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Found 1,696 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm just in the process of finally installing Texture Direct with Soft Clouds enhanced edition for Prepar3D V4 and I get the message as per the attachment. I'm not that technical when it comes to this stuff so does that mean to not install it into my C Drive ? but when I go thru to do it an install, it automatically selects my C: form my in the installation box. I have a Windows 10 PC and with that I have a Local Disk (C:), Recovery (D:) and Windows (S:). Any help or guidance is appreciated. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hi, I am looking for the files that upgrade Essential PLUS to Essential PLUS w/ OverDrive. My current build is 3.4.2014.1211 . Thanks a lot for your answer.
  3. Hi, i have REX Essential Overdrive build 2013. Can you please tell me how to find the next update?
  4. Get a net frame error when trying to install Softclouds into prepar 3D V4 Win 10 64bit i7 4770
  5. Hi re REX 4 HD Have just installed update SP7 latest update anyway and when I start Tex Direct it notifies I need to update ... so anyone knows why.. I have installed the update rextd_sp7_20170814 Cliff
  6. Hi there, I've selected set 5 for runways, but in-game I do not see the same as in the preview image. The Terminal buildings, hangars, jetways and vehicles all show the new textures, however the runways (and possibly the taxiways) are not updating. I also use Texture Direct but I've unchecked the airport textures and always run Airports HD after Texture Direct to ensure that it's textures take priority. Additionally, Airports HD was set to "FSX" with the path to steam edition and the runway textures did not work, so I changes it to FSX Steam with the correct path, but now it give an error (see screenshots) Picture is at EGNX
  7. Hi, I, as well, am having this issue...message boxes saying that they're incompatible. My version of P3D is 3.4.18. The installer did not install either of the files...I had to copy them manually. When I run depends, it says that there's a missing dependency on MSVCR80.DLL. My order from simmarket is 1700584...just purchased today. Gregg
  8. I have just last week installed my TD/SC Enhanced Edition upgrade. I posted a query/thank you about the files installed and so I'm happy that all the correct files got installed on to my system successfully, but I have been trying various options and in just about all cases it feels like something may be wrong with my install. I have included some pictures of various weather settings, supposedly using cloud sets 15 and 31. The clouds I'm getting, or at least the Cumulus clouds, are firstly nothing like the images I see in the TD application when I select the respective cloud sets, and secondly, to my eyes look pretty awful and much more like the bad old default FSX/P3D clouds. Certainly not up to the quality I had from TD/SC prior to the upgrade. Is it possible that I am getting incorrect textures loaded? Should I try uninstall/reinstall of the entire TD/SC environment? These shots are all P3Dv3, no weather app running, and using a variety of either standard P3D or ORBX weather settings ("Cold Fronts", "Fair Weather" etc). And lastly, if these shots do truly represent the new Cumulus files that came with the enhanced edition, is there any way I can install TD/SC to P3Dv4 without these new Cumulus textures (i.e. with my old texture set)? Thanks in advance
  9. IanH

    CLOSED Big Mess

    I loaded my REX/SC combo program and received a notice to update. I downloaded the update and tried to install it and now I just have Soft Clouds enhanced version only working. It started with the original REX clouds and has been incremented with each release but now contains so much junk. I would like to wipe the folder clean and re-download a complete up to date version. Is that possible? Ian Harrison
  10. Whenever I open the program and try making changes this error keeps popping up and closes. I cannot choose any themes or settings.
  11. I have rex4 texturedirect with soft clouds.4.4.2015.0115 which was bought as a package and has worked well for some years under Win7 64. When I turn on the program i get a notice asking to upgrade to 4.7.2015.0818. I click OK and download a setup.exe upon opening I get a windows installer message saying its unable to locate the file and contact the vendor. I have turned off windows firewall and excluded all REX folders from antivirus and turned off UAC. Can you help please?
  12. Hello everyone, Just installed successfully the latest version of TD+SC in the same bundle. The issue is that every time I star the software it will request me to configure texture sizes and all that stuff. Even if I run it as ADMIN it will not solve the issue, not to mention that I installed it outside "Windows Programs"... I managed to install the textures into the P3D v4, but in this case I'm totally lost as to what size of textures it has actually installed, because even after I change the tab and come back, it will show default values. What's going wrong with my rig, please? Thanks.
