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Found 34 results

  1. SUBJECT: REX EDGE Server Outage TYPE: ALERT LEVEL: EXTREME DATE: Monday, February 17, 2020 EFFECTIVE DATE/TIME: Monday, February 17, 2020 – 15Z END DATE/TIME: Monday, February 17, 2020 – 20Z TOPIC: At approximately 15:15Z this morning communication with our servers had stopped. We have contacted our hosting firm to find out what the issue. We are presently investigating the situation and hope to have a solution within a few hours. Thank you for your patience with this matter and any inconvenience this has caused you. We will keep you advised as we know more. For more real-time updates please join our discord server: https://discord.gg/h3KdtHa SERVICES/PRODUCTS AFFECTED: REX 5 – Environment Force REX 5 – Sky Force 3D REX 5 – Worldwide Airports REX 4 – Texture Direct REX 4 – Texture Direct with Soft Clouds REX 4 – Weather Architect REX 3 – REX Essentials + Overdrive REX Download Manager SERVICES/PRODUCTS NOT AFFECTED:
  2. SUBJECT: Unexpected REX Edge Server Outage TYPE: ALERT LEVEL: SEVERE DATE: Thursday, October 3, 2019 EFFECTIVE DATE/TIME: Thursday, October 3, 2019 @ 18 Z / 2PM ET END DATE/TIME: Thursday, October 3, 2019 @ 20 Z / 5PM ET TOPIC: It appears that our hosting firm has suffered an outage and therefore our data servers are not accessible at this time. We have contacted the firm for more information. We will keep you updated as we receive information. Thank you for your patience and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. SERVICES/PRODUCTS AFFECTED: All REX Applications
  3. Getting conflicting advice over at Avsim forums on this.... My question is if using Active Sky for my weather engine and EF for the texture changes do I also need to run SF in the background for smooth weather transitions or do I leave it on Auto and close it before running P3D...? Other than AS which REX products also need to run in the background when starting P3D? A little confused.... Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I'm still waiting for this to be fixed which is marked to be 'fixed in the next patch'. Can you advise when this will be done please as there's been a couple of new versions since I asked this to be done? Many thanks Matt
  5. The Software is for many users still unusable....
  6. Is there ever a date for the next update. Today I also had the mistake with the Night / Day circle. It has already written a lot about this problem. For a long time no info has been written about a revised version. Frank
  7. I made my first test flight after the 2.2 installation. Clouds still not improved. 1- Storm clouds 2- Mix/ grey/white clouds
  8. I was experiencing problems with P3D not initially downloading the correct REX weather on startup. I resolved this by loading up my P3d default scenario flight and then changing the world weather to load the REX weather system - and then saving the default scenario. This overwrites the original default flight, which did not have the REX weather system associated with it. Now every time I start P3D it automatically loads the REX system weather without fail. Hope that helps.
  9. Hi, In my last flight, while cruising, I noticed the sky colour becoming so strange, the following are some screen capture. The sim was run with up-to-date SF3D, ASCA, ASP4 (the mix & match setup was mentioned in my last thread). Tomatoshade was installed with R&D Preset. Having so many addons, I am still not sure if the issue was related to SF3D. I would be grateful if we could sort it out together. Thanks, Anson
  10. Hi, I am coming form a clean installation of Prepar3D, and I wanted to make sure that REX SF3D has a backup before I install new textures and models. So reading the manual but also the description in the UI, I clicked Backup. I then installed textures and tried to revert back, I click Restore, but the cloud textures I see after in Prepar3D do not seem to be the default one, but the REX textures/models. This is really annoying, cause I jut did a clean install. How someone can revert to the original P3D textures/models after he has installed REX SF3D?
