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Found 3,874 results

  1. We have identified an issue with the validation process that disables the Mini GUI. We will be working on a fix shortly. Thanks, Federico
  2. Hi all, I am interested in picking EF up (post hotfix, it would seem!), but I do have a question. Seeing that EF is capable of influencing the cloud and terrain lighting using RGB sliders, does the program apply gradual lighting changes in auto mode that reflects the dawn dusk textures? (i.e. orange/pink/red clouds and terrain lighting as the sunrise/sunset transition occurs) Ideally this would be something that was driven by the colour palette of the specific dawn/dusk textures used, but even a generic white -> orange -> pink -> red -> dark sequence would be amazing. One thing I have struggled to achieve in P3Dv4 (using SF and PTA) is the vivid dramatic cloud and terrain lighting that I used to be able to get in FSX and FS9. I am hoping that EF has or will eventually have the capability to enhance the colour changes that P3Dv4 itself makes during the 'golden hour'. Thanks Mark
  3. Hi! In my PTA profile i am using expressions to dynamically affect some aspects. Is there any possibility in EF to use Manual mode but have the opportunity (in mini UI maybe) to use expressions? That would give max flexibility in EF configuration.
  4. Does it work together at all? I am using SF3D, ASP4 and EF in Automated Mode. I've made some flights but I have not yet seen any cloud dynamics (morphing, size and color changing). Maybe my expectations were too high but I did not yet experience any of that what has been advertised in REX EF videos. I can make changes with the mini GUI, but wasn't Automated Mode supposed to do this? I don't want to tweak the whole time ...
  5. I purchased REX Environment Force and when I start it it asks me to register the product. I do so. It accepts it and lets me in to use the program. However, if I shut it down then start it again it asks me register again and it does this every time I turn it off then come back and use it again. On top of that I am also getting an Exception Handling error when I turn on Automatic Texture Syncing. I don't know what that is all about. I am awaiting product verification but thought I'd get a jump start on asking as I don't think the product is working correctly. There didn't seem to be any errors during installation so I don't know why it won't permanently register the product or why I get C++ Exception Handling errors.
  6. Hello All I notice a number of similar questions relating to the use of EF and SF - as a suggestion, might it be worth clarifying the use of these two together in the manual? Possibly with further recommendations for using with ActiveSky (since most simmers use this for weather)? My specific question relates to using SF for the 3D Cloud Models dynamically... If I wish to have REX software provide 3D Cloud Models (as opposed to ASCA for example), should I use SF with EF? Or does EF duplicate this functionality and therefore this would cause a conflict? (I use AS so have the weather engine in SF turned off). Thanks Adam
  7. Sorry to put this here but I think it's kinda related to clean install question. Can EF be a straight up replacement for Envshade or PTA and provides "realistic" effects out of the box or do we benefit from using additional shader add-ons like Envshade or PTA in combination with EF? I know it can be used either way but mentioned shader add-ons do change the visuals in a way to be realistic by itself, so, can we say EF does the same thing in Automatic mode by itself or would be a description that EF enhances the visuals (default, Envshade or PTA) more appropriate?
  8. Guys I just bought REX SF and EF as a bundle and I'm a bit confused about the settings of EF in regard to weather engine (please read carefuly). 1. REX Sky Force 3D has a build in Weather engine which is based on standard API, thus not beeing that great. Those having 3rd party weather engines should use those instead. The option can be found under Settings -> Engine -> Enable REX Sky Force Weather Engine and it should be turned off if you use another weather engine. 2. REX Environment Force has under Automated Environment Controls also a setting called Enable real-time weather data read. I thought that this setting is responsible to read the weather that is injected into the sim BUT, the manual that came with EF states on page 43: "Enable Real-Time Weather Data Read When this feature is enabled it downloads the most recent real-time weather data from NOAA to be used to interpret how other elements of automation adjust based upon real weather conditions. When disabled it will read weather that has been injected into the simulator to adjust the automation elements." I conclude that EF itself has a weather engine!???!?!!!??
  9. Dear support team, I bought REX Sky Force 3D from the FlightSimStore. Why trying to buy environment force from the REX Store, I do not see any way of entering information on my sky force license to get the discount. Could you please indicate how I should proceed. Kind regards Eric Chatre
  10. Receiving the following error when trying to install and it won't go any further. Installing on a secondary PC where the rest of my weather and third party flight sim apps are located. Ideas? Thanks, Todd.
  11. HI. Installed hotfix. Much improved over previous version however P3D wont run on its own after you have used EF. It loads to the main page but when you select a scenario or airport it just aborts to the desktop. If I have EF running then start P3D it loads up OK. I'm running it in automation mode and using Tomatoshade. Are you supposed to exit P3D first then EF or the other way round.At the moment I can only run the sim with EF which is not ideal. Any help please. Regards
  12. Hi, so when I change HDR to off in the mini UI, or other settings and I save them, shouldn't they are being saved forever? Every time I close EF and start it new, they are all default again. Is it because I'm in auto mode? This makes no sense, if I have to change it again, every time I start EF.
