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Found 108 results

  1. Hello im new here, i bought REX and installed it but i needed a license key. i put in my license key but it says invalid? Can you guys help me? Thnx
  2. Hi, I was looking for Weather Architect for when I don't use real weather. But it seems that it has been discontinued in all online shops? When did that happen and (shortly) why please?
  3. Just wondering whats happening with the support request I made. I made it twice. First I think over a week ago now via the REX download manager and again a few days ago via the contact us link on this website. It believe it said I would receive a response within 48 hours in both instances. I haven't even received an acknowledgement in either case. What's Up?
  4. hI.. I cant find anywhere how to redownload my REX Essentials plus retrieve my serial numbers. I lost my machine and now have nothing from REX any more... Thanks for any help... I am logged in but there is not "my products" location for instance that I can reference my products and get serials etc.. Marc
  5. how can i fix this ,i cant chose any theme and load them to fsx ..... HELP PLZ ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: frmREXConvert.runProcess Error: Could not find file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Real Environment Xtreme\options.xml'.
  6. Hallo,ist es noch möglich die REX Version 3.5.2012.1029 zu aktualisieren......
  7. So my overcast density is not working. I wont swipe or move. Can someone help me. https://gyazo.com/14bf4416acee85ef23b2c9fe04ed8566
  8. Jay N29X # FS Pilot Shop # 1027342 18 Mar 2018 Purchased Sky Force3D Need Help
  9. Ok I'm new to the add-ons portion for fsx. I have a couple questions as to what sequence I need to run what software and also if I need to select fsx in-game weather download. I currently have been running TD/enhanced with world wide Apts and just purchased the SF/3D. What order do I need to open which software as I've been doing T/D then apts WW. 2nd once I open fsx:se do I still click on the in game weather tab and change it to download current weather. Sorry if this is somewhere else I've tried searching but I guess just typing in wrong keywords.
  10. I ran the installer as required by the install instructions and I get a blink on the install and it quits. Any ideas?
  11. I have REX Latitude ver 1.3. Since yesterday I started getting an error whenever I run Latitude and it tries to log in to my account. I receive the following errors during loading then it finally starts unlogged in and keep getting the first screen shot. I purchased it from simmarket with order Number: 1058601 I have windows 10 64bit home edition , P3D V3.4 I don't know what does this error mean. Regards
  12. Hy im french so sorry for my bad english i have a probleme whith rex4 on steam i instal this and he not on my deskop in looking rex4 on my document i dnt have a .exe thks
  13. hi there, I bought REX 4 direct hd with soft clouds, after scompat zip file and lunched setup, the installation stops and system says that software don't match the windows version. Ask to check if is needed x86 or x64 version and than to contact the software house. Sorry if this is not the correct place, but in the support page some links are not clickable. Thank you. Best regards, Augusto Mondelli
  14. I purchased REX4 Texture Direct HD with REX Soft Clouds form FSPilotshop.com Order #897708
  15. Needing support to get worldwide airporst which i just purchased to work. No instruction sheet, just install with the exe file. does now seem to be woirking.
  16. Hello. I have purchased the REX4 AND SOFT CLOUDS. Everytime I started it a red message says that a new version must be installed. I installed it but nothing happens. It continues to give me that the update is missing.... Is it possible that I install it from the beginning and avoid this message everytime? thanks Rick
  17. Im trying to install worldwide airports HD but when i get prompted to install it, it is trying to install only the service pack. Please advise on what I need to do to get it installed properly.
  18. Hi, I have problem whit my P3D. I have Airbus X REX soft Cl. Orbx Europe ,Vector,.....And now I install the REX Worldwide Airports HD....... And my Plane not stay on the ground when I start simulator. Thanks a lot Honza
  19. Just purchased this product. The graphics are nice but I assumed the airports would be updated. There are numerous ILS issues, changed runways etc that weren't addressed. Am I correct in stating this wasn't the developers focus?
  20. Hi there, Currently, I have SQL LocalDB 2014 installed on my rig. I use it for my own program and am afraid to mess with other databases. Can I still use SQL LocalDB 2014 for Texture Direct (TD)? I have not installed it yet but I have the pre-SP6 version, which means TD version before the new LocalDB-free platform was introduced... Thanks!
  21. I currently have REX2 and want to upgrade to REX4. I also have GEX and am wondering if I need to uninstall REX2 and GEX before installing REX4
  22. Having downloaded Worldwide airfields, on unzipping the file I get a number of zip files again. My question is, " do I unzip each file to a separate folder to get to the exe file?" If so, I guess I am going to do a load of unzipping to do. There were no installation instructions with the download. regards Joe Mills, (aka Teuchter)
  23. Good Morning! I have a problem with the last update HOTFIX 4 of the REX 4 Texture Direct. When I go to run the upgrade (with administrator rights) it tells me that there is already an upgrade (HOTFIX 3) and can not run. It said to remove the previous upgrade or can not be executed. I have installed W10 64. Regards and thanks for everything.
  24. Hello, I've been trying without much luck to download and install Essential Plus Overdrive but I keep running into this issue when trying to install. I am using the REX downloader. Things I have done. I have tried downloading from both servers several times. I have set UAC. I have checked antivirus and firewall. I have ran both the downloader and the installer in admin mode. I always get the same error. I have used this product in the past (roughly a year ago) without any problems. I just started getting back in the hobby so I am reinstalling everything. Any help would be appreciated. Order XVZKKMBPD from REX store.
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