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Found 280 results

  1. OK, I have a question. I have been starting REX Essentials, then allowing it to start FSX. I have had no problem with scenerio. My problem is this. I am trying to use the Lernardo MD-80, and it's load manager requires that FSX starts through itself. Is there a way to get REX started and THEN manually start FSX, or have another program start FSX, and still be able to use REX as normal? Thanks in advance...
  2. Can someone please tell me how to remove the Haze ... sometimes it'll go away sometimes it'll mysteriously return? I've even setup a specific "clear" weather theme, turned off "real time weather", turn off FSX haze (with FSX not running) and yet I still get A LOT of haze: I've tried setting visibility to 60 SM but nothing seems to get rid of this haze layer?? MS haze is turned off. REX realistic haze is turned off ... but all I get is haze, haze, haze, and some more haze. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rob.
  3. How do I know if my version has a later patch, i relaly am confused by all the different versions My version is 3.5.2012.1029 thnaks Order Number: FSS0170701 Order Date: 2012-06-13
  4. Once again there seems to be a problem with the real world weather. I open the program and it gives the info bar at the bottom and then gives a quick green status bar at the bottom. However, when I go to check a local weather station such as FACT, there's nothing. The same can be said for anything else I try, KORD, EGLL, CYYZ. Nothing. This is not the first time either. Also I'd be curious to know why there is not a weather station for O R TAMBO international in Johnannesburg (FAJS) It is after all a major international airport and the busiest in Africa. Anyway. I find it frustrating, when I've spent a lot of money, waited long for a massive download and then it only sometimes works.
  5. Hey guys, been away from the flight sim for a while and hoping to return this week. Was just wondering if there have been any updates for REX that I have missed? My version build is: 3.1.2012.1028 Kind Regards, Dan
  6. Hi Guys, I recently upgraded my REX2.0 to REX+ with OverDrive. I can load textures fine, and all the systems seem to work until I am inflight. When REX tries to inject weather my screen goes black and it brings up an Error Box saying REX cannot find weather textures. When I click ok it goes back to my FSX flight fine but without REX weather. I tried un-installing and doing a complete re-install of REX but this did not solve the problem. Im running REX in administrator mode and followed all the install tips of having all the files in the same folder etc before installing. Any help would be great! Thanks Elliot EDIT: Sorry posted prematurely, managed to find help in the Subforum for this. Running through the tips there now
  7. Is there any way to improve the smoothing of new weather data? Currently I have it set to default (every 15 mins I think) but during a flight I find that my weather will suddenly go from 90% clouds to 20% clouds ... which was one of my main complaints about ASX was the weather smoothing just was too drastic. Is there anyway to have accurate weather but also have some type of smoothing? Thanks, Rob.
  8. Hi there! It may be a silly question, but I remember I used to use the REX WX engine on a machine with no Internet connection. I would fire up REX, download the real weather while my Internet connection was active, and then disable it. I was then still able to use the real weather data I had downloaded (guess it was saved on my PC). Is it still possible to do so in REXE+? Kind regards, Just Fly
  9. I am still experiencing sudden wind shift at various flight levels. Airspeed jumps from 260 to 310 or vise verse 308 t0 215. I have REX Essential+OD, I am utilizing FSUIPC for wing smoothing, apparently it is not helping much. Is there any fix available? Thanks
  10. A while back when Essentials OD was released I had asked what the difference was between the two engines (because it's not listed in the manual just that you can choose which mode to use). I remember being told there would be guides coming out shortly to explain the new features including that one. I can't seem to find that anywhere. I'm just trying to figure out still what the difference is. Partly that's due to I've been flying only in wxplus mode and the last couple flights have been noticing crazy wind shifts even when coming up on approaches. I don't know if it's the mode I'm in or what since I know they handle "weather stations" differently and I can't seem to find an option to make it update less often as well. I guess the "plus" in wxplus made it sound new and better than the old style but now I'm not sure.
