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Found 1,696 results

  1. I am afraid I am with @Nemo and others on this one. I have supported REX for many years, and enjoy Sky Force, and this post is not at all intended to denigrate REX's valiant efforts, or their very ambitious EF product, but this is my experience so far.... Initial Install went OK, but like many I did not enjoy the brightness and overdone bloom. OK could control that through the mini UI. Installed the Tech Update and was able to use Tomato shade and not get greyed-out cockpits (I want to use TS for aircraft reflections on non-PBR enabled models). Then last night I decide to try run P3D (on 4.4 client as I await LM 4.5 FPS fix), just fly and NOT test or run EF. But EF's brightness/bloom settings remained "locked in" and the P3D internal HDR sliders do nothing (/graphics/lighting, HDR on and tried set saturation to 0, which should give a monochrome view, but it stays fixed as set by EF). So restart computer and same. Try another run with EF, and last straw, mini UI is gone. So I uninstalled EF, rebooted, reset the Shaders HLSL from backup, cleared shader cache, ran P3D and happy days, could again control HDR brightness, bloom and saturation from P3D graphics/lighting UI. Closed, reinstalled Tomato Preset RD1.7 and am back to SF3D + ASP4 + TS. Along the way my GSX stopped working and in investigating that I found that an entry in ProgramData/ Lockheed Martin/ Prepar3d V4/ dll.xml referring to a REX EF module DLL had been left behind, despite the uninstall. Is it this entry that locks the EF HDR settings into P3D even when EF is NOT running?. If EF is uninstalled the REX dll referred to in this dll.xml is gone so it cannot load, and one is back to a straight P3D setup. But why, oh why not clean up the dll.xml on uninstall, and even more importantly, set the dll entry to not initialize the REX module if EF is NOT run, so users have the option to run a EF-less setup if they wish. Many agree with me in this forum and over at Avsim that Environment Force should not take control of P3D settings such that when EF is not running one is still stuck with its HDR settings. I also cannot confirm if the automated cloud morphing and lighting dynamics work if using ASP4 for the weather engine. Have not seen anything change. Admittedly one needs a very dynamic weather situation to test under. But what concerns me is that the METAR information reported in the auto EF interface when running ASP4, and with EF weather smoothing and NOAA data read OFF as advised if using ASP4, is non-sensical except for the temp/dewpoint and QNH readings at the end of the string. If this is what is reported to screen then I am seriously left wondering what values of cloud types, levels and densities are being used to model cloud morphing and lighting! Switch to read real time weather from NOAA and this METAR report makes sense. Maybe Active Sky is compatible with EF, but that does not necessarily mean it will work just as well to control auto-mode as when using REX's SF weather engine / NOAA data. Some real clarification about the EF-ASP4 interaction by REX developers would be appropriate. The lack of correct low visibility settings / fog when using ASP4 and with EF weather smoothing off (automation mode) also indicates to me that weather injected into the sim by ASP4 is not being read correctly and being used by EF to set up the correct "environment " look in the sim. Unless one toggles the fog mode to off in the mini UI (manual intervention in an automated mode!?). Maybe if one uses the SF weather engine this all works perfectly, but I have never been a fan of that weather engine because; Historical weather cannot be used I have a serious problem with REX's wind interpolation model, since REX Essential days. HiFi have this aspect (maths) spot on. So for the foreseeable future EF stays off my computer. Maybe when WeatherForce is released and I see that it is at least up to HiFi standards I will give it another try.
  2. Just wanted to make the dev team aware that whenever I pan around in the VC, or on the outside spot view and a cirrus cloud structure is near the edge of the camera view, the cloud will quickly disappear and reappear as the camera moves around. This is with Cirrus overcast enabled with EF.
  3. Is it possible for the variables in the mini-gui, that can be saved, have those saved variables be automatically loaded during startup? I adjusted the ExposureKey but when I reload everything on the next flight, I have to reload the saved variable to get my tweaks back. Thanks.
  4. Hello, When running EF in automation mode does it use only the sky and cloud texture theme I installed with Sky Force? Or does it use all textures available regardless of what I manually installed before starting the sim?
  5. Where is this supposed to be, in the Addons menu? Doesn't appear there for me. It doesn't say in the manual (unless I'm blind:-)) I'm not sure this is working for me at all because nothing happens when I move the sliders in the EF main application.
  6. Guys, After installing Environment Force into P3D V4.5, my screen is just black. How do I fix this? This is a clean install of P3D V4.5 after I had ENVSHADE mess up my PBR textures in V4.4. Thx, Dave Freeman
  7. Hi everyone, I find myself a strange problem. Cirrus clouds are like the following photo. In addition, the other 2 photos show, in addition to the bad quality of the textures, also the fact that they appear in the first visual, but they disappear as a turning point of view. In REX 3D Force and EF I set the DDS5 quality to 512. If I try to increase Cirrus in the Mini-GUI, I have a thick coverage of them and the texture quality is very poor. How can I solve it? thank you
  8. Hello- I just downloaded and executed the REX Environmental Setup Wizard. Once I execute it, I keep getting an error that says, " Could not access network location \REXModules." Any idea of what this might be? Thank you. Ryan
  9. Would it be possible to have virtual cockpit lighting/shading integrated with EF? Manual and an auto mode?
  10. Hello REX team, I am aware that there has been a hotfix release to fix the HDR lighting issue, but oddly I have had this issue across my whole computer settings since I downloaded and installed EF. I have had some strange lighting issues even when starting up the PC, I get the Windows front screen and then a slight micro pause and then it looks like a filter is being applied i.e. like EF is acting on the PC without the program running. Has EF changed something in the back end of the system that maybe causing this as it happened after EF install??
