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Found 6 results

  1. REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD - STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG PHASE 6/20/2018 - We had to make some modifications to the enhanced airport's textures for KSLC. We will be implementing these in the next build for testing. This should be our last testing cycle before release. We hope to have this build for testing available to the beta team by Friday or Monday.
  2. Hello Everyone - The following items have been identified to be included for the fix list for Technical Update 2.1: SETTINGS - Fix max/min visibility sliders not enabled after P3Dv4 volumetric fog turned off - Validate min altitude feature - Add initial weather engine start-up slider - Make PFPX export a manual setting STARTUP - Change core texture/model install to a minimum level and not high level SOUND - Fix precipitation sound files INSIM BRIEFING - Fix the flight plan import as overriding the current location of the report INSYNC - Fix issue with the CTD associated with in-sync cloud WEATHER ENGINE - Replace the P3Dv4.0 simconnect DLL to P3Dv4.1 version INTERACTIVE MAP - Fix the CTD of the application when some users right-click on the map - Fix issue with the map showing black with some users Additional fix items may be added later.
  3. WEATHER FORCE - STATUS UPDATE: DEVELOPMENT PHASE 7/9/2018 - This is the official update on the Weather Force Addon for Sky Force 3D. The Weather Force addon is a feature that will be a part of the larger update called "Creative Update 1" for Sky Force in the near future. Weather Force is a newly enhanced weather engine feature that brings not only better handling of the weather, but smooth weather transitions during updates. For more direct discussion follow us on our dedicated discord channel: https://discord.gg/2BvRRda
  4. Take a small look at what Environment Force is all about during an interview with AirdailyX. - Future in the Environment!
  5. WX ADVANTAGE RADAR - STATUS UPDATE: DEVELOPMENT PHASE 6/27/2018 - Final development of the update of the WX radar for Prepar3Dv4.3 is being completed. We will keep you advised as to when it will be in testing as well as released to the public.
  6. REX SIMAIR STATUS UPDATE: ON HOLD Build: Release Build Update: 10/4/2018 I am sure most are thinking this project is dead. It has been awhile since we have updated the progress of SIMAIR. The state of the project is currently on hold. However, it is still very much alive. We just haven't had the resources or time to put into. The core of our focus has been solely on Sky Force, Weather Force, Environment Force, and Worldwide Airports. However, once we have these projects polished, our focus will move back to SIMAIR. Next Update: Monday, November 26, 2018
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