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Found 3,874 results

  1. I don't know if this was already discussed, but I'm noticing that the clouds disappear with the REX weather engine from time to time, I'm guessing it happens as they reload, but it's really annoying to have this happen 3-4 times in an 1 hour flight. Is there any way to eliminate these brief interruptions? John
  2. Hi Team, Just just purchased REX Environment Force through your website and I downloaded the link so i could install the product In the folder there was rexfileinstaller_201712229.msi & rexsetup.exe When I run rexsetup.exe to install REX Environment Force a window appears "Welcome to the REX file Transfer Manager Setup Wizard", I select next and the only options presented are"modify", repair or remove? This seems to be the wrong download link and I can't download my new product? Please help? Thanks
  3. Enable dense cirrus overcast layer ? Do I also have to think about this option ON/OFF if using AUTOMATIC ? And what will it do compared to off mode ?
  4. Howdy Folks, I noticed that if I change the slider for scene lighting below 95%, the change is dramatic, and it jumps from one scene to another instantly. The cloud shadows disappear and the influence of the ralyiegh scattering effects are reduced significantly. Sometimes I can't tell if the cloud shadows on the ground disappear altogether. It seems like the brightness/bloom of the clouds gets switched with the brightness of the terrain when the scene "bumps" from 100 to 90ish % This happens in both modes, as well as when I use the UI in-sim or when I use the slider in the EF main manual settings.
  5. HI guys - I have had all kinds of issues with EF and finally had to completely remove it (not so easy) and get back to what I thought was my normal sim. I just noticed at an addon airport that utilizes PBR materials (LVFR KMSY) that all of the PBR textures now have a very shiny metallic bleedthrough. This was not the case before I installed EF last week. What could possibly cause this?? I am a PTA user which was the cause of many of my early issues but all original shaders have been restored since my EF uninstall. This seems a bit similar to the other PBR problems some were having but I have not seen a solution. Federico..I saw your post about PBR issues and to send a PM but I do not have the ability to PM you it seems.....thanks for any help..
  6. https://youtu.be/pqda0w5QgHs Active Sky + EF paints an amazing atmosphere ! ( Auto mode )
  7. I watched the video that explains how the manual mode works and it was great. But you kept mentioning a video that was made before and it went over the automatic mode. I have looked for the video for hours and I can't find it. The only video that comes up is the latest one. I don't have discord or whatever that is so I am wondering how I can watch this video. I would have thought it was easy to find but I was wrong.
  8. Hello all. When trying to install EV I am running into a problem. During the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 LocalDB I get the attached error message advising me that it cannot access needed files. I cant just shutdown Windows Explorer during an install. Any advice on how to proceed? Thanks.
  9. Hi guys, I have a few questions that I haven't seen on the forum yet. First one is if I have the 10 skies and random theme on sky force startup does environment force change that since it is automatic? Also what is the difference between cloud sync and real time weather? Last but not least, for example if you open a flight and change the settings for lighter clouds does that save it to the simulator so you don't have to change it every time you load the sim? I know you guys are busy so thanks in advance. A few more to add: I own envtex and asca and I am wondering if I need to keep those to give the most variety of sky colors, textures, and water. I want to get the most out of the products that I own. If I have everything installed then how does environment force find all my textures if it asks for 1 default texture program. I also thought that REX products work best with REX products but it seems a lot of people are using textures from different programs. I have also noticed that there is a theme for REX in p3d itself so do i set that theme or the user defined theme?
  10. Hotfix 1.1.1 may result in the failure of at least all 2D panels of PMDG737NGX, which is manifested by opening the 2D panels with a hotkey but failing to see the pop-up panels. In addition, it will lead to the disappearance of some airport terminal buildings, which is a very strange phenomenon. When I upgraded the first normal flight, I did nothing, and restarted SIM, I found this problem. I use PTA, EF, SF at the same time. It works well in the 1.0 patch. When I uninstall EF, I find that MINI UI still resides in SIM. Installing EF again found that the automatic push only pushed 1.0, but did not continue pushing 1.1.1. So far my SIM has worked well.
