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Found 269 results

  1. January 1st, 2015 I purchased subject program for FSX. As of April 6th, 2015 I started using P3D and would like to install Soft Clouds. Can someone please inform me where and how I can download the program and reinstall it using my known registration code? Thanks in advance, Dirk Karmelk
  2. I currently own REX Essentials Plus (HD) and see several other products on your site. Is there a place I can go to compare the different products, and determine if I want anything different? ARE there differences in the separate packages compared to what I already have? IF I get (say) REX 4 Texture Direct, is it compatible with what I already have, or do I replace REX E+? OR is it (basically) the same thing and there is no need to replace it? Is it an upgrade? Apologize if this has already been covered, I did search, but found nothing. Thank you, TBryson2
  3. Hallo liebes Forum, ich habe seit gestern das REX Addon für den FSX gedownloaded und als ich es installieren wollte kam kurz nach der Instalation eine Meldung mit der Information, dass eine Datei nicht gefunden werden konnte. Was soll ich tuen? Bitte um schnelle hilfe. Danke schonmal im vorraus -Judon99-
  4. Hi guys, I love REX but when I install I have to go from REX 2.0 and upload the service packs and hop along the builds etc. I don't mind it but I have to be very careful and it can take some time. Is there ever going to be a one stop shop for REX ESS + OD that I can skip to at some point? thanks!
  5. Hi, Please can you advise please. I have installed your three Natural ENBPlus files into my Flight Simulator X folder, (fSX Acc, Win7, REX4 + Clouds, NVidea 7800) and find that when I switch display modes in FSX eg Full Screen to Windowed mode, I have to turn ENB back on again each time. Is this normal behaviour in FSX and is there a work around to fix ENB on, once the flight is loaded and ENB is set with F12 please? Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  6. Thanks for a helpful forum. Just installed FSX "Steam" and my 80 yr old mind is a little confused. Installed REX Build 3.4.2014.1126 I know I should most likely update as well as addClouds and Texture direct. Maybe something else. I have invoices from the REX store with appropiate info but can't find how ro D\L so I can convert to the combo. Got a good install on Steam which in itself is a challage. Would appreciate if somebody could point me in the right direction with the proper protocoll to have everything set up ight. Been reading the forums but I'm overwhelmed. Had everything working well with MS FSX but can't seem to comfortable with Steam. thanks in advance for suggestions and help.
  7. I'm thinking about switching from FSX to Perpar3D and i was woundering if i have to buy another product key for REX to use it with Perpar3D. Pilot#1
  8. I've been a longtime owner of REX Essentials, and then I picked up REX4 Texture Direct during a sale. Initially I thought REX4 was a "new" product meant to replace the older REX Essentials - using newer technology, better compatibility with P3D v2 etc. So I thought I was being clever to jump on the new product and abandon the "legacy" REX Essentials. However I'm seeing that REX Essentials is still being updated. While it's good that you support your older products too, as a customer it leaves me a bit confused as to the advantages of "upgrading" to REX4, and whether it's really an upgrade at all or just a parallel product line. Then Soft Clouds was released, which is a third product with the same goal (providing a more realistic environment) that makes me further question my decision to get REX4 (which I purchased in order to get the latest technology). So a couple of questions: -Do you consider REX4 a replacement/upgrade over REX Essentials or an parallel product line? -If the latter, when is REX4 the best choice and who should choose REX Essentials instead? -Is REX Essentials w/O still considered the "premium" product? It's more expensive than the other two and the download size is also bigger. -Will support and updates continue for all three products?
  9. Hi, My product order information is #FSS0318975. Thank you. Gary
  10. Hi, I recently posted a topic, about my specs and help, to see if my computer is worthy enough of being able to run REX. It got moved to hardware topics, but I don't have permission to view it apparently... I know I need REX verification. But the whole point of the topic was asking if my PC is good enough to run it, BEFORE I buy it. It got a reply, from a Admin, can it just be posted onto this topic, so I can read your answer? Or could I just have quick access so I can read the reply to my topic? Thanks in advance.
