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Found 108 results

  1. Hi there, i remove accidentally the e-mail that FSPilotShop.com sent me, so, now i need the Registration Key to re-install my REX, does anyone know how can i get it again? many thanks.
  2. Hi guys Over at Avsim there is a post asking for help with Soft clouds.here is a link.i could be wrong.just have a feeling that they are using Pirated versions http://forum.avsim.net/topic/459215-REX-softclouds-install/page-1 one says he's using REX4 Texture direct and soft clouds another poster says he's just got Soft clouds.when i suggested they use the REX forums they didn't respond to my post.maybe you could check it and see if they are legit users.before i get in trouble with TOM :-) steve
  3. Recently bought REX 4. In REX 4 Texture Direct, everything works fine. I used Timest999's video for help. I followed everything but the minute I enter FSX and play freeflight none of the graphics work to make it look real. Also once your in flight the green taskbar doesnt pop up saying REX is loading. Please help me. No graphics pop up. I have updated it and it is up to date. I have not tryed reinstalling it, but if I did I would have had the same problem. Please help me...
  4. Hi, I bought REX latitude in dec 13 I think I aint been on fsx at all from that date, as today is my first time back for a while as I try to log in to latitude it askes me for User name Password licence key what's the licence key and where can I find this ?
  5. Hi, I Bought an Activation Key for REX essential and P3D directly by the application. I restored it and now i can't found the license Key. Could you help Me
  6. Here i go again. Now i remeber why i left fsx in the first place. Got REX essential plus installed but cant download the service pack? If i buy REX 4 do i need the service pack?
  7. Hello to all the aviation people out there! Well, I have recently bought REX essentials + OD, etc, etc. When I customize a theme, I saved it as "WONDERFUL." Once I did that, I installed the theme. Then, it prompted me with the "Would you like to fly now?" screen and I clicked yes. When I went into my simulator and started a flight with my plan loaded and my PMDG 737 NGX ready, no textures loaded. The clouds were default, the water was plain, my sky had none of my custom texture(s) added to it. Can anyone please tell me how I can resolve this? I have worked countless hours this week trying to fix what I am doing wrong. I install the textures but nothing happens. My REX essentials + OD is installed to my Program Files (x86), I don't know if it should be, but the manual says it shouldn't. Best regards, Jordan W.
  8. i bought REX-4 from fs pilot shop about on january 5 2014, and till today i am not able to install it,they first sent me the wrong cds and then a month later got the right ones,upon installation it is asking me for a serial number which fs pilot shop claims they do not have one supplied by REX,and they have told me top contact you for this i find this strange that one web site sells a product and i need to approach the developers for a serial number which should have been provided to me at the time of purchase how do i sort out this mess,its been about 1 and a half month now vivekanand order number 536647 www.fslipotshop.com
  9. Lately, when using REX 2.0 Essentials Plus Overdrive "Fly Now" and "Load Weather" I get "Service Unavailable" "HTTP Error 503: The service is unavailable". Why is this happening? Thank you for your assistance.
  10. Please can someone advise. I am registered on this forum site and can sSign In and acess my profile. I have a 'BEX crash' problem when running REX and seek advice from the FSX forum, but when I try to enter it I am told that I do not have access. I have a registered copy of REX which I bought through SIM Market so cant see why I cannot access REX FSX Support Forum? Can anyone advise please? Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  11. Hello REX team , i have a problem with REX Essebtial + Overdrive with Sp1,in the settings ... I did reinstall many times my REX but it exist yet ... The problem ,if i set in Configuration Manager / General / Sound and notification settings / enable in-application notifications uncheked and if i set in Configuration Manager / Weather Engine / Weather Refresh Rate / Every: 60 Minutes It will be refreshed every 5 minutes and the in-application notifications is staying enabled in Standard like in WX Plus mod too ... What i did wrong ? Best Regards Nesu
  12. Trying to download Overdrive for REX essential/plus. When I click on the download link it only brings up an image. Have tried to download using FireFox and Internet Explorer on 2 separate computers with same results. Ops, sorry posted in the wrong forum. Admin please delete
  13. Hello REX Community, I have REX+OD that I bought from SimMarket.com (as indicated below with my purchase order number), I have been stuck with REX+OD now for quite awhile, my question is not why is Essentials + is coming before Overdrive, but rather will REX Essentials + be featured as a free upgrade to REX + Overdrive on SimMarket or will I still have to wait another 4-6 months for Overdrive (estimate based upon current wait times for SP1)? Thanks in advance, John
  14. Im not very computer savvy and I am wondering how i know what version of the update to download and install?
  15. Trying to get the update I do have a boxed version of REX I don't know what the PM is and once I do how do I send it to Tim? Thanks
  16. Hi how are you. I have been out during last months and I saw the REX relesases Late 2009 I purchased the REX - Real Environment Xtreme FS2004 Now I moved to Prepar3D and I would like to know If I can upgrade or download the version of your latest REX Essential + with my actual KEY or I need to purchase again, REX or an ungrade. Thank you very much Alex
  17. Hi Folks, I plan to purchase REX Essentials + Overdrive as soon as I upgrade my system with a larger capacity hard drive. I see in the requirements it says Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 is needed. My system from Jetline has Microsoft Net Framework 4 Client Profile. Is this an issue?? Please advise. Thanks
  18. After posting in the verification section when would you know you are verified to be able to download the upgrade from REX Essential HD to REX Essential Plus? Is there any other way to download the files other then the 4.2GB file through the flightsim store?
  19. Hello. I have a slow internet connection so I don't expect to download essentials in one shot. I have FlashGet 3 but have no idea what I'm doing as I never used it to download before. I want to download from FSS using FlashGet but see no obvious method to connect the download to the application. How do I go about this?
  20. Hello, I just got an SSD and am planning on reinstalling fsx and all my addon on there. Will I be able to do this or will I need to buy another REXE?
  21. Where can I find a support forum for REX Essential and Prepar3D? Thanks
  22. Hello everyone. I sometimes make changes to an already made favorite but I find that I end up with a list of them. I am referring to not only my list of favorites but also to the water settings. I was wondering if there is a way to make a small change and then save it to an already made file and just overwrite it rather than have to make a new one. I searched here but could not find anything on this. If this has been covered could you be so kind as to direct me to this subject? Thanks very much-----chik---
  23. Hello everyone, I'm new around these part's so please go easy on me, I purchased REXEssential last night but I'm having trouble installing, Could someone point me in the right direction as to where I can find support to help me, I'm very sorry for posting this here but I cannot find the correct forum anywhere, I don't want support here, but maybe a link to a place where I can request it? Thank you Ryan --------------------------------------------------------- Found it, I feel like such a douche
  24. Sorry, i know this is a stupid question, but, Ive looked and looked but cannot find where to download the free update to "Essential". I bought my REX from SimMarket. I went there and checked the download link but it says it is the very same version that i already have, so please, where do i go to download? Thanks.
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