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Found 1,696 results

  1. Hello All, First off, I’m loving REX EF! I use REX TD, REX SF , REXWWA, and REX EF I have REX SF on a networked computer with the drives mapped correctly and I can set the path in EF to find SF and everything works as it should but when I am finished my flight and shut down EF the next time I start my Sim and EF the “Texture Program Folder Location” automatically resets to REX TD and I have to set it back to SF and browse for the path every time, is this by design? I only use REX TD for water
  2. Can someone confirm that you can only use either the REX HDR or the SIM HDR and not both at the same time? Thanks
  3. Simmarket Order #2036879 REX Env Force Installer MALWARE 😡 Thank you REX.... REX Env Force Installer came with an embedded Trojan...... Is there any possibiliy to get a refund...? Because I won't install this software anymore.... While installing REX Environment Force, my Antivirus (Kaspersky Internet Security) detected a trojan and stopped the process; I'm pretty sure this happened during the SQL DB pre-requisite installation.
  4. I purchased REX 5 Environment Force yesterday via the REX store. I can see the oreder on the order history page and payment is accepted and order complete. There is unfortunatelly no download link at this order page. Any suggestion? (order ref: LHHCUAZGP) Marco
  5. Are you seeing it in the REX Store? It's not even showing that it could be purchased for me Brandon
  6. Is there anyway we can adjust the position of the little box in left hand corner, I like to use the Pop out display in the fslabs and it covers the distance to the ILS If i could move it to the empty black space to the right that would be great Thanks
  7. Searched forum- but not found the answer Now I use Active Sky with ASCA I use Sky Force and Texture Direct. Shall I delete ASCA , now where I want to start use Enviroment Force ? Or Will I still have some benefits of using ASCA with Enviroment Force ? Chris from Denmark😀
  8. Two years of hype and waiting. Previously part of the SF insider program. Promises that FSX had not been left out of Environment Force. A user of all REX pruducts and a great supporter (Until now) The big day arrives and the release is only for P3D. The flight sim community also includes a vast number of dedicated simmers who have built up a range of products (costly exercise)over time to enhance FSX including REX and at a later stage of life are not in a position to start afresh with purchasing P3D and all the other addons at vast expense to get to the level of enjoyment we currently have. Please tell me that all your promises during development that this would be compatible with FSX will be followed up within days by an FSX version of the product. Yours with disappointment Dave
  9. Does anyone know when it will be available here?
  10. Hi Guys, I just purchased EF from the REX Store and can not find the download link anywhere...HELP! I recieved all three mails about my purchased being complete with serial info, just not where to download the program. Seems I am missing something or Blind, most likley blind
  11. Does these have to be disabled or are they OK to stay active? If active any settings to be used Thanks
  12. Gentlemen just purchased but no download link active in the order history only invoice?
  13. There is no download link to click on in the account pages to download Environment Force....
  14. Environment Force is not for sale anymore at REX Store. Can you give us a heads up of what is going on? I was about to purchase but couldn't see my discount. Is it going to be restored soon?
  15. Is EF up for sale yet. I keep checking the REX Store but it's still not there. I purchased SF from your store and will be getting EF from there as well? Also, will there be a discount if I purchase it from your store or is that here say? Brandon
  16. Hello, I currently have Prepar3d V4 on my host machine and REX4 texture direct enhanced edition on my client machine running for my old FSX, I would like to know how to change the settings so I can use REX4 TD for Prepar3D that is installed in my host. So I basically would like to know how to network them together. I tried to change the settings to work from FSX to Prepar3dv4 but after changing the settings and the paths I try to change textures and the program closes, please advise how to network, thanks. Manuel
  17. Hi, I am using Rex4 Texture Direct & Soft Clouds with P3dV4 It looks as if the sun texture I selected is not installing (set 01 flare) I am attaching a screenshot Any clues ? Regards
  18. Hello, Yesterday I had to completely uninstall and then reinstall all of my P3D v4 addons. I received an error message in REX download manager stating that my key was not able to be validated. Please help and have a great one. Order #XITOSHDUX
  19. Hello, Somehow I missed the update LM made to P3DV3. I just recently ran the update to bring me up to ver Now I am getting an error saying that MIL_WX.DLL is not compatible with this version? Every other add-on I have seems to work just fine. and it worked in Ver 3.4.XXX (I dont remember the exact numbers) Please advise on when a fix will be made to this DLL. Regards, Tom
  20. Hi there, I tried to download the REX Essential PLUS w/OverDrive I bought at FlightSim Store in 12/12/2012 (order #FSS0191882). I'm aware that this store is having commercial issues, so I would like to know how can I download it (if possible, migrate my license to REX store so I can download from there). The download links at FlightSim Store are all dead. Best regards, Antonio Intini
  21. Hi guys just had a quick question I want to purchase Texture direct soft clouds. If i purchase directly off your website this this include all updates Etc... Thanks... Edwin
  22. Purchased the product two days ago but have been receiving this error over and over again. Tried re-downloading multiple times. Yesterday I was getting the error for rexww2.cab, today it's for rexww1.cab. This is all the further I can get in the installation process. Any ideas?
  23. Downloaded latest version of TD with Soft Clouds. Trying to install into fresh install of FSX Accel. Installer tries to launch, and a little box appears for just a 1/2 second then goes away before I can see if it has any info. That's it, no install. Running FSX Acceleration under Windows 7-64.
  24. Hi, I have installed the latest version of WX Advantage Radar purchased on your store and downloaded from there. Nothing to report regarding the install which run well (apparently). After configuration, I launched P3D whose loading run as usual. I selected one aircraft withthe gauge installed (C208 Carenado). When going to Aircraft/Instrument/WX Radar gauge, P3D crashed. I tried with another aircraft (DA40 Alabeo) and it did the same. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and tried again... and P3D still crashed to desktop. So I have definitely uninstall it until you tell me what to do. Thanks in advance Bruno
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