  11. Hi, Can any one please help me, im new to this forum and have no idea how to post a post and it would let me write a post for help in the support forum. plus i need help with the REX program i loaded all the software on to my computer and did my own textures, but when i go to load it with FSX and once its completed loading i then get a window message come up saying THE WEATHER THEME COULD NOT BE LOADED, PLEASE CHECK THAT THIS FILE EXISTS AND TRY AGAIN. i do not know what it wrong and need help and advise on what to do, i go in to FSX and find the weather has not been loaded. if you could help me i would be very greatfull with your help. thank you very much
  12. Hi there, I understand (and have experienced) that cloud rendering has a rather big impact on FPS . . . so . . . If I set my FSX.cfg TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD to 1024 (i.e. my usual default setting), in order to get the best performance (i.e. minimal FPS hit), should I load the cloud textures from REX at 1024 resolution or 512 ? In other words, would there still be benefit in loading the lower texture resolution of 512 given that TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD is set to 1024. Hope the question makes sense. (Note: Water settings etc. are at 1024). Help from the REX experts would be greatly appreciated. Regards,
  13. I'm currently using REXESS+OD build 3.5.2012.1029 and my sim location path points to P3D (P3D activated). from the REX manual page 50 : "WX TEXTURES is used to analyze weather conditions and choose a set of textures that match. Select WX TEXTURES and REX Essential+ will begin installing textures into flight simulator. It is very important that FSX or Prepar3D is NOT running before selecting the WX TEXTURES process." When the wx texture process is running, the REX window that pops up displays numerous short messages. Some of them are showing that wx texture files are injected into FSX ? How can I make sure the wx texture process loads the set of textures into P3D ? Is the wx texture process supposed to inject wx texture files in both the sims even if the sim location path points to one of them only ?
  14. I have just bought your new product REX Essential plus overdrive and installed it, this is the full Set in the Box with 3 Discs version 3.5 2012 1029, and we have the same issue as we had before, and that is the Tropical textures will not save, I have followed instructions as I should, using the auto installer that comes with the set, I had the same problem with my previous set up using the old version, downloading the upgrades and then installing, I hope that you folk are still going to do an update on this as you mentioned before Xmas, to other users I thought that by purchasing the new release 3 disc set I would not have this problem, but I was wrong. Am using Windows 7 and FSX with acceleration. If you have any ideas on how this may be resolved, it will be appreciated. Regards John Macdonald P C Aviator Date: Jan 11, 2013 19:17:04 Order id: #89516
  15. Dear I have the following issue. example: I created a flight plan from VHHH to RPLL. Then they charge REX + OV and charge the actual weather. I give fly now and so far so good. I can see from the FSCaptain FCOM that the climate of departure and destination concide with the same file that is inside the metar_report.xml (VHHH = Fog and RPLL = Clear). Now, after several hours of flight, logically climate has changed the destination airport (in this example a clear change of rain storms). And I can check both the file and the FCOM metar_report.xml the conciden FSCaptain and both the climate now is rain storms. But when he landed, the weather in my FSX not change and remains the same from the first injection of REX (Clear) Yes, I can note that during the flight in the air, the climate has some changes but I think they are the ones that were generated from the first intervention of REX. I believe that one day download the climate forcing from the radar screen and I think if they made ​​the change, but I'm not sure and retest. However this is not the right thing and to update the weather automatically every time FSX auto updates. Additional Information: I I have in my settings to download REX weather every 15 minutes REX 3.5.2012.1029 Please your help
  16. I seem to be having a problem with HAZE in REX. If I go back to FSX defaults I can create a nice clear haze free day, but in REX no matter what I do, I get very artificial looking haze. See image below, that's supposed to be a mountain range from the KSEA area (Washington with MSE). I've tried change all the Visibility and Haze settings in REX and it hasn't made any difference at all ... I'm stumpped. My REX settings I've tried (Turning On/Off setting longer visibility range etc. etc. ... no luck I'm hoping someone here might have some suggestions on how I can do away with this haze?
  17. Can you explain what the Low level visibility setting in REX does? I had it set to both 10sm and 50sm but don't see a difference in the sim (I have it set to 10sm now). What exactly am I looking for with those settings?
  18. Hi Guys, Not been around here for about 3 years :-) But have got back to FSX and have just bought REX Essentials+Overdrive again. I have a very (possibly silly) question. In the "older" version of REX there was a seperate wasys.exe file which I could load up on a client machine and use simconnect to my FSX server to control weather injection etc. After snooping about on here and also in the REX content I can't seem to find the equivalent for REX Essentials, the only task/s running when I launch REX and the WaSys on the FSX server are two instances of REX.exe. Has this method now been deprecated? Do I have to install the "full" version of REX on the client as well? Simconnect is all setup fine etc, I just want to avoid installing the entire REX package on the client for just one element. Any help appreciated. Regards, Ross.
