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Found 1,696 results

  1. Hi All, I have been away from the community for quite a while, and am now switching from FSX Steam to P3D I have a Registration for REX V 2.0 for FSX. Do I need to purchase anything to have The most up to date REX running on P3D? I appreciate the help.
  2. Hi guys Does anyone know how to start flyinside with REX overdrive . As i dont know how this would work...???
  3. This is a long-standing issue and I wonder if anyone at REX has any bright ideas. For years, I have had to put up with the problem of cirrus clouds having a horizontal cutoff line, as in the screenshot. This line moves up or down as you pan. It doesn't affect all the cirrus in the sky at any one time, but it is very evident whe n you pan and so very annoying. Plenty of others (AVSIM, Flightsim.com etc.) report this issue, so it's not peculiar to my FS9 setup. I have made countless changes to cloud draw distance, sight distance, FSUIPC and so on and so forth, but nothing has helped. I really think that I must have experimented with every possible permutation in the FS9 display settings, so I don't think the solution (if there is one) lies there. I have also tried using different cloud texture sets, and at first I thought softer had solved the issue - but it didn't seem to last long, the horizontal cutoff comes back after a couple of flights. The only thing I can do is to use FS9's weather options to remove cirrus clouds altogether, which seems a pity. Any suggestions welcome... I haven't had any luck over the years with other posts on this subject, but maybe this one.... Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have a marvelous problem. I use REX Essential overdrive sp3 version: 3.8.2014.1126. This has been about a week and I have re install REX purely, but still always notify "not data". What is the problem ????? The problem seems to apply to all airports and has been going on for about a week. I use P3D.V3 , Win7 home edition, pc is: intel Core i5 6600k 3.50Ghz, Nvidia geForce GTX 1070 8Gb, RAM: 16Gb DDR4, Power 650W
  5. everytime when i choose a theme and install it, appears this( Look the file attached above)any suggestion?
  6. It looks like all archived weather before 2017 is gone after the upgrades on REX EDGE data servers, or am I doing something wrong? My REX Essential Overdrive HD version is 3.8.2014.1211 Flightsimstore.com Order #FSS0126859 Best regards Halldór Halldórsson
  7. I was finally able to get my P3D license to be recognized by REX, but not when I launch "fly now", REX closes and the weather engine never shows up. This is only happening in P3D, it launches and works great in FSX. Please help.
  8. After installing just the base pack, the texture images will not display in the interface. Have tried all the FAQ ideas, and tried multiple service packs, but all the same thing. Thanks Chris
  9. REXESS P3D wont activate... This has happened before... This time I followed your instruction to reset for another user, but it didnt work for me...
  10. Hi, Can you advise me, how can I get nice sun glow effect with HDR turned on? All I see is the "small" circle sun, now way near of reality. Is the only option alternative search on the internet? Tom
  11. Hi guys, I see you have a soft clouds addon for FSX. I currently have REX Essential with O/D installed.. Can i purchase the Soft Clouds? I'm wondering how i would use soft clouds when REX Essential is already putting cloud textures into FSX?
  12. Hi there Just purchased Soft Clouds and i have a couple of questions. 1. I forgot to backup the mentioned file for the FSX Default clouds, If i uninstalled soft clouds does this mean my FSX would have no cloud textures or would it re-appear? 2. I've browsed through some texture sets and when i go back into the sim i can't really see much of a difference. Its like nothing is changing, I believe i have installed it the correct way and followed all the right steps. Thank you.
