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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I purchased today REX5 Environment Force, but before install it I have a question. I have installed REX4 Texture Direct+Soft Clouds, must I unninstall REX4 or I must use REX5 and REX4 together? Thanks and best regards.
  2. I have just downloaded a patch and its now asking for product registration ,but i cannot remember any of the information or how to retrieve it . please can you help , many thanks...
  3. Can't manually download Hotfix1. Get this message; Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. I have signed in. Is there another way to install this Hotfix?. Henk
  4. Hi guys Just bought Skyforce. I already got the Paypal confirmation but I didn't get any serial and the order history says it's empty. If you need anything else please let me know Thanks in advance -Fabio
  5. I originally purchased REX Direct for Steam and successfully upgraded to the Enhanced Edition. Problem is it always loaded up fine with Steam no problem. Now when I start up REX Direct Enhanced Edition Steam and after loading my textures and as usual REX Direct automatically would have loadd up FSX. Now it says it can not load FSX because because Steam is required by REX Direct Enhanced Edition.
  6. I currently have REX 4 Texture Direct (FSpilotshop Order 559477) I wanted to know my upgrade options. Should I buy soft clouds + weather architect + WX Advantage Weather? Is there an upgrade path/discount for this path or combination thereof? Should I wait for the next product I keep hearing about? What would this new product include from the above (including REX 4 Texture Direct)? Any advice is surely appreciated. Thanks!
  7. As an Indian flight simmer, it would be a pleasure to get information of websites that support INR ... I am planning to buy REX Essentials with OverDrive , but I cant find any website that supports INR..
  8. Hello, I am new to this forum as I have only recently starting to have this problem, I do however have a problem with only certain aircraft not showing me this beautiful world through the virtual cockpit glass. I get a pale blue color where the world should be, but in all other views it works perfectly, It seems to work fine in FSX default aircraft every time, but not in every 3rd party one, but only at certain times. I am flying a Mooney Bravo 3rd party aircraft, with REX running, I cant see through the glass in bad weather, when the weather clears up I can see the world again. Has anyone got any ideas what might be causing this? I've answered the forum rules below to aid your information. Operating system and version (32bit or 64bit) Windows 7 64bit RAM memory size 8GB Video card and memory size Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti 1GB Overclocking? YES Total hard drive space 500 GB (186 GB free) Using REX in a network or not No Which version of Flight Simulator installed (including service packs) FSX Internet connection active or not Yes via a cable Which antivirus software running None Whether or not firewall running No Whether or not you are utilizing FSUIPC No, but installed latest version. If there are any error logs in the REX/ErrorLogs folder, make certain to include in your post Yes, during the patch update. Is UAC turned OFF in Windows Yes Where is REX installed C:\REX Essential Plus Overdrive Where is FSX installed C:\Program files x86 Do you start REX by RIGHT CLICKING the exe file and selecting RUN AS ADMIN EACH time? Yes What is your RATE AT WHICH WEATHER CHANGES OVER TIME set to in FS? 1 mins Did you use a flightplan from REX when experiencing the error(s)? No Did you make changes to the CONFIGURATION screen or are ALL the settings stock? All Stock 2015-5-7_6-41-44-786.bmp
  9. I have been having a bit of a performance issue in other than a "fair weather" theme. with not very many clouds my sim runs a smooth as silk, and I can have my scenery settings in FSX almost maxed, but when clouds start rolling in my performance drops considerably. would a better graphics card help or would it be more of a CPU issue?
  10. Sorry to repeat but your forum is a little difficult to navigate. I need to locate the instructions for REX for FS9 and FSX
  11. Pretty simple question, google has failed me for a direct answer..... aside from the clouds, will 4096x4096 textures affect REX's ground textures? Also whats up with the Download Center, is it supposed to be blank, and if so, what can we expect to see in the downloads section?
  12. I've done some searching and I'm not clear. I want to get to REX EP with OD. I have the download from Flightsim store REXEssentialPlus.zip and the REXESS_PLUS_OD_20121029_TO_REX_2_OD_UPG.zip file as well. The statement below has me confused: RECOMMEDATION: If you currently have an account with the Flightsimstore, we recommend that you download and install the full version of REX Essential Plus. So i do have the full version from Sim store, so after I install full version then what should i do to get Overdrive? continue with the instructions here?: http://www.realenvir...20101027-users/ thanks
  13. I have just updated to this after buying it in october, it says I can add Overdrive for free but I do not know how to do this? I ordered from flightsimstore and my order number is Order #FSS0184283
  14. Hi, I'm using REX Essentials+ but my version 1.0.2008.1126.What do I need to do to get upgraded to the latest?
  15. Hi, I have not been flying FSX for approx 18 months now, but am back.... I see there is an update to REX, I previously purchased and have installed REX plus overdrive. What do I need to do to get upgraded to the latest? Is there a cost ? Or is it a free upgrade to previous customers. Thanks, Mark
  16. Where can i download the Overdrive Package? Thx
  17. when I quit FSX and try to start up later, either by REX or the FSX exe, it tells me it is already ruuning. The only way I can get back ino FSX is to reboot the pc. I checked with the task manager, and nothing is running. I tried to do a search on this forum and came up empty. I'm running UT2, Win7 64bits, 8G ram updated REX essential, build 3.1.2012.1028. Thanks, Gnacino
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