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Found 3,874 results

  1. Hello, It is recommanded to uncheck the "enable weather smoothing & real-time weather data read" options in automatic mode if using Active Sky weather engine. Then, how does EF can adjust rendering if not reading weather data Thanks Eric
  2. I don't know if this was already discussed, but I'm noticing that the clouds disappear with the REX weather engine from time to time, I'm guessing it happens as they reload, but it's really annoying to have this happen 3-4 times in an 1 hour flight. Is there any way to eliminate these brief interruptions? John
  3. The EF overlay inside the sim disappeared how can I get it back?
  4. Hi folks, I've been playing with EF in the NGX, but I've noticed that there is no precipitation showing up on the radar. With ASP4 it works fine, but not with the REX engine. Any ideas how to fix it? I'd rather use REX because it renders clouds better than ASP4. Thanks, John
  5. Have now update 5.0.2019.0506 and all worked fine. I have done some test with weather-theme from very cloudly to clear sky. But what I see is that this slider (5 min) the Weather (clouds) are changed in 1 min. When slider is set to 10 min the clouds was changed in ca. 3 min. I think this slider is for changing weather elements (morphing the clouds too) in 1, or 5 or 10 min. PS: And why somthings the clouds pump?
  6. In what order should I install PTA or ENVSHADE after the NF is installed and working. Must NF run when I install PTA or ENVSHADE. Thanks Frank
  7. EV had been running well for me until today's hotfix. On launching EF this afternoon I was notified of a new hotfix (1.1.1). I downloaded and applied this update and the main EF program still runs fine and now reports version 5.0.2019.506. But upon starting a flight in P3D the mini-UI appears with all option removed and replaced by the message " validation process failed - contact support" Help. Peter.
  8. I have just discovered that when I manually change (reduce) the surface visibility in Active Sky Prepared, as I sometimes do, in order to practice Low-Vis approaches EnvForce will not allow the change to happen. I can see the visibility reduce to my setting (800m), but only briefly and then return to unlimited. The only way I can now get the low visibility I want for my approaches is to induce low cloud bases (not realistic), since going below the cloud base my visibility suddenly becomes unlimited once again. This never happened before, and only since I installed EnvForce.
  9. As the titles states, I just want to use Environment force for cloud smoothing rather than Active Sky if there is a way. Also, another question, sometimes the weather conditions like fog changes dramatically, i.e~ sky changes color for a quick second before reverting back to the original scene. And also, sometimes the fog comes in dramatically. What setting causes this? Is it scene lighting or weather smoothing?
  10. Hello , I understand it so that when Skyforce is installed, EF knows where the Skyforce Folder is, in this Folder there are all the Skyforce Cloudtypes and Skycolors as bmp. Is it right that when i now change in EF the Cumulus or Cirrus Type of the Cloudset EF takes the right bmp Set from the Skyforce Folder and inject it in Sim ? If its right then is it posssible to change the Clouds and her resolutions in Sim ? Thanks for answering this Question . Michael
  11. hi team after i downloaded the hotfix i've got the same problem tomatoshade is greyed and how you put tomatoshade in ef ? thanks guys
  12. Hi is there any solution or work around to the bright nights ?I have tried possibly everything . I recommend and option to increase darkness , something similar to what ENB used to do back in FSX , I remember when even REX themselves started using ENB preset back in FSX . We had such an amazing experience using ENB , the only problem was the CTD when using FSX menu . If we could get EF to have that similar effect to make things darker or bright in other areas , it would be amazing.
  13. Hello , After installing REX SF and REX ENVO my sim has been looking fine during dawn/dusk/day times. However at one point when transitioning from dawn to night, my sim becomes extremely dark from an outside view point and looking out of the cockpit windows. Here is an example: Can barley see anything. I would like to see some more. I have tired manual lightning mode but when I changed that then the day/night cycle is stuck. So if I change it then that's how it is going to be. As far as I know when I tested it. I tried doing a time preview and didn't change anything. I have turned off HDR in P3D, due to it being to bright and the bloom level was trough the roof. Please help! Let me know if I need to provide any more information about my setup if there can be an issue on my end. I have looked through quickly and I couldn't find anyone else with this issue. Possibly it could be on my end. In advance, Thank you! Best regards Sveiny
  14. Hi guys, I already have EF !. First, congratulate the REX team for the great work done. The simulator looks like another. I have basically a couple of doubts. Should I have EF turned on while I run Prepar right? And my other doubt, in automatic mode how can I touch the HDR to make it less intense? Thaks and sorry for my English
  15. So I updated Environment Force so i can use it with Tomatoshade and yes it now works with Tomato Shade but Chaseplane is broken when using Environment Force and Tomatoshade? This is crazy...I uninstall Environment Force and Chaseplane works again then i install Envirnment force and Chaseplane stops working since its impossible to live without Chaseplane in P3D unfortunately i have to uninstall Environment Force. ***I really wish REX would separate Environment Force into 2 separate products or installs all i really want is the weather smoothing to use with REX Sky force Engine so i dont get the hard insta weather loads with Skyforce.
