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Found 324 results

  1. your forum support is driving me crazy, i ve posted a topic and did not got any answer
  2. I am interested in purchasing one of the REX products but as a first time buyer I am not sure which one to try first? I have narrowed it down to REX 4 Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds or REX Essentials Plus w/Overdrive. I am leaning to the latter, but would I be missing out on some textures or options from REX 4? I like the weather engine and Flight Planning in REP w/OD, but is that a deal breaker? I am not an "avid" simmer, but I do appreciate a higher level or realism when I fly. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I purchased REX soft clouds to compliment my REX ess+odrive and in my queries prior to buying it I understood that soft clouds will choose on its own the best texture set based on the real weather at the location of FSX. Now I start REX ess+odrive, import the fplan and import the fplan. I am then opening soft clouds but I do not see any where to click so that REX chooses the best soft clouds for the weather...what am I missing...I see all sets of clouds and I can choose which one to install but this is not what I thought the program will do. Can someone please advise...what i want is that REX chooses on its own the best textures from soft clouds to inject in fsx like ess+odrive does. Thanks. Emann
  4. Hello together Times, I wanted to know whether there are contrails of REX2 and if not, whether are planned? There were which indeed times of REX2 the goods not bad. Would be cool if there is an update times with contrails. Wish all a nice week! Greetings Sebastian
  5. Hello, I really like the Texture Direct I purchased thru steam, I would like to purchase Soft Clouds as well , Before I do , I want to be sure it will be compatible. Will it integrate with my REX Texture Direct or is it a stand alone program. Also is there is a walkthru of the steps should it be compatible can someone be so kind to forward the link. Thanks Much Randy
  6. I currently fly in FSX using Active Sky Next and Flight Environment X (FEX) but in the next couple of weeks I'll be making the switch to P3D V3. I understand that FEX doesn't currently work in P3D although I'm told there are a couple of work-arounds. However, I've seen some videos on YouTube where REX produces wonderful cloud and lighting effects. As a result I think I want to purchase a REX product. The problem is that there are so many different versions of what appears to be the same product. My question is - Which product do I need to give me good clouds such as I had with FEX? I don't mind having to purchase a couple of add-ons but I don't want to then have to do a lot of tweaking to get them to work together. I might have the time because I'm retired but I don't want to spend my days just playing with settings. Thanks in anticipation for your help.
  7. What would you suggest to be the best AI Traffic for FSX? Most important features: ease of download and install, accuracy of airlines, variety of airlines, gate assignments, and destinations, and smooth operation without impacting performance. I currently have ICE/Sky AI traffic but they seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. I have to say their AI is excellent, with all the above listed important features covered while bringing such reality to FSX.
  8. I have both Texture Direct with soft clouds and Weather Architect. My question is about the settings on the free flight page in FSX Steam. PDF says never choose weather themes or user defined weather in FSX Steam when using Weather Architect. #1. What does #3 Current Weather need to be set to to use only Texture Direct? #2. What does #3 Current Weather need to be set to to use Weather Architect and Texture Direct together? I have read the PDF,s for both a few times now and I think I pretty much understand how to do everything but I am at a loss for understanding what Current weather has to be set to on free flight page? Thanks in advance
  9. So I am a little confused about what to do. I have both REX Ess plus and REX 4 TD. Do I need to run both programs with FSX or just REX 4 TD? And if I run both with FSX them what is the start up? Do I start REX4 TD first then REX Ess since it has the weather engine. Thanks Brian
  10. Hey Guys, I just bought a NEW system, I have the "Joy" to re install my complete FSX software and ALL my planes and ALL my addons! My main question to all of you is: My (OS Win 10 Pro )hard drive is a SSD 512 GB . I do have room to add a dedicated SSD for FSX and all my addons, is it better to keep FSX and ALL the addons on a seperate SSD or just put it all on the Main SSD with Windows 10 ? Thanks! Appreciate any replies.. Harley
  11. Once you've selected a weather cell, altered the variables in that cell's weather element tool and placed that cell in a number of places on your WX map, is it possible to go back into that cell's weather element tool, change the variables again and place that newly amended weather cell in additional places on the WX map and have REX4 WA "remember" the different weather element tool variables? For example, I select "light storm" and set the wind direction to "N", wind speed to "15 KTS" and visibility to "30 SM". I then place several "light storm" weather cells in my wx map. Now I re-enter the weather element tool for "light storm", change some of the variables and place several more "light storm" cells in different places in my map. Will REX4 WA recognize the difference in the "light storm" weather cells and reproduce them accordingly?
  12. Am wondering if it will be possible to change the water like in REX ESSENTIAL PLUS? I use ESSENTIAL Plus right now for water because I can change water like plankton and saturation etc...
