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      Here at REX Game Studios/REX Simulations, we are striving to improve the quality of our products and services we offer our customers. If you have a few minutes, we ask that you fill out our Customer Care Survey to help guide us to improve our service to you. Thank you for your time. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=5PDm-Xzh602JiRd9URMT-D4d8mhNOBVJvyJ_LE9U175UNEVISDZXV0VHTDBNR0lSN05QMEMySTFFTC4u
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      We want to thank everyone who has signed up for the REX Insider Program.  The sign up for this program is currently closed. We will implement this program over the next few days.  Those who have signed up will be given special access to the REX Insider Program forum.  We will provide more information about the benefits of this program during that time. Sign up for the Insider Program will be opened up at a later time.

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  1. INQUIRY Just for the record

    Good download, apparently good install but major CTD after loading and selecting airplane then moving to favorite airport. Of course everything happens so fast that it is difficult to be helpful in detail but "maybe" of interest was Mcafee (didn't have shutdown during load) indicated Win 10 was going to internet checking re "resource leak" as P3d was crashing. Re-loaded P3d and could get default plane onto default airport but CTD'd every time I tried changing to another airport. Tried to reset back computer date before install of SF to retrieve working state but got another Win 10 file error so went to Dell tech and they finally got my P3d running by deleting Data files which left me some restoration work but I'm running fine although SF is not on board and you can imagine I'm a little shy about re-loading the program. Sorry, I can't be more specific overall but I didn't shut down McAfee and also I forgot UTLive was also running and it contacts an outside server (porbably during the load) so I expect to be judged complicit in the crime. Will wait for the hot fixes and try again. BTW I couldn't figure out during the setting up of the clouds etc just how many I should choose ... one out of the total or ...? Maybe I missed some instructions..? All the best for 2018, Ken
  2. Receiving a Sprisky.U!cl trojan hit when downloading rexinstaller.exe. Can't get past it. Using Chrome as the download browser. Steve
  3. INQUIRY FPS Feedback (Users)

    I have been stuck on Essential overdrive for a very long time now as it worked well for me. I am using ASN as my weather engine. Just a question, any users here have some feedback on FPS (P3D V3)? I am seriously interested in buying Skyforce 3D but want some feedback on how this effect frame rates? Lastly, I noticed the download reflects as 9.65GB on flightsim store, yet on this page under advertisements it reflects as all packaged into a 4.6GB download? Thanking helpers in advance. Regards,
  4. Hi to all folks, and happy new year! could someone better explain the integration between Sky Force 3D and PTA? I did not understand if the coupled Sky Force 3D with PTA also needs Reshade and URP to be installed together at the same time. I tried to read most of the documentation available but I could not find an answer. I own REX 4 Texture Direct and Soft cloud and would purchase Sky Force 3D but don't have PTA/Reshade/URP. I'am a bit confused and need some clarification from users that have it. Thanks a lot in advance, Ric
  5. I just wanted to take a moment to give a B I G T H A N K S to the entire REX Team for taking (and making) our flying experiences to an elevated level never seen before. Every time I fly, every time I look out the window, my heart is filled with joy because the view is stupendous. When I look at all that the team has given us over the years, I am mesmerized with how much we have, and how far we have come. Happy New Year to all of you, and thanks for adding joy to our daily lives!
  6. INQUIRY Fraud report

    Hi guys! With much respect I want to communicate, dreamflight studios deceive us, the person responsible we charge in advance the course of MROC addon, 2014, today nothing, hurt people so take advantage of people, I am a responsible person and I feel wrong, deceived, humiliated. Be careful, Greetings! Totally humiliated!
  7. I have almost all the products but I was wondering if that photo on the website is a current product picture or perhaps something we have all been waiting for. If not can you let me know if it is a real cloud photo or what product produced it?? Keep up the good work, looking forward to Sky Force.
  8. is it possible to see on my registration number to know my reseller REX essential+ have to re-install it in advance kind regards wil
  9. hello! this is my first time to this forum. The first thing I saw was "Airports", and my imagination ran out.
  10. Hi!, I have the "North America ORBX regions" installed. Six of them: Central Rockies, Northern California, Northern Rockies, Pacific Fjords, Pacific Northwest, Southern Alaska. All the airports in these are "upgraded" from the FSX default ones. Anybody knows if "REX Worldwide Airports" is compatible with the modified ORBX ones? What would happen? Does the ORBX airport would be replace by the REX ones? Is there a way to control which airports I can use? Thanx all Yves
  11. I left an inquiry in another topic chain, but since it was marked "Answered" I don't think it was getting seen. So decided to start new. I had a similar question to Greg's. My main issue with REX is that I have never been able to find (and that may be my shortcoming, I don't know) a comprehensive table/explanation of how all the various REX products fit together. Is Texture 4 Direct a substitute for REX Essentials plus OD? Doesn't sound like it based on the quote above and below. But then what will be the relationship between Texture 4 Direct and Sky Force 3D? And how does any or all of this relate to, integrate with, ORBX products, of which I have quite a lot. Do any of the REX products replace/ conflict with ORBX products. I feel like I don't just need a sentence or two, but a fairly extensive and detailed explanation, table, or chart. Many thanks.
  12. INQUIRY REX Preferred

    Hello all, I have Prepar3d V4. I wanted to know what REX products I should get for the absolute best sim experience? What product(s), and why? I would like to know.
  13. INQUIRY REX latitude free

