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Found 280 results

  1. Trying to upgrade my REX ESS PLUS OD - SERVICE PACK 1 - FOR BUILD: 3.5.2012.1029 to REX ESSENTIAL PLUS OVERDRIVE BUILD 3.6.2013.0415 Firstly, I could never get build 3.5 to work properly but due to personal injury haven't been able to focus on any flightsim for a long while. But am attempting now. When running 3.5 it would fail to load the local real time weather. So, before running this service patch I did a 3.5 repair using the installer I saved from before. That seemed to work and the build # is correct. Then, I start to install this patch, and I only get to one click and I get an error message that "this program cannot update the installed version of REX Essential Plus Overdrive - Service Pack 1 RTM because of the following reason" "...Images\Thumbs.db: unknown version. What do I do now? My REX is broke.
  2. Hello After installing SP1 (Build 3.5.2012.1029 to 3.6.2013.0415) the Weather Refresh Rate set to 15 minutes in the configuration Manager is no longer repected by the system. I have a refresh of the weather about every minute and 30 seconds. Before installing the SP1 the Weather Refresh Rate works very well. I don't like this, because the green message bar makes me nervous. I know that I can disable the bar, but then I don't know, if the real weather does work correctly. Best regards, Heinz
  3. Since updating to Service Pack 1 I get the green bar Assembling Weather message every minute or so and have no clue as to why. W/vs 1029 the message showed up every 30 minutes which is how often I had the update set to in the configuration. Updates now are set to 15 minutes - in fact I went in and set everything to default. This is kind of annoying. I can turn off the notification of course but then I won't know if the weather engine is working or not. Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions?
  4. Weather keeps injecting every 90 seconds? Is this right? this + the fact it wont let me turn off in game notifications is becoming very annoying ;-( Any solution appreciated ReagrdsOrder Number: FSS0170701 Order Date: 2012-06-13 REX FSX order # FSS0170701 Installed as ADMIN | i3770 4.5 Gig quad core 16GIG Ram | NVidia 680gtx Windows 7 | SP2 Acceleration | REX Essentials |
  5. Every time I try to install SP1, it shows me the following message: What am I doing wrong?
  6. Upgrade from 3.5.2012.1029 to SP1 3.6.2013.0415 went fine without probs, exept 1 small thing: Can't move the weather surface region slider anymore in the conf manager weather tab Any ideas to fix this or do I need reinstall? Thanks Dolf
  7. Hi, Please confirm which version of SP1 for REX Essential PLUS OverDrive I need. This for Version Build 3.6.2013.0124 Product Key 61799798. You should be able to find a screenshot at http://s1317.photobucket.com/user/pamaf1/library/Cheers, Alan
  8. Since I bought REX, I always get problem with this sofware when using. Not really satisfied. I passed several hours reading forum without any success with solution. In my errorlog file, I found this: ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmWxEngine.loadWeatherEnginePlus Error: La zone de données passée à un appel système est insuffisante. (Exception de HRESULT : 0x8007007A) Does anybody know what it means ? Thanks in advance Marc System: I7 12 gig ram Windows 7 64 FSX
  9. SimMarket Order #980037 System: I7-3770K / 3.5ghz 16gb RAM . Western Digital HD Caviar 1 TB (800GB free) Windows 7 Home Premium MSI Twin Frozr Radeon HD 7950 with 2GB Game: FSX Gold with Acceleration Add ons: PMDG 737-NGX PMDG 747-400 Captain Sim C-130 Experience RealAir Turbine Duke AISmooth RadarContact 4.3 FSUIPC 4.853 REX is in my C: drive and FSX is in (x386) folder REX option settings: DXT5 enabled Water effects disabled PROBLEM: The sim operates beautifully, without any abnormality, for several hours (PHNL - KSFO) and then suddenly freezes. Multiple times inflight (good weather, scattered clouds) and once on landing rollout after a nice 2 hour flight. Sound continues, REX continues, but FSX is frozen solid. I check with Task Mgr and it shows FSX not responding. This happens with all the aircraft above, with or without RadarContact / AISmooth. Possible clues, but over my head. (1) My computer is set to "best performance" when the problem happens. I set it to "Let Windows Choose" and the sim works, but it cuts the 32 bit colors. (2) I might have botched the install. I noticed my C drive has been renamed "REX Essential Plus Overdrive C:" It resists simple renaming. Otherwise, it is magnificent, so I really want to start to complete some flights and I want full operation of REX. Any thoughts appreciated. Jim
  10. I have installed sp1 and everything is working well, the only thing I am having an issue with is that the weather keeps injecting every 20 to 30 seconds, is there something I should change in the settings or will there be a fix for this? I have noticed others having this problem as well. Thanks
  11. Hi, Ever since downloading SP1 yesterday (3.6.2013.0415), my weather engine is updating about every two minutes. I didn't even know this was possible - the only settings I can find are 15, 30, 60 minutes, and Never. Anybody else experiencing the same? Anybody have a solution? Thanks!
  12. Is there anyone who can tell me what the use of Flight Aware's flight plans is outside the U.S? So far it looks like the worst $1.99 I've ever spent. No flight plans are generated for flights I've tried in Australia or Europe. Even between Melbourne and Sydney, which is the fifth busiest air corridor in the world - no flight plans. I get one or two flight numbers but no plans. If anyone is getting results in Australia and Europe please let me know how you are doing it. Thanks, Richard
