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Found 269 results

  1. Hello, just a quick question - is there any way how to disable initial weather download and processing after starting REX essential? I'm using REX often only for textures, so waiting each time until weather is downloaded is a litlle annoying. Thanks for any suggestion. Michal.
  2. well now , I was finally able to get my update for version 1027 and was pleased at how quickly the patch from your site was downloaded. I was very impressed by the new slick look. I look forward to trying out the weather engine. Liked the new textures (REX natural) seems there are some new cloud textures also. I have a question about the visibility slider. ,Is this only applied when the weather engine is on or is it applied always. also the thunder at start up made me jump outa my seat.lol any way thanx a ton to Tim and Reed and the whole team for this awesome free upgrade a friend in flightsim L.T. Hendrix
  3. Sorry to post here I am unable to post a fsx support question as it says need to select a prefix but there is nothing there? Any help or advice appreciated Cheers
  4. Hi, I have not been flying FSX for approx 18 months now, but am back.... I see there is an update to REX, I previously purchased and have installed REX plus overdrive. What do I need to do to get upgraded to the latest? Is there a cost ? Or is it a free upgrade to previous customers. Thanks, Mark
  5. I may be moving to FSX from FS9 pretty soon. Does REX offer current customers discounts or some other benefit when upgrading to FSX? Just curious, as I respect your policy, but wanted to know for my information. Todd
  6. Hi, I was planning to try flying on VATSIM in the near future, and I see that REX can inject VATSIM weather. Since VATSIM weather does not provide winds aloft, will REX automatically switch to/from REX weather to inject winds aloft when the aircraft changes altitude or do I need to switch manually? Thanks, Barry
  7. Hello Support Sales, Sorry, i not know. I buy last 2009 (from FlightSim Store) of REX Real Environment Xtreme FS2004. Now not more for FS2004 Game, because i change now to FSX. But i want buy FSX REX essential+ incl. Overdrive UPGRADE, where is it?? Not lower price?? or full price?? my order number FSS0043384 Edit: Yes, thanks for Upgrade. I found it by FlightSim Store..! regard sebastian
  8. Can anyone advise me please, I purchased REX for FSX approx. 2 yrs ago and downloaded the free Overdrive package. however now REX Essential + has come out Flightstore have updated my purchase to REX Essential +, of course that is quite correct however can I get the overdrive separately now? quite happy to pay the extra but not sure if its even possible thanksClive
  9. Hallo, I have REX ESSENTIAL for FSX version 3.0.2012.0522 on my computer, Windows 7. Where can I download update to OVERDRIVE and, if possible, where find instruction to update? Many thanks! REX order number FSS0018432
  10. Hello, I bought REX Overdrive like 1 month ago. Since then I changed my computer and now I'm running REX Essential without problem but I can't find how to re-install the REX Overdrive. I bought it on the FlightSim store but the download link isn't there anymore. How can I re-download it ? Best Regards
  11. Help. I am a new user and I keep receiving the following error whenever I try to access various threads. [#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum.
  12. Hi guys, it's not meant to be seen as a support issue what I'm asking but I never understood what the Inland/Ocean water textures option inside REX does! Can someone give me an example? Thanks
  13. Hi, Installed the latest REX addon yesterday, but since installing my autothrottle seems to not work properly, after around 9-10,000 ft it puts the aircraft at full speed thus making it overspeed, i have checked failiures ect and everything is as it should be, is there something i am doing wrong? I am running FSX Gold on windows 7 64bit, 16gb memory and intel I7 Prossesor Thanks Carl.
  14. Hi, I am new to REX forums, recently purchased FSX Gold Edition, and installed it in my PC. Just need to know if REX v3.0 will install and work fine, I have Windows 7 64 bit, and FSX is running in compatability mode. Dont want to buy the download and then find out it doesn't work. Thanks Carl.
  15. Where can i download the Overdrive Package? Thx
  16. Hello, I know that when you setup your own flight its best to set the theme to clear skies and let REX load the weather as necessary. However on the multiplayer server that I fly on, they use real weather to keep people happy with new weather patterns all the time. Will REX have any conflicts with this?
  17. Does anyone know how long it takes to get verified? I put in a request on the verification thread about 24 hours ago & still nothing. I've got some questions about REX not operating properly. Thanks. Mike
  18. It says I don't have permission. Does anyone know why? Is it because I need to be a verified member? I tried looking through the help articles, but there's no mention of anything like that. I recently purchased REX Essential w/Overdrive from flightsimstore.com, and need help getting it running. I've already emailed flightsimstore.com yesterday after googling all over for solutions, but haven't received any replies yet. This is the only other place I can come to for support, but can't post or even enter the support forum. Can someone please help? Thanks ahead of time.
  19. Hi all, I'm getting back into FSX after a year long break and due to a major computer upgrade (including OS which is now Windows 8 x64) I have to reinstall everything. I'm in the process of installing the vanilla programs now (FSX and Acceleration) but I was wondering if there is a particular order to installing the addons I've got. The main ones I use are the FTX landclass type addons with airports and of course, REX. It shouldn't matter which order I install these, should it?
  20. Hello, I re-installed FSX and REX after 1 year... I would like to know if there is any update for this version and if it is possible to download the free addon pack extension for clouds which was not working on this version a year ago ? Many thanks Geezee
  21. I have a new system that I can finally run things smoothly on, so of course I'm adding airports and can finally run REX. So I've been reading reviews and looking around and I was wondering if someone could clear a couple of things up for me that I have read? REX can blur/mess up some textures on taxi ways etc? Read this as a con in a review for an aerosoft airport? Some runways loss the wet runway effect with REX Many thanks for your help
  22. Bought REX back in 2009. Now I want to get back in. REX is really looking fantatstic. I have UTX GEX Fs Global. My REX # FSS0019707. How far can I upgrade for free. Also is there a upgrade price to go al the way with REX 3 and Overdrive texrure packs.? Thanks for your time.
  23. Can anyone help me here I am trying to add a photo to a post where can i upload them at?
  24. Hello, I have REX ESS+ and I would like upgrade to new version but I can not find path to do this.Can you help me please with this issue. Order Number: FSS0152243
  25. Hello everyone, sorry for my English. I installed REX essentials plus and wanted to know where to download the upgrade to overdrive fsx. I found the link for fs9, but not for fsx. Thanks to all for the help and thanks to the team for the extraordinary work done
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