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Found 1,696 results

  1. Hi, can You check Your water (effect of the Sunlight) reflections in P3Dv4 from the high altitude. My looks like this (TD+SC): Too many mat for me (water settings high). I have PTA for P3Dv4 but I checked also with backup from orginal shaders and looks near the same so it isnt a problem of PTA. Example from v3: I checked the backup of Textures but I have from February, so looks like P3Dv3, not v4. Any idea how to solve it? Myabe it's only the one texture file....? Notice its near horizon.
  2. I installed the update for REX 4 yesterday - went very smooth and appears to work just fine. I did one flight yesterday, and today I'm unable to launch p3d v4. I can't imagine there's any connection, but this is the only thing I've installed before this problem started today. Symptoms - Click on p3d v4, splash screen is seen for a few seconds, then disappears. Nothing else happens. I can confirm p3d is running as a background process. The scenario startup screen doesn't display. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the p3d client. didn't help. Tried rebuilding new p3d folders in Pgmdata, appdataroaming and local. didn't help. Have no clue what's causing this issue. I posted a thread to the Lockheed forum, awaiting help there. If anyone has this issue, please let me know if you've been able to resolve. Thanks.
  3. Hi Guys I installed REX WX radar and when i fire up the radar inside the aircraft it starts ok but a few minutes later it stops and leaves me with a black screen The test function works fine but not the weather. I have tried re-scanning option and fiddling with the dials to no avail.I am running this with REX essential with OD. I have also updated to latest version. I am running FSX SE. I have this issue in all my aircraft not just one or two
  4. Hi, I am able to start up P3D.But when I try to open the plane in which the Milviz weather radar is installed,the sim crashes. The sim does not crash for any other aeroplane.The error log says: Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x57d9b14e Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.15063.0, time stamp: 0xa82cc161 Exception code: 0xc0000374 Fault offset: 0x000d9a8a Faulting process ID: 0x580 Faulting application start time: 0x01d2e761e3750b01 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Prepar3D.exe Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll Report ID: 31b303a1-4b3c-4323-b228-e059fbfd0775 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:
  5. I have just downloaded REX 4 Texture Direct to work in my P3D V4 sim and when I click on the application nothing happens and when I click on the Windows Installer I get the message 'This installation package could not be opened.Contact the applicant vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package. Would appreciate some help please. Many thanks. Michael
  6. Hi guys, I am an owner of a REX4 TD wSC licence. I was juste wondering if by any means I could install Rex4 TD, standalone (no soft clouds), for P3Dv4 using my licence in an official manner ? Thanks
  7. I have tried everything it a) does not ask me where to install update so I presume it places in C;REX Texture Direct folder, I have installed it anywhere and everywhere and yet REX TD still says 0725 I am just getting tired of this. Think I'll wait fro the full installer to include Enhanced Edition
  8. 你好想請問REX Essential +HD PLUS with OverDrive 這款有支持P3DV4嗎? 我目前有這款光碟版的,如果更新出來我需要支付更新費用還是....有別的選擇 論壇規則裡說要附上訂單號,但我不知道光碟版的訂單號在哪? 先謝謝你
  9. Is it possible to update my REX + OverDrive (v2.5.2010.1027) to a more current version? If so, please advise. Thanks!
  10. Buongiorno, Ho formattato il mio PC e ho perso tutto. Ho scaricato il prodotto (98 rimanenti scaricamenti), ma prima di installarlo ti chiedo: se dovrei scaricare gli aggiornamenti che cosa è la scelta? REX ESS PLUS OVERDRIVE - PACCHETTO SERVIZIO 3 HOTFIX - PER COSTRUZIONE: 3.8.2014.1126 o REX ESS PLUS - PACCHETTO SERVICE 3 HOTFIX - PER COSTRUZIONE: 3.4.2014.1126 Ricordo che il download iniziale è inerente a non sapere quale vecchia versione (suppongo) Grazie. Fabrizio
  11. I have installed soft clouds for prepar3d v4 and clouds do not look good! The default clouds are better than SC I have Active Sky ASP4 What can i do to make them look good I did everything that says the installation manual Looks similar to the following topic: REX Softclouds looks like "Comic" Clouds with PTA2 Regards
  12. So I finally figured out that I had to Uninstall the version I have running in P3Dv3.4 then install the "new" version, which I'm now not sure I have the "new" version for V4. I didn't see install into V4, just 1, 2, & 3. So I pointed it to V4 and it installed. Here's the version number 4.8.2016.0928 Is this the correct version for P3Dv4? If not where do I GET version 4's installer? Thanks.
