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Found 1,696 results

  1. Hey, Just installed REX5 EF and it asking me for registration everytime I open it, plus when I choose a community preset in the top 10 and try to inject, nothing happen, it just ask me if I want to save it in My preset, said yes but nothing ln there Any idea ?
  2. Sir/Madam, I am trying to re-instal REX2004 but I am having difficulties with the validation. It has been a while and I seem to recall talking to someone here before. I have no Idea who I bought this from but I do have REX Plane purchased 24/12/2011 with a serial number and an order number. I also have REX FS2004 purchased 27Mar2011 with a serial number but not a purchase order number number, and, REX FSX purchased same day but again a serial number but no purchase order number. Can somebody please tell me how to proceed from here. Regards Tony Chilcott
  3. Also in that one topic where one could register for Charly Testversion i just filled the form when it got closed... Couldnt send it. Im not sure how much sense it makes to open these things just for a few hours....But probably its intended and you have a reason why you do it this way
  4. Good Evening after installation of your Technical Update 1.0.0 i had a massiv Framedrop on my Simulator, from former 30 - 50 FPS in the air I now had sometimes only 12 - 17 Fps. And i do nothing other on my Settings only Install your Technical Update. Without Clouds the Frames on Ground an in Flight are ok but when EF Simulate Clouds my Frames drop massiv. MY SYS I9 9900K, 32GB DDR4 @3000 and an RTX 2070. Using all in 1024x1024 Resolution in Sim an will tested with HDR on and Off.
  5. Hi guys, I send you 2 shoots to ask you a question based on your experiences at the simulation level. In the first photo the fog is set to MANUAL (in the GUI is the top option), in the second photo it is set to OFF ... according to you what is the most realistic option ... the current weather provided by Active Sky is the following: @POS 061232Z 25912KT 225V300 9999 -RA SCT050 10/02 Q1017 Thank you so much
  6. Hello, I already reinstalled EF multiple times (with antivirus deactivated and notifications set to zero) but I cannot open the window inside the sim, because this little symbol in the corner is missing. Is there another way to open the mini UI? Because with the default settings it is just a mess. Extremely bright and far too much bloom. Absolutely impossible to use the sim ATM without being able to open the in-sim settings window. I already submitted a ticket, but maybe someone can give me a quick solution Thanks in advance
  7. Having an issue with Environment Force where SOME presets in the community cause the scenery scene to flash about once a second. Not the entire screen...just "scenery" (as in, the cockpit doesn't flash). For example: Preset Name "Realistic" by fabrizio minesi created 5/9/19 flashes. Many presets, like Chris.O's presets, are fine as is West Coast Carribean. Not sure what the issue could be since it's not all the presets. Anyone else see this or have a fix? Addons involved: Prepare3D v4.4, Environment Force, SkyForce 3D, ActiveSky, Envtex, EnvShade
  8. Yes, if you have it. Some of us don't have that at all.
  9. In automatic mode, I didn't see the gradual cloud formation process. After AS4 updates, almost all the clouds suddenly appeared. Is there anything wrong with my settings? "Weather Automation Control" I chose the default value 5 first. All other options open I turned it on in manual mode "Enable Community Ontifications" In addition, if I inject community sharing configuration in manual mode Then I choose the automatic mode. Are these injected shared configurations invalid?
  10. Hi, just updated EF with your new patch BUT unfortunately still the same. To avoid the extreme brightness of the cockpit and the surrounding, need to disable the in sim HDR Lightning OTHERWISE can’t even see the gauges in the cockpit. Honestly i better enable the HDR in the sim and just use AS4 with ASCA only. With EF can’t do anything unless a fix is out. George
  11. Sometimes when I try to start the EF software it will not initiate a start. I have to reboot my pc and after that the EF start as expected. I run P3Dv4.5 in a 64 bit system. WIN 10 Pro. EF has admin level. The issue occurred after the latest update.
  12. I am not able to install Environment Force. I have a network based setup. P3D-MAIN: both C drive and D drive are shared from root level P3D4.5 installed on D drive WX-MAIN: AS4, ASCA & SkyForce installed on C drive on WX-MAIN (all 3 programs work correctly with this set up) P3D-MAIN/C: mapped to G: P3D-MAIN/D: mapped to D:; full write/write access tested on both mapped drives. I have been able to install SkyForce with this network configuration, however, attempting to run the EF installer from C drive on WX-MAIN computer brings up the error: "COULD NOT ACCESS NETWORK LOCATION \REXModules.." Regards David
  13. Hi- As stated in the subject line. Why does the installer repeatedly appear after boot and login on my Win10 PC? Thanks, Mark
  14. I am presently doing a flight from VHHX to ZSPD. Departure weather was calling for thunderstorms in the vicinity. However, instead of the usual intermittent lightnings, I get the regularity of the airplane strobe lights even on the tarmac when the strobe lights were off. Cruising at 35'000 feet now, in clear weather, I am still getting the lightnings every second... I am using AS4 + SkyForce + EnvironmentForce (including latest patch) in automation mode. This is the first time I get this sort of problem and it is quite disturbing for the eyes. Strobe lights are not related to that, this persists even when I close them. Which element could cause this please and how can I stop it? Thank you.
