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Found 274 results

  1. If any that can verify me that would be great. I am having a major issue with install from simmarket. Thank you
  2. I do not know if this is the right place to ask. I have sent flightsimstore already this question, but they did not respond. My question: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I think I have done some mistaken purchases. I was intent to buy REX 4 for FSX, so I just have bought REX - REX 4 | Texture Direct HD, ordernumber 279616. Now I have installed it, I realized I have not bought REX 4 program, but Texture Direct HD only. Ok can happen, so I went back to the flightsimstore and thought I should buy REX - Real Environment Xtreme in order to get both program and Texture HD. SO I ordered some yesterdaymorning Real Environment Xtreme for X-Plane ordernumber 279644. During downloading, I started to be confused. I read for Xplane. And I realized I do not have Xplane, but FSX. Some years ago I bought REX2, did not used it for a long time, and I read yesterdaymorning some good reviews about REX4.Thats why I got confused and thought I could buy a brand new REX4 for FSX. Because there are a lot of possibilities and my Engish reading is not that best, I have bought some stuff, which I can not use now. Can you, from REX, help me in solving this please? Regards, Ed
  3. Please forgive me for not being able to figure this out. I have looked all over the forums and still can't figure this out. Two questions, first I have 3.2.2013.0415 REX Essential Plus, don't know what to update to or even if I need to which leads me to my second question. I have and am running REX 4 and am using Plus for my weather engine. How dose all this play out? Thanks, David Manlyman Felix 105 VCVW 8
  4. Hi When will weather architect be released thx Lee
  5. After downloading REX essentials puls, I realized I didn't have all the textures I was hoping for. I then found out that the textures I've been looking for are in Overdrive. I understand Overdrive is a free add-on. How would I go about obtaining it and installing it into REX ? Order Number: FSS0277981
  6. Some of you might remember me....funnelpond is the name. Anyway i am ready to hop back in the pilots seat and i need my order number and stuff as i dont even remember where i bought REX? Also is the REX 4 a free upgrade to existing customers? Thanks
  7. First, I see that it says it can load WX influenced textures. I'm wondering though is that based on one station or can it be done similar to REX Essentials where you give it a flightplan and it comes up with a set based on your departure and arrival airports. Second question is wave animations. I've gone over to the DX10 side. One of the big problems that DX10 users have noted on various forums is that even when checking the "DX10 Optimized" box in REX Essentials, the wave animations for the most part (except for a few) didn't look very good and weren't really animated under DX10 vs. their DX9 versions. Has this changed in REX4? I.e. are the DX10 versions of wave animations much improved? The default MS DX10 animation actually looked pretty good having movement and whitecaps/etc. but the overall look still looked cheap/stock so I eventually swapped it back out with a REX one but it's still a compromise. I've been holding off on REX4 since there was no updated weather engine for it yet, but I'm thinking about swapping to it anyway if the wave animations are much improved under DX10.
  8. Hi,please advise the correct way to report piracy in this forum?
  9. Hi, Just received my disks for REX4 and while trying to install, I a box came up, asking about the file rexte3.cab, and if I could verify it. I checked and found I did not have the file, only up to rexte2. I am unable to install REX4 becauseof this. Could someone inform me about what to do now? Larry PCA order # 114063
  10. Hi, I am trying to understand this new REX 4 product called "Direct", when REX talk about texture is that only Weather texture for cloud/water and so one..? I assume these texture they are talking about are for airport/runaway/cloud/water only ? - I have read the link below several time but still not 100% sure, (sorry..) - http://www.rexdirectexperience.com/index.html#about I have orbx FTX Global and vector installed and they are working just great. Can they coexist with REX 4, without any issues and not changing any textures on the ground ? - I dont want to end up with some meshy ground/mountain landscape/road issues if I buy REX 4, - http://fullterrain.com/ (FTX Global/vector) Appriciate any comments or feedback, please Rgds Søren Had REX 3 for many years, without any issues :-). Great product.
  11. I was thinking, REX has a really nice daytime sky, and a really nicely dark night time, but what about a realistic night time sky? Not just in terms of darkness, but in what you see in the night sky, in places where it is REALLY dark, like a milky way, or stars that are the real colors, not just white points of light. would that be possible?
