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Found 1,696 results

  1. Hello I Just installed REX sky force 3D . i was looking through the setting and noticed SF3D has made a mistake. I have two graphics cards installed for my home built cockpit a gtx 1050 & a gtx 1080 The 1080 is used for the main screen , SF3D has chosen the gtx 1050 ? the 1080 is in the number 1 pcie slot. please let me know how i can force SF3D to use the gtx 1080 Thank you very much Tim simMarket Order Number is: 1774424
  2. i cant update the box version off REX 4 TD Version number = 4.1.2014.0128 when I press the button of updates he says your version of REX Texture Direct is up to date? Greetings from KLMSkyTeam
  3. Hi, Can someone direct me to the the correct url that I can re-download (REX4 Texture Direct (with soft clouds)) my ssd drive packed in and I'm in the process of reinstalling windows and FSX, I still have my product key but don't have the software anymore Any help would be much apprecatied. if you need anymore info please PM me. Thanks Craig Walker
  4. Dont ask why but i didnt back up my textures before i installed REX 4 now i want to restore some textures (clouds) back. I have a drive with a back up for all textures for FSX however i want to place those backup textures in the REX backup folder if it exist and then automatically back them up through the REX software but i dont know where that folder is located and which textures i need place in there im only interested in the cloud textures if nothing else works im just going to re-install everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hi all, I still struggle with an odd bug (see screenshots below). It seems that at the edge of the land "texture" where it connects to the water body, I get a misplaced terrain reflection. This bug appears all over the world no matter if I use an addon scenery or default. I found some older posts here and on the P3D forum indicating that the issue might be related to the REX 4 TD. However, silly me has no backup of the original P3D stuff to test it. A re-installation of the client, content and scenery did not resolve it, however I do not know if this re-installation really restored the relevant files possibly altered by REX. There was an indication that it might be related to a file called something like "Ocean..heigts.dds"? And: somehow my shallow water texture boarders are extremely ugly and "squared". No smooth transition... The rather frustrating part for this issue is: it seems that no one else has this. And that it seems that the only solution would be a complete re-installation of P3Dv4.1, which would take ages... Any ideas? Regards Chris Screenshots: the upper one is with "water terrain reflection" on "off", the lower one has them "on". Note the dark band just below the boat, where the addon scenery (here YPAC of ORBX) shallow waters end and the "default" water starts.
  6. Hi, Having installed REX textures (and great they are too), I would now like to restore the original Prepard3D V4 water texture files (I’d like the water to return to P3D4 it’s darker default shades around Rio). Except I can’t because I have cunningly uninstalled REXTD w/SC to free up disk space... Is there a way to figure which files will restore the original textures that I’m after? From a Google search, i believe that this question has been answered before, but I honestly cannot find it, so sorry to ask again. Best wishes, Fabio
  7. hello im using fsx-se and have REX essential plus od build 3.8.2014.1211 and install REX soft clouds but due to myself not liking the textures i uninstalled REX soft clouds the correct way (add and remove programs)and now notice my original cloud textures in REX essential are'nt what they use to be. i did a reinstall of REX and pointed to the right fsx folder (C: program files (86)steam, steamapp,commom...etc.... selected all the relevant options and textures but just not seeing them in fsx. any suggestion please? thanks
  8. Hello, I purshased REX4 TDEE and install it, but when i try to lauch REX, it crashed immediatly. Thank for help !
  9. I bought REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds enhanced edition from the REX store, I run the first installer and it installed the REX File Transfer Manager, then it proceeds to what i presume download the actual installer for the product I bought through the File Transfer Manager along with "rextd1 to rextd7" However when I double click the rexinstaller in administrator mode, nothing actually happens and I can't seem to install REX.
  10. Hello went to try and install my REX 4 Texture and got a invalid key msg.
  11. Hello, I want to reinstall REX4 on my D hard space! I downloaded it from simmarket and if I wanna start it I only see a window and there stands: Enhanced. And the window is only 1 second open and it closed automaticlly. And then nothing happend!
