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  1. STATUS UPDATE: IN DEVELOPMENT 10/13/2017 - Many have asked us about when we will be releasing an update to REX Worldwide Airports for P3Dv4+. First, let me address the issue. When P3Dv4 was released, they had changed much of the lighting algorithms. Because of this, we are working hard to update ALL content to resolve this issue. This is NOT a fast process because it often involves updating, testing, etc. So we are starting this forum update area to keep everyone updated on the progress of the product. We will keep you updated as we progress.
  2. STATUS UPDATE OF REX SIMAIR – IN DEVELOPMENT PHASE 3/16/2017 – We realize that since the original announcement of this project in late 2010, not many know what SIMAIR is about. So our plan here is to give a brief overview of the project as well as the history of its development and where we stand now. What is REX SIMAIR? A massive multiplayer experience that brings the realism of management of an air carrier and pilot in one place. REX SIMAIR is comprised of 2 elements: 1. SIM CARRIER – In this element a user or group of users can compete against other users/groups in the management of their own carrier based upon carrier type they are competing. 2. SIM PILOT – In this element a user can be hired/fired by a SIM CARRIER to fly their flights as a pilot. This user will compete against other pilots. What is the history of REX SIMAIR? - 2010 – Announced in late Q4, target release at the Q4 of 2011. - 2011 – Defining of project begins, in addition pending lawsuit with large gaming company and distributor due to the name “SIM”. - 2012 – Settlement reached and design phase starts. New target release planned for Q4 of 2013. - 2013 – Development continues. Development slowed due to release of other core products to REX. New target release planned for Q4 of 2014. - 2014 – Development halted and status of version scrapped. - 2015/2016 – Project features and functions redefined and new development starts. Project on hold until Sky Force released. - 2017 – Development restarted, new target release planned for Q2/Q3 of 2018. What is the current status of REX SIMAIR? As you can tell REX SIMAIR has had quite a history. As of now all development of REX SIMAIR is on hold until after we release REX Sky Force. Once REX Sky Force is released we will take up final development of REX SIMAIR. We believe that once REX SIMAIR is released to the public it will be well worth the wait. Like all REX projects it is our goal to create an experience, not just a piece of software. We will keep everyone advised as we reach new milestones of the project.
  3. STATUS UPDATE – MILVIZ/REX WX ADVANTAGE RADAR: IN DEBUG PHASE 2/2/2017 – Prepar3D 3.4.22 was just recently released. We are currently testing the latest build with the hotfix. We expect to have an update next week.
  4. STATUS UPDATE OF REX ENVIRONMENT FORCE: IN DEVELOPMENT 12/1/2016 – We have kept silent for a reason! Ears and eyes are watching!
  5. STATUS UPDATE OF REX SKY FORCE: IN DEVELOPMENT 12/1/2016 – Well the news has been a long time coming, but there is great progress in regards to Sky Force. Many of what has been seen from previous videos has been changed and updated. There are some pretty amazing things coming down the pike. Stay tuned for more information as we should begin beta testing within a few short weeks. In addition, good news for users of the REX Essentials’ weather engine. We have optimized it to take full advantage of the Sky Force model system. This will be released with Service Pack 4.
  6. STATUS OF WEATHER FORCE - IN DEVELOPMENT PHASE Since the release of REX 4 Weather Architect, many have asked when will Weather Direct be available. First, thank you all for your interest in the product. We have been working on the product. However, the product is based upon what is called the WeatherFORCE API. This is still in development. Until this API completes development Weather Direct is still in the development phase. STATUS OF THE WEATHER FORCE API - IN DEVELOPMENT PHASE The WeatherFORCE API is currently in development. We have now made it apart of a larger API called EnvironmentFORCE. EnvironmentFORCE has two components associated with it. WeatherFORCE is what handles several of the key weather elements, but it also shares some elements from our other component called TextureFORCE. TextureFORCE is responsible for making the environment more like what the weather really represents. More details about this API and what it does will be coming out soon.