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Found 1,696 results

  1. Hello I have d/l the latest files for P3d 4.4 as per instruction and set the UAC Firewall and Virus software to accept. When I right click on the wxinstaller I get a fleeting flash of a small dialogue box then no further install activity. If i right click wxinstaller a second time it reports another instance of setup is already running. I can only clear this instance with a reboot. Hoping you can steer me through this. Kind regards Mike MSIA4DB.tmp MSIA390.LOG
  2. Hello. I bought a version of this REX on the website flightsimstore in 2016. I bought a new PC GAMING and i try to download the software on the merchant website but all the servers links are dead. Since 2 weeks i send many mails to the merchant and they not respond. That's the last time i buy something on their website. I've a valid serial key for the software but i can"t download it anywhere. Please help me , i bought this more than 30 dollars, please.
  3. after installing the upgrade for REX Worldwide Airports HD I was prompted for my serial number which i entered and was told it is invalid. it is the only one i have for REX Worldwide Airports HD so please, help me! bob
  4. This is an issue that I have always encountered in P3D/FSX, but I am not sure if it is related to REX products, or is a limitation of the simulator itself. In short, unless I select "Unlimited visibility", I see a "dark bar" on the horizon in the direction of the sun (most obviously at dawn and dusk). This is the atmospheric haze layer, but haze really does not look like this in the real world. In addition, I noted the other day that the sun was being dimmed by this haze layer (but obviously it was above the horizon), and yet I could see two stars right next to it!! Can anything be done about this without switching to "Unlimited visibility" mode (which is unrealistic, and does not look good with my photoscenery)?
  5. Hi I just received a mail inviting me to download the mandatory update 6 for P3DV4.4 It's fine, but if the link to the website containing the download and install directives is OK, it is NOT THE CASE for the download link itself ! On all my browsers (Edge,FF65 and Chrome71) it's simply "open" a .zip file where I can see and select one of both proposals... but nothing happens: No download button, no "save as" possibilities (beside saving the html document itself!)... I think you will have to review these mechanisms ! REX faulty websitepdf.pdf
  6. I'm having the same problem but I don't have the MV_WX.dll in the gauges folder. Where can I find it?
  7. Hi there, I just purchased WX Advantage Radar from Simmarket (order #1972231) and installed it into my FSX+Acc system (on Win7/64). When I start FSX, I get an error message "MV_WX.dll incompatible with this simulator" and if I try to power up the weather radar of the MaddogX then FSX crashes. The MV_WX.dll version I have in my "Gauges" folder is 1.12.40 (product version) and (file version). Would you please help me get this gauge working? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  8. i have the old version 442015 0115 it doesnot work with prepare 3d v4.4 how can you help thanks nachman
  9. Using P3D v4.4 and REX 4 TD Enhanced. A while back I noticed that when I tried to switch the runway textures using REX 4 TD, they wouldn't switch in P3D. It was always the same textures no matter what I chose and installed in REX 4 TD. Something else I noticed was runways that were supposed to be concrete had asphalt textures on them. I tried moving some files around and anything else I could think of like restoring default textures and reinstalling REX textures. I am no expert on any of this but I also tried comparing files in the p3d texture folder with what was in the REX 4 TD texture folder... Everything else in REX 4 TD seems to install and display correctly (clouds, sky, water, taxiways, etc) but just not the runways. After trying everything I could think of, I decided to try changing the season from winter to summer and voila! All of a sudden, the runway textures were correct... Here are a couple shots at the same airport, same time, same everything except the season... Winter- notice the asphalt textures (it is supposed to be a concrete runway) Summer- notice the shift to concrete textures Every setting in these 2 shots is the exact same. The ONLY difference is the season. I didn't even close P3D v4.4 between these 2 shots. Any explanation? Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts on how to correct? Thanks!
  10. My order number is 1366270/SimMarket When I try to install (rextdsc_sp7_20170818) and enter the reg I was emailed 66xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-058F7 I get the message Invalid Serial Number I have P3Dv4, should this be working?
