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Found 268 results

  1. stevieiz

    RESOLVED Support Forum

    Hi guys Any reason why I cant view the support forums. Cheers S
  2. could someone kindly help out a 70 + year old man and sp3 specifically the lat/long setting on the weather surface region do I want smaller region (1x1) or larger say 7x7 for ex. and the weather grid interpolation setting on or off and what exactly does it do if Im reading it correctly (?) it seems the weather surface is distance related and the refresh rate is time related do they work together? ihave read the manuel just don t understand it thet well thanks very much
  3. Hello sir/mam, I tried to buy rights for prepar3d so I can use my REX essential overdrive. My rights number is 031935. However when I updated it to version 3.7 and restarted my REX, now i have to buy rights for P3d again. Can someone help me here
  4. Hi, I think I won my bet THANK YOU A LOT REX Team! No problem with the update. And piece on the cake, it seems to me that I got some different weather in Antarctica! Need a lot of time to explore the functions now
  5. I've had REX Essential/Plus Overdrive since last year which i bought from fspilotshop (CD Version) due to my internet connection being very low in my area. Recently the program has been crashing on me alot so i decided to uninstall the program and start again. Every time i copy the files from the CD, and begin the main installation the same error comes up all the time called "cirrus_few03.imagedata_60" that cannot be found in "Cab12.cab" due to an CD or network error. I checked the "Cab12.cab" unextracted file and its there but named like this? "cirrus_few03.imagedata_60<--". Does it means its there but corrupted? Hope you can help me with this problem, as ive just purchased RE4 Texture Direct. Jim! *Resolved* 28/11/2014 17:38 Nevermind its been fixed, i manually got the unextracted file from the CD and replaced it with the one that has current error. I would recommend to keep this topic here, just in case if anyone has issues with the CD versions. Just get the cab file from the CD *copy* and * replace* with the file that has the error.
  6. Hi, Just wondering if REX Latitude is still an active product? google searches don't show much recent activity. If it is, does it support the A2A cessna and cherokee? the price is pretty cheap, but there's no point for me if it has trouble with these addons. thanks, Mike
  7. Is it possible to upgrade or is REX4 a totally different product/purchase? Just wondering if I should or not. Thanks everyone!
  8. i looked at the download list and theres no update for this version.
  9. Hello, where do i find my Order Number? I buyed FSX and REX on Amazon. Can you help me please. I want to registrated for Software Updates. Thanks.
  10. 2 days back I purchased REX 4 from flightsim store and downloaded the zip file ..... Installed perfectly and works great..... But when I checked the contents 2 files were missing. Autorun.inf and autorun.exe..... Has it been intentionally been removed or is there a download error.... Download size 6.23 gob and install size 16.1gb. If the change has been made from your side please make it a habit to include a fully detailed change log to prevent such miscommunication
  11. deltafan

    RESOLVED New Textures

    Hello all! Question for the REX team, are there plans to add further texture sets, particularly sky dawn/dusk sets, to REX4TD? As nice as the included sets are, I do feel like there was a bit more variation in REXE/OD, for example the Ice dusk texture (one of my favorites from REXE).
  12. flyingjafo

    RESOLVED broken link?

    The link to the solution for the trojan virus topic is not working. Sorry to keep pestering the forum with this topic over and over again , i know that there's more important topics to resolve. Good day Jefferson
  13. Hello all, Im new to the REX forum so please bear with me!! I have had REX for a long time now (probably 2 years [ish]) but because of computer problems and not having had FSX installed for a long time...i want to the reinstall my copy of REX v2 back into my reinstalled FSX....(does that sound right!!!!?) Of course I have the disc and the order no....but,I not have the rest of the information..eg the order date etc!!! How do I get around this...is there a way of obtaining the rest of the info to reinstall the program..? Hope someone can help me!!! Thanks a lot.... Dave
  14. Hello, I am new to this forum and I am just wondering why I cannot access the free stuff section. Thank you, TheBoeing767fan
  15. Hello, will there be some problems, if i use German Airports 2 ex. with REX becauce REX has Airport Textures (Runways etc.) and the Addon German Airpots as well. Best Regards
  16. I've been successful in my reinstall of REX to the build of 3.5.2012.1029. When I follow the install proceedure exactly as shown I get this error message: C:\REX ESSENTIALS PLUS OVERDRIVE\IMAGES\Thumbs.dbi:unknown version The installer then will not allow me to go further. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  17. boab1982

    RESOLVED Noob Alert! :)

    Hey all After years of not playing FSX I recently got back into it because I have a better system. I've recently re-installed windows/fsx...took agaes!!! Installed REX and its looking amazing but wondering if I can upgrade the version I have. Installed REX plus HD from flightsimstore, Is it possible to update or upgrade to a higher version? Just wondering if I have the best version or need to update! Can't wait to get some other addons installed...specifically orbx. Anyone recommend other good addons to download? Anyway...just wanted to say hello to fellow REX users. Cheers!
  18. asamra


    hi is it normal that i pay 36.37€ and in return fspilotshop send's me a sales receipt with 2 normal dvd's marked by pencil REX 4 DVD-1 and REX 4 DVD-2 don't know why i pay extra for something that i can copy myself from the downloaded version thought that it where like the other dvd's i receive from other producer's like aerosoft next time i'll stick with the download version only
  19. hey there guys, i just bought REX Essential Plus Overdrive a few days ago from SimMarket.com, may i know where can i get the order id to verified my account?
  20. stfitts

    RESOLVED Help?

    If any that can verify me that would be great. I am having a major issue with install from simmarket. Thank you
  21. I do not know if this is the right place to ask. I have sent flightsimstore already this question, but they did not respond. My question: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I think I have done some mistaken purchases. I was intent to buy REX 4 for FSX, so I just have bought REX - REX 4 | Texture Direct HD, ordernumber 279616. Now I have installed it, I realized I have not bought REX 4 program, but Texture Direct HD only. Ok can happen, so I went back to the flightsimstore and thought I should buy REX - Real Environment Xtreme in order to get both program and Texture HD. SO I ordered some yesterdaymorning Real Environment Xtreme for X-Plane ordernumber 279644. During downloading, I started to be confused. I read for Xplane. And I realized I do not have Xplane, but FSX. Some years ago I bought REX2, did not used it for a long time, and I read yesterdaymorning some good reviews about REX4.Thats why I got confused and thought I could buy a brand new REX4 for FSX. Because there are a lot of possibilities and my Engish reading is not that best, I have bought some stuff, which I can not use now. Can you, from REX, help me in solving this please? Regards, Ed
  22. Manlyman

    RESOLVED Which Update?

    Please forgive me for not being able to figure this out. I have looked all over the forums and still can't figure this out. Two questions, first I have 3.2.2013.0415 REX Essential Plus, don't know what to update to or even if I need to which leads me to my second question. I have and am running REX 4 and am using Plus for my weather engine. How dose all this play out? Thanks, David Manlyman Felix 105 VCVW 8
  23. dental12

    RESOLVED weather architect

    Hi When will weather architect be released thx Lee
  24. tiberius0505

    RESOLVED Overdrive Add On ?

    After downloading REX essentials puls, I realized I didn't have all the textures I was hoping for. I then found out that the textures I've been looking for are in Overdrive. I understand Overdrive is a free add-on. How would I go about obtaining it and installing it into REX ? Order Number: FSS0277981
  25. funnelpond

    RESOLVED Im back and need help

    Some of you might remember me....funnelpond is the name. Anyway i am ready to hop back in the pilots seat and i need my order number and stuff as i dont even remember where i bought REX? Also is the REX 4 a free upgrade to existing customers? Thanks