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Found 1,696 results

  1. Hi There I recently installed REX EF and am using with Sky Force (Cloud Textures/Structures + Sky Textures) & ASP4 as the weather engine. I am running P3D V4.4. I am running EF in Automatic mode and am having problems getting the "Scene Lighting" function working - when this is enabled, I see no difference in visuals compared to when EF is not running - In fact the only things I can visually see differences in is water colouring, visibility, and sometimes a very minute difference in terrain colouring. Also the Scene lighting option sometimes stays in the "WAITING" status but even when it is in the "RUNNING" status i see no difference at all in the lighting/shaders. I am not running any other shader mods (PTA/ENVSHADE/TS) I understand this is a new product and there are things that need to be ironed out but at the moment EF is just not really doing much visual adjustment to my sim. I look forward to your response.
  2. Where can I find the network install instructions for both SF and EF?
  3. Have the newest version of P3D, also have SF and am using Active Sky as the weather engine. As soon as I load a flight right before the percentage icon pops up, P3D crashes. When I dont run Ef and just run SF and Active Sky, it loads but takes a very long time to load the flight. I have a loaded PC as well. Is there any insight on how to fix this issue ? Thanks !
  4. Hey guys, I did now 4 flights and saw, that from one time to another some clouds are dissapear and some appear. That's not really nice. I have disabled the "smooth" injection cause I am using AS for weather engine. P3D 4.5 HF1 + latest EF + AS. Any suggestion what I can do that the weather injection is a bit more smoother
  5. Below me the clouds are shrinking and expanding constantly while I fly over them. See the video that I posted at Youtube here: https://youtu.be/8FZLxxk8fxw
  6. Hello. Are this technical update also resolving problem with haze and speed problem (with some aircraft) ?
  7. I was attempting to manipulate some changes in the coloring, then recompiled the shaders. The screen went black for a few seconds, then P3d crashed to desktop. If I can't do that in flight, I won't. In general though, how can I make the scene look more realistic? I use full automation mode, and haven't made any changes in the mini-ui (which is what I was trying to do when it crashed). How can I bring more red into the scene, particularly in the sunlight. Right now it's too white and the scene overall has too strong of a blue cast. This makes everything look flat.
  8. Hello, I noticed I can't change the cloud textures in manual mode. When I select a set from Texture Direct and subsequently press sync the clouds won't change - nothing happens. They don't seem to swap in auto mode, either. I can swap sky and cirrus clouds textures, though. Running on on the latest version (technical update 1, no beta). Thank you
  9. Ive been pretty happy with EF... besides that it deletes random things on deinstall the sim looked amazing. Now with the update im near to uninstall it... Bloom cant be turned off anymore, clouds started to look very weired (see pics below), the stripy cirrus are still present and maybe even more as before, HDR recompile gives a CTD, among a few other issues that were not present in 503. Please give us a way to download that one until this tool is out of Alpha... Im really sorry to sound like this and i hate myself for it but it gets way to tedious to fiddle around with this. 503 clouds It was perfect. I did around 15 to 18 flights and it looked nice on every single one. Now after hotfix i made 5 flights and it looked weired on all of them...I did not change anything, besides installing the hotfix for EF. Is that a tornado there? The stripy cirrus are still there too and pls pls dont say again that this are 0 width clouds because we get near them... This ONLY happens with EF. And it happens also when one is on ground and looks up 20k feet above
  10. Using Environment Force in a network. I have EF installed on my P3D/Server PC with SkyForce installed on a client machine and I continue to get this message "Texture Product - Not Found! We were not able to find any active texture products installed." My permissions are all set up (I've been running networked for quite some time, with SF3D, AS4, and other apps), AV is off, firewall open, etc. I have EF pointed to the SF3D main folder on my client PC, but it won't recognize it for some reason. If I restart EF, the Sky Force 3D field will then be blank, with no path to the program.
  11. Hey just updated to the new REX 5 update , i open up the GUI menu , it shows me hdr which is on i click off and dont see a difference , is there anything i need to do.
