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Found 1,696 results

  1. I just purchased a new computer and installed WWAHD as I had on a previous computer. When I start WWA, I am not seeing any textures or features of the airport. I feel that I am looking at the default airport. I made selections of the different airport areas, i.e., runways, terminals, jetways, etc. I do not see the texture of the runways, taxiways or aprons areas. I do not have any texture selected in REX Essential. I'm at a loss. Computer specs: Dell Inspiron AMD Ryzen 7 1700 16GB Memory Radeon RX580 8GB memory 1TB hard drive Windows 10
  2. Hello, I'm getting a Kernelbase.dll error when I try and start REX 4 program. Crashlog and my file setup below. Please help https://prnt.sc/j7wzmn https://prnt.sc/j7wy9z I've tried re-installing, dropping the UI Core Into REX folder, but nothing. Just that the program has stopped working Kind Regards
  3. Hello, I purchased REX Essential Plus a long time ago, in 2013 or so. As I recall, Overdrive at one time became a free upgrade for people who already had REX Essential +. I haven't played in a long time but was thinking of booting up FSX -- it appears that the installation at one point became corrupt over the years. I went back to flightsimstore where I originally purchased the product, and while they provided a link for REX Essential Plus SP3, it doesn't include Overdrive. Is there any way to download the up-to-date Overdrive package? Also, what is the current equivalent of REX Essential + w/ Overdrive? And what are the differences between the products? Thanks, Jason
  4. I have reloaded the above REX programme which was purchased from Justflight on order : JFL253928BB6343432E with Activation code:xxxxxxxxxxxx All loaded ok but then in configuration manager requires the access payment again which I believe to be wrong. Even when I try it says purchase error. help please
  5. just re-installed REX w overdrive and tried to reactivate my p3d REX access licence but having trouble with username and pass word? regards trevor
  6. When I cross the clouds, dark triangles hit the windshield.Can you help me? .My order number is KAKCDOTQA. REX store
  7. I have been running REX Essential + Overdrive Build 3.6.2013.0415 but lately has been going through the weather injection process but no actual weather is received. No winds at any altitude. The small radar screen had server error messages (sorry, failed to write them down). I figured I was probably overdue for an update so I used the REX Auto Update program. It stated my current build number and said I needed build 3.7......., which I told the program to install. A message appeared that it was unable to verify the software and to contact support through this forum. I tried loading REX from the desktop Icon and received a message to the effect "This App can't run on your PC, To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher." What are my options? I have available the product key but I'm not sure I should divulge it on an open forum. I just checked the folder where REX is installed and the REX.exe file is reporting a size of 0
  8. When I run the program as admin the splash screen loads and says initializing interface. After that I get nothing. I opened my control panel and under processes it shows the program just nothing loads.
  9. Good morning, The download link on my simmarket account is for the latest update only and not the original install, how do I get the download link for the original install? Regards
  10. Hello I have installed REX Essentials + Overdrive HD v 3.8.2014.1126 and licensed for FSX and P3D. I just checked the Updates Section in this forum and it gives an update to 3.8.2014.1211. It states" In addition, this only applies to early adopters of SP3 (those who installed the SP3 before December 12). If you installed SP3 AFTER December 12 you do NOT need to install this hotfix and it will fail to install. I don't recall when I updated. Should I try to install or not. Thanks for any support Jack
  11. I have both Texture Direct and Latin VFR KSNA airport. There are duplicate taxiway signs (REX's and Latin VFR) showing up. Is there a way I can eliminate one of the sets of taxiway signs at latin vfr KSNA airport? Im using P3D 4.1 in windows 7, most current Texture Direct build.
  12. Hello , unable to install wx weather radar, unable to verify code. Try again later or contact support ( order # DQMEGUAXI )
  13. Hey guys, I switched to P3D V4 and I downloaded the software through the REX download manager and their is no exe. The files that it downloaded were all the .cab and the .msi file. Thank you for the help
  14. Hi I Just bought REX soft clouds from Sim market but i am getting the following installation error Source File not found C:\REX Clouds\rexsc1.cab. verify that the file exists and that you can access it it then stops the installation. i am installing it in the recommended path set by the installer. please can someone advise or assist Thanks
  15. I am having this same problem with MV_WX.dll after us minutes of flight the p3dv4.1 closes with the error of MV_WX.dll what should I do? I went there no dll.xml and there it is like this: <Name>WXAdvantage</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>Modules\MV_WXM.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x59d67e95 Faulting module name: MV_WX.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5a27aa0b Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x0000000000002f16 Faulting process id: 0x1b48 Faulting application start time: 0x01d38c8ec9ba6ad9 Faulting application path: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe Faulting module path: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Gauges\MV_WX.dll Report Id: 4e8ef40e-00ff-463c-b7d6-b2c25792e862 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: What should I do ? Thank you..