  11. When I look at the amount of of forum posts with zero replies yet a lot of views it makes me wonder why no one answers posts. Do I have to go somewhere else for simple questions to be answered? Or do I have have to ask for a refund as I just bought this like four days ago? Tim, you out there? Not all of us celebrate Easter but I respect those that do but come on, a little help here to some very simple questions would be nice.
  12. I own both X-Plane 9 and X-10. Would this by chance work on X-10?
  13. cant find my thread have checked over and over again. thread is under name "spinker"
  14. Hello all, I just thought I would start this thread and ask a very simple question. How is a development of Direct Weather going along. I noticed in another topic in this form the developer blog, was dated the 14th of October of last year. And we're now in march of this year 2015, so I thought I would ask for the update. I recently purchased Direct Texture & Soft Clouds combo pack. So now I'm in the market for a weather engine. I played around with active sky on their trial, but I did not commit to it because I would like to know how direct weather is going to work and the fact that it was $49.00 USD, which in my opinion, is too expensive. But what do I know, right! What got me back into flight simulator, was without a doubt the steam sale for FSX for $9.99. Personally, if you want to get more people in the community, and grow the community. That was a smart move to do. We live in a world of free to play, buy to play and other business models. And the low buy in in my opinion is the best way to go, to grow your business & community in the long run. I am a casual flight Sim'er so please don't hate me for my noobness. Cheers Dionsol CS E-465 Southern California Mojave Desert PS: Does REX Game Studios have a G+ account, just curious So I can follow their adventures. (I don't use facebook sorry)
  15. Hi all, I'm trying to re download REX Auto Updater, yet when I click on the Learn More it brings me to the top of the release/news feed, is there a direct URL link to the file that I can have? thanks!
  16. Hi again, I had posted regarding launching soft clouds together with Rex4 Direct but you had requested my order numbers. Below my signature, you will find my order numbers for both products so that you may follow-up with me. Thank you. Eric Desnoyers SoftClouds: Order #634991 (FSPilotshop) Rex4 Direct: Order #261727 (Flightsimstore.com) --
  17. I have no access to official members forum. I already registered my order number and where I purchased the product and was already given approval. I had accessto Rex4 direct forum for one or two days and decided to change my password and now when i log into REX forum and try to access the official Rex4 direct form it tells me I do not have permission. I do we resolve this problem? Troy
  18. Hi everybody, I've just ordered REX 4 Textures Direct, i've donwloaded it from Flightsim.store. When the dowload finished all the files are here but impossible for me to run the Setup.Exe (normal or as adminsitrator)! Thank's for your help. I run with Windows 7 64 bits. PS : sorry for my bad english. Loïc Normandy FRANCE
  19. Edit Fixed http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/D/D/8DD7BDBA-CEF7-4D8E-8C16-D9F69527F909/ENU/x64/SqlLocalDB.MSI
  20. I want to up grade from REX 4 to REX Essential Overdrive. Do I have to pay full price for REX Essential Overdrive or do I get a dicount for having REX 4? Dan
  21. I have a question, is REX Soft Clouds comatible with REX4 Texture Direct (SP4/TU2) and Active Sky Next (SP1B)?
  22. Hi all, Just completed a major upgrade on my PC, I really want the best weather program available, I love the look of REX4 but I'm confused!, Can I use REX4 as stand alone or do I need to get REX e+od first?, also I heard that REX4 doesn't have it's own weather engine, is that correct?. Thanks Robbie
  23. Just a quickie does soft clouds just install into REX 4 or is it a separate product, I do like the look of this from screenshots ive seen it looks fantastic I will have to wait and buy next payday. cheers Iain
  24. Looking to buy the new Soft Clouds textures. ....do I have to uninstall any texture from REX4 texure direct?
  25. Hi trying to buy the soft cloud pack i can't create an account. it only has the United states in the country list. as I live in the uk i can't create an address as part of the buying process . any ideas steve
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