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Found 1,696 results

  1. stubbo

    CLOSED Help?

    right just purchased this today and seem to not be able to update it ? :S Really enjoy using it but nothing will update it, dont ahve a clue whats going on.. Any Help James
  2. Ok..I installed REX for FS2004 and now I would like to install the Overdrive pack. I have now spent well over 17 minutes scanning over 57 threads trying to find the information and location of the available patches and links to said patches. Am I just crazy or shouldn't items like this just be found easily from a single dropdown menu on a website homepage labeled as SUPPORT rather than force a paying customer to fumble through a forum and endless threads only to have to write a paragragh asking for a directional steer? Rediculous. What do I need and where is it? PLEASE. My original install build number is 1.0.2009.1201 and I already went to the thread that linked here : http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/index.php?board=25.0 1201 is not listed nor does any listing specify for FS2004 so I wouldn't even know where to begin... again, rediculous. If you guys are going to just have links posted within forum threads (single, multiple, or otherwise) then please do your customers the favor of making it much more apparent and more easily accessible so that they don't waste an evening trying to sort it out. Just my two cents and 25 minutes worth.
  3. I see it's backing up my textures prior to running REX 2004 for the first time. My question is, if I add scenery to my addon scenery folder will this affect anything? The reason I ask, recently I had to re-insall FS9 and haven't had a chance to re-install all of my scenery files. Thanks, Gus
  4. As a newbie to REX and am having problems in importing a flightplan from FSBuild as I cannot find the location to transfer from Any help would be much appreciated regards Brian
  5. Hello , I tried to install the overdrive for fs9, but it prompts me to install all the service packs 1-4, I successfully installed SP 1 and 2 but upon trying 3 and 4 it keeps coming up that REX FS9 cannot be detected on my system and asking me to re-install. so i need help on what to do. i already re installed and it still does not work.
  6. I am so frustrated with this. I want to fly with clouds and rain, etc, but when I do, the fs9 is so incredibly choppy I lose control of the aircraft. I can't really "fly" unless I set the weather to "clear" with no clouds whatsoever. :(
  7. VX320

