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Found 61 results

  1. hi, i need help . my REX have this message: Your validation process failed. please contact support! What is this?
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, yesterday i became a message to update REX Sky Force for P3D V4, as i reinstalled and started i a constantly get a Error Message from Microsoft Framework... putting Resolution down doesnt make any difference. Thanks for your help
  3. Hi, when I click on the provided link to download the latest Version I Always receive the message that the link is timed out. How can I download the latest version? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone Does anyone know how to link up PFPX with REX Skyforce? Thanks.
  5. hello, I have a problem, i can't update REX, i'm still in the build 5.0.2018.0520 and when i click on update manually i have this text : " Your version of REX sky force 3D is up to date Thanks for reply Galais74
  6. I purchase the application but when I open it on and it show this status. Besides that, I also connect to the REX website and it happen like the picture below, so what happen with it? please help me this problem. Thanks,
  7. Hello ever since I loaded REX when I go to start up FSX it crashes. Very annoying. Sometimes on boot screen sometimes when I go to choose a plane. This never happened before I installed REX. I need some help please. I am not a computer wiz. thanks T
  8. I have P3D v.3. I have started using your excellent product Rex4 + Soft Clouds. When I open REX I am advised of an update but when I double check the information page this is contradicted with the message "no updates available". I would be very grateful if you could let me know if I can expect an update for REX + Soft Clouds suitable for my system? I presume availability of updates should always be checked via the information page? Many thanks.
  9. MY NIGHT WATER TEXTURES ARE GREY and not dark or black like its suppose to. What do I need to do to have them dark? Thanks
  10. Hi! Can you explain for this simple mind my options plz... I've been using REX4 and Soft Clouds (separate installs). It's stellar! A wise friend uses Texture Direct w/SCs. so I bought it. Now, the ? I should have asked him ... what's the difference? I installed Texture Direct on one of my (5) IG cmptrs. I can say I LOVE the interface. At first glance it seems I took a 10FPS hit though. Aside from that and speaking of the workings of these programs, why use one over the other? Tkx!! Doug
  11. I just downloaded REX 4 texture direct for P3D. I made a theme, but when i go to install it, it says that the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process and then it says successfully installed but when i look at P3D i see no differents with the texture. Please help
  12. Hello, REX Essential Overdrive works fine in my simulator, however when I go to the loader to choose custom textures, the loading screen doesn't work. I am not able to click on "Textures" and browse through the various selection of clouds and sky lighting. Is there a problem with my computer or is it an application problem? It wasn't always this way and its strange that REX still loads into FSX but I am not able to choose specific textures. Thanks.
  14. Anyone else have this problem after installing and activating the program? Everything is all jammed together and I can't read all of the menu options. I can't figure out how to fix this. Any ideas/solutions?
  15. Hi, I'm a user of a virtual airline called Cyberavia. There are many way to configure a flight but the weather is loaded by the Cyberavia Blackbox into FSX and modifying it results in a flight cancellation. Is there a way that the "local" FSX Weather use the engine/texture of REX (essential + overdrive HD version) - no real world Regards.
  16. Hi, every time I try to load REX Weather Architect it fails and I receive the notification REX 4 WA setup ended prematurely because of an error. 'Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time,please run the installation again'. This occurs every time I attempt to load Weather Architect and I have not been able to progress beyond this point. Would be grateful for any practical advise on this issue. Thanks.
  17. Hi Im not able to upgrade textures......why??? it says adress is not good.....
  18. can't load rex4. found a broken in rex4 120a. b2su1bmp 2136. could this be the problem?
  19. Hey there. I purchased Soft Clouds yesterday but cannot get it to install on my system. (Win 7/64) When I run the rexsoftclouds_setup.exe, I am asked for the download directory. I don't change this. When I click on 'Next' the directory is created (Documents\Downloads\REXSC) and a cabinet file with the name 'rexso1.cab' is created but with 0 bytes. The setup terminates and the original setup program is removed. I have tried disabling my antivirus but that does not fix this issue. Any ideas? Thanks
  20. Hello, This is possible to know which is the last version build released ? Thanks in advance Cordially,
  21. hiya there I installed REX essentral overdrive plus on my desktop pc. everything is working right the weather downloading every 15 mins why flying only issure I have is the weather radar map just blank screem not showing where plane is all see is weather thunderstorms icons on it. my desktop pc has windows 7. I will say I installed this addon on other laptop worked fine map was no blank screem. I don't understand why desktop a issure with it please could help me what to do thank you from colin
  22. Hey guys i recently purchases REX 4 and after installing it i realized the options that are supposed to be below the screen are not there, the options responsible for cloud/effects, sun and water waves are not there. so i cant do any editing. Someone please advise me on the best way forward. nelly
  23. Hi I wonder if anybody can help I've purchased REX soft clouds and when I go to start Soft Clouds it comes up but as soon as I go to install it says the program has stopped running so I went to my REX 4 Textures Direct and it says I need update 4.3.2014.1210 as soon as I click on install it says program has stopped and needs to close? Does anybody know the cause of this? Thanks
  24. I just did an in app purchase and everything went well, except that i didnt get any email from REX with my serial. Who can help me?
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