  11. Good Morning, I hope you are all well. Congrats on releasing the Tech Update so quickly. Just a quick question... can I assume that EF is OFF and not changing anything in the sim, while the program is OFF on windows? The reason I am asking this is because I am in the middle of testing things and finding a right balance. Thanks. Gio
  12. Hey y'all, first off, THANK YOU for this awesome new app!! I can see the possibilities and the future looks bright!! However, I have a quick question about using EF, SF 3D AND Rex4 Texture Direct. I have the EF tweaked to use my SF 3D and they are working perfectly so far, BUT, the app doesn't seem to want to allow me to use both AF 3D and Texture Direct at the same time. I was using them both for different textures, like I had everything that SF 3D had Turned on, turned off in TD, and other stuff that I wanted form TD (like grass runways WATER yada yada) I had turned on in TD. Using EF and SF 3D I now have water that looks like it's from FSX: Before using R4 TD and SF 3D together: NOW, using EF and SF 3D: Can anyone give me a few pointers on how to get my beautiful water back?? Is there a way to just inject the R4 TD textures on top or something?? thanks y'all!! Rob
  13. I working with a big Problem. Realtime 3D Cloud Texture Sync and 3D morphing will not work. I can not Change the 3D Clouds. When i take a User Profil no 3D Cloud Change. I work night and day and will not found the Problem. I use ASP4, ASCA and SF3D. Cirrus Clouds are Working and Sky Textures alsow work. Please help me Frank
  14. HI, so I have the latest update installed. My clouds are now just popping in and out, every minute or 2, I'm using Active Sky V4. I have the real time weather read & weather smoothing turned off in EF. I have seen the clouds build or disparate since installing yesterday. Please advise, Thanks
  15. Looks like it gives PBR a 'red' tint. The AI in the background are OK. The MaddogX is PBR. ALso, get the same 'red tint' affects the flight deck as the Maddog's flight deck is also PBR
  16. Similar to my previous post, that has now been locked, due to waiting for hotfix. Just installed the hotfix, running in auto mode. The purple hues in the Fslabs are still there. and now there are weird artifacts, reflections in the VC of the ATR. Everything else is perfect, its just the colours and these strange artefacts in the virtual cockpit. These were not present in the original release of Environment force. Tomatoshade RD1.7 Preset Enviroforce Hotfix 1 Activesky FSlabs A319/A320 Carenado ATR
  17. I keep getting this error when I’m trying to install REX environment force connection problem with REX Game studios validation system please try again or contact support
  18. Please could you give a definite answer! One says you need to start SF3D and EF the other says EF is enough, no need to start SF3D which one is true?
  19. Hi everyone I bought REX Env Force and I am very, very happy ! Its like I have a new simulator now... what an incredible job they do. Hope everybody get this product working right. My installation was like that : Dowloading REX Env Force. Restore my original shaders from PTA. Uninstall PTA. Repair my P3D client (with install_Client.msi) Install REX Env Force Set it in AUTOMATIC MODE Launch it Launch ASP4 Launch P3D Turn OFF HDR in sim and bim... just perfect realism with no more fps cost ! My rig : RYZEN 5 1600X GTX ROG STRIX 1070Ti 16 G0 RAM SSD 250 go SAMSUNG CH Product FlightSim Yoke Prepar3D 4.5 REX SKY FORCE ACTIVE SKY P3D4 GSX FSDG SENERY Sorry, English is not my natural language. Captain Leuyab
  20. Please clarify what effect adds vaporous skies option ? The documentation is poorly reflected this.))
  21. Hi everyone, I created a custom set. I activated the Manual Lighting option by adjusting the color of the clouds a bit. Unfortunately, when I reload EF, in Manual Mode, and then P3D, the Manual Lighting option is disabled. As a result I have new white clouds and no longer dark as I like them. How can I save this setting in my favorite preset without having to redo the Manual Lighting? thank you all EDIT: The option seems to remain ... but I have Flash in P3D
  22. I have been browsing through the various threads and could see a few points and recommendations here and there, but since your product is compatible with all the listed products in the title, would it not make sense to offer a proper start-up procedure so as to avoid the trial and error frustrations of having so many add-ons taking care of the weather and the environment and also - and above all - make sure we benefit of the full potential of Environment Force? For example, could you review the following procedure and correct/complete it if you see any error in it or have better suggestions: Start AS4 ASCA starts automatically after AS4. Question: Do we have to unselect and un-install the textures that we had selected before installing REF? ENVTEX and ENVSHADE Question: we have to open them or not? Do we have to remove the imported selection of textures and shades previously installed in P3D before installing REF? REX Sky Force,. Question: Do we need to start it or leave it closed (my understanding is that it can be left closed)? REX Environment Force starts (Automation for me) P3Dv4.5 launched. Thank you for your helpful clarifications. Jean-Claude
  23. Good morning. Just purchased REX Environment Force and downloaded files from purchasing mail. Instead of downloading directly program files I get a download manager that is installed in my PC. After running manager I downloaded another file. Installed new product without option to choose in which folder. As I don’t want more programs or files in my PC that I want, I removed Download Manager and surprise. REX Sky Force and REX Texture Direct completely removed from my Pc. What is this?
  24. Almost same issue here.. in addition suddendly I was no more able to connect AS. Had to reinstall P3D to come back to normal.. for the moment I will not reinstall EF until some is more clear about this
  25. Didn't solve it for me unfortunately.
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