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Found 106 results

  1. Guest

    CLOSED TOGA + fuel checks

    Hey guys, I was just on approach to a very windy East Midlands airport in the NGX, and upon landing ended up coming in too far and bouncing, which resulted in a go-around. I was flying manual, and therefore autothrottle and autopilot were not engaged. On go-around I pressed the TOGA button thinking the throttles would go into togo mode, but they didn't and I had to thorttle up manually. I thought that on a go-around TOGA should work even without autothrottle engaged? Secondly, after watching a video the other day about a Scandanavian crew flying the 737-800ng, It came to my attention that crews in every day life do fuel checks while en-route. I was wondering if someone could tell me when these fuel checks are carried out on the routes, for example say every hour, and also how they check the fuel. Do they check the fuel tank number indications on the Lower DU against the FMC predicted fuel usage? Or is it some other method? TIA and kind regards, Danny Oh jeez, how embarassing, I just realised I thought I was on the pmdg forums and not the REX forums, sorry guys didn't mean to post this here!
  2. Recently downloaded the shader 3.0 mod and it seems that REX water looks really bad now and no animations. When I fly I load weather textures for different weather scenarios and the water doesn't seem to change. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Hi I hope I have it now right with the order number in my signature Thanks Sebastian
  4. version 9 had it so i guess a newer version is coming out soon.
  5. I have both copies for FSX and FS9. I'm trying to find the order number to post for verification for Essential. Where can I find my order number from? I've had these copies for a while. Thanks Dave
  6. I've been troubled by the inbound/outbound firewall alert issue and was hoping Esssentials would be coming soon. Any word?
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