  12. I am running EF and SF3D and i have the green bar on to show me when weather is being created. But instead of it smoothing/blending in it just pops when it says weather generation completed. EF is on auto and all options ticked. This NOT the way it is supposed to go. Main reason i bought it is for weather smoothing. And its not doing it Regards Mike
  13. First thanks for the quick update. Now everything looks great with no tweaking in auto mode , and performance is much better. I'm still confused about enable weather smoothing. In EV ui it says leave off if using if using Active Sky weather engine, which I am. but in manual it says this: Enable Weather Smoothing When this feature is enabled it causes all weather injections to occur gradually over time dictated by the Weather Automation Control. This feature works with all 3rd-party weather engines. The reason why I am asking is because I get abrupt cloud changes randomly. Thanks for help.
  14. I have notice a huge difference in FPS when using AS weather engine instead of SF weather engine. AS+SF+EF=10 FPS. SF+EF=65 FPS. Same arpt, same weather, same clock time, same A/C and same P3D settings. I don´t know why but it is how it works in my sim. The issue seams to come with the latest AS update or P3D hot fix.
  15. These photos taken running SkyForce, Environment Force and SkyForce as weather engine * Notice the Frame loss. I have been trying to find where the frame loss is and I must conclude it is with Environment force. All sim settings are the same for all photo groups. I do run my P3D V4.5 pretty high and always have and have not had any frame loss or stutters. SkyForce settings: 3D clouds set 1024 DXT5 Cirro type settings: 1024 DXT5 Environment Force settings: Default Automatic and default manual with added theme Scott5 As you can see my P3D runs really well with SkyForce, Active Sky or as P3D alone. Throw Environment force into the picture and it drops to its knees. Environment Force is by far a beautiful addition, just got to get to bottom of why it is so frame heavy. Now all this said: I have been a member of the insider team since it started and was part of testing Betas until a user you said shared it, at which time you changed the way we had access to the Beta files. Well in a nut shell, you have locked me out of being part of testing. I work a full time job, married, own a house and property to take care and to make your time window to sign up and download files in the short amount "window of time" just wont get it for me. Not ranting, just stating maybe you would benefit from others help in testing instead of limiting it. Got better things to do than sit at a computer at REX's forums waiting, but I do stay logged in and try to check for updates as often as I can. Most people who know me personally, know I am very computer savvy and get the most out of FSX or P3D with any given system. These photos taken running EF & SF with SF as weather engine These next photos taken with just SkyForce and it also as weather engine These next photos taken with sky force textures and weather engine ASP4 These next photos No weather engine running at all, turned ASP4 off Now flying from KSTL St.Louis to Northwestern Iowa, in thunderstorms : SkyForce textures and ASP4 as weather engine Uninstalled Environment Force and reinstalled to original release 5.0.2019.0420 and No Hotfix and everything again is playing nice !!! Conclusion is the first Hotfix after release caused the major frame loss
  16. I'm surprised at myself still persisting with EF. It's just the hope I will sometime see the same results as others. I waited for the 1.1 update before trying again, (it is actually 1.1.1 today) but the results are still the sameas when I first tried it last week. Note that I only want a tweak-free operation (important for reasons i explain later). 1. If P3D4.4 (or 4.5 -- tried both) is started with HDR on, all I get on the P3D screen is black. The P3D menu is accessible, so: 2. if i turn P3D's HDR off then I get the display. But (except for add-on scenery/airports) it is all shades of gray: the ground is black, the autogen stands out as stark white. and the parts of the sky which should be blue or at least have some colour are gray. It looks dreadful. (I have supplied a pic, below, but note that it does reakky look the same as others already posted on your closed resolved or awaiting subforums). The only way I can get my coloured world back is by replacing the Shaders folder with my backup copy and re-enabling HDR. I did save a copy of the "bad" folder, and attach a ZIP copy to let you see what EF has done. I have never seen the "mini UI" icon. No matter what i do it doesn't appear anywhere. with three defined views (see below) where should it appear? Now to explain my system: I have a hardware 737NG cockpit using ProSim737 software for the systems, with Prosim's own 737NG model. There is no software panel. The screen is a 210 degree FOV curved screen using three projectors,, and three P3D4 views laid on an nVidia surround window covering the 210 degrees. There's a fair amount of overlap between the screens to allow the NatVis "TruView" software to blend the joins so you never see them. However, when testing and setting things like EF up this software is not running. The views on the actual screen are then ugly and curved. So for menu access and so forth I use Teamviewer on another PC -- hence the reason for tweak-free operation. I just want to set it up and leave it to do its job. Now mine is by no means a unique setup, but maybe I'm the only one currently trying to use EF. Do you think you can help, please. I would like to get this working. BTW i don't have any other shader programs in use at all -- before EF I used ASCA and Skyforce3D to assist Active Sky in rendering good looking clouds and sky. I would just like to get the gradual morphing which EF is demonstated to be able to do, but currently this doesn't appear to be possible on my system. Thank you. Pete Dowson Shaders.zip
  17. Hi ever since installing REX Environment Force my sim looks like this. Ground Textures are black, Autogen is monochrome, the cockpit however is displayed just normal. The cirrus clouds are blue? I tried uninstalling REX Environment Force and restoring the original shader files through PTA but nothing worked Any ideas?
