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Found 280 results

  1. The new support site can't be found (???)
  2. Hello I'm receiving a virus warning when I try and do an update on the REX 4 update menu. The file name is 4.3.2014.0814. The download will start, but then stops and gives me the warning. Any suggestions? Thanks Robert
  3. Hi, I received a few days ago an email to notify me of Sp1 REX. I've REX essential+Overdrive build: 3.6.2013.0124 I'm a little confusion for the download version: this: REX ESS PLUS OD - SERVICE PACK 1 - FOR BUILD: 3.6.2013.0218 (beta 2) or this: REX ESS PLUS OD - SERVICE PACK 1 - FOR BUILD: 3.5.2012.1029 or another?? Because I don't see a link for my version build. Thanks for your help. Regards
  4. I got some missing textures after upgrading to a new video card, and had to re-install FSX (manually editing the fsx.cfg or allowing FSX to create a new cfg file did not help). After verifying that everything was working fine, I let REX create a fresh backup of the original FSX textures after the re-install, and would like to remove the old backup. How? I thought I had located the backups previously, but since the latest service pack I can't seem to find them. Thanks,
  5. Hello, I need some help regarding the best route to update from my current REX Essentials + OD 3.6.2013.0124 to the latest. The version that I am currently on is the Beta 2 update. With the release of the official update earlier this month, what path do I take to updating to this? Thanks, Karan
  6. Hello, I have just installed (REX Essential PLUS w/OverDrive) SP1 which is perfect, well done guys and thank you very much! However i do have a small problem. When i start fsx from REX, during a flight it keeps on injecting the weather every minute. I have select from REX configuration manager to inject the weather every 15 minutes but for some reason it keeps on updating the weather every minute (i can see the green bar at the top of my screen)! Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you very much, Mike
  7. I used to have REX 2 with overdrive, but I have recently uninstalled it and donwloaded and installed REX Essential plus, build No 3.2.2013 1028. Then downloaded the service pack 1 so build is now 3.2.2013 0415 and I would be most grateful if you could point me in the direction of the overdrive textures please. Many thanks order no #FSS0039104
  8. When running the SP1 update, even as administrator, I get a 'not enough disk space!' error. I have plenty of room on the drive. Any assistance would be appreciate. Thanks.
  9. Hello all:i have the following question, sorry if this came up but cant find it anywhere. im starting with REX 2.0 with overdrive , build 2.5.2010.1027. im downloading the upgrade to get essential plus with od build 3.5.2012.1029 .from the flow chart i was able to find, this is my best route... my question is :before installing should i copy backupfile with different name in same folder and copy exe file also in same folder . i saw this in documents about 1027 u8ser , does this apply for what i am doing also? or is it only for essential plus folks who do not intend to use overdrive .thanks in advancekind regards to all leo 96
  10. Allo, I went to REX Essentail Download Center and I see Up date for beta. But when I click on it, nothing are showing on the screen. What I need to do?
  11. Hi. I lost my HD and am having to re-create my Prepar3D environment. I just reinstalled REX Essentials w/OD. But it's prompting me to re-purchase my Prepar3D key. I didn't actually receive a key in email, however, when I first purchased it the activation went well and I have been using it with Prepar3D. Can you help me find me key and how to install it? Thanks! -Mike
  12. Hi, I have a small problem with my REX essential plus overdrive. The problem appears when weather engine loads the weather. During loading phase sky starts flashing but only on time of weather updating. Between loading phases everything is normal. It only happens with standart WX. Could you help me to fix this issue? Thanks for help.
  13. REX 2 Essentials + OD. After reformatting my hard drive, moving FSX and reinstalling REX several times due to mistakes on installation I think my serial number may have timed out.I get message "invalid Serial Number". I purchased REX from PCAviator and the disc had to be remastered before it would install properly but I have re-installed it at least twice successfully.
  14. I had bought Rex2.0 a long ways back. I purchased REX Essentials Plus from the web. Am I able to upgrade to plus overdrive for free or do I have to buy it seperately?
  15. Hi there I upgraded to the new version. Since then following problem. I usually start the REX and get the green radar screen. Then I start FSX. I put my plane on the airport of my wish and then press load weather on REX. Before the upgrad the REX started to load the weather and show the map on radar. Now the radar stays green and no loading. The weather only loads if I put the setting of "loading every 15 minutes" and then start into FSX. Before upgrade i could set my plane on an airport without "fly now" and manually load the weather. Alex LSZH
  16. Greetings - I uninstalled all remnants of REX and cleaned the registry as suggested with CCleaner. I installed REX essential+OVERDRIVE HD V3.1.2012.1028 and had textures available. I installed the ....1029 update and the textures disappeared. I then installed the ....1029 to ....0415 Service Pack and textures still do not appear. Running the file as Administrator and no joy. I'm using a Windows 7 64-bit box. Please let me know if you need more information and any tips for getting up and running. Thanks, Ron
  17. I down loaded the proper upgrade for myREX 3.5.2012.1029. It appears to install but I get the following message: Could not load file or assembly"Neodynamic.SDK Image Draw" System cannot find file specified. I activated REX and it appears to work but something must not be in the system according to the message. I did look for that file on my system, just in case, but it's nowhere to be found. Any suggestions? I'd appreciate any help as I'm completely lost on this. Jack Fentress .
