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Found 36 results

  1. Hello I have exactly the same observation here. And I´m so used not to have those low level clouds that I haven´t thought about it. But now that i came across with this topic, I realize that it could add lots of realism and feeling to the sim. So please, if you could find a solution to this, that would make this fantastic product even better...
  2. Hello, I too have encountered this issue. I am running P3Dv4.5 with AS, SF3d and PTA with the addition EF5 the start of the issue. I have experienced it with the Fslabs a320 and well as the Qualitywings 787. I have noticed enabling/disabling manual lighting mode on and off will make the time advance if you let enought time pass(like 15-30 minutes). I would like to add that while EF5 is a good program, this is completely immersion breaking in a sim and imo a deal breaker. I mean,, I can not to a two leg flight that would take me from dawn to afternoon or noon to dark...
  3. Hello! I have troubles in selecting proper configuration of Active Sky and Environment Force regarding cloud visibility. I use Environment Force in automatic mode, having all turned on except weather smoothing, real-time weather read and water control. According to information provided on this forum, for the visibility to be controlled by AS, fog mode has to be kept "OFF". By the time I have this, I keep seeing very distinct "boundary" of clouds, which is the most disturbing at overcast conditions. This one is a true immersion killer for me. 1) Active Sky: cloud draw distance 120 miles, max upper visibility 200 miles, EF auto + Fog mode OFF, cloud boundary clearily visible. 2) Active Sky: cloud draw distance 120 miles, max upper visibility reduced to 50 miles, EF auto + Fog mode OFF, cloud boundary still clearily visible. With Environment Force in Fog mode set to Manual, even in automation mode, I can change value of cloud fog tune to obtain exactly what I need: 3) Active Sky: cloud draw distance 120 miles, max upper visibility 200 miles, EF auto + Fog mode manual + cloud fog tune 1.8, cloud boundary dissapeared. Is there any possibility to keep visuals as on the 3rd picture with visibility control in hands of Active Sky? Or is there any other method on how to eliminate cloud boundary from pictures 1 and 2? Looking forward to hearing from You, Best reagrds Marek Mysior
  4. Hello, I have come across a strange situation that when using EF my P3D day/night cycle doesnt work. It does not get light when it should the only way of seeming to change this is going to time preview and moving it forward five mins then back, this then gives the correct light for the time of day. I have unistalled EF and the Day/Night cycle once again works fine. So I believe it is related to EF. ANy help would be appreciated
  5. Got this from the manual: " With OR without the REX weather engine: Step 1 – Start Sky Force and minimize. Step 2 – Start your flight simulator and fly. The 3D cloud model sync function will automatically engage during flight. " Since I've installed cloud models those low level and thin stratus clouds and/or small individual (lots of them) puffy cumulus never appeared again in my P3D. It was common to appear before using REX SkyForce and nowadays it's so repetitive to have high FL clouds with (usually) several thousand feet thickness. It happens no matter I keep the program open in background or not. I understand that since I have once installed the models they will keep there forever. But will they change automatically (program running background) even with selected options untouched? How can I have a better mix of low and high clouds, depending on the reported weather? Is this a limitation of SkyForce?
  6. Odd clouds over Bergen. This is flying offline with zero traffic.
  7. Hi @rstough @timest999 Guys, after install the last version of SF and hotfix prepar3d 4.5 when i went through the clouds my gpu runs at 100% before the update stay between 45 and 65. I did not move any of my settings. Any advice. Regards.
  8. WX ADVANTAGE RADAR STATUS UPDATE: RELEASED BUILD: TECHNICAL UPDATE 7 DATE: 5/21/2019 Developer Message: We have officially released Technical Update 7 for the WX Advantage Radar. This build focuses on support for Prepar3D v4.5, and 4.5 Hotfix 1. You can download and install the latest full build through the updater or via the link provided below:
  9. REX SKY FORCE 3D STATUS UPDATE: RELEASED BUILD: TECHNICAL UPDATE 2.2 DATE: 5/21/2019 Developer message: We have officially released Technical Update 2.2 for REX Sky Force 3D. If you have build 5.0.2019.0410 installed you can use the automatic update system within the application download and install the patch or navigate to the following forum link: Otherwise, all vendors have been sent the latest full build of 5.0.2019.0514. Please allow 24 hours for them to get the files updated.
  10. FYI: I have searched both the Knowledge Base and the forums and did not find specific answers to my questions. 1). Does the UAC have to be set to Do Not Notify only during the download and install, or always.Your readme file say Pre-Operations Instructions, and then lists turning off the UAC. If it has to be left off whenever FSX is running, that''s an incredible demand for a software program to make. Not only the security risk, but in Win 10 turning off UAC turns off all the apps. Why would the UAC need to be off for operation? Basically that's unacceptable. 2). I'm confused about installation. Thought it was straight forward - run the rexinstaller, but then I read one guys post that talked about first installing the cab files manually, then running the installer. ????
  11. If you are experiencing difficulty in downloading files please do the following: IF PURCHASED AT REX STORE: 1.) If you are using the REX File Transfer Manager tool to download, start it again and under the "Download Type" option select the 2nd option "Use direct download links to download files". This will provide individual links to download. You can use your download manager built within your browser to control it at this time. 2.) If option #1 doesn't work on the bottom of the REX File Transfer/Support Manager is a link to "Submit Support Ticket". Click that link, fill out the form, and submit it. This will automatically generate a support ticket within our system and we directly contact you with another solution." IF PURCHASED AT ANOTHER STORE: 1.) Please send an email directly to us: support@rexgamestudios.com. Please include your order #, product name, and store as well as a link to this post. This will automatically generate a support ticket within our system and we will respond with a solution very quickly.
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