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Found 3,874 results

  1. hello , after installing EF every time i try to open it in manual mode the screen goes down like in the pic and i can't toggle the settings , and i tried to pull it up and everything but nothing almost 30 % of the screen hidden in the task bar thank you
  2. Hi I need some councils reg use of EF, I have envshade too and as many users said the appearance is too bright. There are some conflicts between these two apps? You suggest to uninstall envshade? In case of using active sky I need to unselect first two option in auto mode of EF? Thx a lot in advance for the help.
  3. I have completed Two clean reinstalls of REX Adv. Weather Radar, Run as Admin. Win. Firewall and Defender Off! Weather Radar shows a Black Screen and the Controls on actual Weather Radar don’t work! REX Adv. Weather Radar loader finds aircraft and loads the Weather Radar into aircraft! Flightsimware LJ 35. Updater states, No Updates needed! Any suggestions? Thank you. Graham Win 10 64. P3D v4.5
  4. I have my Milviz planes flying in P3Dv4.5 -full GTN 750/650 and WX Radar Not so with Flysimware Learjet -Full GTN 2x750 but no WX Radar Falcon 50 -crashes All worked in P3Dv4.4 WX Radar update to come? xxd09
  5. How can i tell if i have the correct updated version of WX Radar? fsx says 1.10.40 2019-4-22_16-14-44-240.BMP
  6. Hey Guys. When i on the Taxiway or Runway i always see the default light. round lightning balls.... Only when getting very close to the light is the REX light finally displayed. I know there was an old Thread about this. It is in the Section "Resolved Issue". But there is no Answer... so i have to open a new Topic to get the Info i need to solve this Issue. Here is the old Thread: https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/46423-texture-direct-enhanced-runway-lights/&tab=comments#comment-296414 This Issue is still exist and its very anoying. Please write the answer here. I have not found a Solution on google or here in the Forum geers Seralia
  7. Hi - just wondering if EF is compatible with latest P3D version 4.5 Hotfix 1 ( Reason I ask is that AS usually needs to be updated and not sure if EF is tied to P3D version or not. Thanks
  8. If i adjust the sliders in the main interface i see the changes instantly. If i adjust settings in the mini menu in sim then nothing seems to change. Do i need to click recompile shaders for the changes to actually happen?
  9. EnvForce is affecting Prosim737 Flight Model some minutes after flight. There is erratic sporadic control inputs and then complete loss of control. When EnvForce is not running this does not happen. I suspect the mini UI might be causing this. Thanks,
  10. Hello Everyone everything is gonna be alright I think , I have never seen before like below scene screenshot , EF is very good and stunning add-on, there are some shortcomings but I think it will be fixed soon. MY CONFIG IS: SF3D + EF with all options on in Auto mode https://ibb.co/GHN5TXQ
  11. Hi is there a fix for this? SF will only inject weather once EF is closed? Plus when is the HDR fix coming, everything is super bright :O
  12. Hi Dear Simmers and REX team I think it has been discussed before , but I would like to ask after the last EF addon. Initially I love the motor of the active sky and it's operating principles very good add-on indeed, I was using the active sky and sky force(only cloud sync-not WX engine) before environmental force was released , there is something I just wonder , Can I use Active sky and Sky force engine together? or should I not use both of them? I haven't tried WX engine after the last update of the sky force , more precisely, I have no idea how to work stably and correctly of Skyforce WX engine. I guess I shouldn't use them both together, is it possible to get your ideas and experiences? Thank you so much Best Regards Erkas
  13. This is a serious question I have been wondering about. I have never used any shader program such as Tomato Shade or ENV. The only thing I have ever done with shaders is delete them when I install something new. My question is, in my situation with no other shader program, is there any reason to use one if I am using EF?
  14. I have REX SF and EF. I use AS16 for weather. Do I need to run SF or is EF enough ? Thanks!
  15. In what order should I install PTA or ENVSHADE after the NF is installed and working. Must NF run when I install PTA or ENVSHADE. Thanks Frank
  16. Noticed that night taxiway textures are way off. See attached. You can see the light bloom from the taxi light doesn't illuminate the ground and you cant see any lines on the taxiway. No shader tweaks or programs installed. Any help is appreciated!
  17. Hi, I just uninstall RF5 from my P3D v4.5 sim due to too heavy penalty on the frame rates. I used Revo to uninstall. But after when I run the sim, the airplane is there, the runways and even trees but just black where the terrain should be. Did I gooffed big time or is there a simple cure to restore the terrain?
  18. I have a feelling that my sim is too bright at the moment... What are the REX recommended HDR settings for P3D when using EF in Auto mode?
  19. Hello, I wanted to know if the problem comes from home but on the mini interface everything works fine except the backup. I would like to lower the ExposureKey to 0.330. But when I click on Save Variables I have P3D that closes (I even think a CTD) But when I restart P3D and I look at ExposureKey it is back to 0.370. And if I click on Load variable it's nothing I thought he would go back to 0.330 Good luck anyway for this beautiful product!
  20. Hope I found the right forum for this! First of all, loving the product! It's changed so much of the feel of the sim. My only complaint/suggestion is the visibility/haze. It seems even on the clearest of days, the max visibility is 62 miles. This isn't great when trying to simulate what is really seen out the window. Sure there is going to be a limit on visibility in RW but it's definitely not this low on a clear day. It almost looks like there is a constant wildfire nearby. Is there any way this can be adjusted to further out? The other question is with the in sim weather conditions portion. Mine just shows something like "????&AO..." and goes on with a bunch of numbers and letters that don't make sense. Is this normal? Anyways, like I said I love the product, I just wish I could see a bit further when cruising at FL360 and it's nothing but clear skies for the entire region. Oh, and my ActiveSky settings are all set to be above 100 miles. Thanks! Kyle
  21. Hi everyone, I tried adjusting some of the cloud lighting in MANUAL mode, through the UI, and through the EF main screen, but when I time preview or try to change the time in the sim, it stays daytime. The slider in the UI for time changing also disappeared. I also tried loading my saved preset, starting the sim at night, and it CTD while loading. Tried again and everything works fine but the UI isn't visible in the sim. Rebooted the PC, started again, repeated the process with the same results. This seems to be the normal process I need to go through. Is this a known problem, or am I doing something wrong? John
  22. hi team after i downloaded the hotfix i've got the same problem tomatoshade is greyed and how you put tomatoshade in ef ? thanks guys
  23. Hello, to get straight to the point - I lose 16 FPS with EF running. I put myself at KMSY (LVFR) for my first flight with EF after testing for a bit. Using ASP4 for real world weather, there was a thunderstorm above the field. Without EF in the same scenario, I get smooth and steady 30 FPS (with Texture Direct clouds, 1024). With EF running, however, my frame rate drops down to only 14 giving me a slide show. I am running an i7 6700k (4 GHz), 1080ti with P3D v4.4 and reasonable settings. I am also still using PTA together with EF for cockpit lighting enhancement. Nothing other than the VC is tweaked with PTA. Hotfix is installed. Textures within EF are set to 512 and DXT5. Running in automation mode. During testing I found I generally lose FPS even with fewer clouds. Thank you.
  24. Hi guys! Some good looking presets from the community are flickering. Any ideas what settings within P3D could cause them? Scott
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