  13. Help. I have just purchased REX4 and installed it, however when i am trying to install there's a screen cones up in the middle saying something's wrong and won't install. Im not sure I have put all the downloaded files in the correct place, I'm confused , can somebody help and give me some guikdence .
  14. Hi, I just installed REX Worldwide airports on P3V3.4 simulator and am facing a big question : Is it installed correctly I proceeded as per recommended in the manual, setup the software with ono issue. Then I prepared my first texture set and saved it... Impatient to see the result, I positioned my aircraft at different airfields (Dalian in China, Orly in France, JFK in US and none of them showed me the textures that I selected... even none in showing jetways... Can you help understanding the situation Thanks in advance Bruno P3D V3.4 on SSD512-W10.64/Add-ons on HDD 2To Intel Core I7+3770K, RAM16Gb, NVidia GTX1070, Surround 3x27inc, Saitex: X55, Yoke Pro, Multi panel, Rudder pedals, GF Throttle.
  15. Hi i upgrade, when i want to select the folder REXTD+SF nothing pointing or to browse to get in the folder to ex-REX . no new icône on deskstop . i need to uninstall all may REX products & clean Registry . Why because i check uninstall and REX TD & REX SF was unistalled with the upgrad ...REX TD+ SF .... the installation was wrong to upgrading for me ! Patrick
  16. My Prepar3DV3 programme is stuttering after the most recent update, and I've spent nearly all day reinstalling everything - with no improvement! It seems to be mostly centered around vegetation and continues even with the lowest settings. The only solution is turning off shadows completely, however, I'd much rather not do so.
  17. I know this has been listed as resolved, but I have tried all the suggestions, and none have worked. i am running windows 7 64bit i downloaded a clean install from the flightsimstore, after unzipping and clicking on the Exe. file a small window pops up for a nanosecond, then nothing, I have no antivirus program installed as I only use this computer for flying my cockpit i have my firewall turned off i have my user notification to never i downloaded and installed cc cleaner and ran it i re downloaded from FSS, still the same, hope someone has a suggestion, thanks, Steve
  18. Can someone explain to me what I am supposed to see in Map mode? The description in the manual is very cryptic: "The latest November 2016 update includes the activation of the MAP mode consisting of terrain masking and mapping, providing terrain returns and masking." I expected to be able to see the coast line, outlines of islands etc. because I have seen that on real weather radars. Regardless of whether there is precipitation. Instead I just see a black screen with the grid. Tilting doesn't seem to affect things. Everything else seems to work fine, I can see weather in the other modes fine, as long as there is participation. Using Version 1.11.0 with FSX.
  19. Same issue here invalid serial. Order #569712 (Completed) Billing Address Chris Chiozza 5981 Southampton Dr. , Memphis, Tennessee 38119 United States
  20. Hi, quick question and I hope ive posted in the right place! Ive just installed REX texture direct enhanced, and im very pleased with it. I also own REX soft clouds, so when the update is released next Tuesday ish, what will i need to download to integrate it within my texture direct program, or is this not possible and I will have to run soft clouds seperate to texture direct enhanced? I should add I purchased soft clouds and texture direct seperatley, not the combined package. Thanks Dave
  21. Hi guys, Thanks for the integration tool but it doesn't work as nothing happens when you press the NEXT button. It accepts the license number as valid, detects the location of Texture direct (4.7.2017.0814) and when I go to press NEXT...nothing happens. Running as administrator, AV deactivated, etc. What gives? Clayton
  22. Is Soft Clouds Integration into Texture Direct already released? How to download it?
  23. Hello: I can not seem to be able to install Texture Direct HD. I downloaded it from SimMarket and try to ran the MSI and nothing happened. Tried to download just the update in this forum and nothing. I uninstalled the old version and tried to ran the rexinstaller.exe as administrator and nothing happen. I downloaded it three more times from SimMarketand same problem. I even downloaded and used the CCleaner as it was recommended to another user in this forum with the same problem and same thing happened. I own overdrive, Soft Clouds and Airport HD and never had a problem with an installer or update. Need some help. Thanks Raul Win7 Pro 16.0 GB Ram Intel 3.50 GHz 578 gb of free space FSX Gold and P3D v3 rextd_sp7_20170814.zip
  24. Hi REX Team, I fall into the Purchased at PC Aviator Category also. They no longer provide a download to my purchase. How can I download REX 4 builds that are required to install latest update? I don't have REX 4 installed at all. Thank you very much for your help. Regards, James.
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