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Found 106 results

  1. Hi "the team", Please, do you have an estimated date to release the Essential version for the REX OD 2.5.2010.1027 users ?? Thanks a lot for the information. I'm very impatient !!! But, I read on the french forum, some REX Essential users, are disappointed by your new wheater engine. They was waiting an performance better than the old engine and minimum equal at ASE. It seems not. I'm waiting to compare !! Cheers, guys...
  2. Hi folks, Can anyone please confirm if Essential for the above mentioned REX version (ie., REX+OD) has been released yet. Many thanks.
  3. Anyone know when the update will be available from the REX essential + OD for REX-overdriver? grateful Congratulations REX
  4. Greetings fellow simmers and dear REX team Ive been patiently waiting (at least I think so myself) while the crowd gets into REX E. I have REX OD and waiting for the Essentials OD patch. Do you guys have an estimate on when it will be available? I think I saw some post some time ago stating that it would be released about a week after REXE. Is that still on? In any case, I love your products. Thank you for your work Sincerely, Andreas Stangenes
  5. Hey guys, The greatest apologies if 'm currently posting this on the wrong section of the forums. I have had REX installed for a long time now and am just getting back in to using fsx as i scrolled passe it on my desktop. I am clueless on how i can update my REX to 2.0 so i can use overdrive aswell. I currently have version 1.0.2008.1126. This is also my first time using this forms, to an extent of what i can remember. As i said its been a while since i last used fsx. So basically, yeah i need to know where i can find the update v2 for REX v1 and would be an advantage if you could also tell me how to insall it. If i have to pay aditional funds in order to upgrade to v2/overdrive, then so be it, i just dont have a clue on where i can upgrade, Thaks for your time
  6. extract from "IFR Sumburgh to Leeds Bradford.pln" IFR route : EGPB MOCHA W5D ADN P18 NATEB UP18 GASKO UY250 OBOXA DCT LBA EGNM </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="MOCHA"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N59° 32' 56.00",W1° 21' 59.00",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>MOCHA</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="GAVEL"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N59° 23' 0.00",W1° 24' 22.00",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <ATCAirway>W5D</ATCAirway> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>GAVEL</ICAOIdent> when this .pln is imported into REXess flight-planner, the waypoint coords are the following : MOCHA 59.5333333 -0.65 = N59°32'00 W000°39'00 instead of N59°32'56 W001°21'59 GAVEL 59.3833333 -0.60 = N59°23'00 W000°36'00 instead of N59°23'00 W001°24'22 with those wrong coords (LATs are not that bad, but LONs really are) the whole route depicted on the REX wx window is not corect since it does not match the .pln and moreover the DIST + DIR data are also wrong : WAYPT DIST DIR EGPB 0 0 MOCHA 44 118 instead of 20Nm/190° GAVEL 9 162 instead of 10Nm/191° Could you please check ?
  7. I'm using REX 2.0 for FSX. How do I integrate it with P3D?
  8. That was by far my favorite day sky texture. I felt it was the most realistic and it is the only one that is gone from the list. Anyway I can get it back? Most of the other ones leave a really bad upper ring where the sky turns darker real fast. Not the sharp line although late and early in the day that is there for a little while. So most of the time it is fuzzy but it still does not look good. It would be nice if the sky would be only a little darker as one looked upward to the top from the horizon. Perfect poluted did that. And the distant clouds looked to photo real in it blending into the haze in the distance.
  9. Hello REX Team, First of all, I want to congratulate you on the release of Essential, it looks like an incredible product! I'm a little confused though. I purchased the REX 2 DVD from FS Pilot Shop (see sig), so will I be able to get the full version of Essential? Or is that only for FSS customers? In that case, would I have to resort to the upgrade version? The reason why I'm asking is I want to start fresh, with a clean installation. Apologies if this has already been asked.
  10. Hello REX staff and costumers. My question is: Do I need a FSS acount to get the new REX Essential? I ask this because I bought REX+OD in Simmarket, and I don't have a FSS acount. I would like to know if REX essential is going to be available in Simmarket. I know that as I have 2.5.2010.127 version I have to wait some time for the essential+OD release. So I want to be well prepared for that moment. Thanks in advance.
