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Found 263 results

  1. Hello I just received the two CD set for REX-4. During the installation process, about 3/4's of the way through, I receive the following message; "Source file not found C\:REX-4\120-1\rexte3.cab. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it". Once I get to this point, the installation process stops. Any suggestions??? I am running windows 7, 64 bit. My order number is 532405 from FS Piolt shop Thanks Robert
  2. I just successfully upgraded version 2.5.2010.1027 to REX 3.5.2012.1029. Upgrade went great. Ran the autoupdater and selected correct version and location. Updater ran and at the end of the update the message was roughly something like "REX installation could not be verified, contact forum admin." Reran updater to see if problem persisted and it says REX is up to date. Great. Went to run REX to check things out and windows says something like REX.exe is not valid win32 application. Checked REX.exe in its folder and sure enogh, it's not a valid anything, it's 0kb. Auto updater really does not like me and my status of not being verified. Not sure why I'm not verified and what it is verifying me against, and especially not sure why it would null out my .exe file when that is quite an important item. --running FSX on 64-bit win7 machine, all fsx sp/ updates are current. --latest fsuipc. --not overclocked machine --overall very few other addons --6gig ram --not networked --lots of free hdd space --good internet connection --no AV or firewall running --UAC off --REX on F: (outside of x86 folder) fsx on C: (inside x86 folder) --did not run as admin on upgrade etc. but 2.5->3.5 worked well --havent changed settings drastically in newest version since upgrade Q: Why would the updater now think I'm up to date when there is invalid .exe file. It should verify size as it looks at config profiles for currency and version. It's now being fooled too. Still cannot post to actual support forum so just seeing if anybody else has been bitten by this type of problem...
  3. Help I have tonight, REX 4 Acquired at FlightSim Pilot Shop. Now I have to download 6.2 GB. But the speed is at 30kb / s it would take two days.and if I make the pc out I have to start from forne. or web. I do not know what to do, who kan help. One more thing, I'm from Germany my english is not so good. REX 4 FSPS#535390
  4. bonjour voila j ai REX essential overdrive et je vien d achete rex4 doi ton desinstaller REX essential overdrive ou les faire tourner les deux en meme temps et dans quel ordre les lancer merci
  5. Hi all... I'm sure this has probably been asked before, but for the life of me I can't find an answer... Please feel free to redirect me if so Here's my question... I have REX essential plus overdrive and love it... I use it solely for textures (and use OPUS for my weather engine), and sometimes planning. Because I only use REX essential for textures right now, could I potentially uninstall it, then install REX4 TD to fulfill the same role whilst still using OPUS for weather (at least till the new REX4 weather engine is released of course )? I ask because uninstalling REX essential could potentially free up some additional disk space... Plus I'm a bit OCD about keeping my installation clean and tidy Thanks in advance...
  6. Hi there,Ok I have REX essential plus OD that I purchased from Pc Aviator some time ago,I have now purchased P3DV2,so is REX 4 better? or do I use my previous REX and do I need to oay more for the previous REX because it was for FSX not P3d?. Any help is appreciated
  7. Hi All, I just thought to share my experience...I bought Active Sky Next yesterday and used it along with REX 4...both are working together flawlessly and are an absolute pleasure. Thanks REX team for another wonderful product
  8. Dear Admin, I have a problem with my REX 4 software and although I have submitted my Order number in the correct Verification Forum I wondered how long it would be before this would be acknowledged and I was confirmed as a verified member. Not able to use REX 4 without your assistance and desperate to get it working. Warm Regards Dave Gi
  9. Hello, As in the title big mistake from me ! The facts : I just to change my computer. So, I just bought some new addons (GEX, UTX...) that could not run on my old config. Among them REX version 3.6.2013.0415 bought on the ven. 20/12/2013 04:18 at PCaviator order 117170 ! Shame on me, believe it or not I did not know that a new version would come out . So, what was my surprise when I received an email this morning from PCaviator with in the title "New REX4 Now Available". So, I guess I'm be supposed to buy the new version or is there a possible arrangement ? Waiting for your answer, thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Richard Portier