    Is REX latitude free
  14. Any good PTA's for REX sky textures? MODERATOR UPDATE: They have been released! http://www.rexsimulations.com/pta.html
  15. Hello Previously I had purchased REX Texture Direct With Soft Clouds for P3D v3 I know use P3D v4 and have been waiting for the software to be updated for P3D v4 Today I d/loaded and installed what I thought was the new RexTexture Direct with Soft Clouds but it now appears that the update I am waiting for is not released until 17th. My current build Number installed inside P3D V4 is 4.8.2016.0928 Do I have the wrong version for P3D v4 I am confused..please can you you advise Clive Alexander
  16. Hi! Like the title says, it's been a very long time since my last visit. I remember a very active screenshot section I loved to browse through. Is it gone now? I don't see it and maybe I'm missing something?
  17. Hello REX, I am very impressed by your products. I don't have a word to say about Sky Force 3D, it's perfect. However, I do have some suggestions for your upcoming product, SIMAIR. I want to request a feature called In-Flight Map. From what I learnt, I think SIMAIR will be a flight carrier addon that enriches the interests of flying and also managing. In-Flight map is a very common utility in the real world. It displays the progress of the flight with some critical information. Like position report, distance travelled, local time etc. It really enhanced the experience that makes you feel you can either be a pilot or a passenger. It also shows some critical information that can also be assistive for flight. Rockwell Collins has variety products of in-flight maps. And here are some examples on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In-flight_entertainment#Moving-map_systems https://www.rockwellcollins.com/Products_and_Services/Commercial_Aviation/In-flight_Entertainment_and_Connectivity/Airshow-Moving-Maps.aspx feelThere launched a similar product for FS9 called MAP!, you can find some information here, http://secure.simmarket.com/feelthere-map.phtml I really wish you consider adding this feature to the list, it will be very interesting seeing this in the SIMAIR. Regards
  18. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone and the REX Team! I have been flying sims now since the first flight sim released long ago!. I am currently flying P3D, and I was wondering if there is anyone out there flying the aerosoft a320/21 series planes or the majestic pro dash 8 with co pilot abilities, and if so if anyone was interested in trying some co-pilot flights with a fellow sim flyer! Have a great day, from Ottawa, ON! Cheers
  19. I write somme time before i was switched to xplane10, but REX no turn for this simulator! Or i pay éverytime 1 dollards automatiquely for REX support! Where is a error?
  20. INQUIRY Best Ground Add-on

    Hi there. I was curious if you could tell me what add-on you are using in the "REX Sky Force 3D" trailer. I am wanting to add a ground texture to my game so I can realistic looks without destroying my fps. Jack
  21. I'm confused by the REX product line. I want something to improve my FSX textures and also give me some better weather engine capability than what comes with stock FSX so I bought REX Essential +Overdrive. If everything had have just worked fine that would probably have been the end of it, but I have ongoing issues getting water animation to work at all and as a result of the research I've been doing I'm now second guessing whether I've actually bought the right product in the first place. The REX Essential product naming is confusing because it doesn't actually mention the fact that it's actually REX 3, which would obviously be information highly pertinant to potential new customers given the fact that various REX 4 products are also available. Reading the published product info it seems as if REX 4 Texture Direct (with Soft Clouds) appears to be a the next version of REX Essential +Overdrive, with what seems like decent improvements all round, and it is also currently on sale for exactly the same price as REX Essential +Overdrive. From the information on the REX website it's not clear why anyone would want REX Essential +Overdrive (which is REX 3) instead of REX 4 Texture Direct (with Soft Clouds), especially not for the same price! So am I right in thinking that REX 4 Texture Direct (with Soft Clouds) is a complete replacement of what we previously got with REX Essential +Overdrive? Can anyone shed any light on this for me please?
  22. Hi I'm looking to buy Essentials but need to know if it can be run from a separate PC as The Steam edition of FSX refuses point blank to let me tab in and out without crashing or freezing. If it is possible is there a install guide for a network set-up i can have a read through to see if it's a simple install or stupidly over complicated like the Opus network set-up (Reason I'm looking at REX). I already have SimConnect up and running with other applications and i own FSUIPC and WIDEFS although not installed at the moment. Any help appreciated. Thanks Ian
  23. INQUIRY Something?

    I am scanning the skies to see what's there, but sometimes I see something that you need to beware...
  24. Hi, I am amazed and the realism of some of the imagery here. I am an artist and getting reference material (eg photos, drawings, etc) is often difficult when I create my work. Are any of you interested in doing some commission work and be paid for it? I am looking for specific aircraft in specific configurations at various angles and with various light source angles. If you are interested and are able to be paid by paypal, etc (or bank transfer if you are in Australia), then please contact me at conway@ipas.com.au Thanks in advance. Conway
  25. Starts: 2016-03-12 18:00:00 UTC; Ends: 2016-03-12 22:00:00 UTC; Airports: LMML Organized by: vACC Malta Description: vACC Malta invites you to the inaugural "Malta Overload." We will be providing a first class full ATC service for 4 Hours! Malta is situated just off the southern coast of Italy and this make it the perfect place to fly from for the short pilots buzzing around the short sectors or the long haul guys cruising high above the European airspace. With Malta being only one hour away from Greece and South Africa a stone’s throw away what are you waiting for?