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Found 1,696 results

  1. ... that really starts to hit me....Just stop supporting them in forum if you really want to go that route. But let us use them if we want. With this version i cannot fly at all anymore. Where ive got 50 fps before i get 15 now. 18 fps.... with a RTX 2080, comeon. And not even in the cockpit, there it was 12 to 18 fps. I never, i mean never, saw this since i started fly in P3D, when in the outside cam over openLC territory. My GPU load was at whopping 90% when usually i have 35 to 50 % in overcast. Sorry guys, i really appreciate that you try but im about to loose it. Im afraid this will blow my lid one day. Multiple people reported low fps in the last insider version, still you release it like that. What is that? Did you stop listen to people or what is the reason that a version gets released where one person said "all fine, it works" and multiple others reported problems? 4.5 hotfix win 1903
  2. Hi, I'm having issues using the Weather radar with Maddog X... They are compatible and also integrated very good, i had just to select the REX WX Radar from the Maddog Configuration Center to make it work, but everytime i use it i have a significant drop or framerate! From 60/70 when it's off, to 15/25 FPS when it's on... I did read another post similar to mine, but that user had a very basic system, so i can understand the FPS drop... But i have: CPU Ryzen 5 1500X, 2x8GB DDR4 2666Ghz RAMs, GPU an AMD RX580... Well, you understand that is a preatty good system... That's why it seems strange to me... I also tryed to edit the WX radar from its config tool decreasing the resolution from FullHD to 720x480 to see if something changes, but nothing... Very very laggy. What can it be? How can i solve it? Thank you.
  3. I am currently flying the Milviz DHC-3 Turbo Otter (latest version). I also own the full version of WX Advantage Radar (Update 7) on P3D v4.5 hotfix version. When I select the mode or range switches with the mouse wheel it skips every other selection making it impossible to select the range or mode you want. For instance, I can switch mode from OFF to WX to MAP, but I cannot select TEST or WX/T. Same with range knob. I can only select 5, 20, 80, & 160. Oddly, it does not skip from 80 to 160 and I cannot select 320. I uninstalled WX Radar and installed the new Update 7 version 2-3 weeks ago. I don't think I realized a problem in the MilViz C310R, which I think is the only other aircraft with WX Radar I've flown since. It could be I did not really need it and so did not realize a problem that might have been there, but now I am in a very cloudy, rainy Alaska in the mountains and need the radar. I just uninstalled and reinstalled WX Advantage Radar again and the issue remains. Is this a known issue? I also noticed a few Gauge errors in my DHC-3 gauges of Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\ContentErrors.txt , which I cannot figure out. These began with the DHC-3 Turbo only after installing the WX Radar Update 7. Take a look starting at Error 73. The other errors are due to duplicate sound and effects files that I need to clean up. I also attached the Panel.cfg from the Milviz DHC-3 Turbo panel.cfg ContentErrors.txt
  4. Please assist me in obtaining a download link for REX Texture Direct which I no longer have on my hard drive but previously purchased from the Flight Sim Store. Thank you very much Order Number: FSS0256192 Vincent Carlo
  5. I would like to create a hardware-based version of the REX Wx Radar using a separate small monitor, Arduino, Mobiflight or Air Manager, digital encoders and rotary switches, similar to available hardware devices for Garmin GPS GTN/GNS/etc. Questions: 1. Can the Wx Radar be displayed without the bezel (since I would use actual knobs in their place)? 2. Are the Wx Radar variables available so I can read/write from/to them? Thanks. Scott
  6. Hi I have recently reinstalled REX 4 Enhanced Edition and have tried to install REX Soft Clouds via the REX File Transfer and it is stating my license key could not be validated. I presume I am supposed to select REX Soft Clouds (Stand Alone) and download and install full version? Thanks
  7. Hi All, After about a 5 year gap I decided today to reinstall FSX on my new gaming rig. To my horror, I discovered that FSS has gone and so has all my REX purchases. Is there anything I can do? Thanks Daz
  8. Hi there, I've tried it again to get REX Environment to run, but again it screwed up my P3D sim. It stops it from starting up completely. After uninstalling REX Environment P3D starts up fine. Is there any chance on a refund cause this program will not run for me and it probably never will. Regards Leo de Haan Scotland 2037178 SIMMARKET REX GAME STUDIOS - REX 5 - ENVIRONMENT FORCE
  9. I just got this issue with environment force. It says it failed to validate my install in game. but I can go into my GUI to change settings without that error.
  10. Looks like with W10 1903 there is a CTD with the MV WX Radar version It causes P3Dv4.5HF1 to CTD without a crash report as soon as the aircraft is selected for loading. I have checked everything else and am confident that it is the WX Radar that is causing this. You can also reach me on the Milviz Discord Test channel or via the Milviz Forums. Ken G.
  11. Is there a way to redownload a product purchased thru the REX store. My order number was VGQZBBDWP and I still have my product serial number
  12. It appears I made the mistake of installing REX Environment force. I don't want to use it anymore and want to get rid of this product, however after uninstalling the sky in my sim (P3D v4.5) is grey instead of blue. When I reinstall Environment force it turns blue again. So this way I am forced to have Environment force installed. I don't want that. How do I get rid of Environment force but keep my skies blue?
  13. So Ive noticed the themes I select and install are not showing up in my flight sim. I am running P3Dv4.4 https://prnt.sc/nwlb0u That is a screenshot showing the terminal in MMMX looking like the default crappy one, not the theme I selected in World Wide Airports.
