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Found 1,696 results

  1. Hi, I am recovering from a forced reset of my Windows 10 setup with P3Dv4 and Active Sky for P3D. These are installed on my D:drive. I downloaded a new copy of the above from Simmarket and ended with Rex4_20160622 and rextdsc_sp7_20170818 (I believe this is a P3Dv4 update) on my E:drive. I ran the 2016 setup and it gave me Build 0622. Then I ran the rextdsc_sp7_20170818 installer but this did not change anything regarding Rex4 and P3Dv4 does not appear on the configuration page there. So what did I do wrong and how do I correct this? Yours, John McWilliam
  2. Is KSLC now P3D v4.3 compatible? Downloaded today and seemed to install but nothing showing in P3D and in scenery library. Thanks Mark Duff
  3. Hi After installing REX airport new update ,my Taxi2gate Munich airport ( not default but payware)which was already installed in p3dV4.3 and working fine, is now getting additional REX Airport buildings, texture etc, So I can see additional REX buildings added to EDDM airport. please advise, thanks
  4. Hello, I have REX Essential+ (build 3.7.2013.0715) - for some reason the program is not launching since this morning. When I right click on the Desktop icon to "Run as Administrator" the program doesn't fully load, then eventually freezes. I had once before installed but then uninstalled SP4 for it as the service pack never worked at intended (and did not update real world weather). Is there an patch or something I need for it to work? Why all of a sudden isn't it launching? Thanks.
  5. I have a couple questions. I am not able to duplicate the building/ terminal renderings as in the screen shots. I create a theme ; go to a default airport and it plugs in maybe part of what I changed. Also each default airport is different. Second question. I don’t see where you can select any of the 26 airline logos for the hangers.
  6. Hi guys I have REX Worldwide installed and I have just moved from FSX to P3Dv4. Now, I can only see the installed runway lights textures when I'm 1 meter away from it. Beyond that, they all look like white bulbs of light regardless of what texture I have selected. Is there a fix for this ? Thanks Eduardo
  7. After installer the latest update this is how Jacksonville KJAX is showing for me. Any idea how to remedy this? I checked and I don't have any duplicate of KJAX. Thanks Ed
  8. Please Help. How in heaven is it possible to install REX texture direct from manually downloaded files ????????????????????????????????I downloaded as INSTRUCTED BY REX FILE TRANSFER MANAGER AND DOWNLOADED ALL THE FILES: From 1 to 8 the reinstaller and the other file rextdsc. Ok. Why, because If I have to reinstall again I do not have to wait for hours. But now. How in heaven can I isntall the software. I click on installer does something fasta but nothing. I click on rextdsc. and It says that only gets installed by the bootstrap or something. Gentlemen, with all my respect. Why is it so difficult to re-install your software. Please do not tell me that is not possible. After your software gave the option to do it this way, Now on top I have to wait until this ticket got answered. .
  9. Bonjour, Je me permets de m'exprimer en français, vous pouvez toutefois me répondre en anglais sans problème. Je me nomme Olivier, j'ai acheté la dernière version de WX Advantage Weather Radar récemment (pour P3D v4). L'installation s'est passée sans difficulté, de même que l'installation de la gauge radar dans les avions. Par contre, une fois un vol ouvert dans P3D tout va bien, jusqu'à ce que je lance le radar. Ce dernier s'ouvre, mais dans les seconde qui suivent, tout fige, P3D ne répond plus et un message m'avise que le programme a cessé de fonctionner. Peut-être quelqu'un a-t-il une idée ou une solution à me proposer pour m'aider à résoudre ce problème? Merci beaucoup, Olivier TRANSLATED: My name is Olivier, I bought the latest version of WX Advantage Weather Radar recently (for P3D v4). The installation went smoothly, as did the installation of the radar gauge in the aircraft. On the other hand, once an open flight in P3D everything is fine, until I launch the radar. The latter opens, but in the second following, all freezes, P3D stops responding and a message informs me that the program has stopped working. Maybe someone has an idea or solution to offer me to help me solve this problem? Thank you very much, Olivier
  10. Somebody, please help me. I have been trying to download and install Worldwide Airports for over a week and I cannot get anywhere. I have submitted support tickets three times and have heard nothing. Can somebody please help me. All I want to do is use the product that I paid for. It that asking too much? I do understand that the servers have been down. but come on folks. Order #ZAYNFEUGJ
  11. I originally purchased from FSS and now when I tried to download from there I only get the update, I do not have this software on my new computer. my original purchase was 24 November 2016 from FSS, would I qualify for a download or would I need to purchase again ?
