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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, i just switched to P3D v4 completely. Running with Orbx, some other sceneries, REX Sky 3D, Garmin G500 GTN750, and some planes. All working smooth and stable - same constellation as before P3D v3. Then installed the Weather Radar in every plane. Then starting P3D v4, choose any aircraft on any place - P3D v4 crashes immediately after clicking "Start". Because i had the gauge on every plane i was not able to fly .. Then i removed the weather gauges plane by plane and all is working fine as before - without radar. Hardware Specs: XEON 5680, 12GB Ram GTX 960 Triple 24" 5620x1200 Nvidia surround GTX 950 Touchscreen for Garmin Avionic Same constellation i used before in P3D v3 including Weather Radar. And ideas ? Regards Klaas
  2. I guess I don't know what to think yet of my REX 4 Texture Direct purchase. Here are my problems: 1) Followed all instructions in installing REX 4 and then updated the software with SP1 and the hotfix. 2) REX 4 still will not keep my configuration settings even after installing the update patches so there is clearly a problem from the word go. 3) REX 4 is not loading textures into FSX as I get logs detailing problems when attempting to either save Themes or load Themes into FSX. 4) When loading Themes into FSX I get a log file detailing a problem, and then after about half a second a message pops up that my textures were successfully loaded which is obviously not true as it would take longer than half a second to load textures. 5) Attempted to come here for tech support but I am locked out of the support forums. 6) I go to the verification forum and post my order # provided from PC Aviator, where I bought REX 4, and have heard absolutely nothing back after over 12 hours (I guess I thought it would be minutes). Help! Please! I am willing to pay an extra few dollars if it will get me good customer support! Right now it seems like I run into non-sense at every turn with this software. Come on guys, its just cloud textures. Why make it so complex to use? I can't find any previous posts about these issues and I am still locked out of the customer support forum. I have also filed a complaint at PC Aviator. I have tried reinstalling REX 4 and all of that. I am trying to point REX 4 to my old REX 2.0 weather engine so this may be part of my problem, however, even when not identifying a weather engine I still get these same issues. Please give me some help here or verify me for the support forums. Time is precious and I don't want all of my FSX time being spent trying to solve software issues. Thanks.
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