    CLOSED Overcast

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but that Cloud Texture set depicts overcast the best? I'm currently using number 57. This is a really nice program btw. I had problems at first but now I see how to work it by installing the textures.
  8. I have just started using REX again after a while of not using it, and I've lost track of where I am in terms of updates. Is there anyway I can check to see what updates were installed so I can continue to update? Thanks, Andrew
  9. Gentlemen, I 'm new to REX, really impressed with your textures, but there's one thing I don't understand. Whenever downloaded METAR states CAVOK weather, I see blue skies and only very few clouds on my monitor. As every aviator knows, this is rather unrealistic. The checkbox "Enable realistic CAVOK conditions..." on the Configuration Page is active, though. I noticed there where some complaints on this forum in 2010 about having "too much clouds" with CAVOK, and there is a fixed "CAVOK issue" in SP4. Would you please clarify for me, if you really reduced the cloud intensity in CAVOK weather in responding to these requests, or if I ran into some misconception here. Thanks, Gerald
  10. Hello There! I got some issues installing the Textures, I have SP4 Installed+Overdrive, it worked perfectly but now it wont install the textures (does everything normal but in FS9 everything is the same). I can install them only when i choose a Theme, but when i want to create my own, it Cant. Any Help ?
  11. Hello, I'm recieving this error while trying to install REX into Fs9.1. My OS is Win7 64 bit with DirectX 11. Per guidance on these forums from searching I have updated my nVidia drivers and downloaded and placed d3dx9_34.dll into my Windows/system32 folder. I am still receiving the error. Any help is much appreciated... Best, -Russ
  12. Hello, I must say, that I felt that my FS has some good graphics but after I bought REX I understant that I was wrong. Nice job you have done. I have just one litle problem, the flight planner map dosn't appear. I load the flight plan from Flight Simulator, generate the textures and then import them to FS. In this process no map appears , only a white box .. nothing more. Any hint Regards
  13. Hello, yet another problem with REX. I re read the manual thinking that maybe I was missing something. In doing so, I found another problem. I have no Wasys show up in the flight planner screen on REX. Just the red line showing my flight plan. Which, I ahve to load using the FS build tab as the FS9 or FSX flight plan tab only loads direct routes. I have no wind speed or direction and no waypoints are noted. Just the line. I am updated to SP4 per the instructions here on the site. Both installs are the same way as I use this on a remote for flight use and the host for texture importing as it will not work from the remote. As I have said, REX has the best redurring of weather out there for FS9. However, all of these issues make it difficult to want to use.
  14. Salve Kees, I have a problem:I used RealH2O with REX for a short time.Then I uninstalled RealH2O and reactivated ocean water option in REX options window.I chose a water colour and installed together with the other theme components.Below you can see the results. URL=http://img705.imageshack.us/i/textureenvdawn.jpg/] Last image shows env_dawn being in texture folder;that's because there is an error log : ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: frmConvert.moveTexturesToFSX Error: Impossibile trovare una parte del percorso 'D:\programmi\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\REX\Scenery\World\Texture\env_dawn.bmp'. Translation: Error:Impossible to find a part of the path 'D:\ ................
  15. Hello, I am using REX on a remote laptop to control my weather. I have installed the latest SP from the site. When I am doing longer flights, it seems I cannot get the METAR to update when I hit the reload WX button. REX seems to go through the motions of updating the waether but nothing on the WX log page in REX changes. This is a problem as sometimes my weather is over 4 or 10 hours old. The weather does update at regular intervals and I see the green bars etc. But, in REX no change of the METARS. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. Lately when I run REX for FS9 my planes veer all over the place and become uncotrollable. When I dont run REX it is ok. Any thoughts??? Thank you
  17. I have this set of Real Environment Extreme files in a rex_env.zip file. I have no idea what I am supposed to do with them. File names are env_highnoon.bmp, env_lowsun.bmp, env_midsun.bmp, & env_overcast.bmp. Where are they supposed to go?
  18. Ok so I love REX but seems like ever since i downloaded overdrive every flight I lose my auto throttle and speed indicator and it does not come back until i'm on approach.... I know its hard to believe that REX might be the problem but I think it is because it starting happening right after i installed overdrive.... Any ideas on how to fix this or what the problem might be?
  19. Hi!! First of all congrats and thanks for this wonderful software! It's amazing! I love it! however.. Currently flying from NRT to DFW 6 hours into the flight and suddenly the Weather Engine stop working, I thought well I'll just open it again and 10 minutes again it stop working again, I check the Confidential History or whatever its call within Windows 7 (home premium x64) and here is the output: Nombre de evento de problema: APPCRASH Application Name: rexwxengine2.exe Application Version: 1.5.2010.1210 Application Timestamp: 4d018fcf Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7600.16385 Fault Module Timestamp: 4a5bdbdf Exception Code: e053534f Exception Offset: 0000b727 Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7600. (in English operating system version) Id. de configuración regional: 2058 (Regional Config. Id) Thanks for your help in advance guys! Greetings Jorge
  20. Hello, First I want to say that I have read the two threads talking about draw distance and editing the fs9.cfg, etc.. (This one and part one, http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/index.php?topic=7087.0) Now after reading these two threads I still have no luck, I have tried to edit my CFG similar to the ones in the thread and I still see blocky textures, here is a screenshot. Now here is what my CFG is currently set to, [TERRAIN] TERRAIN_ERROR_FACTOR=100.000000 TERRAIN_MIN_DEM_AREA=10.000000 TERRAIN_MAX_DEM_AREA=200.000000 TERRAIN_MAX_VERTEX_LEVEL=20 TERRAIN_TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8 TERRAIN_AUTOGEN_DENSITY=5 TERRAIN_USE_GRADIENT_MAP=1 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_TEXTURES=1 TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=4 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=4 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=4 Does anyone have any idea how I can have the REX textures extend further out?
  21. Hello, I recently purchased REX and while I like the cloud and sky textures very much, I'm having some problems with water textures. This is Ocean Blue 4 (default settings) and small waves. Could someone explain to me how to get rid of those white markings I circled in the screenshot bellow? Thank you. My second problem has to do with visibility. I posted a screenshot from cockpit view bellow and everything looks very hazy. I have low level visibility set at 50 and no weather. I think I should have a much clearer view of my surroundings. Is there any way to improve this? Also notice the same white streaks as in the first picture. Thanks in advance. [img width=1024 height=576]http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/1193/21128117.jpg
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