  12. order #VFZYHCUHW bought of REX website, im having trouble getting the Rexinstallerexe to install followed the instructions in the read me file, ran as admin but it just pops up a window real quick then dissappears. tried to dowload mutiple time but wont work. exrtacted it for the zip to desktop has the REX installer icon but like i said you click on it run as admin and a quick window pops up the goes away and nothing happens...
  13. how can I embed WX Advantage Radar into the dashboard of my aircraft cockpit, like they have on their site, scroll down ? http://milviz.com/flight/products/WXRadar/index.php
  14. I have installed REX Worldwide Airports a while ago, but I don't see the included Pushback Tug. I still see the standard fsx. How can i change that?
  15. How do I redownload prior purchases. Cant find it anywhere
  16. Hello, I've ordered REX 4 Enhanced edition, i've donwloaded it from Simmarket. When the download finished , I cannot run the Setup.Exe (normal or as adminsitrator)! Order number : 1789519 It was purshased on simmarket Thank's for your help. I run with Windows 7, 64 bits. Sebastien Tabchoury, France, Lyon
  17. Getting error when installing REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. See as follows....... Please help Thanx Steve sbucknerbcs@yahoo.com
  18. I apologise, i thought i had resolved my last post As noted on the ladt pist of the thread, not using my rex4 texture direct means im losing out on some textures. Therefore i woukd like to reopen my ticket as per my previous thread i.e. REX texture direct crashes as soon as i try to select any texture option at thd bottom of the screen. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. So I bought the REX Essential + overdriveHD in simMarket but I didnt get any of username or password so when I go to Configuration manager I dont know what to write there please help
  20. As in other updates, I uninstalled the older version and removed the unity from the aircraft it was installed using the WX Config Tools. The installation of the WX gauge V-20171207 went smoothly and I used the Configuration Tool to replace it in some of my aircraft. So far so good. Obs.: I use for sometime (a quite long time) a FSX.cfg file which is behaving very well and apparently is headache free. Sometime after starting FSX following the WX installation, FSX sent a message asking me to authorize some software, which I thought should logically be the new WX update. No, it was some other addon linked to GSX-Couatl. After that, asked permission to run other software installed in my machine for ages ago like FSUIPC, SPAD.Next, PMDG gadgets, EZCA, other Couatl. I started panicking, but authorized all of them until the default aircraft screen appeared, completely different from the default screen I defined months ago. My first thought: the FSX.cfg went to space!!! I don't remember any of these things happening when I upgraded WX early this year. Did you change any feature in the installer which could fiddle with my FSX.cfg in order to remove other software/addon lines? What could I did wrong following your directions to remove the older software and the gauge from the aircraft before installing the new WX? Thanks, Heron
  21. When it tries to validate my license key in REX File Transfer Manager, it gives the error "We were not able to validate your license key. Please try again or contact support." I've tried multiple times, restarted my computer, uninstalled/reinstalled the program, manually typed the license key, etc. I was reinstalling it and showed this issue. There was no issue like this before.
  22. I seem to have lost my original SC in the clutter of my hard drives. How can I DL a replacement? btw, will it run in P3D v4? thanks. Sherm
  23. Hello and sorry if this problem has already been solved somewhere else in this forum, but I checked and I didn't found anything may help me... I use REX since several years and I never had a problem with it. Recently and suddendly I wasn't able to see some "buttons" on the main interface and I though "let's uninstall and install it again, who knows.." but here the problem got worst: in the beginnig the program asks you to browse and set the simulator folder location: I do what is due but nothing happens. Is like nothing is working and the program is just an uninteractive picture. I tried to check the version but the pop - up asking the folder still remain there and I can't do anything else indeed. really can't understand what is going on and how to deal with it. FSX Steam version (never had problem with REX) Win 10 can't check REX version thank you in advance for your help
  24. Good afternoon request a support on the web and in the download file, my product needs to reactivate the password
  25. Hi The sea/water effects is to dark for me using RSF3D? which appears to turn water effect button to zero in FSX.se scenery display??I know some people use FSWC with FSX. But the go around for FSX.se is long and tiresome.Am I missing something on RSF3D dashboard to alter the water effect in FSX.se. Good news is the RFS3D is great, However I fly a lot in Pacific NW/Canada so water is big part of my scenery (ORBX) Thanks Booley
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