  18. Hi everyone, I have just finished installing the new version of P3D ( Same configuration of clouds on SKY FORCE, same parameters on AS and on Environment Force ... with EF and AS closed, with customized weather, P3D goes to 60 fps out of 60. With EF and AS open, it goes to 20 FPS ... With Sky Force and open AS, it goes to 60 FPS I tried replacing the default Shaders instead of the Tomato ones, but it doesn't change anything ... I even fall to 15 FPS. I continue to do some tests and I will let you know EDIT: I forgot to tell you that I am in AUTO MODE
  19. Hi at HECA its meant to be clear skies METAR: HECA 130630Z 02005KT 6000 NSC 29/04 Q1011 NOSIG I have EF on automatic mode. Any ideas?
  20. Hello all, Before installing Environment Force, my frames were completely fine. 40+ fps in all situations at all locations. Ever since installing Environment Force, the CPU load has increased significantly, with the frames dropping as a result. The interesting thing is that these frames drop only at 10000ft plus. Frames completely fine below 10000ft. Is there a solution for this, because it's annoying me a bit now how I spent £1700 on a computer which can't even run a shader programme at 30fps plus (yesterday when I ran the sim without Environment Force i got 60+ fps in cruise). Is there a way to pinpoint the cause of the high cpu load that EF causes? Will.
  21. Hello , I need some clarifications about EF : 1. Which impact has an active Tomato Profile in combination with REX Environment ? Some Settings from Tomato and also from EF have the same impact to P3D . For me it is a little bit strange that i can use Tomato together with EF. Especially for what i still need Tomato when i use also REX EF ? What can EF not handle, what Tomato can ? Which influence has an Tomato Profile to the EF Settings ? What do I need to pay attention for ? 2. Automatic Mode but still able to change Settings in Sim over Mini UI Window ? The easiest way to use EF is the Automatic Mode , ok . But why is it the possible to change many Settings in Sim over the Mini UI Window ? 3. Clouds - EF and Skyforce ? Till now i think that Skyforce create the Cumulus and Cirrus Cloud bmps in the different Resolutions and install this bmps in the main texture Folder in P3D. But what funktion has the Screen in EF where i can choose the differnet Cloud Types also . I test it when i choose an Cloud Typ its not the same as in Skyforce . My test was that i rename my default Texture Folder in P3D . I create an new texture Folder , choose the Cloud Resolution in Skyforce and choose the Clouds and Skyforce copys his Cloud bmps in the choosed resolution in the Texture Folder . OK it works . But when i choose in EF the Cloud type in EF and inject it , the no ne Clouds was installed in the texture Folder from P3D ?!? So what function hast this Window in EF ? 4. Complete Restore to default before Skyforce ? What is the correct way to make an complete restore to default Shader Settings from sim as before the Installation of EF ? I change some Settings in EF but when i choose the restore Button in EF nothing changed . After an complete uninstall of EF , the changes made from EF still persist. Hope someone can give answers on my questions . Thanks in advance Michael
  22. Hi Forum I have just bough EF - very impressed! I would like to control Global Visibility but Active Sky seems to be stopping the Global Visibility setting from working in EF. I'd like to control this from EF, so is there a way around this please? Thanks
  23. Interestingly, when I do not want to run a EF, some element still starts and interferes. And an error message appears. Why does EF run when I do not want it?
  24. when i move the camera in cockpit the cloud dissapare.. any fix for this or ?
  25. I am using live mode automation in EF. Please see sample picture below from my cockpit. My P3D HDR settings is 1.0 (brightness) 0.0 (bloom) 1.0 (saturation). I am also not using any other 3rd party shader.
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