  13. I installed SP1 with no problem. I backed up my settings everything ok, but one thing. I click on Download Center Tab and it is blank. Nothing showing but drop down menu and the exit X. What can I do to get download center back. Thank you Sorry I tried to upload a picture but couldn't .
  14. I am trying to make a backup for the service pack version 3.5.2012.1029 but in the configuration manager it says my password is incorrect, I can restore but cannot backup, any help would be great, thanks
  15. Whenever I launch REX the window seems like it has problems with its size. It's hard to explain so I'll just give you a screenshot. I'm running Windows 8, and REX Ess. + OD SP1, but the problem has existed since I first installed REX Ess. +. It doesn't really affect my usage of the product, but it's just kind of annoying and in the options (2nd picture) you can see the "Sun and Flare" checkbox gets blocked out so I can't tell whether it's checked without launching FSX and looking at the sun.
  16. Yeah, same issue as another user in the forum is having. After updating to "VERSION 3.0.2012.0416" REX Essential Plus doesn't load, or has little to no progress upon loading. Is the start of this application dependent on an external server? It would seem silly to make the application starting correctly reliant on an external server... There are also ZERO error files in the error log folder.
  17. My .exe is listed as 3.2.2013.0123. I have checked multiple threads of this Forum but must admit I am totally confused. The last update I did was the rexesplus_sp1_20130123_publicbeta.zip. I would like to apply the newest SP, but have been unable to determine if it will work with the version currently installed. Please advise if SP1 OK to D/L and install. TX
  18. Hi, I have just purchased and installed REX+OD from 3 DVD's, and still getting to grips with it. I have never done a flight yet with REX. My question relates to importing a flight plan, in my case from FSC 9.2. The REX+OD manual is extremely detailed regarding some flight planning issues, but decidedly unfriendly with regards to importing flight plans from an external provided plan such as FSC. As this is a very common thing a lot of us would do, surprisingly it seems to be left out of the manual and you have to work it out yourself, which I am not doing very well. My way has been to open FSC9.2, work out what flight I am doing, and save the flight plan. I usually leave FSC open, as I will need to work out SIDS/STARS and use the moving map/GPS later. I then open FSX, select the PMDG 737NGX (what ever variant) then select the location I am flying from, time, then Fly Now... When the NGX has loaded, bring up the FMC, and go to Co Route and select my previously saved flight, then complete the FMC work and we are off.... Somehow, I need to get REX incorporated it into my flight plan. For me, the saved flight plan(YBBNYBTL.PLN) are in two places: D:\FSX\PMDG\FLIGHT PLANS C:\USERS\GEOFF\MY DOCUMENTS\FLIGHT SIMULATOR X FILES I presume if you select and load a flight plan,then start FSX through REX, the weather will follow the waypoints on the plan? After giving up with the manual, It seems by researching the forum, I have to go into the community tab and import my saved flight plan there? from, I guess one of the two places above. When I tried this, nothing seemed to happen. The flight plan screen remained unfilled. This is compared with an imported community flight plans, which indicate the entire flight plan immediately. Anyway, be great if someone could indicate the way of bringing in an external flight plan and incorporating it into REX, as I am sure this is easy, when you know how. I have a Win 7 64 bit machine with UAC turned off. Regards
  19. Hi staff, I have REX for FS2004 and I noticed the new update which improves the winds aloft. I have had great problems with this, sometimes the aircraft will stall with the amount of windshear experienced. Along with many other bugs, which I am hoping are fixed in this update. How can I get this update, or do I have to purchase the entire new version? Thanks, Sam.
  20. Hi, Have upgraded from latest non-beta to latest SP1. Two things I'm noting: 1. My themes all seem to be duplicates on the menu, but if I delete one, both disappear. 2. With my Restored Settings, i.e. no changes made on my end, with WxPlus mode on, it seems to be updating every two minutes (get the green bars with the "assembling" and "injected successfully" messages), instead of every fifteen minutes as it had been doing previously. Am a bit confused and would like clarification, thanks. 1. Looks like a bug; 2. may be behaving as intended whereas it hadn't been before? Thanks, Steve
  21. Rotek

    RESOLVED beta

    i have a question i have beta,1&2 install for REX essential overdrive.. now do i have to install the new update
  22. does REXE+OD has the stratocumulus clouds and/or the nimbostratus clouds (aka Rain Clouds) textures included? If true, does the weather engine has any reference for stratocumulus/nimbostratus Clouds depiction? Stratocumulus Clouds Nimbostratus Clouds
  23. Regardless of what weather engine I use, I always see a few cloud sprites/textures that clip through the terrain, even at sea level. I was wondering if this was an intended effect as it looks very unrealistic and kills the immersion. They are not low-level clouds or fog but appear to be misplaced cumulus that stick into the ground, will try to get a screenshot later. Basically, you could have a steady cloud deck at 10,000 ft and then a lone cloud sticking out the bottom touching the ocean or land.
  24. The build number for REX + OD SP1 is indicated for Beta 2 build # 3.6.2013.0218 The build number I see in my installed Beta 2, About REX, is build # 3.6.2013.0124 What should I do at this point?
  25. which do i use for my build? please advice thank you Build # 3.6.2013.0124
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