  13. Hi, I tried going through all the closed and resolved issues but it was taking ages and not solving my problem, despite many issues mentioning similar themes to my problem. Earlier on today I was sitting on the tarmac in Weston, EIWT, near Dublin in Ireland, but the REX weather map showed the west coast of USA. No amount of loading the weather would change that situation. No list of loaded staions came up as the weather was supposed to be loading. I could look at the weather situation for EIDW Dublin under real-time-weather in REX, but no Irish weather would show up in FS2004. I unistalled, reinstalled and hotfixed up-to-date - but still no weather. Furthermore, to make things perhaps even worse, I now have no map in the REX weather map. Firewalls have been blamed, altered, cursed and forgiven. Virus checkers likewise. Five hours of trying and getting absolutely nowhere - it is frustrating and therefore I turn to you. Please help... Thanks Walter
  14. P3Dv3 starts fine and works until I try to open the WX Advantage Radar panel, then I receive an error. ========SYSTEM / OPERATING SPECS======== 1.) Windows Operating System: Win 7 sp1 2.) Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 390 3.) Total RAM memory installed: 16 GB 4.) Available Hard Drive Space: 2 TB 5.) Antivirus/Malware Software: Microsoft Security Essentials 6.) Firewall Software: Windows Firewall (disabled) 7.) Flight Simulator Platform: Prepar3d v3 8.) Drive/Folder location where flight simulator installed: D:\Program Files(x85)\Lockheed Marten\Prepar3d v3 9.) Drive/Folder location where REX software installed: D:\WX Advantage Radar 10.) Do you have UAC (User Account Control) set to "never notify": no =======ISSUE DESCRIPTION================ A.) Description of Issue: Throws an in-game error each time I open the panel (see attached image). Application doesn't recover and P3D eventually crashes. B.) How often does this issue occur? Every time C.) What procedure do you follow that causes the issue? Start up P3D with any flight. Attempt to open WX Advantage Radar. D.) Output of Event Viewer Log: Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x588f7cbf Faulting module name: g2d.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x588f7d54 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00220fe0 Faulting process id: 0x3274 Faulting application start time: 0x01d2f9f49bc50362 Faulting application path: D:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Prepar3D.exe Faulting module path: D:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\g2d.dll Report Id: 4667f93b-65e8-11e7-b38a-e5a9874906e5
  15. I have recently purchased the WX Advangate Radar addon and installed it for FSX Steam. I noticed the following when trying to install the WX Advantage Radar into aircraft I have installed in FSX Steam. When selecting install and browsing the aircraft, the only aircraft that show are the defaults and 3rd party add on aircraft that were installed outside of Steam. I have two aircraft I purchased through the steam store (FSX: Steam Edition - Embraer ERJ 135LR & 145XR Add-On and FSX: Steam Edition - Piper PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV), neither show when selecting install and browsing aircraft. There is an option to select if the aircraft is not showing. I have tried that and browsed to each of the aircraft folders but nothing shows up. Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there a fix in the works for this? Nevermind, I found the path under the DLC folder. I found that I have to browse into the DLC folder, open the numbered folder and under that select the airplane folder in order for it to show the aircraft.
  16. For FSX, I maintain a 2nd HD for backup of all modified installed files (aircraft, addon scenery, gauges, effects, textures, etc) so when a re-installation is necessary, I can copy/paste them into the newly installed FSX. I would like to know what files in REX Essential HD to save to my 2nd HD so that I can copy/paste them to a reinstalled REX Essential HD and preserve previously selected and desired themes, textures, etc., without having to go through the entire process of selecting textures, themes, etc., all over again. Thanks
  17. after i ran the file manager it says app cant run on your pc any help please thx?
  18. I am trying to ascertain if two airports are included with the World Wide Airports, they are KBBG and KFWB? I live in the Branson area and fly out of these airports. Neither FSX or Prepar3D has them, although KBBG is available through a few sites. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  19. I installed Advantage radar which works perfectly well on my aircraftc But with the new DHC 2 of Milviz it does not operate on the board of the plane. I tried everything but it seems to me that it misses a link to the gauge of the radar, and that the panel does not work. How do I operate my favorite radar on this plane? The Milviz site is not explicit for this topic cordially
  20. I have been using REX Essential Plus with Overdrive along with the products listed below on P3D. I switched over to XP11 for awhile and now am back to P3D v4 and getting everything set up again. I have yet to re-install any REX program yet. But, I'm confused about weather programs. Is a v4 installer for REX Essential going to be available or is it Weather Force or REX Sky Force that we should be looking forward to? Thanks, Rick
  21. Hi all, Is there any deadline for releasing the REX products for P3D v4 Essentials plus overdrive and Texture Direct? Thanks, Christos
  22. Hi, First of all ... sorry for my bad english ... I have reinstalled REX Soft Cloud (stand alone version) with the REX Installer. All the processes (Download, instalation was OK - look at the pic joined) After the instaltion complete, i'm launching the application (REX SC) as "admin", Windows says me that REX Soft Cloud has stopped to work and tries to find a solution for the issue . But ... NOTHING. I repeated the process many times but REX Soft Clouds still not working. Waiting desperatly for a solution ??!!! Thank you
  23. Hi all, i have just recently made the switch from FSX boxed to FSX:SE. I'm facing an issue where i'm unable to use REX. When i'm flying PMDG aircraft it seems once REX injects the weather, the aircraft goes crazy, It thinks it is in overspeed at a low speed and it completely makes a mess of the VNAV. The aircraft just climbed and wanted to reduce speed to 126kts at FL480... haha. I tested the aircraft without using REX and it was absolutely fine, Then when i started REX and the weather was injected, the problem started again. Is there any compatibility issues with FSX:SE and REX? I really can't think of anything else i can do as all ive done is switch to FSX Steam. It would be great if someone might be able to share some help on this. Thank you!
  24. Hi there, very new to REX and its forums, i understand whilst REX is loading/injecting weather into FSX you get a white flashing in the sky which is rather annoying however at times this last 5/10 minutes. Is there anyway of cancelling this horrible effect whilst REX injects weather or is it something i just have to put up with?
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