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Found 280 results

  1. Good evening, Why the Download Center of REX essential does not work, in the sense that in all five categories is empty, as in "free stuff"? Thank you.
  2. I have been a REX customer for about 2 years now, and finally am doing the upgrade to REX essential. I need the 1028 overdrive pack, but can't access the software updates section. I don't even see it in the support forum list, but I know it's there and have found it through a link found on another thread. When I click on the link, it says I don't have permission to access the software update section.
  3. I'm going to assume this is user error, but I cannot get REX+ to inject any weather into FSX when it starts. I've been scouring the forums all night but I have not come upon a solution. What I can confirm is this: I have REX Essential + OD with the Beta 2 installed (Vr Build 3.5.2012.1029).I have created my own textures as well as used default and randomized textures, installed them, and clicked "Fly Now".The REX Weather Engine spools up just prior to the launch of my flight.My flight begins and the green REX banner never scrolls along the top of the screen, nor do any of my selected sky, cloud, water or lighting textures appear.Is there something in the FSX weather screen that I am not selecting correctly? (See photo). I have been selecting the "REX" option. Although it describes this option as generating "Real Weather", which I do not necessarily want. I.e., if it's raining in Los Angeles at this very moment, I do not want it to be raining at LAX when I begin my flight. If I'm hoping for a nice, orange sunset sky with scattered clouds, that's what I'm hoping to see injected into my flight via REX regardless of what the "real" weather is at LAX at that very moment. My Configuration Manager Setup: Simulator Folder location should be accurateMultiple REX "Auto-launch" options are ticked"Enable green message bar" is ticked Can anyone help me figure out what I am doing wrong? I never had any problems with REX 2.0+ OD. I would click "Fly Now" and my textures would load flawlessly, every time. Many, many thanks. Regards, Todd
  4. The download link on the american link on this page http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21720-REX-essential-plus-overdrive-for-REX-3120121028-users/ is corrupt (I downloaded it twice). The australian link doesn't even work and noway am I going to wait 12 hours to download the other ones to figure out if they are corrupt or not. The files that can't be extracted out of the zip file are Cab13.cab and Cab14.cab and the error is "Error 0x800004005: Unspecified Error". Could you please upload a zip that actually works! Thank you!
  5. Hi, I am in total confusion. I accidentally deleted REX Essentials form my Hard Disk and would like to reinstall it. I fly with P3D. my FSS order # is #FSS0035859 Product: REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0 I also remember that I purchased the P3D activation from you and REX Essentials worked ok with P3D. What's the easiest and fastest way of getting back to business? Thank'you very much Andrea
  6. have now managed to get REX installed thank you. I do have a couple of questions. On several occasions Flight Sim has gone funny in respect that all the graphics kind of morph into each other and I cannot see the plane etc. Is this because I have started Flight Sim before REX do you think? Do I need to start REX for the program to work with flight sim every time or can I just set REX up once and this will be displayed each time I start Flight Sim. I noticed that REX altered my resolution in flight sim to quite a low one that looks poor. Is there a way to stop this happening? As I am not particularly technical minded, I really want to have REX do its stuff and look good without me going in and tweaking it each time. What’s the best way to do this. Many thanks in advance for your help. Regards
  7. Hy, i have REX SEssential Overdrive since yesterday and i bought it also because of the new sounds that REX add`s to the FSX but on the Textures screen i only have a Preveiw for Sounds ? I can not choose any sounds ? May i have mist some information but i thougt the sound will be allready aviable ? thx brgds Chris
  8. hey guys , i have had this problem for a few months now im not able to select 2.x water on my computer. when i do it is just blank water. when i do select 1.x its terible water textures and can not be REX because i know how amazing REX water looks. i im guessing the water textures arnt installing propperly? Any sugestions? here are the screenshots of my 2.x water: http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2013/03/08/Zp9zD.pnghttp://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2013/03/08/Zp9zD.png Thanks in advance. James
  9. I have recently installed REX Essential Plus with O/D, and I just love it. Thanks for the wonderful product. 1) I am wondering if there is a way to display the Weather Engine window (RexWX map) while running FSX in full screen mode in a single PC/multi-monitor setup. I need to always run the FSX in full screen mode (this is how it is all setup), so switching on/off the windowed mode is not an option. I understand the application runs externally, but I am looking to find a way to overcome the problem as I would love to keep an eye on this during the flight. 2) Is there a simple way I can manually setup a particular weather scenario (e.g. clear sky or thunderstorm with lightning/thunder effects). 3) How can I increase the smoothing effect on the environment when real weather is updated. In my current REX setup, the change is sudden and, at times, dramatic. Thanks in advance for your help. Asif
  10. I hope this is the right forum . Im getting the error ... The weather theme could not be loaded. Please check that this file exists and try again",
  11. hi guys, just wondered if any of you guys know a tweak in REX that would lessen the effect of a level of mist that just looks unnatural? sometimes its from above and it appears like water surrounding the mountains, sometimes your below it in the clear but above there is the mist that looks as if your flying in split screen mode, cant see an attachment option or i would post a screen of it cheers!