  12. Hello I just received the two CD set for REX-4. During the installation process, about 3/4's of the way through, I receive the following message; "Source file not found C\:REX-4\120-1\rexte3.cab. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it". Once I get to this point, the installation process stops. Any suggestions??? I am running windows 7, 64 bit. My order number is 532405 from FS Piolt shop Thanks Robert
  13. I just successfully upgraded version 2.5.2010.1027 to REX 3.5.2012.1029. Upgrade went great. Ran the autoupdater and selected correct version and location. Updater ran and at the end of the update the message was roughly something like "REX installation could not be verified, contact forum admin." Reran updater to see if problem persisted and it says REX is up to date. Great. Went to run REX to check things out and windows says something like REX.exe is not valid win32 application. Checked REX.exe in its folder and sure enogh, it's not a valid anything, it's 0kb. Auto updater really does not like me and my status of not being verified. Not sure why I'm not verified and what it is verifying me against, and especially not sure why it would null out my .exe file when that is quite an important item. --running FSX on 64-bit win7 machine, all fsx sp/ updates are current. --latest fsuipc. --not overclocked machine --overall very few other addons --6gig ram --not networked --lots of free hdd space --good internet connection --no AV or firewall running --UAC off --REX on F: (outside of x86 folder) fsx on C: (inside x86 folder) --did not run as admin on upgrade etc. but 2.5->3.5 worked well --havent changed settings drastically in newest version since upgrade Q: Why would the updater now think I'm up to date when there is invalid .exe file. It should verify size as it looks at config profiles for currency and version. It's now being fooled too. Still cannot post to actual support forum so just seeing if anybody else has been bitten by this type of problem...
  14. Help I have tonight, REX 4 Acquired at FlightSim Pilot Shop. Now I have to download 6.2 GB. But the speed is at 30kb / s it would take two days.and if I make the pc out I have to start from forne. or web. I do not know what to do, who kan help. One more thing, I'm from Germany my english is not so good. REX 4 FSPS#535390
  15. bonjour voila j ai REX essential overdrive et je vien d achete rex4 doi ton desinstaller REX essential overdrive ou les faire tourner les deux en meme temps et dans quel ordre les lancer merci
  16. Hi all... I'm sure this has probably been asked before, but for the life of me I can't find an answer... Please feel free to redirect me if so Here's my question... I have REX essential plus overdrive and love it... I use it solely for textures (and use OPUS for my weather engine), and sometimes planning. Because I only use REX essential for textures right now, could I potentially uninstall it, then install REX4 TD to fulfill the same role whilst still using OPUS for weather (at least till the new REX4 weather engine is released of course )? I ask because uninstalling REX essential could potentially free up some additional disk space... Plus I'm a bit OCD about keeping my installation clean and tidy Thanks in advance...
  17. Hi there,Ok I have REX essential plus OD that I purchased from Pc Aviator some time ago,I have now purchased P3DV2,so is REX 4 better? or do I use my previous REX and do I need to oay more for the previous REX because it was for FSX not P3d?. Any help is appreciated
  18. Hi All, I just thought to share my experience...I bought Active Sky Next yesterday and used it along with REX 4...both are working together flawlessly and are an absolute pleasure. Thanks REX team for another wonderful product
  19. Dear Admin, I have a problem with my REX 4 software and although I have submitted my Order number in the correct Verification Forum I wondered how long it would be before this would be acknowledged and I was confirmed as a verified member. Not able to use REX 4 without your assistance and desperate to get it working. Warm Regards Dave Gi
  20. Hello, As in the title big mistake from me ! The facts : I just to change my computer. So, I just bought some new addons (GEX, UTX...) that could not run on my old config. Among them REX version 3.6.2013.0415 bought on the ven. 20/12/2013 04:18 at PCaviator order 117170 ! Shame on me, believe it or not I did not know that a new version would come out . So, what was my surprise when I received an email this morning from PCaviator with in the title "New REX4 Now Available". So, I guess I'm be supposed to buy the new version or is there a possible arrangement ? Waiting for your answer, thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Richard Portier
  21. Just got REX4 and would like to add a banner to my sig. Where can I get a REX 4 banner?
  22. Hi. Is REX 4 a replacement for REXESS + OD; or is it an enhancement to REXESS + OD? Or, is there any relationship at all? Thx
  23. Hi again folks, I thought I had downloaded these but can't find. Where are they located?? P.S Purchased and downloaded from PC Aviator Never mind guys, got it
  24. Hi. Anyone here have any experience with this program and Radeon Cards in creating FSX Profiles? Thx
  25. Hi, I own REX Essential Plus with Overdrive and I have the following issue with the in-application notifications on the CONFIGURATION MANAGER page: ALTHOUGH THE BOX IS UNCHECKED I STILL GET NOTIFICATIONS EVERY TIME NEW WEATHER IS INJECTED/LOADED TO FSX. Can you please advise how to turn off the in-app notifications since they are very annoying as they greatly affect the FPS . Thanks and regards, Denes REX FSX Simmarket Order Number 967639
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