  19. Simple as that. I am able to change textures, but there are no icons. Build 3.5.2012.1029 Thanks, Chris
  20. Hello all I am new to the forum but I know many have had this problem, I get a message when I try to open REX Essential Plus Overdrive that says REX Essential Plus Overdrive has stopped working. In the forum it says that it is most likely a font issue "Tahoma" "Verdana" I run win7 64 bit and have installed as instructed in the manual. Could some please help me to overcome this problem, have not been able to use the software since I brought it 6 days ago. Number: FSS0200216
  21. I am having the same problem others have had. With REX Essential plus Overdrive version 3.5.2012.1029.It freezes up FSX with no recovery.I have Win 7 64 bit home premium.no firewalls turned on and that includes the default windows firewall and internet security options.Not overclocked,I have Asus crossfire mother board with 2 ATI 4870 cards running,Intel core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 GHz,2 TB hard drive with 8 GB installed,FSUIPC free one,UAC is off and REX does run as administrator internet is broadband with either AOL or windows 7.This freezup happens with all my aircraft and I have been flying with flight plan. Do you suggest I post my REX error log files and Windows system event log? Edit: I just flew a 3.5 hr flight without a flight plan and everything worked fine.
  22. Hi, I have reinstalled but no change - cannot see any pictures on the texture screen. If I hover over the area with the mouse I can see detail but no textile pictures. I'm running Windows 8 (64). Cheers, Mike
  23. Great product, can't fly without it and hence not many flights with problems i have encountered with REXessential+OD VERSION 3.0.2012.0416. Let me say i have this version working well, but i would like to inform you what i encountered. When i load a flightplan from the FLIGHT CENTER tab and load the WX TEXTURES for the flights weather, REX ess + will not function properly, noticeable by losing the ALL general settings in CONFIGURATION MANAGER tab, noticeable again that restoring user configuration will report you need to create an account (which i already have). This is not bound just from loading textures for a correctly entered flightplan, this also applied from the MAIN tab when i chose 'I just want to fly' from the QUICK START page, where REXess + loads the textures from the RL weather for the area. This was complicated by the fact perhaps my OCZ SSD may have been getting corrupted, i have purchased newer more stable SSD and believe they are fine (one is for W7, the other for FSX & REX), Even so the FSX SSD works fine but REX does get corrupted if i load textures, it did not get corrupted if i choose and select and loaded a texture theme from the TEXTURES tab. When i have this corrupted texture problem i had to uninstall REX ess + OD and re-install. After a couple of times i realised my problem and i now won't/can't load wx textures, except i accidentally did the last time which confirmed my suspicion of load wx textures button. By not loading wx textures and having REX ess + OD working correctly using wxplus mode i have resolved conflicts associated with FSPassengersX wrong authorization problem and noticed a conflict with PMDG73NGX not able to save flightplans, all now resolved by understanding and correcting my use of REX ess + OD. After completing another reinstall of REX ess+OD i happened to come across another problem for other users consideration. If using FSINN for on-line flying and you notice that REX ess+OD is not or cannot load correct temps aloft (and perhaps winds which i did not verify) which will inhibit many a jet airliner to reach cruise levels because of warm TAT's, be sure that FSINN's weather is disabled (FSINN will disable percipation wether it is checked or not, as long as weather is disable) and be sure to close FSINN UI if done from the start menu or quit FSINN from within FSX, and then start/restart FSINN within FSX and REX ess+OD will have control of weather injection. In regards to texture loading, if i am using RL weather as per REX downloaded weather, are the textures which i choose from a weather theme going to be accurate or portray RL weather? Or is it just a minimal nusiance if any? BTW CCleaner64 registry scan always shows an installer ref issue for REX Essential Plus\Tafs, Airmets, Vatsim, Pireps. Fixing these issues with CCleaner will reappear on next boot of OS. What is this ref issue? i like you to know that REX downloaded weather is pretty accurate in Australia, with REX (NOAA) downloaded wx about 15- to 20 minutes zulu behind, and VATSIM wx behind maybe 10-15 mins compared to REX These issues may have been reported/documented, but darn if i can find anything using the search forums function. After so many reinstalls i couldn't help but write, and please keep up the good work, always a supporter
  24. Hi I think I read a similar thread but I'm not quite sure. My question is if I download the version at FSS is that the full version including overdrive plus or do I also have to download the upgrade. thanks.
  25. Hi, I keep seeing these small very white clouds in the REXEP created weather that I see. My PC has been rebuilt, and the issue occurred prior to the rebuild, so I'm confident that it's not a system issue. The clouds seem to appear behind the overlaying cloud, but are drawn in front of it (i.e. there's a priority or parallax type issue as I shouldn't be seeing them). In this picture, these clouds are lower than the darker clouds that they're sitting in front of, and the white clouds are moving at a slower pace. You're likely going to need to know what cloud sets I'm using, so please let me know how to get this information to you. Thanks, Fabio
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