  13. Does anybody have a step by step guide for a network install?
  14. Hi there, The release of REX EF is great news for me indeed - as I use REX SkyForce with the P3Dv4.5 Active Sky Weather Engine - but was missing sadly the ability for cloud and sky textures to be synced with the real-time in-sim weather (which I used to have with Active Sky Cloud Art (ASCA) and which I no longer run in favour of REX SkyForce cloud modelling). This is the primary reason I purchased REX EF. My intended method of running REX EF is therefore in the automatic mode. The ability to control other environmental parameters real-time in-sim is essentially a bonus and I look forward to seeing what REX EF can do automatically in-sim - visually speaking. However I do run PTA and have fine tuned it to my liking. So while I am happy to see what REX EF can do in the auto mode, I do have some important questions that would I greatly appreciate some guidance on. Please note that I have read the entire manual and did not find answers to these questions (to the best of my understanding): 1. Using the in-sim UI, the manual indicates that recompiling shaders is "very useful if utilizing shader tools such as PTA or TomatoShade". So the question is when should I recompile the shaders using the in-sim UI? Should it be done after changing a parameter using the in-sim UI or after changing a parameter in PTA? 2. The effect of changing some environmental parameters in-sim using the in-sim UI can be seen immediately (e.g. cloud opacity, terrain saturation, etc.). So presumably changing these parameters does not require a recompile of shaders (see question 1 above)? Is this correct? So how do I know which parameters affect shaders and would thus require a recompile of shaders and which do not? 3. There seems to be quite a bit of overlap between the in-sim UI parameters and PTA. This is not a complaint, however, which PTA parameters can/should I still set/tweak using PTA and which can I turn off in PTA so as not to spend time setting / tweaking the latter parameters in PTA and to allow REX EF just do its thing automatically. 4. Lastly, when running in the REX EF "auto" mode, which in-sim UI parameters are automatically adjusted in-sim by REX EF due to changes to the weather OR which are not? i.e. I would certainly not want to spend time manually adjusting visual settings parameters in-sim (or using PTA) only for them to be re-adjusted automatically by REX EF running in "auto" mode. Note that the manual states that when running in "auto" mode, you may still adjust visual settings in real-time with the simulator using the in-sim UI - so this question I think is certainly relevant - or else why at all allow for any changes in-sim when in "auto" mode? Looking forward to getting some much needed clarity so as to fly and enjoy the new features of REX EF with REX SF to the full. Thanks.
  15. I don't remember ever seeing this prior to Environment Force being installed. Has anyone else noticed this? Side note, I have also seen a performance decrease with CB overcast layers which I have not seen before. Cloud textures are all DXT5 1024 and AS Cloud layers are at 3. This has happened almost every flight with overcast layers. FPS would go from 30 to 15-18 pretty quickly, then shoot back to 30 after a weather update. I run everything in Auto Mode with Environment Force and have only checked Cirrus overcast in the manual tweaks. Keep in mind my monitor refresh rate is 25hz so hence the 25fps. I added two photos of what I am talking about. The cloud structures look almost identical, but FPS tank for the worse. The fps remain bad for a couple minutes then eventually return to normal. 7820X at 4.8ghz 32gb and GTX 1080ti
  16. Good Morning i use REX enviroment in Auto mode and all options switch to mode Running but only the scene Light will allways stay in mode Waiting and will not switch to running. Its that an kown bug or do I anything wrong ? or what have i to do that the scene light switch to running
  17. Hi, Need to know. What does it mean when OFF appears after select Enable automatic texture syc? Is it correct? Thanks Julio
  18. Greetings, im using Active Sky V4 for P3d., Sky Force 3D & Environment Force. The method I'm using is I start EF, then SF3D then ASV4 then finally P3D. Is this the proper order? Thanks,
  19. If I am using the enhanced HDR with EF, should I leave HDR on in the sim or turn it off?
  20. Hello, I did the suggestions from the forums on how to get Environment Force to keep my registration, however it does not work. I still have to enter my registration information each time I open the program. Any other solutions? I did reinstall the application.
  21. Hi REX Team, What is the best way for a clean installation. After installing the client I always copy the clean shader folder. So I can always return to the original state. At this time I use ASP4, ASCA, RSF3D and PTA (P3DV4.5) Is it better to use ENVSHADE ? Is it better to work without PTA or ENVSHADE. I think too many shaders are not good and EF bring a lot of Shaders I have played back my image after many experiments. Now I would like to start clean again. I think first the shader folder to the original state. Thanks Frank from EDDM
  22. It is my understanding that in Automatic Mode, EF is pulling textures from SF. Does it only pull from the textures that were previously selected in SF or from any texture available in the SF installation? With regard to cloud sync, it appears that Enable Automatic Textuer Synch is the same thing as RealTime Cloud sync in SF. Is that correct?
  23. Greetings all! I'm looking forward to purchasing and installing EF. I do have a (perhaps, silly) question, though: If I were to purchase EF today or tomorrow, would I also have to apply the Hotfix 1.0 that was recently released? Thanks, Scott
  24. Hallo, I have the feeling that the white color of the own plane is much more brighter than the white color of the other AI Traffic planes . Is there an Setting in EF which is responsible for this ? Thanks Michael
  25. After installed the new update I can´t install the 3-D clouds in manual mode, only the cirrus clouds. What´s happend?
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