  15. Hello there, ever since I installd EF I am getting these weird squared cloud shapes. How could I fix this? Would it help to turn off the Texture sync? Also, even though the texture res settings in EF are the same as in SkyForce I am getting much bigger performance hits on overcasts since EF.
  16. Question, is this correct, don't know?? Only using SF + EF
  17. After some trouble - my EF now works correct. How do I use it with my PTA R & D 1.5 ini file. Do I now Go to my PTA program and load and apply 1.5 ini file After starts EF -,set to automatic and start my flight... Is this the correct Way?
  18. Hi, I just want to tell you that even with the Hotfix that is released a few minutes ago, i have the same monochrome texture even outside the of the cockpit. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  19. OK so I like to use a shader preset I have for PTA utilizing water and land terrain shaders. So I turn off "Enable Scene Lighting" and "Enable Water Control" in the automated environment controls panel and it seems that EF still goes ahead and overwrites the terrain and water shaders anyway? Are there issues with using PTA and EF or am I doing something wrong? Thank you.
  20. Hi, in the small blu window at top left i have a "validation process failed" message. FSPilotShop.com ------------------------------------------------------ Order Number: 1090163 Date Ordered: Monday 06 May, 2019 Here is the license key/serial number associated with your order. REX-155.zip ------------------------------------------------------ Software License Key/Serial Number: Could you help me please ? Thanks in advance Claudio Damiani
  21. I've just got new update in EF.
  22. Hello all, I'm not sure where this topic would fit but wanted to give you some insights of my simming days after the bundle purchase of REX EF and SF (and those days weren't good). Foreword: 1. I always liked REX textures and find SF textures again beautiful! 2. I had a clean P3Dv4.5 installation reverted back to v4.4 client only due to the performance issue. 3. Did not had any shader Apps in use at the time I went for EF and SF Since the purchase of the bundle, I managed to do ONLY ONE flight at dawn. I was impressed about the look of my sim which obviously did not show the exagerated bloom. The day I've completed the flight looked like a fair weather theme from P3D. Of course I was using Active Sky but the weather was generaly good. The next day I wanted to start my next flight during daytime. It's then when the first problems started: 1. The Bloom! Since "The Bloom" happened I spent all of my time looking for answers: switching from forum to forum, trying combination of fixes, switching HDR On/Off...etc. 2. The Cirrus! There are two problems regarding Cirrus clouds: a) they pop in and out while panning and b) they look like a narrow repeated pattern in my sky (this happens only when running EF. Running SF without EF, the Cirrus layer appears normal) 3. The Popping. Cloud popping seems worse when using EF and SF in combo even with all "smoothing" settings turned on. Had cloud popping before EF and SF (means with ASCA) but they happened only when panning towards a new view (so to look e.g outside the left window of the cockpit). Looking straight foreward, cloud poppings did not realy occure... 4. The Fog. The fog behaves very strange near ground on my machine. It looks like the older clipping view issue where the visibility clears up at a fixed range in front of the ACFT during flight. It's like a sharp edge between low vis and high vis clearing up the terrain as moving foreward. I've seen this in the releases of Dovetail Flight Sim World...oh God was that annoying. Guys...it seems like you pushed the last releases way to soon. I held off from SF purchase when it was released, due to the reported issues. It took some Tech Updates to get it somehow stable. I can't tell if the product is stable today since it hasn't been long since I purchased it. I got EF out of curiosity and IMHO, it is again far far away from a stable product. As I said, since the purchase of the bundle it has been a continous agony of troubleshooting. I'm not happy at all at this time. * Above Strikethrough edited by OP* Issue No.4 seems erroneusly reported by me as beeing an EF issue since the sim shows the same behaviour without EF or SF (it's a little less obious but that could be caused by different aspects). It was only fair for me to strike that point out of my negative report.
  23. I have just purchased the above product howver when i start the software and then start Prepr3d v4.4 i just get a black screen however i can hear all the sounds. At first i thought it was reloading the shaders but clearly that is not the case. I am running timato shade and have heard a few things about some complications running the 2 together however i rerally would appreciate some help on this if possible Regards Marshall
  24. Hello, In EF there is under Options a Setting where you can manage which resolution the Clouds have. But in SF there is also a Setting where you can config the resolution of the Stratos and Cumulus Clouds. Im a little bit confused . i thought when I use SF together with EF then the Clouds comes from SF and therefore I config the Resolution there . Inject EF also Clouds in the Sim ? Michael
  25. Just bought EF this evening and did a test flight which lasted about two hours or so. I’ll be honest... I’m not entirely that impressed with this program. I have it paired with AS+SF as most others do. The first thing that bothered me was just how fast the cloud morphing changes. I thought this program would slow down the formation of clouds giving them a realistic build up and dissipation speed. Because let’s be honest, clouds in real life don’t build up or dissipate in seconds, it usually takes about a good 8-10 minutes for a nice size cloud to really get some girth. Anyways, In my sim the clouds were forming in less than 5 seconds! It was smooth I will admit that much but come on now, that’s not even how it happens in real life. While I was on approach into my destination I had a nice thick broken layer that was over my head and it really did look good for about 5 minutes but within a snap of a finger (not even exaggerating) the whole layer just lifted and I was left with clear skies. At that point I stopped the flight and just shut the computer down in frustration of not knowing what this program ACTUALLY does. I read the manual and it all seems okay on paper but in the sim it’s like not even what was being advertised 🤷🏽‍♂️.
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