  13. I bought P3D v 3.1 and would like to install REX Soft Clouds in it. I have the following files, do I need them all or in which order do they need to be installed? rexsoftclouds rexsoftclouds_sp1_20150109 rexsoftclouds_sp2_hotfix1_20151002 rexsoftclouds_sp2_patch_20150810 Jørn Lundtoft
  14. I seem to be a minority, but I really enjoy the Random Weather function in REX. It seems to be the only weather program that comes with this feature. More often than not, the real-world weather does not match what I want in the sim. I may want to fly VFR but the weather does not allow for this where I want to fly, or it may be the other way around and I want a challenge but the sun is shining and winds are calm... There's also the issue of time zones and real time weather - in certain parts of the world, I would always get night weather when flying in the day because of the time zone difference. Of course you can create your own custom weather, but that's boring and predictable. Using Random Weather, I can throw in a few surprises while still sticking with an overall "type" of weather that I want. However the feature is a bit crude and underdeveloped compared to the real world weather. Are there any plans to develop it further? I think the old sim Flight Unlimited III is the perfect model: http://i.testfreaks.se/images/products/600x400/90/flight-unlimited-iii.2098266.jpg REX is already similar, but FU3 was more dynamic - the weather could change based on real-world principles and it was easier to manipulate the weather theme. Some more variety in terms of visibility and cloud layers would also be cool, and maybe some realistic real-world typical weather patterns (for example, some places almost always have strong winds, others may be prone to fog, some are very dry or get lot of rain etc.). Also you can only generate weather for a small area which makes it less useful on long flights. Another, smaller request - every time you start REX, it has to download weather data before you can do anything - even if you're just going to install new textures or generate random weather. If this step could be moved forward to where it's actually needed, it would make the whole program quicker to use.
  15. Hi Tim Reed It's like a whole new weather engine.the improvements are a giant leap forward for REX Essential.two and a half hour flight with constant cloud cover the whole way. Now you know i'm a REX fan and never complained about disappearing clouds while it loaded.that is now a thing of the past.and it makes a vast difference to REX essentials weather engine. just wanted to say thanks for the update and best wishes to you both. steve
  16. Just wondering if Soft Clouds HD is still in the works? I believe you guys said back in September that it was to be released "soon"? I love Soft Clouds but I also really miss my crisp 4096 textures, so I can't wait to be able to combine both!
  17. I have REX 4 and Soft Clouds installed and am wondering if I should also download Essential Plus with Over Drive since I purchased it some time ago. Is Essential Plus really needed and if so why ?
  18. Hey guys! i am trying to download the ENBPlus Natural from this site: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14771-natural-enbplus-download-included/ i can't download that amazing enb! =/ I just reinstalled my windows so i lost it How to fix? Maybe anyone other got it for me? Greetings!
  19. Hi, I was wondering, since there is only one post on the forum that I can find related to this, that if the software stated in the title will be p3d v3.1 compatible at the same time as all the other products (i.e. REX 4 etc), or will there be a greater waiting period (as mentioned on the official update forum thread below)? Just curious since the update post was posted in October of 2015 and there has been no word about it since. Sorry if I am sounding impatient, I am just curious about release dates. Thank you
  20. Can you please tell me if any or all REX products are suitable for P3D V3? I read somewhere that they are but your website states compatibility with V1.4 and V2! Thanks Gavin
  21. I've been reading a lot of poor reviews with regards to REX4 and Soft Clouds in relation to FSX:SE. Lots of errors, issues, crashing, failure to load etc etc. Normally this wouldn't be a issue for me, but I'm in the process of moving over to the Steam Edition following the Games for Windows Marketplace closure as I'm unable to redownload FSX from the Marketplace. Just wanted to know what those of you with the Steam version experiences were.
  22. Hello, I understand weather architect lets you set different levels of weather in your route and it is also capable of integrating with REX 4 Texture direct and soft clouds which I have. My question is, if it is capable of downloading real time weather as alternate option? Thanks, ermias
  23. I have the first version of essential overdrive but have lost the files Were do I download the files and what updates do I need to become updated
  24. Quick question for the REX team: Building triple PC triple monitor setup for Prepar3Dv3 - must I purchase REX w Softclouds three times for ONE simulator setup? I just want to be clear - using WideView, I believe I would need REX w Softclouds installed on ALL the display PCs (three in my case). Don't mind buying if I have to - but if its OK to run all three off one license, I'm not against saving a buck Thanks REX! GREAT PRODUCT by the way. Pulled me right back to P3D from xPlane 10.
  25. Hi - I own REX Essential Plus (for some years - love it!) and just wanted to understand the main difference to the REX Texture direct? I really only use the texture features of REX which are great. I just wanted to understand what is the main point to the new product? I'm sure there is one - I just can't seem to grasp it from the website as it seems they do the same thing? Or not? The other worry is, if I purchased REX Texture direct I presume one has to reinstall all the original FS textures back first and uninstall REX Essential? Many thanks for advice / tips on this.
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