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Found 280 results

  1. Hi guys, My credit card has just expired and I'm having some issues completing the form to register my new one. I've taken screenshots of the issue, see below: From what I can tell is it's not loading all of the form fields it requires? Would appreciate your assistance with this. Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi Guys, Is there ANYONE who has installed Overdrive without problems. ? ?? I have looked at nearly all the install problem topics and they all say the same thing and very few users appear to be able to resolve this issue satisfactorily despite the "RESOLVED" sticker. To my mind, given the number of problems with this and they all appear to be Windows installer problems, it could well be time for someone at REX to recognise that this is indeed a problem. I have now spent 2 full days trying to install this and ALWAYS come up with the same "Windows Installer problem" I have followed the PDF manual to the letter...I have followed a majority of the advise given in the forum and to date nothing seems to work. Unfortunately (for me) this appears to be worth the hassle to install if in fact, it ever does install, WHY are so many people having problems? .... Surely we can't. all be doing the same thing so wrongly and so consistantly. One thing i have noticed , which nobody has commented on is the dotnetfix file that comes with the unzipped download. I accidently clicked on that and was advised that it was 32bit and incompatable with my system, (Win7 Ultimate 64bit). Is this relevant? ? Can anybody please shed some new light on this problem??? Thanks TonyC
  3. Hi, I currently have REXII, and would like to install REX Essentials. I have read the two .pdf's in the pinned topic about pre-installation and installation. The first .pdf ("preupgrade procedures") says to copy the EXE.XML file in the FSX appdata folder. I do not have an EXE.XML file in this folder! I'm hesitant to go any further since this big red letters at the top of the Essentials download instructions state to follow these instructions exactly otherwise the install will be corrupt! For info, my system has a SSD on which windows7 and the appdata folders are located, but FSX is installed on a separate hard drive. So far everything works OK, REXII seems to work OK (except that the weather engine doesn't start automatically - I have to start it manually - not sure why this is). I tried a screenshot of the folder to attach but couldn't see how to attach it to this post, but it contains the 3 folders "controls, simobjects, substitutions" and files as follows: cameras, dll, dxdiag, fdr.dat, fsx, fsx.CFG, grantedrewards, LWcfg.SPB, scenery, and wxstationlist.BIN. But no exe.xml!! Hope you can advise, Alastair McDougall UK
  4. Hey forum. My order # is FSS0179139 I usually don't resort to forums unless im either desperate for a quick anwser, or i've tried everything else, and in either of those two cases i rarely ever post. So long story short, i've exhausted all my forum searching and program downloading strength trying to fix this issue. I purchased REX 09-02-2012 and since have not been able to get the REX graphics to appear in my game. I still have all the default cloud/weather/ocean/landing pad textures. Im just to say im a tab bit frustrated though it has been an extremely educational adventure. Here's a rundown.... Checklist ------------- -REX essentials installed properly using winrar. -Simulator folder location set to C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX (which is where my fsx.cfg file is located) -Made sure my weather in fsx was set or pre-set to User-defined weather. -Installed textures, loaded game (as REX does not auto start FSX), and hit fly now to inject weather, hit load weather on injection screen, hit "fly-now" in fsx =Nothing but fsx weather and water. Computer Specs ---------------------- Windows 7 x64 bit OS Geforce GTX 550ti 4GB Ram Will provide any additional info upon request. Please help!! TY
  5. Hi Folks, does anybody know why REX engine causes my fs9 to have erratic IAS' swhilst in the cruise. The speeds jump to and fro, drop right down, then jump to overstress levels. I know it is the REX engine causing it for everything settles down to normal if I disconnect the `REX engine. But, if you can't run the engine whilst flying there's not much point in buying the software. Can this be remedied please. John
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