  12. here's the problem - REX Essential + / 3.2.2013.0123 ...start REX EP...weather download process bar regularly loading - then go on WEATHER tab/choose "use real weather data" - there I am on the REAL-TIME WEATHER section...type an ICAO (any ICAO same story)....example LIRF...press [submit]...!!!PROBLEM!!! a pop up window "nearby weather station" is EMPTY...no fields to choose...then REAL-TIME WEATHER page remains EMPTY, no METAR, no TAF no PIREP no W/A... Odd enough, if I push button on bottom left corner [VIEW WEATHER], i.e. satellite image, it works. Tried also thru flight planning but same story - no real weather loaded - no winds aloft displayed. tried to check on REX Essential Plus folder (D:\ REX Ess plus)...there is no folder for Airmet, no for Tafs, no for Pireps - in the METAR XML folder I got one single METAR_REPORT xml file with all METARs downloaded into one single file (as I open it format does not resemble anything like an XML format) Norton Antivirus opened for REX.exe in and out i7 3770k @4,2 GHz 16GB RAM Windows 7 pro 64 bit GTX680 Nvidia Windows UAC turned off ...already tried uninstalling and reinstalling...niet! help thx
  13. ive downloaded REX with overdrive and it keeps telling there is an error, i have a 64 bit system and i think the download is 32 bit, is there a fix for this?? Order Number: FSS0204827 Order Date: 2013-03-13
  14. Hi, I have tried to search the existing topics - but cannot find one that addresses the problem I have . . . (I am running FSX + REX 2 with essential +) During flight, when the REX Wx engine updates the real-time weather and injects into FSX, the process is extremely unrealistic. i.e. when the process begins, the weather temporarily clears up completely (while REX seem to be injecting weather) with suddenly no winds and clear blue skies . . . and then, once the weather injection process is finished some 20 to 30 seconds later (as reported on the top left of the screen), the weather suddenly re-appears, together with all the clouds, altitude barometer pressure changes, and all the winds aloft. This causes erratic and very unrealistic transitions in weather every time new weather is loaded and injected. Surely this is not correct and the transition can be much smoother and realistic? Please help ! Many thanks in advance,
  15. Hi long time i haven't been around here . Hope everyone is doing okay . So here is my little question i have right now at the moment. I don't know if you guys know about OPUS + REXE using all together but you might herd of it on AVSIM . I have recently purchase OPUS to try this combination an it works perfectly fine. It just don't feel the same way when i had REXE Completly running as weather engine an texture don't get me wrong i like OPUS weather engine very much . Its that i can't even listen to the thunder sound effect REXE did when passing through a thunderstorm . Does this effect only work when REXE is fully running as both weather engine an texture ? Could it work all together as Opus as weather engine an REXE as texture ?
  16. Hello, I appologize if this issue has popped up before, I looked around but didn't see any other posts on the problem. Anyway, the other day I was flying from Paris to Rome and I noticed that the weather injection (green bar + flashing sky) began shortly after beginning the flight as usual, but did not stop for the entire flight. I've tried a couple of other flights over the last few days it's done the same thing. It's starts injecting and it never stops. It appears to load the weather correctly but the flashing continues on and on, slowing things down. I use real weather, standard mode (I've had problems with Plus mode clearing all weather while injecting), and set the weather injection to 60minutes/entire world (I like the weather to load once or twice, and leave me alone and really don't mind if the weather isn't up to the minute accurate). I've tried tinkering with the REX settings to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks, Woody
  17. I uninstalled REX for the upgrade to Essential.. All folders have been deleted cleaned up and registry are all gone. A clean uninstall was completed. Here is my problem and it seems like everyone else is having a lot of Drama. Mine is only an upgrade and not OD.. Can you try to help out if you can without yelling? LOL..Thanks..