  16. Hi guys! Some good looking presets from the community are flickering. Any ideas what settings within P3D could cause them? Scott
  17. Hi thx for the product - enjoying it except for this matter. I cannot get any response from the mini UI. It appears on the screen but I cannot move it, resize it, scroll in it etc. I do not see a dot in the LH corner as per the screen shot (note this is just the LHS of my dual screen setup) so I am unable to remove the UI from the screen. It does disappear when I bring up the menu but returns when I hide the P3D menu. Thx in advance.
  18. Hello, I was unable to see any mapped network drives from within the Environment Force application when you try to select the path for Sky Force on a client PC. I found the solution for me on the internet and is descibed below: Mapped Network Drive Not Showing in File Explorer/My Computer or Application Because of the UAC, and the Shell runs with standard user permissions, it can't see mapped drives which were configured by your application running with admin rights. So, try the following workaround step by step: Click Start, type regedit in the Start programs and files box, and then press ENTER. Locate and then right-click the registry subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System. Point to New, and then click DWORD Value. Type EnableLinkedConnections, and then press ENTER. Right-click EnableLinkedConnections, and then click Modify. In the Value data box, type 1, and then click OK. Exit Registry Editor, and restart the computer. This solved the problem and I was able to see and select the mapped network drive. Regards, Rob
  19. I purchased and installed yesterday ( first question - do I need to install the hotfix ?) and the program appeared to work ok, I was able to change the cloud size on the fly. However this has now stopped working and there appears to be no interface with P3dv4.5 either through the on screen mini ui or through EF itself ( changing through Cloud sync - I have REX Skyforce 3D). Tried a reinstall but no change and EF has crashed a couple of times. I uninstalled through Windows - are there any additional files/folders to delete ? Thanks
  20. Hello, I currently have version 5.0.2018.0520 displaying as installed with "enable automatic update at start " selected, which informs me my build is up-to-date. I also checked via the manual update function and this also confirmed that I was 'up-to-date' However, I notice here there is that the "final installed build should be: 5.1.2018.0725 Which is correct, please? Paul
  21. just wondering if anybody has noticed the water not moving in 4.5 with the slider set to HIGH as it did in 4.4. Setting the water slider up to ULTRA in 4.5 starts it moving. In 4.4 the setting of HIGH the water was moving. The only thing I did was install REX´s Environment Force since the install of 4.5 Thanks for any input here. I have posted this in the Locheed P3D Forums as well.
  22. Thank you for a revolutionary product, so far I'm happy with my purchase. I turned off HDR in EF and everything looks great. I do have one question. I am currently using ENVSHADE. I see that it's compatible. Is there anything I have to do in EF to get it to recognize the ENVSHADE?
  23. First I want to commend REX for EF and the hard work they are doing to make sanity out of the board here. When running AUTO MODE on EF, what determines the resolution of the textures that are used? I know that if you are in manual mode you can select this resolution, but how does it work in AUTO mode? Is there any way to change the texture resolution that is used by EF when operating in Auto Mode?
  24. Enable dense cirrus overcast layer ? Do I also have to think about this option ON/OFF if using AUTOMATIC ? And what will it do compared to off mode ?
  25. Hi REX Team. I can not Change in Manual Mode my 3D Clouds. I found in REX Modules an Folder - cloudsync.txt and cirrussync.txt i think there is an error : SKY FORCE - FILES MOVED TO: P:\Lockheed Martin\Prepare3D v4\\Texture\NewCloud4.bmp - After P3Dv4 are \\ this why the clouds not sync. it must be \ Frank
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