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Found 17 results

  1. P3D V4.4, REX Sky Force, Using Active Sky Weather Engine, Since installing REX5 Environment Force all inside cockpit displays are monochrome outside aircraft colours are normal the sky is very impressive everything else appears normal, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Rollerball
  2. @rstough Why when i disable HDR i am getting the next message
  3. Hello, I have a REX SF3D and REX 5 EF and active sky as weather engine, as well as PTA. My problem is all my textures are all almost black and white, as per screenshot. I have re installed shadders, but no joy. What should I do? Thanks for help and support Cyrille de LATTRE
  4. Hi, I have currently uninstalled Ef due to the many bugs. I see that many posts are flagged "waiting hotfix". Can we have an estimate of when this hotfix will be released and if it will address all reported issues? I would like an answer as I have paid for a software that doesn't do what I bought it for.
  5. Hi, tried suggestions and advises how to fix the brightness of simulator but nothing helps. Too bright skyes, textures, runways, can’t even see the Centerlines. Without EF and the use of AS4/ASCA everything is as it has to be. Any solution REX developers? please support us George
  6. Hi guys - Not sure if this is similar to the grey-out problem (I also posted about that in another thread). I tried to reset my shaders back to what I was using before in PTA but it appears EF, even with it closed has superseded my old settings. Is this supposed to be the case? I installed my old preset and cleared the shaders and it appears like the the shaders EF initially installed are still there. Until EF is made compatible with PTA, I'd like to go back to using my preset...thanks! Eric
  7. How do we stop the lighting effecting the inside of the cockpit? I've currently got a very purple cockpit. Prepar3D_2019-05-01_20-23-01.png
  8. Good afternoon REX. Before installing REX ENV Force, my HDR settings were fine. I was getting nice screen shots. Now... THIS: https://ibb.co/Twk6wWT When I first loaded ENV Force, that so-called enhanced REX HDR was waaaaay too strong, it was lilke coming out of a pool packed with chlorine; everything was way too strong and bloomy. It would be nice to have an option to disable REX HDR. Not everyone wants to play in minute HDR settings. I tried to compensate by reducing some of the HDR settings within the ENV Force module within P3D and clicked recompile HDR. Next thing I know I get an error regarding corrupt files and P3D crashed. I restart P3D and I get this clustercrap seen above. The ONLY way I can get P3D to run somewhat fine now is to disable HDR within P3D. Guys, seriously, you got greedy with this product. Too many functionalities within one. Keep it simple. Do separate add-ons for the so-called power users who really feel like gutsy enough to tweak P3D to a breaking point. That said, I need help. I need to understand what to do to revert my settings so I can hopefully disable your REX HDR and I can just keep what I had. The weather morphing is cool. The shading and lighting settings is cool. Those are simple tweaks that go a loooooong way. HDR - do...not...touch...it. By the way, I tried to turn on or off the HDR with the UI, and I got a giant black screen with this error message: https://ibb.co/S3tnxDD I am REALLY disappointed in this product. My P3D was running really fine before this!!!!
  9. Hi, as shown in screenshots, after installing enviroment force, colors in my sim are greyed out. especially visible in the Virtual Cockpit. i have no idea what setting causes this. I use tomatoshade, and REX skyforce +asca en active sky. Starting enviroment force after starting P3D (v.4.4.) seems to help as the colors appear normal then. however it looks quite different in comparison to no enviroment force installed. It just renders black and white for some reason. I use automation mode within the program. Thanks for reading. Mark
  10. All info here https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/553820-REX-environmentforce-out/?page=2 David.
  11. I'm having a problem with Environment Force by REX and keep getting error messages which lead ultimately to my Nvidia stopping to work. The error message reads: "Error D:ProgrammeLockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 ShadersHLSLNGPUTerrain.fx(1276. 13: warning XB206: Dynamiclighting implicit truncation of vector type 😧 Programme Lockheed MartinPrepar3D v4 Shaders HL SL GPUTerrain.tx(1276.13: error X3013: Dynamiclighting': no matching 8 parameter function Ok" Had Envdir earlier and did a reset prior using REX. I'm using REX 5 Environment Force in automatic mode and Sky Force, did a reinject of sky textures. Also how can I install PTA settings into the Sim? It requires a folder...but where? What am I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated. Kind regards. Stefan
  12. Issue with REX 5 enivorment How to fix ?
  13. Hi, I just installed this piece of software and fired it up - along with SkyForce and ActiveSky 2016. I keep getting an error when loading a flight (I have attached a screenshot of the error-message). I got it around 10 times (it keeps coming back, when I click OK... I am using TomtatoShade and EnvShade and EnvDir. I have tried clearing the shader-cache. Any ideas? EDIT: It doesn't seem that Environment Force is active... only Enable Weather-Smoothing and Enable real-world weather data read is 'RUNNING'. The rest of the options, is saying 'WAITING'... None of the options in the mini-UI is making any difference in the in-sim weather. I hope someone could help out.
  14. Hi, I wanted to go back to my shaders/settings before I installed EF. I closed EF, uninstalled and reinstalled Client and Content, deleted my cache folder and my Prepar3D.cfg . When I loaded P3D again, I could see again the bright bloom of EF ! Even without running EF, the result I am seeing is not the default P3D. Somehow EF hardwrite changes to my Prepar3D installation that Client and Content reinstall are not able to revert ! Please, can you tell me how to go back to the time before EF was installed completely?
  15. Hello Friends, I am using EF with automation mode, and before PMDG flight, cockpit displays loading very late and it seems gray and black completely and also some indicators appear to be intertwined(for example: compass on the PFD ) , please help to fix issue? Other add-ons: Tomatoshade dark with Reflection , REX Skyforce, PMDG 737-800 Screenshot : https://ibb.co/JCRnXCW Best Regards Erkal
  16. We have identified the Tomato shade bug. Now: for PTA users (without Tomato Shade), that have problem with gray Panels - can you post your ini files? Also, let me know if you have v4.4 or v4.5 Thanks Federico
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