the screen shots,thanks for your help.
  5. So some time during flight about 3 hours into flight P3D stopped responding. Found this in event viewer. But prior to this it was a ntdll.dll error. Application 'F:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\REXModules\rexenvforce.exe' (pid 520) cannot be restarted - Application SID does not match Conductor SID. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  6. Hello, Please see the attached screenshot. Why is Enable 3D cloud Morphing -Waiting and Enable cirus cloud morphing --waiting, and Scene lighting togeter with water control "waiting" Thank you,
  7. Installed Environment Force, running along side Active sky and P3DV4.5 and absolutely no hitches to installation. Everything runs and flys like a dream. Visuals are stunning when ya tinker long enough with it, or use auto mode. Have tried multiple user presets with awesome variances. Only thing I have noticed, some user presets when injected you can notice screen flickers in Sim. Why ? Don't know myself. I have to say more than happy with this product and well done REX Team. It is only gonna get better from here !
  8. I bought and installed REX5 Environment Force today and I report this problem of mine that happens after about half an hour of flight both in AUTOMATIC and MANUAL modes: while flying to FL280 suddenly the displayed clouds get bigger and back to normal and this happens every second and this problem is solved only by closing the REX5 Environment Force. I tried 3 different flights and this problem always manifested itself after about 30 minutes of flight between FL280 and FL300. In addition to REX5 Environment Force I have installed REX Sky Force 3D and as a weather engine I have ASP4.
  9. Hey there, 1) There seems to be different opinions on the Sky Force running matter. I think even between REX staff. My goal is to use Active sky for weather injection, the cloud models from sky force and let EF do the the rest by its own. Now there are those that claim sky force needs to open for the cloud models and there are those that say EF also takes care of the models. 2) I am not sure if EF is doing its job. I tested by changing weather manually with the P3D presets (fair weather to rainy, etc..) but there is no smooth transition. It also seems there are no changes to the scene as I always see the same cloud textures, yet parameters show "running" . I also don't see the mini-menu icon, which might be the reason no changes take place (even with in automatic) . So my guess is something went wrong with the installation. 3) if I want to use historic weather with active sky I would deactice the live weather sync and EF would still adjust textures and lighting based on the injected metar in auto mode correct? Thanks and cheers,
  10. Where can I find the required Beta Release code?
  11. I am offered an update, but where can I get the code? Thanks,
  12. errors.txtHi guys I have installed REX Environment Force since day one and I have never been able to get the in-sim UI to work in P3D v4.5. The application itself works fine and I can modify everything but the UI never displays which is a little frustrating. I have tried uninstalled, reinstalling, deleting the XML files etc etc and nothing seems to work. REX5 and P3D are set to run as admin. I have turned on debugging in REX5 but a log file nor log folder has not been generated. I have attached all files attached similar to other users. As a note, everytime I run EF I get a few errors in event viewer (attached errors.txt and error.jpg), I have no idea if they are related? dll.xml rexenvforce.exe.config backuplogp3d3.txt backuplogp3d4.txt backuplogfsxse.txt backuplogfsx.txt
  13. Quick question. If I'm using Live Auto Mode, will EF use *all* sets of clouds/texture that are available in TD that is most appropriate for the particular scene? OR I have to manually select the textures first in the main UI -> texture sync; and live auto mode will use the pre-selected one instead?
  14. Just wanted to say a little thanks. Enjoying the new product very much. The lighting effects make the sim feel much more lifelike and the weather is so much more dynamic. I've just been sitting on stand at Manchester, awaiting my passengers to board, watching the cloud formations change. One minute white fluffy clouds, the next overcast! But it wasn't just suddenly overcast. It built up gradually. The sim feels much more alive. Thanks for a great product! Here are a few screenshots, from my first few flights.
  15. Hello , Just wanted to confirm that it is known to the devs group upcoming the hotfix , when changing camera views for example from VC to outside and then back to VC, the brightness seems to rise up at some level , so basically its not possible to set a desired level of exposure or brightness as it keeps on changing ... you can specifically see it when coming from outside to the vc and looking downward the brightness significantly raises up , both in VC and on clouds and environment. Now the interesting part is tough shaders were restored to initials on TS and no preset was set and EF uninstalled and I even deleted native p3d shaders folder and rerun the Clint installer (also p3d.cfg was deleted ) and no TS in use I still cant solve this issue and brightness level keeps raises on certain angles change even with default sahders , the only thing that solves it is HDR shutdown inside P3d... Looking up again reduce the brightness level.. Sorry if it was reported and I missed it just wanted to be sure its reported and aware of. Thank you , Amir.
  16. hello Reed, can REX Soft Clouds be used with REX 4Texture Direct in P3D V4/ I have downloaded the Hotfix 5. Do you start SC first and install textures and then TD and install or the other way round? Regards Charles
  17. So the water looks very good with EF. But I noticed (at least in automation mode) that all water movements are gone now. I mean the swell and not the effect based wave at the coasts. Is this only something on my setup or are water movements removed with EF? Best, Christoph
  18. Hello !! After closing the program, all settings are reset along with the registration. How to fix it ??
  19. My Weatherengine is AS4. Must I set "Enable real-time weather data read" ON or OFF. I think AS4 read the weather-data actuell , or it is necessary to set this to ON for Automatic Environment Controls? gr.Harald
  20. Reducing the saturation to recommended setting solve my FSLAB issue . Now I am exploring a bit more with the settings.
  21. How to open the Mini UI ? I didn't find any switches about it, nor did I find an icon to activate it in the SIM interface. Whether in manual mode or automatic mode. Ask the administrator to help me. Thank you!
  22. I own active sky, asca, envtex, skyforce and environment force but I think I only need to use skyforce and environment force. It seems with all the tweaking that you can do with environment force that you don't need all those other programs. With environment force you can change the lighting of the sky so no envtex needed, change the clouds so no asca needed or texture direct needed, and you can change the weather so no active sky needed. It seems to me that environment force can handle all of these variations by tweaking the appearance. This is most evident in the water because just by changing lighting, waves, and height you achieve about 20 different "textures". I may be wrong but I think I stumbled upon something.
  23. Hallo, when in manual mode I can chanched the cirrius clouds, but not the 3-D clouds .They are always the same clouds. I can select a new set and than "sync now" , but always the same clouds. The cirrius cloud you can see that they chanched. Is there a bug?
  24. From the manual... "Water Saturation Changes the saturation of the bodies of water. Please note that some coastlines may not change properly due to the way certain scenery developers treat underlying water tiles." Could you elaborate on this please? which certain scenery developers does this refer to and what is the 'way' that they treat underlying water tiles that could cause problems? Thanks K
  25. Unfortunatelly, my problem is in 100% the same. No effects after adjusting sliders, no Mini UI (even after aplying your method), nothing happens after applying Comunity Presets or recompiling P3D shaders. I've reinstalled the app - nothing changed. I've tried with default weather, with REX SkyForce (with and withouth weather engine+AS). Here are files you mentioned in your post and, additionally, the latest log file. I'm running vanilla P3D v4.5, no PTA, no Tomato - only AS + REX3D Hope, you can help me. 20190430_225101.txt backuplogfsxse.txt backuplogfsx.txt backuplogp3d4.txt backuplogp3d3.txt
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