  12. I have bee trying to fix the blank gauge in the wx radar till I got a new error "You have reached the maximum number of installs. What give's, and how do you fix it?
  13. Nome evento problema: APPCRASH Nome applicazione: Prepar3D.exe Versione applicazione: Timestamp applicazione: 56df48ce Nome modulo con errori: MV_WX.dll Versione modulo con errori: Timestamp modulo con errori: 58299a92 Codice eccezione: c0000005 Offset eccezione: 00005f6f Versione SO: 6.1.7601. ID impostazioni locali: 1040 Informazioni aggiuntive 1: 0a9e Ulteriori informazioni 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Ulteriori informazioni 3: 0a9e Ulteriori informazioni 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 I bought WX radar yesterday and worked in a fast test. Today, my P3D crashes when moving the main controll from the "off" position, even if avionic is off. Same airplane as the yesterday's test Waiting for support
  14. hi I'm using fsx steam addition and can seem to remember where to point REX essential + w/overdrive on the config manager page. can someone please comfirm? thx
  15. I have not been able to connect REX Essential + OD's generated weather to P3D 4.1. It will not pass the wind speed and direction.
  16. Hi, After a few years of purchasing and updating various versions of REX I now have several entries in 'Programs and Features' some, or most, I suspect are not needed. I'd be most grateful if someone could please have look at the attached screenshot and advise me as to which I can safely delete. Many thanks, Peter.
  17. Hi I have not fly for many years now...So i wonder if there is any update to REX 2 i can download I have VER: 2.0.2009.0803 for FSX Ordernr: FSS00031401 Peter
  18. Hi! I´ll go a little further here and ask: will wx radar be compatible with p3dv4? (See that i´m not asking when, but only if it will be updated) Is it in the plans? If this has been addressed before in another topic, sorry, i searched but not found it. Thanks a lot for all the staff work!
  19. hello, I am completely reinstalling my system and the latest back up I have for REX TD is SP6 HF3, and I also have the code for the soft clouds integration but I cannot proceed with the installation because the installation for the soft clouds integration requires TD SP6 HF4. I cannot find it in the Updates section in the forum unless I am missing something. Can I have a link for downloading this HF4 ? Thanks in advance Regards Ezio
  20. Hi. I have REX soft clouds and about six updates. Is there any way we can download a fully updated Soft Clouds instead of having to go through all the updates. I'm old and I get confused. He he.
  21. I have seperate licence keys for REX Texture Direct & REX Soft Clouds. I have always found doing the seperate updates confusing. Now that the Enhanced Editions are available is there any way you guys can combine my two licence keys into one so I can download just the one combined package? Best regards.
  22. I've installed WW Airports HD into FSW and the results are just stunning, especially with the increasing improvements to the aircraft and atmosphere visuals in FSW since update 13. Earlier, I believe REX said you would release a hotfix to allow Airports HD to install into FSW once the SDK is released. And now, since the weekend, there are rumours the FSW SDK is coming along fairly shortly. If Airports HD morphs into Airports PBR, will that still be a "hotfix" or will it be a stand alone product? Just wondering. I, for one, would pay for a stand alone, FSW version.
  23. I see that both programs change the same thing, like parking areas and airport markings. Is one supposed to replace the other? How do they work together in harmony? I already own both, but right now I'm just using airports HD. Wondering how to also use texture direct.
  24. So, Here is my problem, I have placed order on REX Store "Order: EFODTSHAV Placed on 09/23/2017 11:57:20" for REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - Enhanced Edition and REX Worldwide Airports HD; and I run the REX File transfer manager with the information in the email but It just give me a message in red "We were unable to validate your licence key. Please try again or contact support" What should i do then?
  25. I was wondering if you all could give me an idea of what this is? Every time I load REX it seems to show this white tarp over all the water textures. I cant seem to get rid of it, I have tried resetting everything on my REX and my fsx steam. Please help Thanks, Jon See pics below
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