  11. Hello, everytime i start my aim do i have to switch the manual fog to Off? because i did some test flights, and in places with fog and visibility of 0 or 100 m, if i dont switch this config when i start the sim i have CAVOK weather conditions where is suposed to be fog. it doenst save my configs. is this fixed in the fix you are doing? thanks, pedro
  12. Can someone in the 'know' give a 'tech' description of these, what part of the SIM do they affect ,which one make 'live' changes to the SIM and do any off these need a 'recompile' to see the changes DPX Technicolor Lift Gamma Gain Tonemap Rayleigh Thanks Clive
  13. Hi All! Just bought Environment Force this week as it looked fantastic - just what I wanted & paid good money for it! Installed & launched tonight...Set to Automated but....all P3D Sim sounds working, but nothing on the screen - all black - nothing!!! I am running REX SkyForce 3D & ActiveSky together (with absolutely no problems whatsoever previously), however since installing REX Environment Force, my screen is completely black, nothing at all! I have all the sounds as if I have the visuals but cannot see anything whatsoever! Looks like an uninstall so I can fully enjoy P3D.... (& my hard earned money is completely wasted until hopefully someone here has a magic fix or setting I have missed!) Any suggestions? ... - Not a happy bunny as we say in the UK! Please Help! (If I am missing something, I will hold my hands up high & apologise to you all!). My bank holiday weekend depends on a good flight at some point!! Thanks to you all... Rick
  14. A lot better no 'funny' red haze or black PBR textures MaddogX is PBR inside and out Great work Thanks
  15. Hi folks, I've been playing with EF in the NGX, but I've noticed that there is no precipitation showing up on the radar. With ASP4 it works fine, but not with the REX engine. Any ideas how to fix it? I'd rather use REX because it renders clouds better than ASP4. Thanks, John
  16. Hello , I understand it so that when Skyforce is installed, EF knows where the Skyforce Folder is, in this Folder there are all the Skyforce Cloudtypes and Skycolors as bmp. Is it right that when i now change in EF the Cumulus or Cirrus Type of the Cloudset EF takes the right bmp Set from the Skyforce Folder and inject it in Sim ? If its right then is it posssible to change the Clouds and her resolutions in Sim ? Thanks for answering this Question . Michael
  17. Hello , After installing REX SF and REX ENVO my sim has been looking fine during dawn/dusk/day times. However at one point when transitioning from dawn to night, my sim becomes extremely dark from an outside view point and looking out of the cockpit windows. Here is an example: Can barley see anything. I would like to see some more. I have tired manual lightning mode but when I changed that then the day/night cycle is stuck. So if I change it then that's how it is going to be. As far as I know when I tested it. I tried doing a time preview and didn't change anything. I have turned off HDR in P3D, due to it being to bright and the bloom level was trough the roof. Please help! Let me know if I need to provide any more information about my setup if there can be an issue on my end. I have looked through quickly and I couldn't find anyone else with this issue. Possibly it could be on my end. In advance, Thank you! Best regards Sveiny
  18. Hi guys, I already have EF !. First, congratulate the REX team for the great work done. The simulator looks like another. I have basically a couple of doubts. Should I have EF turned on while I run Prepar right? And my other doubt, in automatic mode how can I touch the HDR to make it less intense? Thaks and sorry for my English
  19. This error pops up after trying to open Environment Force after installing it. Any fix for that? https://imgur.com/rMjxxtV
  20. Hello, I currently have version 5.0.2018.0520 displaying as installed with "enable automatic update at start " selected, which informs me my build is up-to-date. I also checked via the manual update function and this also confirmed that I was 'up-to-date' However, I notice here there is that the "final installed build should be: 5.1.2018.0725 Which is correct, please? Paul
  21. I keep getting the following error coming up error.txt
  22. For some reason I can't change the size of my 3D clouds but I can change the size of my cirrus clouds? Maybe im doing something wrong or missing something here?
  23. Hello, since i have installed REX5-Env.Force i can not start any flight with the Dash8 from Majestic (Pro Version). P3D4.5 crashes when loading this plane. Any knows about compatibility troubles? EDIT:
  24. Sky Force will not start after installing Environment Force. Should I re-install Sky Force?
  25. Hi REX Support, I am having similar issues as in this thread - On top of that, I am also always having to enter in registration details every time I start EF up. I have looked at the steps in the resolved thread (letting the app through the firewall, making sure it has inbound/outbound connection, running as administrator) and it hasn't solved it. As for there being no Mini UI, I do always run EF (as admin) before opening up P3D. I've tried reinstalling EF and that has not resolved any issue. As with the topic above, I am also finding there to be no affect when trying to adjust sliders and recompiling shaders in EF. It looks no different than default without EF. I also once had an error about failing to render target or something like that. I have not been able to reproduce it since. My REXModules folder does not have any of those backuplog files. However attached is my config file. In another thread I saw the dll.xml was asked for, so I've attached that as well. It doesn't contain anything relating to EF at least from what I can see. dll.xml rexenvforce.exe.config
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