  18. I reformatted my HD some time ago and moved FSX to the root: C\FSX. Today I finally decided to reinstall REX Essentials +OD build 2.5.2010.1027 from original disc + upgraded to build 3.5.2012.1029. Both are installed to the FSX folder. I then read the manual (which you can't see until you install the program) and I became confused about proper installation. I'm assuming from another forum question that REX should be installed to the root of C:\ and not in FSX? If that's correct is there anyway out of the mistake without removing both builds?? I have no idea if FSX and REX are working correctly. I booted up FSX just to make sure it could find REX and haven't tried to fly. I have the original disc plus an extracted copy of the upgrade if I have to reinstall. Using FSX Gold, Win 7-64 bit, REX Essentials +OD.
  19. I am attempting to install the SP1 Beta 2, the first link provided to us under the FSX support forum topic "Correct Install" (http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/25439-correct-service-pack/) before installing the new Service Pack because I have to per the instructions in that post. The install error I am receiving says "This program cannot update the installed version of REX essential plus - Service Pak 1 (Beta 2) because: rexrepairdb.exe: unknown version. What should I do? thanks, brandon
  20. hey Guys, I just finished installing the update but for some reason when i click fly now it doesnt open FSX anymore it only shows the Main screen. Everything looks alright the version is there, i had to reset the directory for some reason the settings went to default with directory but thats no biggy i just amended it back to the way it was. I used the Amazon link. I also tried the repair through the program and features, it went back to 1029 build but I didnt fix the problem. thank for your help
  21. Hello my name is Lewis Rigor. Am a retired Naval Avaiator. I just downloaded the SP1 update and cannot get it to work. My build is 3.1.2012.1028. I downloaded the update via your form above. I ran as admin and it is as if I have done nothing at all. Any help would me great. I am a computer dummy so please be gental
  22. Just to add weight to this, I have exactly the same problem - post SP1 update to .0415. Followed the instructions to the letter. Get the screen flickering every couple of seconds as described above and weather fails to load. I have shut down my Firewall and AV software completely and no avail - even though REXE + is enabled and no record of it being blocked in either. Other info as needed follows: 1.) Operating system and version (32bit or 64bit) - Win 7 Pro (Version 6.1.7601), SP1 64 bit 2.) RAM memory size - 16Gb 3.) Video card and memory size - Radeon HD 6950 2Gb 4.) Overclocking? - Yes @ 4.6GHz (as with previous version of REX Essential Plus) 5.) Total hard drive space - Total all PC - 3.8Tb (drive with REX install - 2Tb with 1.32Tb free) 6.) Using REX in a network or not - Not used in a network 7.) Which version of Flight Simulator installed (including service packs) - FSx - Version 10.0.61637.0, SP2 8.) Internet connection active or not - Yes. 9.) Which antivirus software running - NOD32 Antivirus 6 (v6.0.308.0), Full license 10.) Whether or not firewall running - ZA Pro (v 11.) Whether or not you are utilizing FSUIPC - Yes, unregistered version 12.) If there are any error logs in the REX/ErrorLogs folder, make certain to include in your post. - None 13.) Is UAC turned OFF in Windows - Off 14.) What folder is REX installed in - F:\Games\FSx\REX Essential Plus (this drive does not contain my OS) 15.) What folder is FSX/P3D installed in - D:\FSx (dedicated SSD) 16.) Do you start REX by RIGHT CLICKING the exe file and selecting RUN AS ADMIN EACH time? No, set to run as administrator. Have also tried using right click 'Run as administrator'. 17.) What is your RATE AT WHICH WEATHER CHANGES OVER TIME set to in FS? - 'No change' 18.) Did you use a flightplan from REX when experiencing the error(s)? No 19.) Did you make changes to the CONFIGURATION screen or are ALL the settings stock? Yes see screenshots below 20.) What are your texture settings within the OPTIONS window? See screenshot below
  23. Hi, I ran into a real donnybrook trying to update to the newest version. Long story short i downloaded my ex plus from flight sim store after many attempts to re install off of my REX v 2 dvd 514 version and my overdrive dvd I bought from flightsim store as well., Ironically i purchased these on dvd to avoid the trouble i have now . so on to it I downloaded my version of REX ex plus version ending 1028.I then attempted to download the appropriate version from support section but during the file extraction processes I get an error cab file 13 and 14 missing. this happened twice after downloading and trying it twice I need help. I suppose the overdrive version i have on dvd wont match as the version it was meant to update was ending 611.......quite confusing I realize. help me if you can.
  24. I have installed sp1 and everything is working well, the only thing I am having an issue with is that the weather keeps injecting every 20 to 30 seconds, is there something I should change in the settings or will there be a fix for this? I have noticed others having this problem as well. Thanks
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