  11. To Tim FUCHS AS requested my log-in name is david stokes
  12. First of all welldone on a fantastic product, however would like to request something, in active sky you have more of a option to choose the dates and times, for example every hour you can choose more archive weather As I live in New Zealand and I like to fly in the UK where the time difference is big and for me doing night and afternoon flights. Could there be calendar to choose dates and times of archive weather. Very sorry if I have missed it being there already. Many thanks Damien
  13. I just flew out of KEWR with a line of thunderstorms coming in. I have been using flightsim for 20 yrs and I can tell you this was the best depiction of a squawl line I have seen. Great job REX team!! There are still some little issues I have but I'm sure it is just a matterr of getting my settings right. Thank You very much for your great work. Anthony Marquis
  14. Hey everyone I just had a quick question. I have been using REX 2 + Overdrive for quite awhile now but just installed essentials today. I was reading through the manual and I am confused about the texture loading with regards to the I just want to fly, I like to create, and I want to follow a flight plan. In the manual it says under the I just want to fly logo that this option allows REX to randomly select and load textures into flight sim. Are the textures it loads just random? Or do they pertain to the current weather conditions where you are in your flight. I guess I just need more clarification I know it is gone over in the manual but I dont quite understand. I thought I read somewhere that there was an option for REX to automatically select and load the best textures for you based on the current weather conditions? I guess simply put if I wanted to fly with real world weather and the appropriate textures for the conditions how would I do this? Do I have to create a theme and load that? I really appreciate any help. Thanks
  15. For the people who bought REX + OverDrive from SimMarket, is there any way we can get REX 2 so we can install the Essential upgrade?
  16. I can't believe I have to ask; So where do We ask for Essential support?
  17. Hi, Im new to the forum. Earlier today I posted in the verification thread to be verified and noticed an interesting problem. I am unable to view my own profile and I am unable to search the forum. I noticed this problem when I tried to add my REX order number to my signature. When I attempt to view my own profile I receive the following error: [#10245] You are not permitted to view member profiles I had to click My setting to edit my signature instead of my profile which I am still unable to view. When I attempt to search the forum I receive this error: [#10145] Search is not enabled on the community at this time. Im using Internet exploiter I mean explorer 9. I have tried using Chrome and Firefox with the same results. Im just wondering if this is normal and not a problem, if Im causing the problem or if there is a problem with the forum? Anybody elese experianceing this or is it just me? Thanks
  18. Hello I have twice added my details in the verification thread as the first time in disappeared, how do i go about downloading the new REX essentials as I am a REX 2.0 owner for FSX, thanks The FlightSim Store ------------------------------------------------------ Order Number: 119575 Wayne Such
  19. Hey there, I'm currently downloading REX Essential from my account on the FlightSimStore. Thanks for the hard-work guys! My question is, I've currently got REX2+Overdrive installed, can I put essential over the top? If not, can I completely uninstall REX2 with overdrive and just install essential standalone? Does it include the features of overdrive? Thanks again guys!
  20. Hi guys, Is there a way to stop REX essentials from changing the water textures when you load the WX textures to the current weather situation? I dont understand why this would need to be changed. It takes a bit of time to load new water textures and I would rather just have the clouds/sky textures changed to suit the weather. Any help?
  21. I purchased REX2 and up-dated to Overdrive some time ago. i have lost the Order NO and cannot remember where i purchased the box edition. Can you help as i would VERY much like to add ESSENTIALS . Very much appreciate your help David Stokes
  22. Hi, I just tested REX Ess. and it´s gorgeous!!! However, there is one thing I must ask: is it possible to run the weather radar gauge in fullscreen? if not, why isn´t this feature available? could it be updated in the future? I rellly need that featurE sorry for not telling my order number of REX, here it is: FSS01559556
  23. Will you please make an option to not have to go into REX everytime I want to fly with real world weather (thats everytime I fly) like the old REX when it just started when you started FSX. Its like you took a step back.
  24. dont want to check the forum every 5 seconds " Real Environment Xtreme: Are you ready - things are about to get busy!!! "
  25. A few days ago bought REX for FSX through Simmarket. My order is 871196 Now I have to do to validate the product? thanks
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