  10. Just got REX4 and would like to add a banner to my sig. Where can I get a REX 4 banner?
  11. Hi. Is REX 4 a replacement for REXESS + OD; or is it an enhancement to REXESS + OD? Or, is there any relationship at all? Thx
  12. Hi again folks, I thought I had downloaded these but can't find. Where are they located?? P.S Purchased and downloaded from PC Aviator Never mind guys, got it
  13. Hi. Anyone here have any experience with this program and Radeon Cards in creating FSX Profiles? Thx
  14. Hi, I own REX Essential Plus with Overdrive and I have the following issue with the in-application notifications on the CONFIGURATION MANAGER page: ALTHOUGH THE BOX IS UNCHECKED I STILL GET NOTIFICATIONS EVERY TIME NEW WEATHER IS INJECTED/LOADED TO FSX. Can you please advise how to turn off the in-app notifications since they are very annoying as they greatly affect the FPS . Thanks and regards, Denes REX FSX Simmarket Order Number 967639
  15. Hello, I have just switched from FSX to P3D and would like to continue using REX. I do not have a Credit Card to buy the P3D License though. Is there any option to buy it using PayPal somewhere which I may have missed? Best regards Emanuel
  16. I just recently got back into the FSX skies and have a question. I just upgraded to REX ESSENTIAL PLUS BUILD 3.3.2013.0715. In REX 2.0 I remember I just had to launch FSX and the weather engine would launch with it. Now I think I understand that we have to launch through REX program (please correct me if I'm wrong). When I exit FSX and the weather engine I notice the REX program is still running and I have to close that too. Is it now 3 things running when flying with REX? Is there a way to run with only the weather engine without the whole program in the background?
  17. Hello I have been using REX with OD for a while now. My question is...with all the new stuff such as Orbx/FTX etc. things I have added, I have been moving things such as GEX soon UTX and such to 2nd PC to get use of those things I already have. I would like to buy another copy of REX for that pc...they both operate on the same wireless router as with everything in my house.(both pc's have there own wireless adapter) Would I see problems with a 2nd (new purchased version) of REX for this 2nd pc? I have never tried both pc's at the same time and don't plan to. I just wanted to get some future use of older FSX stuff rather than just leaving it in the dust. Any thought and ideas...Thanks
  18. Hello fellow flyers ! I hav'nt been on the sim for about 11/2 yrs and I'm way behind in updates etc etc, now I've got the yoke between my legs again, I was wondering could you guys tell what updates in the right order I should get to bring my REX2 up to date I have file version:2.0.2010.0611 THX in advance, hoping for a reply
  19. I haven't been here much except for some brief lurking and totally missed the Auto Update release (which I think is a great tool). After downloading I realized I didn't thoroughly read the system requirements. I'm still using XP. I noticed the system requirement is Vista sp2 and higher. Will there be any support for XP or what would happen if I try to use it?
  20. Has been 10 days since I bought REX from flightsim store but my order still locked. I sent emails to the support center but no response. I called my bank to ask about the bill and they said the bill has been paid. but why is my order still locked? what should i do?
  21. In the REX manual, there is only a quick start section to explain how to start FSX with REX weather. The three options are :- 1. WANT TO FLY - Allows REX to randomly select and install textures into FSX/P3D, then opens both the flight simulator and the REX Weather Engine. 2. LIKE TO CREATE - Allows you to create texture themes, select and install textures/sounds or share/ browse textures with the rest of the REX community. 3. FOLLOW A FLIGHT PLAN - Allows creation of flight plans(with real-time, random or archived weather), interface with FlightAware real-world live flight plans, or save/browse community-shared flight plans. All I want to to is run FSX with REX supplying real world weather. I dont want random weather, or choose a theme, or create a flight plan. Its not in the manual. How do I do this? Also, according to the manual, "WHAT IS WXPLUS MODE? The WXPLUS mode of the REX weather engine can be compared to using a weather theme within FSX/P3D. The weather is handled more globally.". Does this mean that I must use Standard Mode to get real weather (and use WXPLUS only for themes)?
  22. Hi, I just bought REX Essentials + OD. I have not installed it yet. It's quite a sizable package so I'd like to install it on a different drive (a 1TB HDD) than my FSX is installed on (an SSD with limited space). Will the REX installer allow me to do this? Will it figure out where FSX is or do I have to configure that somehow? Sorry if this is obvious, but I didn't want to start the install and immediately get off on the wrong foot. Cheers!
  23. Hey guys I have a quick question. I bought REX essential. should i still install the free DL grass and runways that REX studious offers as freeware or does essential have it ?
  24. I know the DVD makes us doesn't need to download a 9GB file, and it also comes with a DVD case and manual booklet, but is there any other benefits? If no, then I will buy the download version and ask the store to mail it to me via DVD. If yes, I will buy the DVD version. Thanks.
  25. Hello,how do I download REX Essential Overdrive upgrade ? Thank you
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