  11. In my case the issues exists. The latest build did´t had a release note part to solve this problem. So why would it be solved if it is reported due several users and REX did not release a patch to solve it? Please leave this as an existing issue till you rollout a release incl a fix for this one. Regards Marcus
  12. I currently have REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD installed on drive C, my boot drive running Windows 10. FSX is installed on drive E. I would like to move or reinstall Airports HD on drive E. I would also like to do the same with REX Advantage Radar. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hey everyone, I have a sort of strange request. I bought REX WWA a while back but never installed it because I don't fly enough to default airports. I own REX Skyforce and REX environforce so I use those textures. I do really like the service vehicles that come with REX WWA so I am wondering is it possible to just install the service vehicles. REX WWA is also a massive size so I don't want to use all that space for a program that I don't have the full need for. Is there a way to install just the service vehicles and use only the size that those vehicles take up. I am pretty sure that I can install the full program and just select the service vehicles but does that mean that there is about 7GB just taking up space. I told you it was a weird question and I hope I explained it correctly. Thank you
  14. So I am not complaining about the product but I do have an issue. I like to watch the AI planes flying from place to place and really enjoy the views of the ground scenery passing underneath. But even when I have clear skies there is this kind of haze that blocks the view of the ground underneath. I think this is too realistic now and I am wondering how can I see clearly down to the ground? I don't mind some tweaking even if it's not realistic for me it's better. I understand that if you have cloudy skies then you won't see the ground but when I have clear skies I expect clear skies. Thank you
  15. Hi all, I am having the same issue - day/night cycle doesn't kick in and I can see bright sunshine at 10pm for example. Any timeline for a fix? Thanks
  16. tried downloading Enviro from simarket x3 times now keep getting this error?? reason being, I had to format all my drives due to a virus and i'am in the process of re installing everything any help with this ?, cheers phil
  17. Hello, I get near 10fps when there are overcast or Broken clouds with P3Dv4.5. Only Using REX SF and EF no shaders. When clearing the weather, I get 50FPS, when reactivate REX weather 10 FPS. My hardware: I7 8700k overclocked 5.0 GHz, delided liquid cooled (50° on full load). GTX1080 TI 11GB, 16GB RAM 3333MHZ installed to M2-SSD. I tried with and without DXT5, automatic resolution, and manual 512 1024 2048 and 4096, my desktop resolution is 4k. kind regards
  18. I have a question that has got me stumped. I bought REX SkyForce 3D months ago, and took a small break from FSX. When I came back recently, I opened SkyForce 3D and received a prompt to update the software. I did, and I am confused. Now every time I open the program I have to put in a registration pin, and it seems to never save. The weather will load somewhat fine, but in flight it gets odd. When the weather starts updating in flight, I lose aircraft power. Not much, but it is noticeable enough that I lose about 100-200 feet of altitude because of it. Also, it doesn't matter how long my flight it, every ATIS I come across in flight time stamps as 0000Z. I'm not sure if I am missing a setup option in the setting of either SkyForce, or of FSX, but I am a bit confused by it. Right now, it looks like I have version 5.0.2019.718. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
  19. I have same problem. Then EF starts and takes for ever to load. I then input my login and serial number. It then does the file back up. I get to a point of selecting easy or manual. But then it's all locked up. Not to mention It took 1 hour to get to that point.
  20. I am still unclear on how to use a PTA preset. It says in the manual to browse to your PTA directory and install the preset? I may be making this harder than need be.
  21. In the settings it shows version 4 grayed out and will not turn on,it shows version 3 turned on for some reason.but it will not inject weather into p3dv4.even that it shows up in auto weather. i have p3dv4 and skyforce and airports and wx radar installed all works except default version p3d and wont inject weather.pc-w10,1tb ssd,32 ram,amd gpu new big dont know model offhand. any suggestions??
  22. I bought REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0 from the Flightsim Store several years ago. I am trying to buy Sky Force 3D (latest version) at the 15% discount price but I cannot find any REX products there listed at the FlightSim Store. Do they no longer carry REX products? If no; what must I do to receive the 15% discount when purchasing Sky Force 3D ? Below are the details of my REX Xtreme v2.0 purchase from the Flightsim Store >> REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0 Order Number: FSS0076712 Order Date: 2010-09-16 Thank you, Ken Boardman
  23. Another issue, please fix, thanks.
  24. Hello I have exactly the same observation here. And I´m so used not to have those low level clouds that I haven´t thought about it. But now that i came across with this topic, I realize that it could add lots of realism and feeling to the sim. So please, if you could find a solution to this, that would make this fantastic product even better...
  25. Hello, I too have encountered this issue. I am running P3Dv4.5 with AS, SF3d and PTA with the addition EF5 the start of the issue. I have experienced it with the Fslabs a320 and well as the Qualitywings 787. I have noticed enabling/disabling manual lighting mode on and off will make the time advance if you let enought time pass(like 15-30 minutes). I would like to add that while EF5 is a good program, this is completely immersion breaking in a sim and imo a deal breaker. I mean,, I can not to a two leg flight that would take me from dawn to afternoon or noon to dark...
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