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Found 18 results

  1. Hi originally had REX Essential 2. Then I upgraded to REX Essential 3 and then REX Essential 3 Plus. I then got REX 4 or the cloud version but had a lot of trouble with it on my system and returned to using REX Essential Plus which gave me both cloud and water textures which would load into the sim and stay there. I had untold trouble with the weather engine of that program and abandoned that aspect until REX Sky Force came out. I find REX SkyForce to be excellent and it works seamlessly with my sim (FSX) and its weather engine works fine as well, I like it a lot. The question is as far as I can tell I am still relying on REX Essential for the water textures the same way I am still using REX Grasses II for grass textures. As far as I can tell REX SkyForce only takes care of clouds and the online real time weather engine so I am still relying upon the Essential Plus installation for water textures - IS THIS CORRECT? IF SO - is there any more upgrade to water textures? I note the new dynamic program that allows adjustment across all textures but which textures will it be using? And do I have the correct setup all over?
  2. hello, i would like to purchase the WXAdvantage radar, i also run GTN750 and 650, i was reading where there was a compatability issue between the two. does anyone know something about this and perhaps the steps needed to correct it .... thank you
  3. Hello, I purchased REX 4 from STEAM for my Windows 10 Surface Pro 4. The invoice number is 421458533161905662. I don't think the installation was succesful because I got some errors. I've attached screenshots of the errors. However, when I log on to STEAM where it lists all the DLC's purchased, REX 4 shows as having been Installed. I'm confused. Need Help.
  4. Hello, I bought REX4 Texture Direct at Flightsimstore, but I can't find a way to download it, so could you help me please?
  5. I'm an ex weather specialist in the air force, and a weather buff in general, so i'm picky about sky conditions. When I see a thunderstorm that looks like this, it really kills the immersion for me. can someone please tell me how to get the most realistic cumulonimbus/thunderstorm clouds? when choosing themes and clouds they look really nice, but in the sim, not so much. Is this a REX4 issue or an Active Sky Next issue? *EDIT* it's not letting me upload a photo here. it says 1.89MB max but the photo is only 30k, so not sure the problem there. But basically it's showing me like 4 layers of very small cumulus on top of each other. Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. I have REX Essentials Plus for FSX and am unable to download any Canadian weather. This only started yesterday. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks Rob FSX REX Essentials Plus Order Number FSS0043626
  7. On installing REX4, I ran a couple flights, first out of Missoula, then later out of Maui. Both ran fine initially, 2 or 3 minutes, until in flight I noticed some serious stretched areas. Some extended to the terrain, some to the clouds. Didn't notice any problems with the water. Then over Missoula I notice what I think are missing light textures maybe? Here are some screens... My pc runs win7 sp1 on an asus A4M79XTD EVO mobo with a amd Phenom II 965 3.4 ghz cpu and 8 gb DDR3 ram. My video card is a AMD Radeon R7 200 series with 2GB DDR5 ram with latest drivers. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. .
  8. Hi could anyone tell me if REX essentials with overdrive will communicate with the FMC thats built in to the PMDG 737 software. can i do a flight plan on REX and import the flight plan and weather data in to the FMC? many thanks Tony
  9. what is the difference between wxplus mode and standart mode?
  10. Hi, This is my first post in this forum, and I wondered if anyone has had the same problem. I've installed RadeonPro and activated SweetFX (in RadeonPro) to enhance the overall colors in FSX. When launching the game from RadeonPro, SweetFX is fully loaded and functional. There is a launcher in RadeonPro, allowing to start a specific profile (in my case FSX) from another .exe file. Adding simply REX.exe wont work. It's the "fly now" button who should be configured as start parameter but I can't find it in the REX folders. Is it possible to launch both RadeonPro+SweetFx and REX with FSX? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Guys, Just want to let you know the download, install and setup went smoothly. As far as the new look, in a word "OUTSTANDING"... Worth every penny of the $29.92 I've spent on REX4 for P3Dv2. Thanks
  12. Just purchased "REX4 Textures Direct"... A few questions...... - When will REX4 Weather Direct be released? - Approximate Price? - Please give me a few reasons to buy "REX4Weather Direct" instead of using "Active Sky Next"? BR Lars
  13. Hi, i recently bougt REX 4. I have not owned a REX product before. I have installed REX doing as the directions said. I changed the cfg file to use the hd textures. After i choose my textures it says they were installed correctly, but when i get into fsx, my water textures are missing. Also the runway and taxiways are deffinetly not hd even though i put them to 4096. I have reinstalled REX and fsx multiple times, but i cant seem to fix this problem. Also the clouds do not appear. Please help. Thanks
  14. Hey guy well I reformatted my pc and re installed win7 x64, all is good went to install fsx as usual on sep drive and it installed ok, but no desk top icon....ok no reall big problem finished fsx install with acceleration and rebooted. tried fsx with nothing else installed for fsx and at various times ctd with encountered a problem and fsx needs to restart either upon startup of fsx or after clicking fly. directx installed vid card installed as Im typing this just noticed windows updating again...OMG..... win 7 service pack 1 is displayed on my system menu..can't remember if its ready for fsx or not . I click check for updates and it seid all uptodate but obviously not....so frustrating once windows has updated did I forget to install something for fsx for the ctd issues thanks in advance guys I'm about to use pc as target practice if this doesnt work...lol. Glenn.
  15. Hello, In there have Delete, Visibility,Ceiling in the delete column , suppose I delete all layer and redo again, it want to start at the last number and so on, why can't it start from 1 again, just been curious. I love to fly low and usually a few hundred feet above ground in the mountain, stream, river, etc any tip on how to set visibility, like no fog and cloud a few thousand feet up. Thank you, ricky1088
  16. All, Could somebody please tell me how far reaching geographically the random weather scenarios are? If I set up a random weather scenario around a particular airport, can I fly across the country for example and still be experiencing that weather scenario (similar to weather themes in FSX) or will the weather change or become nil the farther I travel from the airport I originally set up as the home airport for the weather scenario? The same question asked another way... Are the random scenarios really best for flying in a condensed geographic area like a $100 hamburger trip or a VFR GA flight or shooting some ILS approaches in a smaller geographic region. And then if flying a long haul flight across country, is using real weather the way to go to ensure having weather all the way to my destination? Thanks. I just purchased REX and am enjoying it. I don't really have a support issue, rather just a general knowledge about the program issue. MX FSPS# 518443
  17. Hi, I forgot how to paste images in here, so maybe this explanation helps; Quite often, I get such odd sharp cloud fragments in a circular shape around the Aircraft. Typically they are flashing. Any idea what this could be? Best Regards, Anders
  18. If i select weather surface region= small region and the weather refresh rate= 60 minutes, which has precedence? Will I fly with the weather that loaded at startup for 60 minutes before refreshing? Or will the weather refresh when I fly a certain distance and outside the "small region" sooner than 60 minutes? And if one trumps the other, why both settings? How should I be setting them to work properly with each other and load weather when needed but not without unnecessary loading?
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