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Found 269 results

  1. Bought REX2, then I bought REX Essential w/o over drive, how do I get overdrive? I never saw an upgrade path from REX2 to REX Essentials. So, how do I get Overdrive and all the other addons and future updates? This does not seem to be clearly stated anyware. Can you help me with this?
  2. Hi, I can't find it. Please can you provide me with the link? thanks.
  3. I hope somebody chimes in here, I have REXE OD. Now, I see as of DEC 6th New Version 3. Is this something different from REXE OD, if so, I will buy it ASAP and is it installed together and or over REXE OD ? sorry for my uncertianty.
  4. I purchased the rights for the p3d REX but either have not received or lost my activation email. I do have an authorisation code could someone please advise. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I just downloaded REX Essentials + OD and I can't get the weather themes to load into FSX. I get an FSX error message saying it cannot load themes. But the green banner in on the main screen says successfully loaded weather and I don't see any change at all. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. I deleted a file trying to use a new rain effect for fsx.It was located here under program files x86/Microsft Games/Microsoft Flight simulator X/ShadersHLSL/mIsc........i need the file name above the Rain40.fxh.Thank you
  7. I would like to get all the cool textures that REX has to offer but I'm new to all this and am not sure what to do.
  8. Well then chaps after trying for over twenty six hours to download i managed to get it done but from the Global CDN server then when i went to unpack it it states then says CAB 13 corrupt and wont open that one so its back to square one trying to back on a server to download Essential plus once more which at the moment i cant do so i will wait i guess till the weekend and see what i can do then, Thank you for any ideas on the corrupt CAB 13. im off to work now. cheers Iain
  9. I bought REX- Real Environment Xtreme v2.0 through The Flight Sim Store, my version build is 2.3.2010.1027, I see there is a download there for REX Essential Plus, my question is, am I better of uninstalling my current REX 2.0 and reinstalling REX Essential plus or is this just an update. Also , would it be better to install with a fresh install of FSX, and if it is, what order of install is advised, as I have Orbx FTX and addon aircraft to install. In the future I am planning to join Combat Pilot, as I understand they have their own system in place and REX may not work, will REX be able to turn off easly. Thanks FSS0126995
  10. My order is #FSS0106725 i downloaded essential plus I need a Link to download overdrive essent. pls Thx very much
  11. I'm fully installed and learning FSX along with REX Essential Plus with OD, UTX, and GEX. I'm learning to fly so I don't want to use the weather right now until I can handle the planes better. Although I do want to take advantage of the nice realistic clouds with sunny clear skys. Should I just start FSX from the FSX shortcut, or still start REX and start FSX from there? What should I be doing with the weather tab settings in FSX? I don't want FSX weather and clouds to take over. I'm a little confused? I have a fairly powerfull system and would like to take advantage of highest quality without the weather for now. Thanks, Tom
  12. I don't know why I am having such trouble getting verified. I have had REX for over a year, it was a gift, it came in a box I have no recollection where it was purchased as I have no recollection where I purchased a pair of winter boots over a years ago. All I know is that I am holding a box that contains a disc which was purchased from somewhere and given to me as a gift. I'm sure I gave my wife the information to purchase it. Make no mistake I LOVE this product that is why I am so curious to see how you have improved it. I would love to know that you were able to stop clouds from just disappearing when you fly close to them or that they stop rotating when you are turning near them. That is why I was on this forum over a year ago when I had just recently received it and actually had all the info you are asking for. I am very fortunate that I have been able to put thousands of dollars into my flight sim, I have a dedicated computer built just for this, I have an HD projector and a 100" screen with a great deal of hardware from CH, Saitek and Goflight. I can assure you I did not somehow acquire my copy nefariously.
  13. Hello, After downloading essential REX more about Flightsimstore I want to download pacths overdrive, as I do to be verified member? I have bought the game thank you
  14. I was wondering what build of Essential Plus I downloaded today? I'm guessing it might be the latest 3.1.2012.1028. I can't install it for a few days so I don't think I can check until it is installed. It appears I need to know the build so I can download the correct version of OverDrive. I would like to download OverDrive beforehand so I'm ready. Thanks, Tom
  15. Hello, I just purchased Essential Plus and am now downloading. I will be installing FSX Gold on a new system in about two days so I will install REX after that. My question is, I would also like to install the Overdrive but I need to download it after I'm verified? I posted my order number in the verify thread a few minutes ago. Should I install Essentials first and then Overdrive? Or does the Overdrive include Essentials? Sorry, this is new to me so a little confused. Thanks, Tom Order Number: FSS0188047 Order Date: 2012-11-19 [REX-001] REX - REX Essential PLUS
  16. i go to up date and get this..........[#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum" how do i update?
  17. Hi: What does the [OD} signify at the end of some of the sky textures (i.e. DawnSet: Tribute [OD] ? Thanks, ifrevets
  18. A few days ago bought REX for FSX through Simmarket. My order is 871196 Now I have to do to validate the product? thanks
  19. Hi, Just gave a try of REP, but unfortunately I also lost the LDS767 lights :/ Do you have a clue how can I restore them ? I did not do a texture backup prior to install, are there some textures I can restore manually ?
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