  18. Hi ! My version build is : 3.0.2012.0522 I apologize if this comes of as a stupid question. I never got around to patching REX Essetial (a bit embarassing - I know), but decided I would give it a try now. The problem is that I'm a bit confused as to what I need to do. Can I just install the latest patch (REX PLUS OD 3.5.2012.1029) and that's it? Do I need to do anything else besides restoring my settings afterwards? Would really appreciate any help on this matter, as I don't want to mess up anything. Can't imagine flying without this fantastic program.
  19. Hi, Does REX allows to download the world weather and save it for future use offline, without an internet connection (on ship).
  20. REX is on the list of default weather themes within the FSX program. The manual says nothing about this, What does this feature do? Do you click user defined and when? Do you highlight REX and it starts up providing you have the auto option checked in the configuration section? I'm trying to get the program but there are a few unanswered questions for those of us who did not design the program. I experement with all the combinations but some of your features are in a grey area , Could you be more specific. What are the steps in using the REX text in the weather themes menu?
  21. This is happening to me now. IIRC it's only been happening the last month or so, but I haven't been simming a whole lot. " Stop running this script?" Yes/No "A script on this page is causing your web browser to run slowly. If it continues to run your computer might become unresponsive". It was suggested in this thread to update IE but no one ever reported whether that actually did anything or not. http://www.realenvir...__fromsearch__1 One thing perhaps different in my case (it seems there may be some relation) is that I've always had the REX notification sounds checked to OFF, but I've always gotten the little beep. Also, for whatever it's worth, lately I seem to get a lot of sluggish behavior withn FS itself, esp. near airports. Anyhoo, I thought I'd ask before futzing with an IE update, or in case the additional info matters at all. Thx.
  22. Hi Guys, Not too long ago I decided to reinstall FSX & All my add-ons onto a clean drive (F:). And all is working well until it came to REX. I have it installed just fine, however when, during the setup I need to point it to the root FSX folder it will never accept it. I can only guess that this is because its on the F drive now? Has anyone else had / Fixed this problem before? If so, would you mind sharing the knowledge? Thanks in Advance, All. Gary.
  23. Hi all, I have just finally upgraded to the latest version of REX having been out of the loop for a long while. I downloaded the latest version of REX from FSS and installed it, but noticed that this was only 1028, and there is an upgrade for 1029 available. After installing 1028, I followed the instructions on the forum exactly and installed the 1029 update. All has gone well, REX works fine, however I have two REX folders available in the start menu; "REX Essential Plus" and "REX Essential Plus Overdrive". Is this correct or is this a duplicate install or another problem? Cheers, Jack
  24. I have downloaded and installed REX from flightsim pilot shop - order number 476563 from flightsimshop. When I click 'fly now' on REX the following error message appears: 'could not load file or assembly Microsoft.FlightSimulatore.SimConnect.Version=10 0.61242.0. Culture=neutral. PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35 or one of its dependencies. The application has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail. (Exception from HRESULT:0x800736B1)' I have the following programs installed: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable x86 9.0.30729.17 Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 Redistributable - 10.0.40219 Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable - 10.0.40219 UAC is turned off (this was done after installation) Both FSX and REX installed on local disk C: FSX originally installed in x86 folder but reinstalled oustide of folder still same error message appears I really want REX to work so any advice to reolve this would be appreciated! Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit 2TB disk Ram 8GB FSX Deluxe McAfee Anti-virus Total Protection No firewall UAC turned off
  25. Hi Guys, I am currently trying to install REX essentials plus OD on my laptop to allow me to run the Weather Engine via SimConnect. As outlined I realise I need to install the whole package on the secondary machine. As such I have copied (via USB HDD) the original unarchived REX package installer from my main FSX machine. So I have a directory on my D drive that contains all the CAB files the Doc and the FSS installer etc.I am installing to a different directory on my D drive also. I have seen a number of posts on here with similar issues, and have tried running CCLEANER etc but REX refuses to install. I know the installation files are good because I used them to install on my main FSX machine. Any ideas? I only have 7.5GB free on my C: drive so it's possible space related (temp files extract), but it doesn't even try to fill it. The error is Source File not found: C:\Users\Ross\Appdata\Local\Temp|{Random String}\Cab1.cab Verify file exists etc etc Regards, Ross.
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