  14. Hello, its possible to setup Envforce to start with closed UI in P3D4.5 ? i have set up and the program works behind in background, i want to see it when in automode. (Tech update 1.1)
  15. I just bought this and when I launch it, it just flashes a box then crashes. I have windows 10 and an AMD cpu.
  16. Hello, I had recently CTD during performing recompile shaders operation in REX mini UI window. P3D v4.5 with hotfix. REX EF - latest version
  17. Hi, I am not sure how this happend. Since I use EF Smoothing with AS again, I have those strange cloud shadows. (Without Smoothing enabled, my weather changes instantly - clouds dissapear and clouds appear). P3D 4.5 HF1 + EF with smoothing enabled + AS (and SkyForce but not started) P3D 4.5 HF1 + EF with smoothing disabled + AS (and SkyForce but not started) Even here, for my taste there should be more shadow on the ground cause there are really deep clouds displayed?
  18. Hi guys, I absolutely love the products of REX, but since I bought Environment Force and Sky Force, I have a strange bug: This did only occur after installing REX, and I can resolve it, but only if I delete the Prepar3d.cfg, but after closing prepar3d and starting it up again, I have the same issue. This is what my config looks like, nothing changed, created by P3d. But when I close prepar3d and open it up again, i find myself in the situation shown in the picture above. Prepar3D.cfg I have both products mentioned above installed on the newest version. I hope we can fix this problem, regards Tom
  19. Hi; PMDG cockpit is so shining , and very bright , any chance to fix it ? or any updates should we wait? SS: https://ibb.co/PFhd3K7 Best Regards Erkas
  20. Hi. @fs1 To continue improving the programs I leave my observations: 1.- Weather Popping. I still have weather popping for example i had some clouds around and suddenly all disappeared. I am using Sky Force and Environment Force, I had enable the weather smoothing. In my personal case this happen one or two times on a one hour flight. I tried to record but is hard because like i said before not always happen. 2.- Fog issue. I still have problem with the fog in auto mode. In the simulator you can perceive more fog that the weather said. I also have to say sometimes the fog disappears and reappear abruptly. 3.- Clouds disappearing and reappearing I still appreciate some problems with some clouds (Cirrus) disappearing and reappearing when i look around. We should have better results when we use SF and EF because these two programs were developed to work hand to hand. I would like to know if these situations are being handled otherwise breaks the good feeling of the simulation. Regards.
  21. Hello, This is a topic that I've done some testing in but haven't come to a conclusion yet and was wondering if anyone else noticed a similar issue. This is a hypothesis. ASP4 generates clouds and precipitation detectable by many payware plane's weather radar. It also uses simconnect and interpolates weather data based on your position. EF automatic mode/some textures 3D cloud morphing (real-time weather off) will change the cloud's location upon its activation. This can be seen when you have a broken clouds day setup on ASP4 then after you turn on 3D cloud morphing, the clouds will no longer be in the same location as they previously were and interpolated by ASP4. Almost like a confliction on EF's end where it will inject its own weather/cloud information even though real-time weather is off and it is reading from your ASP4 file; it doesn't read the interpolated effects on your aircraft calculated by ASP4 but rather the METAR and comes to its own conclusion. Thus over-riding ASP4. So, obviously doppler radar works by sending out wavelengths and reporting those that come back changed; thus representing particulates/rain/snow/hail in the air. PMDG aircraft (example) read this data that ASP4 generates and places it into its WXR function on their aircraft. EF, by changing the cloud locations/types and interpolating its own interpretation of the weather METAR (Created by ASP4) creates a visual effect different than ASP4's intended display. Thus, even though I was flying through precipitation, it was not showing up on my weather radar because it was solely a visual effect 'spawned' by EF. When infact the interpolated data by ASP4's engine (which can be seen via DeBug) was showing/creating something else therefore an inaccurate WXR reading. --- This hypothesis needs more testing and I'm not exactly sure if it is how I wrote above. It sparked my curiosity when I was playing around with EF and saw it changing the cloud locations even though those are determined by ASP4's engine. Any Thoughts? Regards
  22. Why am I seeing a dark cloud layer of 4-5 octas with AS showing weather as Few Clouds at 1500 and visibility unlimited. What can be causing this? I have EF in Auto Mode and the mini UI is showing Auto too. Their is always cloud, even if I customise the AS Wx to clear skies. Thanks.
  23. I made an system performance test yesterday and used an static view from the tower at EDDF for it. While i monitored system parameters i saw an very abrupt change in the lighting, i guess it was EF injecting new shaders. The weather was very variable (as i used real weather data via ActiveSky you can check the RL weather data for EDDF from 1630 to 1830 if you want) with some showers. The scene lighting changed from dull to bright colors, but the change was very abrupt and not with smooth transitions. Any idea what setting may be wrong? I have EF in automatic mode, only the data importing is deactivated.
  24. RStough has replied to the topic referred to above, and I tried to reply but somehow this website stops me. I try clicking 'reply' and the edit section opens then closes again immediately. What could be doing that? Anyway, my reply is only "thank you ... maybe I'll get a chance to try it before I go on holiday in a week's time." Pete
  25. Since the recent update I am having CTD of P3dv4.5 if EF is opened first. P3d will open to the home screen fine but the moment you choose 'ok' to load the loading box fails to show and after around 10 seconds the ctd occurs. If I start it without EF loaded it runs fine. I then startup EF but it then doesn't appear to be doing anything and I have no mini UI. This occurs with any air raft / airport and was never seen prior to 1.1 ? Any ideas?
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