  16. Hi REX Do I need to install DXSETUP.exe? It was a part of the installation process together with 156 other elements mostly cab files. I have saved all files in downloads but not installed. Yours Henrik
  17. Hey guys, I recently installed REX on my system and i since experienced problems with all my water textures in FSX SE. All my water textures (land and at sea) are constantly flickering with a large amount of small white dots and has a "snowy" type affect, as though watching an old Tv with no picture tuned. It is happening from any altitude, at any time of day and at every location around the world. There is no detail in any water at all either. The pics i have added show the white dots but don't show the "snowy" affect as the textures aren't moving in the pics. I have installed on my PC REX Essential Plus, FTX Base, Global, Vectors and other FTX products. I have tried changing all types settings in all my Addons and in FSX itself but nothing is correcting it. I have also tried running steves DX10 fixer aswell but still no luck. Anybody have any ideas of what could be causing this or what specific settings i can try adjusting, cheers 2017-12-26_16-25-38-877.BMP 2017-12-26_16-26-7-33.BMP
  18. I can click Sky Colors or Sun/Effects. If I click any of the other tabs at the bottom TD blows up; "REX 4 | Texture Direct - Enhanced Edition has stopped working" Running it as Admin. Windows 10 Enterprise V1709, Build 16299.192. P3Dv4.1. I see that others have the same issue. I've put a copy of 'UIAutomationCore.dll in my P3D base folder and in all of the REX TD folders. Rebooted, no joy. i7-4790, 16GB RAM, GTX 980Ti
  19. Hello i bought REX 4 with SC from Flight Sim Store some months ago. I have downloaded and tried to install it but it does not work. I tried everything i found in you forums but without succes. I tried to download via the REX Download Manager but that says that my License can not veriefied. So please can you help me.
  20. I have a problem with the precipitation sound effects being very loud in FSX. Mainly during freezing rain wintry events. Is there a way to control the volume of these effects in settings of REX 4? Nothing in FSX will control this and they drown out everything when active. Any help would be appreciated. I have Set 01 - Rain chosen in my theme.
  21. I am using FSX/Acceleration on Windows 7, using a NVIDIA Geforce GTX Ti. Graphics Card. On the REX 4 Configueration page I have both high and low clouds set at 2048 and the runway and taxiway setting at 1024, I may try higher settings later. I opened my fsx.cfg file to see what was in there, I have never changed anything there, so I assume it is the way it was when FSX was installed. Are there some recommended settings under the headings "Graphics" and "Weather" that would be recommended for use with REX 4 to maximize the effects? Under Graphics, I show ...Texture_Max_Load = 256, Texture_ Quality = 3, Image_Quality = 0 Under Weather, I show...Cloud_draw_distance = 7, Detailed_Clouds = 1, Cloud_Coverage_Density=8 The setting of Texture_Max_Load = 256 doesn't seem right, should it be set at the highest setting that is an option for (4096) ? Thank you for any suggestions.
  22. I have Three of your Products, REX 4 texture direct, REX 3 Essentials and REX hd Airports, I now need to install HD Airports again but have lost my productkeys and installers. How can I fix that?
  23. Having used REX from the beginning in FSX, I am very familiar with the large files on my HDD and long'ish load times before the sim starts. However, having upgraded to P3Dv4, bought a much more robust desktop with 2 HDD SSDs (OS on one with REX and P3Dv4 on the other), everything boots up in a few minutes. I use the desktop shortcut for REX Direct, load the created theme (about 4 seconds) and then load the weather at a selected airfield (about 4 seconds or less) and the sim begins loading. My question is, am I doing something wrong because of the very quick load times? I see the runway textures and it reflects the weather correctly but I don't seem to see the nice water or the detailed clouds. Now, truth be told, it's western Washington and it often overcast, but it just does not seem to have the wow factor of the original REX in FSX. Any suggestions on how best to test or evaluate my set up to ensure it's operating correctly? I am elated if the long load times are gone.
  24. Hi, I recently moved to P3d V4 and wanted to update my REX TD and RES SC. I started by desinstalling all entries for REX in the program and features of Window 10. I reinstalled REX TD with the new installer I downloaded from FSS. During installation, the insaller doesnt ask me for a destination but reinstall at the same place the previous version was installed. After I setup the configuraiton screen, I I try to select any tab at the bottom of the screen, REX stop. I tried to see if I can add REX in the window defender but he doesn't allow it. Any clue on how to make REX work...? Pierre
  25. I just downloaded rex4 td from fspilot shop. I extracted all file to c:REX as directed to it produced 11 files. I clicked on rexinstaller with admin priveleges. it asked if I wanted to run program, I clicked run, the screen disappeared then nothing happened I then clicked on the last file rexdsc_sp7_20170818 and hit run then a screen came up saying "installation package could not be opened" this is run on windows 7 with fsx se purchased from fspilotshop Order Number: 994569 what did I do wrong?
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