  11. I cannot install REX wwscenery due to error Invalid serial key . all characters verified ?
  12. Hi, Testing the software with P3D 4.3, integrated weather and Beechcraft it works well. What you see on radar is congruent with weather. As mentioned, using the P3D integrated weather themes y get fast response and a very good behavior. Turning on Sky Force and using WX Adv. Radar I do not get the same result. Let me know your recommendations in order to solve this. Thanks, Julio
  13. ... is the name of the app when I run it. Does it includes Soft Cloud ? I can't see anywhere if it does and I was wondering If I bought the full version or not when I did ( approximately 1 years ago ). I'm using FSX SE. Thanks !
  14. Textures are not working at all default airports and wondering why its not working. Im feeling like i wasted the money getting it and want to be happy with the product. Is someone willing to help
  15. I downloaded the product using the download manager but when I tried to run the installation it gave this error: This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher." I have no idea why I ran into this problem, unless the product was mislabeled on the product page, I'm pretty sure I got the right product and also it was installed ,as per instructions, on the C drive but not on the program files folder. I run windows 10 pro. system info.nfo
  16. I ask a question on AVSIM for the size of clouds when you'r approching the Artic polare or Antartic polare hearth .. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/545866-question-clouds/ i have REX4 & REXSKY-FORCE installed do you have an idea ? Patrick
  17. I have the older REX Essential + Overdrive(which I haven't reactivated)...and now Worldwide Airports HD. When i installed WAHD I had a bit of a flashback moment, I'm old so I might blame it on that. But, I seem to remember REX E+O offered a plethora of install options for several different runways, taxi ways exc...not one large set of textures. Am I just miss remembering? And finally, can I use REX Essential + Overdrive(and all its textures) with Prepar3d 4.3? I have read users who say it works just fine but i just wanna be sure before I give that dealer more money to just reactivate my download link :/ Thanks for your time and I hope someone can help me.
  18. Good evening, I have an issue with the serial of worldwide airports HD. I’ve tried several times yesterday to write the serial without success. I'm using the download manager. Honestly I believe the first attempt was good but then unfortunately I’ve aborted the download of the files. After that I was not able to do it again. Please help me.
  19. I purchased REX Essentials+ from the FlightSimStore (FlightSimStore.com) in 2010. I recently did a wipe of my computer and went to their site to redownload REX Essentials+. Unfortunately, their download links are dead or outdated. I have attempted to contact them but have received zero response. I have my order number and serial number. Is there a way to access the core installation files? I see the updates on your site. Sidenote: I know the product is outdated at this stage and there have been upgrades / service packs. So, if there's a newer version than REX Essentials+, I'd prefer to download the latest version that I am entitled to. That will save me a bunch of upgrading from the site after installation. Thank you in advance for your help. I'm sorry FlightSimStore dropped the ball.
  20. Hello, Is it possible to have custom size/appearance of the radar panel? I am asking because we have real DC-9 weather radar and using micro projector to display the radar panel on the screen, but it does not fit. What I need is a radar screen only without the bezel/buttons. Other question: is it possible to control the radar control switches and get their state using FSUIPC and LVars? Thanks Jindřich
  21. It appears that the latest version 1.1.2018.1005 still crashes P3D 4.3: out of 5 flights with the Leonardo Maddog, I had 3 immediate CTDs when pressing the PWR button. In all cases, the event log is empty. Michael
  22. Hi, just downloaded from the flight sims store my rextd_pd 2170814_2 and it keeps telling me to contact the vendor to Verify that this is a Valid windows installer.What's happening here and how do I correct this, I have never had this problem before.
  23. Hello I don't want to piggyback on another user reports, but having the same issue. Brand new P3d v4 install (Only Active Sky, ORBX stuff and Carenado Payware Bonanza A36) Just installed the WX Weather Radar and Latest Update, wxradar_20180725.zip Installed on the Bonanza A36 Radar seems to work fine until I try to Reload User Object or Switch planes. P3D crashes to desktop. (with or without the WX Radar turned on or showing the popup) Removing the Window or gauge entries fixes the problem, so the culprit is either MV_WX!WX2 or MV_WX!WX // gauge00 = MV_WX!WX2D,0,0,419,381,1 // gauge01 = MV_WX!WX,64,121,291,205,1 Thank You
  24. Anything yet as to when this might be figured out?
  25. Hi, at some of the airports the jetways are not positioned properly. They are much to high "flying" On other airports it is just fine. See picture attached. Any idea how to fix this? Using P3DV4.3, ORBX Base and Vector and LC Europe, SODE 1.6.3.
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