  13. Hi, Just noticed that my error log folder is filling up with error txt files; about 70 from the past week. Maybe someone would be kind enough to help fix whatever is causing them? The most common - there are dozens that say the same thing is this: ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: ucMainTheme.loadImage Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. This is the next most frequent: ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: ucWeatherDetail.loadTaf Error: The URL cannot be empty. Parameter name: url There are also these, less frequently: ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: ucWeatherDetail.loadPireps Error: Cannot perform '>=' operation on System.String and System.Int32. ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: frmRexWx2.loadWeatherData Error: DataTable must be set prior to using DataView. Am I doing something wrong? I start REX 2004, enter the ICAO code and click 'Submit'. Then I start FS9. When FS9 has loaded, I also fire up rexwxengine2.exe, which loads the weather into the sim... Apologies if the errors are all being generated by my mistakes in setting up the software each time! Thanks. Martin
  14. Hello guys, I have a stupid question, sorry about that with this version of Real Environment Extreme 2004 1.5.2016.0812 witch update do I need to download? thanks
  15. Hi Support, I installed Soft Clouds a few weeks ago but I have yet to see any new clouds. I just get the boring default FSX clouds. I have tried soft clouds with different weather scenarios (FSX for weather) and I just get the same default clouds. The'res no problem with the installation - it works fine and I have reinstalled it about 5 times. Ive tried running it as an administrator. Ive noticed the green tag on the cloud selector page resets itself and goes back to the first cloud set when I restart the program. Also the cumulus01.bmp states that it hasnt been modified at all recently. I have the default setup - C:\program files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X When I installed it a few weeks ago I thought that the result was very unremarkable and forgot about it. But after playing FSX for a few weeks with the default clouds I now know what Ive been missing when looking at Soft Cloud screenshots! Hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance
  16. grettings, I am just reposting the thread https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/44525-wind-while-on-the-ground/&do=findComment&comment=288060 please advise on above.
  17. Hello, I purchased the P3D licence and was given a transaction/verified payment code 004116. When I run the REX essentials+ program P3D was showing as activated, however when I clicked the FLY NOW button I got error message Microsoft .NET framework HRESULT: 0x8007007E and the REX essentials+ program quits. I noticed that I had an early version of REX essentials+ 3.6.2013.0415 so I updated to the latest version REX essentials+ (3.8 with SP3) When I launch REX essentials+ it is asking that I need to purchase the P3D licence again. Your assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. A note on SImmarket/fspilotshop says if you previously bought REX Ess + OD there was an upgrade price discount. 1) What is the difference between the the two? What benefits to the newer version to see if it's worth paying out more money, I'm still chocked Airports HD went on sale 2 weeks after I bought it! 2) Why is this offer not available for the same product that includes Soft clouds (this may be a store policy I guess)? Just a question, not an accusation. Thank you Gord
  19. Just bought REX Airports on line from REX Store. Installer wont load. Running Windows 10 with all updates. Cant download my product due to installer not working... Cant load a screen shot due to size limits..
  20. Hi, I've read about this problem on multiple topics, but the solution to it is always sent to the user by e-mail. That's why I ask this question once again. During the installation of REX Essentials plus Overdrive, it gives me an error when it's about 60% done which sais: copy resumed with different info. I did download my files via the official download manager. Do you please have an answer to this problem for me? Thanks! EDIT: I can see my rexes6 file is corrupted. How do I redownload this single file, instead of all of them?
  21. I've been having lots of trouble trying to get both Texture Direct w soft clouds & weather architect to work, TD has been re-installed about 4 times, WA about3, I have stopped getting error messages about T D, (still not sure it's working correctly) but weather architect is giving me errors. It is a new computer, using files which have been used before, this is a win 10 computer. I have added the TD error file as well. I have searched the forum about sim connect, but your search engine always gives me an Error code: 1C205/3 Thanks REX4 error message.txt weather architect error.txt
  22. Hello Im have runway , taxiway issues also the new PMDG747V2 runway lights dont illuminate the ground. See texture issue attached.
  23. This message appears attempting to download. I have looked in the forum for the same query, but I have not seen the solution. Go ahead that the computer is old and with Windows XP Pro. There is possibility to install REX FS2004 (FS9) OverDrive. Thank you. Order AYAUIIZQV
  24. I have an issue with this program that I brought on cd. When I trie to install it I get a message that the Source file not found: E:\Cab16.cab Verify that the file exists and that you can access it. How can I do that off of a disk? Not happy that I spent $40 on this program from another supplier and I am not getting any help from REX at all. Making it hard for me to ever buy another on of your programs
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